Thursday, December 31, 2009

Character Bites - Tarquin

We’ve got our Fangs in

Courtney Breazile's


brown eye Tell us about yourself:
I am Tarquin, mate of Zyra and leader of the Oregon pack. I am a Werewolf, Keeper as my human half is called. I, like all Were’s have brown eyes, they turn yellow when I am getting angry and close to merging and becoming a Werewolf. I have reddish brown hair, and my wolf’s hair is the same, as it always is for Werewolves. I am an integral part of the Immortal Council Series my wife and her human are cooking up. All that information can be found on her human toy’s website I try and stay out of it for the most part, she is a strong willed thing.

Okay, what makes you special?
I am a keeper my wolf is my counterpart, when we merge we are a Werewolf. Two separate beings most of the time. My wolf counterpart is a solid under moonlight only figure that is always nearby. I can hear its thoughts, and it mine, I can feel its senses to a point. When merged our thoughts are one, and linked with those of all other merged Werewolves in our pack.

Do you have special abilities?
I have a special ability unlike anything known in the Immortal world. I am a lie detector. I can smell when someone is lying, a very useful tool, and quite possibly the only thing that kept me from killing my sweet, sweet Zyra when we first met.

Share with us your most current adventure:
This would be an upcoming or new release. Feel free to share and excerpt, remember we are promoting as well as, having fun and include a release date if you have one.

I was ready to die when I met Zyra. I had lived so long without ever finding a mate, not that I wanted to find one, but it gave me so little to stay in control for. I was slowly slipping toward a dangerous point of no return where I would have been killed for the safety of the pack. In fact an assassin was trying to take me out when I came across Zyra, she saved me from myself and my old pack.

     “Tarquin entered a euphoric state as he flew through the woods, leaping over fallen trees and racing around obstacles. He felt free and so alive as his entire being was ruled by animal instincts. This was his favorite way to be, and probably one of the reasons he didn’t try to get in touch with his more tame side. In this form his senses were sharpened. He felt raw power coursing through his veins, pumping up his muscles with adrenaline. He loved the knowledge that nothing could stand against him.
     The woods may be full of deadly predators, but he was by far the deadliest.
     He caught the scent of a fox and veered away from the pack. Foxes were fun prey. Better than smaller animals like rabbits and grouse, which were abundant in these woods. It was only a moment before he had caught up to the animal. He slowed down to toy with it. Let it see him following. Let it know it was being stalked for the dinner of a larger carnivore.
     It darted left then right, going up and over and around every obstacle with the ease of practiced prey. Its evasive maneuvers had gotten it by in the past, with big animals that didn’t move nearly as fast or agilely as a Werewolf did. There was no hope for the little thing this time, not against him.
     Tarquin grew tired of the chase and decided to end the game. He quickened his pace, closed the distance in a flash and leaped into the air, claws extended and jaws wide, ready to snap the neck instantly. The fox wouldn’t suffer more than necessary. He wasn’t that kind of cruel. He could only hope for the same consideration when his own time came.
     He was inches from contact when a flash of black fur came out of nowhere and slammed into his side.
     The fox skittered away as Tarquin struggled to understand what just happened.
Terrance loomed over him, growling low and vicious. A promise of death gleamed in his eyes.”

If you could offer advice to your author, what would it be?
Do what my wife says, it is so much easier that way. I only argue if it really matters, as in her life is in danger, and even then I lose most of the time.

Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
My pack thinks me weak, I married a Vampire, but they have no choice but to follow me, I am their Alpha. I wish they were more accepting, could see how I love her and how she loves me. But they fear me, and so they follow, it is all I can hope for at this point.

What other characters have influenced you?
My wife, and of course Paxton. They are both molding and changing our world. I am interested to see where it goes.

Share a little bit of the ‘real’ you with our readers. Any Dark secrets?
I love her blood! Its more tantalizing than anything I have ever tasted *adjusts groin* Yeah, real good stuff, never would have expected that.

What motivates you to continue on these adventures?
I believe in the ideal that Paxton is creating, I am not sure how it will turn out, or if it will, but I think it is important that the Immortals of the world come to stand together.

What is your most favorite thing to do?
My Mate *grin*

Have you ever lost control?
I have lost control many times, going all instinct when merged with my wolf. It’s so easy to lose yourself as a Werewolf, its something that causes many to have to be killed every year.

What are your thoughts about Paxton?
Paxton has been a pain in my ass since the night he showed up in our hotel room, right in the middle of…well anyway he is a pain and I am having to deal with him way too much, but I promised Zyra I wouldn’t try and kill him as long as he doesn’t try and put his filthy Vampire hands anywhere near her again.

What are the pro’s and con’s to being a werewolf?
I love being a Werewolf. Silver only harms me when merged with my wolf counterpart, that can be a pain though. Other than that the only thing that is troublesome is that at night the moonlight shows my wolf, the fuller the moon the more solid it appears, a wolf walking around next to me tends to draw attention, unwanted human attention.

How does one become a werewolf?
You are born it, there is no other way.

Describe your best kill. Why was it the best?
I so enjoy the chase, the takedown and the knowledge that I am bigger stronger and faster than my prey. I don’t kill unnecessarily, but when I do, I always enjoy it.

What kind of abilities do you get when you become a werewolf?
When anger or full moon forces a merge with my wolf and I become a Werewolf I have incredible senses, smelling, hearing and sight are all multiplied. I am fast, the only thing faster is a Vampire that I know of and even then it’s a close damn race.

What makes being with a werewolf the best sexual experience?
Instincts, raw animal instincts, there is nothing better than that.

Does shifting hurt?
No a merge with your wolf is smooth, the human half is absorbed into the wolf, the wolf expanding and solidifying, it’s a wonderful thing, unless you fight it.

Have you ever had a flee bath?
Really? Who came up with this question, flea bath HAH!

Is silver dangerous for you or is that a myth?
It is only dangerous when I am merged, as a wolf or human, keeper is what the human half is called, there is no bother from silver.

Do you shed a lot?
Not hardly noticeable, most of the time that I am merged I am out of doors.

What do you think about the Quileute Pack?
Pups, I could take them all, all by myself.

Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself with us, Tarquin.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Resolutions for a Sexier 2010

My philosophy is that no matter how sexy life is, it can always be sexier! Therefore I’m resolving to have a sexier New Year in 2010 and inviting you to do the same. Here are a few resolutions to get us started:

Have more sex! Don’t just wait around to be inspired. Be strategic. Plan those rendezvous. Like everything else worthwhile, a great sexual relationship requires some attention, and just because you’re planning doesn’t lessen its spontaneity. My husband and I try to stay in a sexy frame of mind all the time. We’re always looking for opportunities to make the daily routine more rockin’! Our rule is that we never let more than two days go by without nookie if we can help it. We try never to miss a chance. We find that when we’re attuned to each other, we’re open to all sorts of possibilities – and those possibilities occur a lot more often! Start planning. See what happens.

Take the weight off. Who doesn’t want to feel great naked? When you look better, you feel better. And when your self-confidence is high, your sex life is happening! For me, the secret weapon is exercise. I’m a diehard aerobics girl and love the adrenaline rush. But what I love even more are the physical and mental benefits of a good workout. I feel better about myself and have more energy – energy to burn with my husband. So get moving, and while you’re at it, cut some calories. Send the cookies back with Santa and take nutritional steps to turn yourself into a lean, mean, sexy machine. I promise you’ll see a difference in your sex life.

Be more romantic. Pay more attention to your partner on a daily basis this year. Make a point of being more affectionate with each other. Do considerate little gestures for each other. Letting your partner know regularly that he/she is the one that turns you on strengthens your bond and brings you closer together, and isn’t being closer the whole point?

Change the scenery. The bed is great, but it can get boring. Take the action to another room, friends. Walk around your abode and think of the possibilities each room holds. I love the kitchen. After all, that’s where the heat is. Create more! Those kitchen counters are good for something, not to mention the table and chairs or counter stools. Do you see where I’m going? Head to the den where you can turn your standard furniture into playground equipment. Too dry for you? Nothing like some good clean fun in the shower or bath together. Nature lovers can take it outside. I’m thinking deck loungers, Jacuzzis or the lush lawn itself. Too close to home? Grab your car keys and rev up the engine – and more – with some parking or a nice long drive. It’s amazing what kind of fun can happen in a moving vehicle.

Learn a new trick. Yeah, yeah, we all like our comfort zone. But comfort can turn routine before you know it. Surprise your lover with some sexy new moves. You’re thinking, “Oh, he’ll/she’ll never be into that. I’d be too embarrassed.” The surprise might be on YOU when you suddenly reveal a new side to yourself. Why, your lover might wonder what’s taken you so long! If you’ve been thinking about a new position, move or trick, don’t hold back. It might inspire your special someone to break out some new tricks of his/her own.

Read for inspiration. Well, of course, I’m suggesting a hot read, preferably a selection from eXtasy Books. A tightly written, five-alarm sex scene has always worked for me. The eXtasy books Holiday Sale is still on this week through December 31st with all backlist titles at 30% off. What better way is there to start the New Year with a stack of sexy books to help you ring in 2010 in style? After a vist to , I know I’ll be burning my fingers turning those pages!

Have some ideas for a sexier New Year? Share them with us because we want 2010 to be the hottest year yet!

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year, Same Old Me

I am making a New Year's Resolution. I have been around for quite a few of these and have perfected the art of resolution making. I know better than to resolve to deny myself of something that I love, it never works for more than a month, maybe two. I know I can't resolve to do something I don't enjoy doing, it never lasts even a month. I don't need to lose weight or build muscle, I don't feel I am harming the environment, still going green with my red *wink* I am nicer than I should be to my in-laws, after all I haven't killed any of them, and I don't have, nor do I need, a job so working harder at it or attaining a better one just doesn't fit.

Therefore my New Year's Resolution is to love myself more! This is a very good resolution for many reasons I assure you. The most important being, its so easy and there is no doubt that I will be wildly successful at it. I do so enjoy succeeding at everything I set out to do.
Why is it a great New Year's Resolution? Well, how could I not love myself? I am powerful, I am beautiful, and I can bring my man to his knees with a simple look. I am great, therefore I will love myself even more in the coming year. I will strive to be an even better lover of myself, part of this plan already in action with my coming book in February, Blood Visions. What a way to say I love me, a story of my life to share with all of you.

I don't think a more attainable New Year's Resolution was ever made. I know this sounds bit self centered, but come on, I am a Vampire, its kind of in my genetics. Its not that I don't love my family, well my mate and daughter anyway, and I am appreciative of my life and the wonderful things I have. I worry about the environment, more than humans I am sure since I will be around to see it destroyed. I am just not afraid to admit I love myself. I am happy and I hope that you all can feel this way as well, perhaps those of you who don't love yourself this much should make it your New Year's Resolution to love yourself more.
Happy New Year to all of you, I hope it brings success, love and lots of passion. I will do my best to inspire the passion part at the very least.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Character Bites

fangGet your Fangs in

Tamara Hightower

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am Tamara Hightower, Vampire Matriarch of the Hightower Clan and Enforcer of the East Coast. I am older than most vampires are and because of that, I’m considered an elder even though; I am quite young for my bloodline. I am in love with a woman that drives me crazy. No, not that kind of crazy. Izzy is constantly challenging my position of authority.

What makes you special?
Special? Did you not hear me the first time? I am a vampire.

Tell us about your most current adventure.
Adventure? *shakes head* is that what you call it, an adventure? I’ve learned that when Izzy and Celeste are involved, it’s more like a one-way ticket to hell. Well, right now I’m dealing with enhancers from the Otherside Casino. Enhancers are a very special breed of monsters, yes; I call them monsters because of what they do. They enhance people’s emotions and in my opinion, that’s dangerous. It’s a very lucrative deal for the casino. The enhancers feed off the unsuspecting victims, enhancing their desires to win it big and the casino makes a ton of money. Very smart of them to form that bond, but I’ve seen people gamble away their homes, lives and even souls. Scary stuff we’re talking about here.

Being that I am in middle of my, as you call it, adventure *rolls eyes* I don’t really have much more to say about this except that my story will be out soon enough; in the meantime, you can satiate your need to learn more about me or about the Hightower Series from these websites:

Annie Alvarez
eXtasy Books
Barnes and Noble

If you could offer advice to humans, what would it be?
Stop wishing we would turn you. You’re human minds are too feeble to understand the complexity of this wish and most of you wouldn’t survive the change anyways.

Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
Yes, I suppose I am. Most people really don’t know what to think of me since Izzy’s been yapping her mouth. Do I instill a tiny bit of fear in my clan, you betcha! How else am I to keep that many vampires in check and guarantee obedience among my own? And who doesn’t have the potential to be a cold-hearted bitch? *grins* I’m just not afraid to embrace my better qualities.

Is humor important?
Humor is irrelevant. Unless- well, I guess that’s irreverent, too. Power, strength, cunning and sex are the important things.

Is expressing love difficult for you?
Sex is what it is, nothing more. *shrugs shoulders*

I asked about love, not sex.
Oh, yes of course. How silly of me. Love is a conniving emotion that leads even the greatest of us to fall. Yes. It is difficult to express love especially after my wife left me for that – oh, forget it!

If you could pull your author into your world, what do you think would happen to her?
She would shit a brick and that would be funny! LOL. Can you imagine the kind of readjusting she would have to do? *laughs harder* Talk about PTSD! Seriously, in order to guarantee her survival, I would have to proclaim her as my property and I’m not sure she would be up to that, she strikes me as a fixer. Oh Goddess! I’d never get her off my back!

Share a little bit of the ‘real’ you with our readers. Any Dark secrets?
Well, if there were any dark secrets, I wouldn’t be sharing them with you, but I will say this. I hope that you get to know me well enough, to know that I would not do some of the things I have been accused of doing without damn good reason.

What does your significant other think about your adventures?
It is because of her that I find myself in awkward situations.

Have you ever lost control?
Yes. I spent many months meticulously slaughtering the villagers that murdered my lover, Mila. What? *laughs* I am a patient person who happened to have a lot of time on my hands. Oh, don’t look at me like that. I did find suitable housing for the orphaned children.

Do you think you are a superior being?
But of course.

Is there a question you wish I had asked but didn’t?
No. You have been quite nosy and asked enough questions.

Describe your best kill.
I am assuming that decimating the village will pale in comparison to the pleasure I will get when I finally get my hands on that vixen bitch Celeste, or my wife’s new lover, Abby. So, ask me that question later.

What makes being with a vampire the best sexual experience?
Ah, for starters, it’s all about the fangs. *blushes* we can do miraculous things with them, that and we excrete a pheromone or a vampmone as Izzy calls it, that magnifies the experience. By our very nature, the more excited we are, the more excited a human gets, but we must be careful, the intensity alone has been known to cause heart attacks in the more fragile of humans.

Can you control when your fangs come out?
For the most part, *lowers fangs and grins* but sometimes, they do tend to have a mind of their own.

Do you like synthetic blood?
Absolutely not! Do you like synthetic Rum?

Tell us about holy water, garlic and the sun.
If I could eat, I’d say pile the garlic on and sorry to disappoint the human myths but Holy water is just wet, nothing special about it. Now, I do have what I call a severe allergy to the sun. Not a fun thing at all.

Do you have to sleep in a coffin?
Only once in my younger days. Kaley, my sister and I thought it would be funny to scare a group of religious churchgoers. *laughs* you should have seen their faces when we jumped out of the coffins. *laughs harder* seriously? Why would I sleep in a coffin when I have a lovely king size bed with Egyptian cotton sheets and a mattress warmer waiting for me?

What do you think about the Cullen Clan?
Oh, *gets serious* why is it that everything comes back to the Cullen’s? Very well, I’ll talk about them. Let’s start with Edward who is so depressed, he looks like he’s constipated all the time. He should jump onto a wooden stake or take some ex-lax, but the sulking has got to stop. Bella, well, I am speechless, I have never seen such an accident pone human in all my existence and Jacob is, well, he’s a werewolf and since we are trying to build a respectable relationship with them, I won’t be saying much about their kind. Now Alice is one that’s been overlooked. She possesses a spectacular ability, as well as, intelligence and beauty. She is always welcomed in my territories. *grins*

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us.
I hope I’ve answered all your questions, now I really need to get back to the business at hand and that’s to
save Izzy from herself.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Vampire Gift Giving – Some things are just wrong!

With the passing of this holiday called Christmas, I’ve noticed several things given as gifts that even in your human world are just wrong. These things have trampled across the lines of acceptable behavior and should not be tolerated. I have personally witnessed young boys and girls falling victim to the obsessive behavior that unfortunately is now synonymous with vampires. In fact, we consider it an insult.

If you have received any of these, I encourage you to run, don’t walk, back to the store where it was purchased and demand your money back.

Be aware that it is not only considered a genetic mutation to sparkle, but contradicts the very essence of the fear and power we can instill when your intended victim can’t stop laughing.
It’s messy and it’s stupid!

Vampires do NOT need Energy drinks! Whomever came up with this idea, is an idiot and has no clue as to our true abilities.

Yes, you are seeing right. These little beauties are underwear with Edwards face all over them. I don’t understand why anyone would wear underwear in the first place or much less, why they would wear undies with his face on them!

We have made the most exquisite jewelry on this planet and this is what you humans consider our jewelry? This is an insult!

And this? This is ridiculous! No vampire in the history of vampirism has EVER worn silver dentures!
If you’re a vampire and need dentures, you’ve got serious problems. Get a clue!

For obvious reasons, this one is my favorite. Can you feel the dry humor in this?

I hope that I have made my point.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from us to us

It's Christmas eve and Tamara and myself have brought gifts to hand out to all our friends here on the Blog.
Tamara's gift for Naomi: Naomi our most quite reviewer, is an original complete works of Shakespeare. I pulled it out and dusted it off and now pass this work of art to you, my friend. This was the first book he published and it even has his edits in his handwriting. Enjoy!
Zyra's gift for Naomi: Naomi I want you to spend a week at a quiet cabin in the woods where you can spend your time as you wish, reading all the books you no doubt wish you had time for.

Tamara's gift for Jonathan: Jonathan, for you my sweetheart I have arranged something very special. Look out your window, there is a 18 wheeler parked in front of your house and it's loaded with Cheetos! May you never run out. LOL
Zyra's gift for Jonathan: Jonathan I am deeply concerned for your health, Cheetos will not cover all your nutritional needs. Therefore I am gifting you with this lovely cookbook, 101 ways to satisfy a blood diet.

Tamara's gift for Anne: For Anne, here's a little something to help you keep up with the times. A brand new Laptop complete with video camera!
Zyra's gift for Anne: A beautiful antique rotary phone, some things were better done in a past time.

Tamara's gift for Delora: Delora, My sweet and tasty human. Here's the gift only a vampire can bestow. I extend the offer to turn you myself... I would make it quite enjoyable, I promise.
Zyra's gift for Delora: Delora, human you may be I have become amused by you and so I am gifting you with my protection against Vamps who are less accepting of the lesser beings of earth.
Tamara's gift for Zyra: Zyra, my dear friend. I know that you are needing time alone with your beloved and for you I give you the gift of using my yacht, the Izmara. She and the crew are at your disposal whenever and wherever you would like to take your beloved to huh um, reconnect with each other.

Zyra's gift for Tamara: My gift for you is tied to a silver bedpost, your runaway Izzy there for you to do with as you see fit.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blog Bites – Stephanie Hecht

We’ve got our Fangs in

Stephanie Hecht's


Tell us about yourself.
Hey, my name is Rat and before you ask, no that doesn’t mean I shift into a fucking Mickey Mouse with an attitude. I’m a cheetah. The reason for the nickname is my business and not up for discussion. You first get to meet me in, Primal Passions, the first book in The Lost Shifter Series and I’m also in, A Feral Christmas. (both books are available at

Alrighty Rat, What differentiates you from your kind? Do you have special abilities you can share with us?
While I’m not allowed to go operations for reasons we are NOT going to go into, I am the best in my coalition at computers and communications. While I may drive our leader, Mitchell, crazy at times with my mouth and attitude, we both know the feline shifters would be lost without me. As for other special abilities, *gives a sly laugh* all you have to do is ask around and you’ll find some very satisfied guys who will be more than happy to fill you in on that.

Tell me about your most current adventure.
I’m finally getting my chance to have all the spotlight when my book, Savage Awakenings, comes out February 15th. I kind of get into a little bit of trouble when I disobey orders and go after one of the lost shifters on my own. To say it gets Mitchell’s panties is a wad is an understatement. Especially, since said lost shifter is one of his missing brothers. What can I say? I have a thing for Jaguars and when Keegan calls headquarters, begging for help, I was just couldn’t resist.

If you could offer advice to your author, what would it be?
Write more Rat scenes. So far I’ve not been in the books nearly enough.

Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
*low growl* I thought I said we weren’t going to get that deep. Despite what some shifters think, I could give two fucks what they say about me. I didn’t care when my father disowned or when my brothers told me to leave the family home and I sure as hell don’t care now.

Okay. Don’t get in a wad. Tell us, What other characters have influenced you?
Jacyn was the first ones not to judge me for my..disorder and he’s one of the best friends I’ve ever had. Do I wish there could have been more between us? Sure, but it wasn’t in the cards. To say I fell hard for Jacyn would be an understatement, but I realize he’s happy with Logan and I can live with that. But know this, if anyone were to ever harm Jacyn in any way, they’d be signing their own death warrant. I’d take them out and have no regrets afterword.

Share a little bit of the ‘real’ you with our readers. Any Dark secrets?
You just keep going back to this, don’t you? Fine, they call me Rat because I can’t hold my shift when I turn into a cheetah. In the shifter world, to call someone Rat, is the lowest of blows and considered a great insult. My father, AKA the bastard who I hope never to see again, was the first one to smack that nickname on me. Now you see why I never buy him a Father’s Day Card. I don’t think even Hallmark makes one that could fit our situation and I don’t care enough to send the best.

What motivates you to continue on these adventures?
I stay with my coalition because they need me and my skills. While I can’t do dick in the way of battle tactics, I help the whole operation run smoothly. Sure there have been times where I’ve been tempted to live the solitary life of a rogue feline. Then I think about all Mitchell and his family have done for me and I know I have to stay and help with the fight. There aren’t that many feline shifters left and if we all don’t work together we’ll never be able to rebuild our society.

What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done? Stupidest? Craziest?
Kinky, there isn’t enough time for me to go into all the details. Now stupid and crazy I can answer. You’ll have to read my book to get all the details, but let’s just say it may not have been the smartest thing to go running off to rescue Keegan without waiting around for backup. I couldn’t help myself though, as soon as I heard his voice on the phone and realized the danger he was in, I knew I had to go rescue him.

What was the best sexual experience you’ve had?
Again, you’ll have to read my book to find out. Let’s just say Keegan is full of lots of surprises, all of them very wicked. He’s even managed to shock me a time or two and that’s not easy to do.

How does one become a shifter?
Shifters are born, not made. Despite what the movies say, I could nibble on you all day long and you still wouldn’t become one of us.

What makes being with a shifter the best sexual experience?
Unlike humans, shifters have great stamina and a low recovery time. So we can go all night and still be asking for more.

Does shifting hurt?
We don’t shift for the first time until we’re in our early twenties. When we get close to that time, an older shifter takes the newbie under his wing and starts to educate him on what to do and not do when that time comes. If done right it doesn’t hurt, but if you don’t know what to do or fight it, shifting hurts like a son of a bitch.

Have you ever had a flee bath?
No, but I had a bubble bath with a very adventurous puma shifter once. Does that count?

Is silver dangerous for you or is that a myth?
That’s all a bunch a bull. I have multiple piercings and I silver is my favorite kind of jewelry. If you want I would be more than happy to show you just where all those piercing are too. * wicked grin *

Well Rat, this went smoother than I thought it would. *grin* Thanks for being here and know that while you’re in our territories, you have safe passage.

Matriarch Tamara Hightower

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Christmas Gift To You: Go Green, Drink Red!

I had an epiphany last week. Our world is more precious than it is to the humans, so much more necessary than it is to them, and yet they are destroying it! How is it fair that a creature of such limited lifespan should have such a huge impact on a world that is rightfully ours? Some humans think they care, think of their children's children and wonder what kind of world they will be left with. Immortals think of their own lives, and what kind of world they will have to live in.

I think as immortals we should care more about this, of course most immortals are so involved with their own personal crap they don't recognize what is going on in their world. They see humans as short lifespanned bugs, dangerous bugs, but bugs all the same and so not important enough to worry about what they are doing. They can't believe that a bug could make any real impact on their lives, just there and then gone again.

So to celebrate the season of giving, this season of Christmas and red and green crap all over the place I am Going Green by Drinking Red! I am feeling free to gift the world this Christmas with a few less environment killers. I drink their red, everyone else gets to enjoy more green. Don't worry I am not becoming one of the death Vampires, its against our laws blah blah blah, but I will weaken those who don't deserve to live, then I will implant some more environmentally friendly ideas in their heads.

I am not positive this will work, I have never tried to do more than take my memory from a human. I have heard that human minds are quite susceptible to influence when under the spell of a Vampire's bite however and so I will test this theory and see if I can't do a favor for us all.

My Christmas gift to you all, a Greener earth by Drinking Red! Just call me Mrs. Claus this year.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Jonathan Speaks! ...sorta.

*Yawning*....brain fuzzy today, didn't get much sleep at all last night. Christmas is like my personal Kryptonite. Bleah.

Can't think of anything to say today, but since I did waaaaay too much yakking in my interview last Saturday, I've decided to cut everyone a break and slap a few pics up here that express my holiday sentiments. Hmmmm, hate to break up the lovely lady sexiness going around, but seeing as I'm the only guy, well, I guess you gotta expect a little guy stuff, lol! Wishing everyone a happy Christmas next Friday! As for me, I'll be eatin'....*grin*

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sex, Sex and More Sex!



The holidays have sparked a very weird mood in me. Lately, I have been obsessed with sex. Everywhere I go the urges and the cravings crash upon me, demanding that I satisfy my desires. Then the hunger settles, gripping and tearing my insides until I can think of none other than to feed deeply while having sex!

Abby is patient with me, and for that I am grateful, but I fear that the time will soon come when I can’t guarantee her safety and although I’m sure Tamara is lurking around somewhere nearby, she has ignored my calls.

The internet has provided me with, for a better lack of words, I will call, ideas. I found several sites that have encouraged my, um, necessities.

Don’t believe me huh? Well, check it out for yourself.

Good Vibrations has an ECO-ROTIC line of sex toys. Yeah, you heard right! Now, you can go green while getting down and dirty. And what a line of toys they have. Oh the things I could do with those!

Lover’s Lane has a line of Vegan toys. VEGAN! Who would have thought huh? I’m speechless, but oh well.

Eden Fantasys has a role-playing section that’s pretty good for beginner’s.

Baci & Farfalle offers some nice to naughty lingerie.

eXtreme Restraints has some very enticing Dungeon Furniture, but I would only recommend that for the more daring adventurous types.

And if you want to get some intimate reading done, check out eXtasy Books where some of the best erotica writers call home!

OMG! With so many options out there, I can’t stop thinking about sex. I don’t want to hurt Abby’s feelings, but I can’t stop think about Tamara and the way she commands my pleasure. Do you think she’ll call me?

Anyways, now that I’ve worked myself up again, it’s time for me to take care of business and with a little encouragement, maybe you will, too.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa Claus is coming and so are you!

They say it’s better to give than to receive. Well, hundreds of sexy holiday gift ideas are available this year to bestow upon your own Naughty Little Vamp. Here are just a few creative ideas – and we invite your suggestions, too!

Books. Who doesn’t love a sexy read, especially for the holidays? And eXtasy Books has a sizzling selection of e-books and print books by talented authors who like it hot and write it HOTTER! And eXtasy Books is having a sizzling holiday sale right now with all backlist titles 30% OFF until December 31st. The only thing more fun than curling up with a good book is curling up with a good lover – and sometimes one’s just as good as the other, especially if you’re reading a title from eXtasy Books. Visit

Body Paint. Huh? Oh, yes. Creamy, spreadable, edible body paint in three flavors of chocolate. Well, that’s enough to inspire the artist in me. Kama Sutra Lover’s Body Paint is packaged in small pots with brushes and comes in milk chocolate, dark chocolate with raspberry, and caramel. Mmmm! Whether you’re a Michelangelo or just a mess, you and your partner are bound to have fun getting flirty and dirty with this delicious activity. Sweeten things up at

Naughty Knobs. No, not the one you’re probably thinking of, but actual hand-finished pewter hardware designed by artist Peter G. Conley. This clever guy has created five different knobs and pulls that no doubt will reflect your *ahem* exquisite taste in home furnishing accents. There is Heels, which is the bottom half of a woman wearing heels; Adam, a handsome male torso; Full Moon, a lovely female booty; 69, a gender-neutral couple engaging in – well – everybody’s lucky number; and Hands Tied, two fists bounds at the wrists. These fun knobs (aren’t all knobs fun?) are just the kind of decadence that many people reserve for their bedrooms, but personally, I would want to display in the formal areas of my house for my most prim and proper guests to see. Would you care for more tea, Mrs. Harrington? Check’em out at

Boudoir Photography. Ever thought of having some sexy PROFESSIONAL pictures taken of yourself as a gift for your significant other? Nothing like letting them see you in a whole new light! You’ll have to research the photographers in your area to see who offers this special area of photography because you’ll definitely want a pleasant experience in a comfortable environment to get the results you want. So, reserve your photo shoot, whip out your sexiest lingerie and flash your best smile – and whatever else you feel like showing. You’ll make a big holiday impression on your sweetheart by capturing your posterior for posterity. Say cheese!

I could go on about good things to give – head, for instance. Always appreciated. But I’d love to hear your ideas for fun holiday gifts – the sillier and more outrageous, the better. ‘Tis the season to be jolly and creative with your partner’s presents! Get hopping and get shopping….and let us know how it turns out…or on, as the case may be.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All that youthful energy....

This trend of teenage vampire entertainment has become almost comical. Not that they are poorly made or anything like that but the sheer volume of it is bordering on obsessive. From Twilight to the Vampire Diaries to the countless black books with some attractive girl on the cover, it’s like society has become vampire crazed and can’t get enough.

I know that I’m occasionally snooty when it comes to my vampire lit so I’m not always fair to the content. One of the biggest gripes I’ve had is how these old vampires somehow find commonality with the rather young object of their affection. I can’t say a whole lot on this subject because I’m just as guilty of it. So I really thought hard about this topic in the hopes I could find some form of explanation.

I think that living for a long time does not necessarily alienate a vampire from the human beings around them providing that they make an effort to keep up with the ebb & flow of society. The minute a vampire detaches themselves from humanity and doesn’t ‘keep up’ as they say, then yeah, there would be no chance of appreciating people for anything more than a meal.

As someone who has taken great care to live in the now, I can say that having lived past a normal lifespan doesn’t mean that people are beneath me. In fact, I think that if anyone is to stagnate it’s the vampire that’s lived an incredible lifespan. Why should they evolve when they’ve seen so much? For someone just over the one hundred fifty mark, I can say that my biggest sin is knowing how a series of traditional events is going to turn out.

Such experience makes one annoying for a younger generation.

So perhaps my biggest problem is that these vampires pick teenagers. I prefer my mates at least in their middle twenties when they’ve calmed down a little and have some responsibility to them. The hormones of a young person alone make my nose twitch and my skin crawl. I don’t mind dangerous and wild but good lord, consistency is NOT a virtue of youth.

Things were a lot different in my era too. At first, one finds themselves believing that an eighteen year old could be much like they were when one was alive: an adult who might have even owned land and carried on with the same stature of a modern day thirty year old. I could see a vampire fall into that trap.

But this world, the modern world, is full of change and high speed motion. People do not want to settle down. They are quite content to flit about from place to place and person to person because that’s what they’re supposed to do. Find the right person, have fun along the way. I’m not saying it’s wrong but for an immortal who’s already done that, it gets old quick.

I guess the bottom line is that these stories are strictly romantic entertainment for a younger crowd and I have no business criticizing them. They are fun and I have enjoyed them despite my little nitpicking. All these stories, movies and TV shows have struck some kind of chord with me or I wouldn’t have so much to say.

In the end, that’s what entertainment is about, isn’t it? Get you thinking, make you smile or cry, create something to talk about and leave a lasting impression. If that’s the case, then these young adult romance novels deserve high praise. You’ve all done your job well. Now… if I could just get over the Jacob/Bella thing. Sheesh, that was hard for me!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I Found Her!

I am shocked! It took but a week to find her, the one who is perfect for this delicate job. She has begun to work on it already and she is so quick I do believe you will see my story in no time at all.

I began my search on the Internet, sifting through so much craziness that I nearly gave up before I found her. It turned out she is one of my twitter friends and a very sweet one at that. This is the picture that originally drew me to her.
So intrigued I searched her out and I found her in the dark one night early last week. I admit I used my vampire abilities on her at first, lulling her and making sure she was calm. I mean really how else do you expect me to tell a human I am a Vampire and not have them totally freak out, or laugh in my face. Neither option is acceptable just so you know. So I calmed her and then I explained what I needed. She was more easily convinced than I expected she would be. Although I do believe she was merely humoring me at first, until I showed her my fangs. I did resist biting her though, don't want her to be afraid of me after all, and I can't take the memory of myself away from her or she won't be able to do the job I want her to do.

So now comes the difficult part. I skipped a step, I didn't approach the council before the human. If you read Paxton's interview from last week you know what kind of pigheadedness I am dealing with here. But you also know that I am still quite in his favor so will be able to use that to get what I want. He still wishes to please me I do believe, so he will let me have this I think. I am sure he will wish to monitor the process, but that I can agree to, as long as he doesn't approach the girl and try to give his idea of how the story should be told.

Our history, as a race, should be recorded accurately, I know I know, but this is also the story of me and my mate, shouldn't that have MY view of right in it more so than anyone's? Its not as if I am letting Tarquin have a say in it either, I don't need his he-man view of the way it was. Romantic he is not, but passion he has in droves.

So I am sure you are wondering who this lucky human might be, well I fear I cannot yet tell you. I worry about what could happen to her before my story is done, once finished I won't worry so much and of course, I will want to tell you about its release. Until then you will all have to be patient. I leave only with the picture that got me interested in her from the very start.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Moon: 4 Fangs!!

Twilight Saga: New Moon

I went out and saw the New Moon movie a bit ago and I know that this review is late but it’s not for all the people that were going to go anyway. This is for the skeptics out there. I know that there are a lot of you out there that had some complaints about the books of Twilight or even the first movie. I know that there were those who were resistant to the one and so they resisted the other.

I’m here to tell you that you should go see this movie right now. Don’t wait, don’t even finish this review. Go.

Alright, those of you that were saying ‘Yeah, right lady’ can read on. I might have something good to say.

I’m not a huge werewolf fan but oh my freakin’ GOD these beasts were amazing. Gorgeously well done special effects brought these monsters to life and the actors? Great. Holy lord, were they ripped too. I swear that the werewolf kids are simply biding their time to do the Native American version of 300.

For those of you that are Edward fans and know about the book, go. I don’t give away spoilers beyond this but you will be pleased.

The weakest link in these shows for me is Bella. I’m not a fan of her but I can’t relate to her either. She’s a bit too weird and her viewpoint is too singular for me. It’s been a long time since I was that age so it comes as no surprise that a 17 year old is totally incomprehensible to me (sorry, she’s 18 in the movie but you know).

So I highly recommend this movie to everyone. Period! Not even if you like this movie or that movie or whatever, this film was spectacular and providing that you go in for your particular poison; vampires, werewolves or romance, you’ll be pleased.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Character Bites - Jonathan

We’ve got our Fangs in

jonathan Hi Jonathan, tell us a little about yourself:
Hey! Um…my name is Jonathan G. Schaffer.  I like video games, especially RPGs, I like Cheetos, Doritos, and corn chips…and chocolate. Yummy. (Not all combined though, duh.) Um…I have a pet hamster named Worthington McNibbles…um…I HAD a toad that I caught in the woods, but he died. I love Halloween, and in my head, it’s STILL Halloween as far as I’m concerned. I have my own blog--, I live in the Philadelphia area, and um…well, I’m not supposed to say too much about who I am and where I live; we never know who’s trying to get us, lol. Not that we’re bad or anything, ‘cause we’re not. It’s just that the bad guys don’t like us, lol. And I really don’t want Kiera or Kurt on my ass for saying too much. They’re part of my fam too. We belong to the ABRAXAS clan ( and we pretty much keep to ourselves until someone tries screwing with us. Then we gotta get down and dirty. Hee hee.

Do you have special abilities?
Me? Special? I’m just your average 19-year-old, honest! Who said anything about me being special? I don’t have any superhuman powers, really! I eat, burp, fart and snore just like everyone else! You reeeally wanna know? Okay…I’ll say this much. I CAN do some things that humans can’t. And I absorb energy from folks. Not ALL the time, only when I feel like I need to. I heard my sis Kiera call us ‘pranic vamps’. There’s all types of vamps out there, but that’s what ‘we’ are. I think if I had to actually drink blood, I’d barf all over the person first. Ooo! Or maybe I could barf all over them, and let them slowly disintegrate, and then suck them up with a straw, kinda in the same way flies eat their food. Oh God…I think I made myself sick…

Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
Meh, sometimes I don’t care what people think about me, sometimes I do. I guess it depends on my mood. I don’t like it when people stare at me. But I especially like it when I’m in a really shitty mood and I get the chance to freak people out because of the way I’m acting towards them. The weirder I appear, the better. I mean, my fam says I’m weird anyway, and no one knows me better but them, lol. As long as they don’t care how weird I can get, fine by me. After all, who else do you know can set off a car alarm just by belching?

You've received some fantastic reviews...what do you think about them?
FREAKIN’ AWESOME! *jumping up and down in seat while typing at keyboard* I’d give her a big Cheetos-covered hug if I was close by.

If you could offer one piece of advice to your author, what would it be?
Let us have just ONE day that’s absolutely problem-free….pleeeeeease????

Tell me about your most current adventure.
MISadventure would sound more like it, lol. But again, it really wasn’t a laughing matter. We’ve had demon-possession problems, zombie problems (lol, and poor Kurt can’t stand zombies whatsoever) ghost problems, you name it. We’ve even dealt with people who are nasty to us on occasion for no particular reason BUT to be nasty. You know, come to think of it I’ll take a ghoulie or beastie over a human any day.
But anyway, here’s an excerpt from something pretty touchy (and pretty racy...ewwww) that happened between Christine and Our Lord, Mr. Ryan Price. *slaps hand over mouth* Crap. I keep forgetting I’m not supposed to say that in public, damn it! The story is told in Christine’s words.

Buy links and reviews posted here

“As much as I try to savor this, I simply can’t,” he whispered, rubbing his cheek against my thigh. Gentle bites against my femoral artery sent shivers down my spine. His playful nibbling got closer and closer to my clitoris, my anticipation flaming like wildfire.
    “My ambrosia,” I heard him say, before I felt his tongue enter me.
    I moaned. Probably a bit too loud.
    Damn alcohol.
    After toying with me for a couple minutes, he crawled up to me, and began a slow, pelvic grind as he kissed the middle of my chest again. Clumsily, I went for Ryan’s belt buckle and tried undoing it. I managed to get as far as his zipper when Kiera’s shrill voice popped into my head.
    “Miss C! Do you have Our Lord on his bed?”
    “Wow, your voice is loud,” I answered, and snorted. “Turn down the volume a bit.”
    “Oh my God--he got you drunk!”
    “Not drunk-drunk, but still…”
    “Hold on, we’ll be there in a flash!”
    Ryan panted, grinding harder against me.
    “I want to be in you, Christine,” he whispered, running his hand up my dress, sliding a finger into my tunnel. Uck. That was definitely not his style, and I felt weirded-out as that forced me to focus.
     “Ryan, wait---”
    The door burst open, startling us both. Kiera, Kurt, and the others rushed into the room. Ryan whipped around, his eyes flashing a fierce green.
    “What is the meaning of this?!” he yelled at them.
    “Get off the bed, Miss C! Quick!” Kiera exclaimed.
    Without hesitation, I made a leap, but Ryan caught my ankle. I didn’t even get off the mattress.
    I yelped, and Kiera grabbed my wrists. Kurt and Jonathan grabbed a hold of Ryan, but he pushed them both away from him with a mere thought. They fell backwards, hitting a table, knocking a lamp over. Fortunately, that distraction was enough for Kiera to pull me away to safety. I fell to the floor with a thud, but I barely felt it. Fear was on my mind more than anything else right then.
    Ryan growled and lunged forward, trying to grab me again, but stopped, having flinched in pain. He tried to get off the bed on another side and flinched again. Then, he tried the opposite side, getting the same result. Realizing that he was unable to attack us, he roared in anger. His eyes turned a solid green this time---no pupils, irises or whites whatsoever. Kiera and I clutched each other like two scared little girls at a horror movie.
    Kurt and Jonathan slowly stood up.
    “You guys ok?” Kiera asked.
    “Yeah, just a little stunned,” Jonathan answered. Kurt grimaced at how Ryan looked.
    “Eeeek! Miss C, hurry up and say those words you’re supposed to say!”
    ‘Demon Ryan’ looked at Kurt, then at me, giving another menacing snarl.
    “Um…” My brain was so fuzzy! Boy, did this really suck right now! “I command thee, demon of darkness, to…” I ran my hand through my hair, gripping it. “Shit!”
    Demon Ryan laughed, and I felt like a million spiders were crawling all over me. “You all are fools! You’ll never be rid of me. I am Ryan Price!”
    “Bullshit!” Kiera snapped, turning to me. “Where’s your purse? Didn’t you put the incantation in it?”
    “Yeah, but---” I looked around the room in a panic.
    “The trap won’t hold him for long without saying the incantation. We have to hurry!” She looked around the room for my bag as well.
    “The trap?” I looked all around the bed. “Where is it?”
    “Underneath,” Jonathan said. “My idea.”
    “Kid’s smart,” Kurt quipped.
    “Guys, the purse!” Kiera repeated, and the rest of them crazily ran around, looking for it, too.
    Demon Ryan whistled at us. We turned and looked at him. He dangled the purse from his index finger, a snobbish,  pointy grin slapped across his face.
    “Damn it!” Kiera said. “We gotta get outta here. He’s gonna get loose from the circle!”
    I followed her and the rest of the guys out of the room as Demon Ryan roared at us. I felt like an idiot running through the house wearing a torn dress, sans panties, and shoeless. Everyone looked panicked.
    “Damn, this is some fucked up shit!” Kurt glanced upstairs. “Should we hide?”
    “Yes,” Kiera answered. “But make sure you hide near a demon trap. Go, all of you!”
    They dispersed, and I gave her a curious look.
    “We’ve been drawing demon traps all over the house. They’re everywhere, hidden so he can’t see them. Jonathan thought of putting one under Ryan’s bed, which was perfect, but--”
    “I’m so sorry,” I said, my head clearing up finally.
    “It’s not your fault. Maybe it knew that we were plotting something somehow, and just wanted to make sure you wouldn’t be able to do much on your end.”
    “If that’s the case, it did a hell of a job. If I wasn’t so buzzed, it’d all be over now.” Suddenly, I gasped. “Oh shit, Kiera! Since it’s in Ryan’s body, it must have gained the ability to read our thoughts!”
    Kiera slapped a hand to her forehead, realizing that was a possibility, but she still gave me a confident smile. “Don’t worry, Miss C. We’ll still get him.”
    “WHERE ARE YOU?!” Demon Ryan bellowed from the top of the balcony. “I’ll kill each and every single one of you for your treachery! I’ll tear you all to PIECES!”
    My heart thudded in my chest, and I swallowed hard. Kiera took my hand and led me towards the tea room.
    “Are we gonna hide in the hooch parlor?” I asked quickly.
    “Just behind the wall. I drew a sigil there, just in case.”
    We pulled the wall back, stepped behind it, and pulled it closed until there was nothing more than a crack to peek through.
    Demon Ryan rushed into the room and looked around, his hair disheveled, his expression evil and dark, circles under his eyes and his face gaunt, green eyes glowing bright. He sniffed the air, paused, then slowly turned his head in our direction. He grinned, showing his pointed teeth again.
    Was he looking right at us?!
    He rushed towards the wall, and I got that nasty, ice-ball feeling in the pit of my stomach as Kiera pulled me down the hallway, past her secret room.
    “I don’t know. I haven’t explored any further than the room I hide out in,” she answered in a tiny voice. “Shit, what do you think it’ll do to us?”
    “Don’t know,” I replied, getting winded as I tried keeping up with her. That girl could move fast when she wanted to.
    The floor was cement, and freezing cold. My toes felt like ice cubes and tingled in pain. A few spider webs stuck to my face and shoulders, feeling sticky.
    The end of the hall led to a small staircase going up and to another door. Not knowing what lay behind it, we tiptoed up the steps and opened the door very slowly.
    The kitchen! We both breathed easy for now. Demon Ryan wasn’t around.
    We couldn’t even hear ourselves walk across the floor, but I got the feeling someone was here. I looked around. Jonathan was huddled in a ball in the corner beside the refrigerator, watching us. He pointed up to the ceiling, and I noticed a demon-trapping sigil drawn on it, nearly as wide as the ceiling itself. Smart place to add one. Demon Ryan would never see it if he were to walk in here. I nodded at him and Kiera and I continued walking.
    We went across the dining hall, quiet as mice. Unfortunately, the ceiling here was too high for them to put a sigil there, but there was a ton of them drawn all over the floor. We spotted Dino and Kim in opposite corners of the room. We nodded at them too, and they returned the gesture.
    In the living room, we looked around for Kurt and Dennis, but didn’t see them. Kiera’s grip on my hand was so tight, I was losing circulation in my fingers.
    Demon Ryan literally jumped from out of nowhere, causing me and Kiera to scream bloody murder. He snarled at us, drooling, green eyes gleaming. This demented version of Ryan scared me shitless.
    It all happened too fast. He knocked Kiera upside her head, and she went flying halfway across the room, landing with a dull thump. Her limp body skidded a few yards across the hardwood flooring, and stopped.
    “KIERA!” I screamed, then Demon Ryan put a stranglehold on my neck, crushing me flush against his body as I tried tearing his arm away so I could breathe.
    It was a cheap move, but I hoped it would work. Grabbing his arm again, I bent forward, lifting him off his feet, if only just a few inches. It definitely did surprise him as I let our combined weight guide me backwards to the wall that contained his medieval weaponry. I slammed his back against it with a heavy-sounding thud, and nearly all the weapons rained down around us, clattering to the floor. I heard the air woosh out of his lungs. He let go of my neck and fell to his knees as he coughed and gasped for air. I threw my energies at Demon Ryan, suspending him in mid-air for a moment before pushing him ten feet away from me. He fell and gave a grunt. I ran past him, getting away.
    “NO!” he bellowed, and the muscles in my body  stiffened. I fell to the floor hard, my heart pounding. I felt like I was suffocating, the air around me cold, heavy, and crushing, as if I had been immersed in wet cement.
    Raising more energy, I pushed Abraxas’ powers outside of myself, encasing my body in a bubble of warm light, disintegrating the negative energy surrounding me. Once my limbs were able to move freely again, I threw another ball of white-hot light at Demon Ryan, who screamed out in pain and fell to his side, clutching his ribs.
    I got to the foyer and raced up the staircase. Dumb move! I should have ran out of the mansion! I felt as stupid as those girlie victims in horror movies who always ran up instead of out whenever they were trapped in a building or house, all the while being chased by some undead, crazy, serial killer. Common sense would have told anyone to leave. I guess it has a tendency to allude you when you’re in a panic.
     From a short distance away, I heard Ryan growl again, making the hairs on my neck rise. I didn’t know what his problem was--aside from me smacking him with my energy--but I didn’t want to use my more forceful powers on him either. Who knew what would happen to him, or what affect it would have on me.
    He bounded up the stairs by twos, grabbed my ankle, and I fell on the steps with a thump. He clambered over me, and flipped me over so I would be facing him. He held my wrists down. That solid, gross, zombie-like color was gone from his eyes, but his irises remained bright green. He wore his usual suspicious look and smirked, raising an eyebrow at me, giving a slight sniff of arrogance.
    “Going somewhere…my dear?” We were nose to nose.
    “I--I--” I stammered. The hard edges of the steps were really biting hard into my back and arms.
    “Did you honestly think these little games you and Kiera were playing around the house would work? Did you really think you had me fooled?” His grin grew wider.
    How long did he know? “So…we were both trying to play each other for fools. Whoop-de-fucking-do,” I replied in a snide tone.
    “A sad and pathetic raggedy bunch of so-called vampires can’t stop me,” he hissed. “You, who’s too afraid to use the powers you’ve been given, and your ‘mate’ being just as bad, while being absolutely sick in love with you. You both couldn’t have been an easier target.”
    “Target?” I echoed. “What the hell are you talking about?”    
    Demon Ryan's eyes flickered an even brighter shade of green. Any more and they’d look neon.
    “That stupid witch had abilities I already possess. Hanging around her was starting to prove useless, until I found out she knew your mate, Ryan Price, who has powers I’ve always dreamed of possessing. The powers of Abraxas.” He took a deep breath, calming down. “Then I discovered you share the same power!” His grin widened. “One of man’s biggest sins is jealousy, and once I realized how much he covets you, it was all too easy to invade him.” He ran his cheek against mine, and I heard him inhale deeply. God, nothing could describe how badly this was freaking me the hell out. I wished I had something nearby to knock him unconscious with.
    But then he distracted himself. “I love the scent of your skin. Like cherries and blackberry wine…” He ran the tip of his tongue around the edge of my ear, making me shiver. But it wasn’t Ryan’s tongue; it was too slender, too snakelike. Good thing I couldn’t see it---I might have screamed.
    “I can see why he’s so passionate about you,” he continued, pulling back slowly. He looked into my eyes, then, very predator-like, he covered my throat with his hand. I gasped, the knot in my stomach tightening more. He tilted my head to the side slowly, exposing my neck.
    “I could kill you right now with a flick of my wrist,” he whispered. “But it would be such a waste…”
    The look on Demon Ryan’s face was very calm and almost seductive. Now holding my shoulders down, he leaned forward, licking me from the base of my ear, then down my carotid artery, and around to the hollow of my throat. My heart was beating so fast, I thought it would explode.
    Slowly, his tongue slid up the middle of neck. I grimaced. He continued going under my chin, following the curve of it, then brushed my bottom lip. I closed my eyes, too afraid to---
    Don’t look Christine, don’t look!
    Sometimes I wished I listened to my inner-self.
    It took all the strength and will I had in my bones not to shriek, as I caught a glimpse of that forked, blood-red, snakelike tongue retracting itself back into Ryan’s mouth.
    “I want to taste you, Christine,” he whispered softly, his breathing quickening, the look in his eyes deadly as he tightened the grip he had on my shoulders.
    I panicked, fearing the worst. Snakes could smell with their tongues, and I half-wondered if he was smelling my blood under the surface of my skin.
    I swallowed, then bravely gave a half-hearted laugh.    
    “You’ve done that---quite a few times now.”
    “I taste...a different essence,” he replied, and before I realized it, he flashed a pair of fangs and dove for my jugular.

Is humor important?
Humor makes the world go round...or used to. I think nowadays, it’s being superficial, deceitful, empty and soulless that’s the latest fashion. Image is everything these days, but ‘image’ is only an illusion and shallow in itself. Geez, can’t find a decent person nowadays, it’s so HARD to! I like humor much better. Especially weird humor. Or dark, twisted humor…nothing’s wrong with a little giggle, slap & tickle--and a splash of blood to go with it!

Is expressing love difficult for you?
I’m a love-expresser, really! It’s just that I don’t get a chance to, except with my fam. I had a girlfriend briefly in Junior-high, I remember. She was an outcast, just like me, so we hung out a lot. She let me taste her eyeball once, too. It was salty. A shame she moved out of state. That was the worst. Never tasted another eyeball ever since.

How do you feel about other vampires?
I never thought I’d say it, but A LOT of our own kind can be a REAL pain in the pooper! And to be honest, I have no qualms with werewolves, mainly because they don’t bother me (And I’ve never met one yet) Witches are 50/50. Kiera knows a lot of magic and even has an inherited book of spells, so I guess that makes her a witch. Then you have crazy-ass necromancers that need to be permanently kept in a rubber room like Our Lord’s former fiancĂ©…whoo-boy was THAT a mess for poor Christine to discover…. And ghouls and zombies I think are pretty cool, and sometimes even funny to me, (try to ask Kurt that question though, ha!) but definitely NOT cool when they’re attacking us!

Share a little bit of the ‘real’ you with our readers. Any Dark secrets?
Well, I can burp and fart on command. Comes in handy for clearing out small cramped rooms or elevators…Kiera lovingly called me ‘Captain A-Bomb’ once, and I’m wondering if that meant ‘ass-bomb’….?

Is there a question you wish I had asked but didn’t?
How long do I keep the same pair of socks on…hee hee.

Is there a message you want to get across in this interview?
Message? (GOTHS ROCK!) What message? (GOTHS ROCK!) I’m just here to chat (GOTHS ROCK!) and get to know everybody! (GOTHS ROCK!) *grin*

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Life and Poker Lessons

As I sit here and try to find something meaningful to share, words fail me. It’s not that I can’t think of any, I’ve got plenty of words, it’s just that none of them are pretty, and I, for one have first hand experience on how wars are started by a simple misspoken word, believe me.

My thoughts keep going back to a time when things were simple and people were pleasant. Or perhaps, I keep thinking about when I just didn’t give a shit about what happened, as long as it didn’t affect me.

Let me share a secret with you. Poker taught me how to deal with life. It taught me how to keep a straight face and most importantly, how to wait.

Sometimes, whether in poker or life, you’re dealt a crappy hand, but you never show it. Self survival depends on never, ever letting an enemy know they have the upper hand. Instead, you keep a straight face and bluff your way through or you suck it up and muck your cards.

It’s no different in real life. Izzy has walked out on me, my sister Kaley is dead and my mother, the true matriarch of our clan will lie in stasis for the next 50 or 60 human years while she gathers her strength back and I am left surrounded by Humans and Keepers.

At least, the humans I understand. The Keepers are a breed all on their own. They are not human yet, they celebrate the human holiday of allowing a fat man in a red suit to trespass into everyone's home one day of the year. I’m not opposed to this Christmas. Hell, I was around when they introduced it to the U.S. in the 1870’s. At first, *laughing* it was fun to watch the human morons run around preparing for the fat man to climb down their chimney, but after time, the humor wore off and now it’s just boring. *sighs*

But, in an effort to not only keep the peace, but also to gather more information about these so called Keepers, I will put on my poker face and celebrate these dastardly holidays with them. I have even arranged for a special party, *grin* but don’t expect to see me drinking wassail until after the guest of honor shows up, I want to stay sober for that! *smirks*

Yes, yes, of course, I’ll let you know what happens. I myself, am kind of curious of what will happen when I mix the humans, the keepers, the shifters and a demon into the pot.

Oh, these holidays may turn out to be interesting indeed!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Character Bites - Paxton

We’ve gotten our Fangs into

Courtney Breazile's


Courtney Breazile Paxton photo Tell us about yourself.
I am Paxton, Vampire and leader of The Council of Immortals. I play an integral role in the lives of all Immortals, it is through my very own Blood Vision that the council was first seen and as leader of the council I am in a position of great power over all immortals who wish representation within the council. I am found in all books within The Immortal Council Series beginning with the one where my love betrays me! “Blood Visions” out February 15th 2010.

What makes you special?
Other than my status as leader of the council?

Well, yes. What differentiates you from your kind?
I am different in my vision of uniting Immortals, it is a lofty goal and one I am quite dedicated to, for my own selfish reasons of course.

Tell us about your most current adventure.
My adventure is long and intricate. I am trying to organize the entirety of the immortal world so that I will be united with my destined mate. It is the only reason I deign to be around these lesser Immortals.

     “Paxton stalked away from the hotel room.
     He wanted death, he wanted destruction, and he wanted that dog’s lifeless body. But he wouldn’t, he couldn’t do anything that would hurt her, his Zyra. So he would take this violent anger out on someone else, happily.
     He saw a group of humans up ahead, leaving a bar. He slipped into the shadow and followed them. As if sensing danger lurking behind them the group sped up and one looked over his shoulder, searching the shadows where Paxton blended.
     The man’s human eyes would never be able to see him, but the man did seem to be looking right where he was standing, odd.
     The group continued on and a couple of them entered an apartment building, leaving two to continue on, one was the man who sensed Paxton.
     Paxton kept following waiting for his opportunity and enjoying the smell of fear rolling off of the man. They turned a corner and entered another apartment building. Paxton waited outside a moment, letting the prey get comfortable.
     He entered the building and followed the smell of the man. He didn’t bother knocking on the thin door. He pushed it open, breaking every lock the man had thrown in place.
     Such fear, such excruciating fear paralyzed the man as Paxton approached, eyes swirling red, hypnotizing. Paxton grasped the man close and sank his fangs deep, drawing fast and hard to satisfy his need for violence.”

If you could offer advice to your author Courtney, what would it be?
Don’t let Zyra boss you around so much, she isn’t the only one in here with a story to be told.

Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
I am, they see me as the powerful leader that I am. They believe that I am doing this for unselfish gain, and so they are willing to go along with it.

Is expressing love difficult for you?
No. I told Zyra daily that I loved her, and it did me no good. I will do the same to my mate when I find her. Why hide what you know?

What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you?
My first blood vision, it was intense and unexpected, that is second only to my threesome with a Werewolf, also intense and unexpected.

Is there a message you want to get across in this interview?
I am all powerful, I control the lives of all immortals!

What other characters have influenced you?
If it were not for Zyra and Tarquin I don’t know if I would have ever had the Blood Vision that started this whole adventure.

What motivates you to continue on these adventures?
I do it all for her, my destined mate.

What is your most favorite thing to do?
Feed and fuck.

Do you think you are a superior being?
I am Vampire, I am superior.

What are your opinions of Tarquin?
I despise Tarquin, and will until the day I find my mate I will hate him and crave Zyra.

What are the pro’s and con’s to being a vampire?
Being a Vampire is amazing, the power, the strength! The damn sun is the only con I can see.

How does one become a vampire?
You are born it, there is no other way.

Describe your best kill. Why was it the best?
I try not to kill my food, anymore, but I can remember a few I particularly enjoyed. Usually anyone who is so evil you can taste it in their blood I enjoy draining dry.

What makes being with you the best sexual experience?
I am a God in bed, even Zyra would vouch for that I am sure. All Vampires are very sexual creatures, something in the blood I suppose.

Can you control when your fangs come out?
Yes most of the time, I rarely lose control anymore.

Do you like synthetic blood?
Never tried the stuff, and I do not plan to.

Tell us how holy water, garlic and the sun affect you.
The only thing that harms me is the sun.

Do you have to sleep in a coffin?
No, I sleep in a bed in a dark room, preferably not alone.

What do you think about the Cullen Clan?
I think I would like to bite them all, especially that lovely Alice.