Friday, December 18, 2009

Jonathan Speaks! ...sorta.

*Yawning*....brain fuzzy today, didn't get much sleep at all last night. Christmas is like my personal Kryptonite. Bleah.

Can't think of anything to say today, but since I did waaaaay too much yakking in my interview last Saturday, I've decided to cut everyone a break and slap a few pics up here that express my holiday sentiments. Hmmmm, hate to break up the lovely lady sexiness going around, but seeing as I'm the only guy, well, I guess you gotta expect a little guy stuff, lol! Wishing everyone a happy Christmas next Friday! As for me, I'll be eatin'....*grin*


  1. All right Jonathan, I've got to say that you've captured my sentinents exactly.

  2. Well I HAVE given elephant poop as a present. Don't you know that they make elephant poop paper products? Its great, very earth friendly and I feel immortals should be particularly careful abotu destroying the world we intend to live on for an extremely long time.
    And really what says I have been thinking about you all year better than elephant poop.