Monday, December 14, 2009

I Found Her!

I am shocked! It took but a week to find her, the one who is perfect for this delicate job. She has begun to work on it already and she is so quick I do believe you will see my story in no time at all.

I began my search on the Internet, sifting through so much craziness that I nearly gave up before I found her. It turned out she is one of my twitter friends and a very sweet one at that. This is the picture that originally drew me to her.
So intrigued I searched her out and I found her in the dark one night early last week. I admit I used my vampire abilities on her at first, lulling her and making sure she was calm. I mean really how else do you expect me to tell a human I am a Vampire and not have them totally freak out, or laugh in my face. Neither option is acceptable just so you know. So I calmed her and then I explained what I needed. She was more easily convinced than I expected she would be. Although I do believe she was merely humoring me at first, until I showed her my fangs. I did resist biting her though, don't want her to be afraid of me after all, and I can't take the memory of myself away from her or she won't be able to do the job I want her to do.

So now comes the difficult part. I skipped a step, I didn't approach the council before the human. If you read Paxton's interview from last week you know what kind of pigheadedness I am dealing with here. But you also know that I am still quite in his favor so will be able to use that to get what I want. He still wishes to please me I do believe, so he will let me have this I think. I am sure he will wish to monitor the process, but that I can agree to, as long as he doesn't approach the girl and try to give his idea of how the story should be told.

Our history, as a race, should be recorded accurately, I know I know, but this is also the story of me and my mate, shouldn't that have MY view of right in it more so than anyone's? Its not as if I am letting Tarquin have a say in it either, I don't need his he-man view of the way it was. Romantic he is not, but passion he has in droves.

So I am sure you are wondering who this lucky human might be, well I fear I cannot yet tell you. I worry about what could happen to her before my story is done, once finished I won't worry so much and of course, I will want to tell you about its release. Until then you will all have to be patient. I leave only with the picture that got me interested in her from the very start.

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  1. How exciting! I am very interested to see how it all works out.