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A Halloween Menage

A great treat for this Halloween!

Halloween Charm
It takes three to break the spell of a sorceress...

Out on Halloween at
Also check out the contest here:

Amelia is tired of being dead, cursed into a cycle of reincarnation and death at the hands of her lover. She craves the touch of him, her murderer. She searches Daray out but finds Charm instead.
Charm is surprised by the ghost that she takes home. Amelia is more than a nuisance, she is an unexpected pleasure, a delightful sub.
Daray is shocked to find his love in the arms of another woman. Even more surprising is the way Charm welcomes him into their arms and bed.
Could this little charm be the key to breaking their lover’s curse?

“It feels so incredible to actually be able to touch and be touched,” Amelia whispered. She lifted a hand and stroked it along Charm’s face. “I haven’t been felt by another in almost a year. My only source of pleasure or feeling has been from watching others interact. It’s left me so desperate to feel.” Amelia’s fingers caressed Charm’s waist.

Charm’s gaze drifted down to Amelia’s mouth and she licked her lips, wondering what it would be like to make love to her. Would she like the rough play that Charm did? She was so beautiful, so obviously sensual, and so very dead. Charm’s body began to tingle, excited by the thought. Before she could talk herself out of it, she leaned forward, capturing Amelia’s soft lips with hers.

Amelia moaned immediately and parted her lips. Charm had always been a bold lover, always taking control and this was no different. She deepened the kiss, pushing her tongue into Amelia’s sweet mouth, caressing and coaxing her tongue to play. Amelia’s hands clasped at Charm’s back, pulling them even closer together. Charm ran her hands down to Amelia’s plump bottom, forcing their hips to meet.

Charm felt Amelia tremble in her arms and Charm’s panties dampened. She moved her hands to the hem of Amelia’s shirt, slipping under it to the bare skin beneath and caressing up until she felt the lace of her bra. She never broke the kiss as she touched Amelia, moving her hands to cup her heavy breasts, feeling her nipples so hard through the thin material covering them. Charm pinched them lightly and Amelia groaned, her hips pushing forward against Charm.

“Oh God, Charm, it feels so good to be touched.”

Amelia’s green eyes were wide and she was panting slightly as Charm continued to tease her nipples through the lace bra. The pure enjoyment Charm saw on her face was intoxicating and she wanted to take it all the way, wanted to see her face as she rode an intense orgasm.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Got bogged down with writing a synopsis and forgot to post. I made it to the final stage of the Passionate Reads pitch contest, so I've been on the grind getting the requisite chapters and stuff done. Happy Halloween!! to you all and I come bearing gifts.

I'm part of the Bewitching Trick-or-Treat blog hop with over 100 authors, and we're all giving away books and prizes. The Hop began Friday and runs until Monday so you still have time to visit each author's blog and comment to win. You can start at mine, where I'm giving away a PDF of reader's choice of my backlist. See you there!

Also, to celebrate Halloween Evernight Publishing is having a sale on all Paranormal titles until Monday. You can pick up your copy of Midnight Seduction: Manlove Edition Anthology which includes my shifter short, Dulce:

And for more shifters this Halloween, don't forget Till Abandon available now at Total E Bound.

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How To Become A Higher Vampire – The Examination

Zoe_Lionheart_100 Last time you’ve learned the basics a newly transformed Vampire needs to know. I also told you that, in order to join the Vampire aristocracy, you’d have to prepare yourself for the Examination. You came back, so you’re willing to do the next step. Good, but I have to warn you – this Examination is not meant to be fun, at least not for the applicant.

You’ve never heard of the Examination? Well, it’s supposed to be a secret, and before you’re granted access you have to agree not to tell anything to anybody. Which means that I’m taking a significant personal risk to tell you these things. Luckily Tamara approved publication, and she’ll be able to stand the heat, too.

Let’s get down to business.

What’s the Examination about? Vampires are a quite traditional folk. You already know that Vampires can un-live for centuries – but they only grow that old because they stick to their rules. Rebellious young Vampires perish like snowflakes in the sun. (Pun intended.)

Have you ever seen a Vampire shrieking or running around in panic? No, probably not. They’re supposed to keep the proverbial stiff upper lip, whatever happens. Vampire aristocrats have to maintain the appearance of the powerful immortal being that they in fact are, they have to show a certain level of dignity. In fact, showing anger or lust may be acceptable, but showing fear or pain never is. In order to join their ranks, you’ll have to prove you can adhere to their standards.

That should already give you an idea of what to expect, doesn’t it?

Once you apply to the Examination – which is done through your guide, the Vampire who transformed you – you will be told when and where to show up. You will not be late, there will be no excuses, no second chance. Failing to appear is like failing the Examination.

There are only three things you can do in preparation.

First, see that you’ve sucked some fresh blood. You should be as strong and un-healthy as you can.

Second, re-read the Vampire 101 I’ve presented last month. All the rules apply, and surely there will be many Old Vampires attending the Examination.

Third, undress. Yes, undress. You’re not allowed to bring clothes or jewelry to the Examination, not even up to the doorstep. You should also remove earrings and such.

This is how the Examination will work:

1. There will be a chairperson, usually the oldest Vampire present. That’s the one who’s got the last say on you, so stay on his or her good side.

2. You will be all nude in front of the assembly. You keep your hands to your side, you won’t try to shamefully hide anything. Remember, this is about dignity, you must look as if nudeness doesn’t bother you, even if the entire audience gives you lecherous looks. Of course, exhibitionists have an advantage here, and yes, showing a hard-on is acceptable.

3. You will have to answer any question by anyone truthfully, even the most intimate ones. Don’t appear as if you’d try to hold anything back, this might make things uncomfortable. By the way, you will be very well advised to unveil your vulnerabilities, as only those that you tell will be observed.

4. You will obey any order given to you, even if it sounds weird. Don’t talk back, don’t argue, just do it. Unless it’s causing you pain, try to be entertaining – and maintain your dignity.

5. Everyone may look at you, everyone may touch you everywhere. You want to appear helpful. Show off.

6. Everyone may have sex with you. If I would reassure you that it only happens occasionally – as the audience usually isn’t sexually starved – that would mislead you. Better assume that you’re so good-looking that everyone would want to have sex with you, any kind of. This means, if you see a cock near your face, give it the suck of your unlife. Remember, showing lust is appropriate, so enjoy! This will also reduce the chance that anybody wants to check the next point.

7. Everyone may test your pain tolerance level by almost any means – whips, bonebreakers, knives, heated iron etc. Again, this test shall prove that you can maintain your countenance, that you’re strong enough that you still could fight back, and that your self-control allows you to not fight back when it’s inappropriate, when you shouldn’t give away that you’re a Vampire. (It’s okay if you show little signs of pain here and there, you won’t fail because of that – but it may also entice your torturer to continue.)

8. If you have a foe in the assembly, for example an Older Vampire you’ve annoyed before, be prepared for the worst tortures mankind has ever invented performed on you, and unlike a mortal, you can’t escape by premature death. Neither can you run or hope for help by your friend – who is bound by the same rules that brought you to the Examination. Time is no issue, if it takes nights or even weeks, you’re stuck with it. So you better have no foe.

9. If you thought such endless pain is the worst that could happen to you, you’re wrong. You might find yourself ordered to take a mortal’s blood, all of it. No excuses – if you don’t follow all orders, you failed the Examination. Now think – what if you know the victim?

10. If you’re faced with contradicting orders or demands, there is only one thing you’re allowed to do. You may give the chairperson a questioning glance. He or she will then tell you how to proceed. However, this may annoy the Vampire who has to step back. It would be much better if you would show good judgment and at least try to fulfill the conflicting demands partially. Want an example? Well, if two Vampires want to have sex with you, do a threesome.

After you’ve read all this, you might think, why do it at all? There are good reasons.

1. All wounds will heal, all bones will mend eventually – the more mortal blood you drink, the quicker and easier, that’s why you should have sucked some blood in preparation. You don’t have to fear permanent damage, not even scars.

2. There will be no wooden stakes, no sunlight, and no one may bite you. No one may kill you.

3. You will not be given orders that are impossible to follow. However, an order that requires you to dislocate a joint is not considered impossible.

4. If you perform well, you may make friends at the Examination, or at least gain some goodwill. Make sure the chairperson gets a good view on your assets. Make sure they rather test your skills in sex than your pain tolerance, so be inventive! For obvious reasons, there is a sequence in the tests.

5. Once you’re approved, you belong to the Vampire aristocracy. Unexamined Vampires, even if much older than you, may no longer give you orders.

6. You may join other Examinations as part of the audience and have some fun there.

7. You’ve shown that you want to belong. This gives you some kind of family, and the older members might help you here and there, at least show you some tricks.

8. If you stay around for some centuries, you may have a chance to change the rules and make the Examination more comfortable. However, it’s easier to not change the rules, walk in to all the Examinations and have sex with the applicant until the would-be-torturers have lost interest, which also makes it more comfortable for everyone.

What will happen, you might ask, if you fail the Examination? If you try to chicken out or don’t obey an order? Nothing you’d like – you will be sentenced to death by starvation while resting inside a heated iron maiden, and that may take painful ages.

Eventually, a while after your wounds are healed and you got acquainted with some of the Older Vampires, you might hear of Beasts. Or you simply read my next installment.

No superpowers, no impressive looks. Just her determination makes the difference. Don’t cross Angry April.

The discovery of a doomsday device in the heart of Denver has clearly told Zoe and April that they’re running out of time. They may have only days left to save mankind from annihilation, and they still have to locate their enemy. There’s no choice but to try something new, which may alienate Zoe from April’s side. Are the two women prepared to pay that price? And is mankind willing to let itself be saved? Or would that just be a pact with a different kind of evil?


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Votes Needed...

I did something recently I swore I'd never do. I entered a pitch contest over a Passionate Reads. The prize is to get your first three chapters and a synopsis critiqued by an editor from at Ellora's Cave. Since I've wanted to get my foot in the door over at EC, I jumped at the chance.

First we had to submit a blurb only. Out of almost fifty who entered that first round, ten were chosen. I was one of those along with my M/M story Love The Sinner. You now have the chance to read the first chapter of Love The Sinner, along with the other authors who moved to the second round, and vote on whose you like.

Here's the blurb that made it through to the second round:

NYPD Detective, Gabriel Ashby would love nothing more than to bust Angelo Pagan’s ass and lock him up, so why is he seeing the bastard in his erotic dreams at night? Never having looked twice at another man, Gabriel doesn’t know how to deal with his sudden and intense desire for one of the force’s Most Wanted. Everyone close to Angelo somehow ends up dead, with the smug gang leader standing alone amid the rubble.

 Angelo Pagan can’t figure out the cop undressing him with his eyes and pushing him away with his words. Attraction to Gabriel is suicide and Angelo resolves to ignore the fierce chemistry…until a police raid goes wrong. He critically injures Gabriel, changing the trajectory of both their lives. Now, despite anger and resentment on both sides, the two can’t get close enough.

Their forbidden affair is threatened from the onset by lies and betrayal. They live on different sides of the law, unable to find a way of breaching the huge gap between them. With the authorities looking to make an example out of Angelo, Gabriel has to decide if it’s really worth it to hate the sin but love the sinner.

And here's your chance to read the first chapter. Scroll down to the list of author names and their titles and click on mine. If you like what you read so far, and want me to move on to the final stage, please vote. It would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks :)

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A Halloween story

Well since it is October so I must share one of my author's stories that has nothing to do with me (grumbles and hisses) but still a damn good and super sexy story. So I must recommend it, Reincarnated Death Wish. It is particularly important to check it out now because its sequel, Halloween Charm will be released on October 31st from Extasy Books, yet another book that has nothing to do with me.....I must pay my lovely author a visit soon and suck some inspiration out of her....or into her....or whatever it takes to get her ass back on my stories this is just unacceptable.

Here is a little tidbit about Reincarnated Death Wish, and feel free to send my author emails about how much you would love to have another Immortal Council book out before Christmas...

Amelia lives each day with the knowledge that she will be killed on October 31st, her twenty-second birthday, only to be reincarnated one hundred years later. While alive she is haunted by dreams of passion she is never able to experience and death she knows is waiting for her. A demon is coming to kill her, and fate decrees that she will choose death from him. What could possibly drive her to ask for her own death—only the promise of her every fantasy coming true before the death blow.

"At eleven I heard him, calling to me. He wanted me to return to my apartment, he waited there for me. My knees went weak with fear and excitement, I couldn’t control the compulsion to obey, I had to go to him. Without a single goodbye, I walked out, mind numb to anything other than the task at hand, getting to my demon.
Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I was doing something stupid, I shouldn’t make it this easy for him. If he wanted to kill me, then I should make him come to me, but those thoughts were fleeting and I could not make myself obey them.
Daray’s thoughts and desires filled my mind, and that is what my body obeyed, as if he were its true master. I was helpless to fight it, and I wasn’t afraid. His compelling me was not malicious. It was somehow comforting, as if a long awaited return. This is what I have lived the last twenty-two years waiting for.
When I stood outside my apartment door wondering how I got there, I almost faltered. I had a sudden moment of returned clarity, I wanted to fight, I wanted to live. I was not going down easy."

And check out Halloween Charm on my author's website

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Till Abandon...A Preview

Tomorrow brings the release of Till Abandon, my paranormal novella with Total-E-Bound, so I thought I'd give you guys a taste....see if you likey ;)

Book one in the Paranormal Security Council Series
All the power and killer instinct she possess can’t protect her from the claiming of one determined wolf.
They call her ‘The woman in white,’ whisper ‘Death-Bringer’ with their last breath, but no one knows exactly what she is. Not even Voltaire herself. The deadly magic within her is a living thing, able to crush anyone and everything with a blink. Abandoning the blood-soaked world she’s used to, Voltaire seeks out the one constant in her tired life-the green-eyed wolf in her dreams. She’s ignored the wolf’s call for years, afraid to surrender, but danger haunts her mate. He needs her.
Wolf-shifter Blake Montez is in the middle of a war, battling the usurpers intent on taking over his territory. Unfamiliar magic hums in the air, unnoticed-it seems-by everyone but him. He finds the source already under his nose, in his home. The delicate woman in white knows things no one should know, and the heat simmering between them is unlike anything he’s ever felt. His wolf recognizes her as his mate, though Blake remains unsure he can trust her.
Voltaire sets out to prove herself with time running out. Enemies are on the prowl, some foreseen, others remaining cloaked in shadow. She and Blake team up, fighting side by side, but in the end Voltaire might be the biggest threat to their love.

"Will you fucking die already?" Voltaire pressed the right heel of her gold Zanotti’s into the bullet hole in the man’s neck. The idiot keeping her from her date struggled—a futile effort, if she did say so herself. His cobalt-blue eyes stared up at her from his position on the floor, pleading for mercy while his body twitched. Wet sounds gurgled in his throat, then he coughed. Dark red blood flew everywhere, dotting the back of her heel and running like a red stream down the corner of his mouth. Pink tears leaked from his eyes.
"Damn it, now look what you’ve done." She lifted her foot off his throat to inspect the damage to her shoe. "I bought these today, specially for this occasion, and you go and fuck them up."
Men. Can’t train them, or horsewhip them in the middle of the street. What the hell is there left to do? Kill ‘em.
She knelt beside the man, who was getting bluer by the minute, and shook her head. "You know, that colour does great things for your skin tone." She grabbed the sleeve of his white shirt and wiped off her heel. Blood pooled under him, sinking into the plush, grey carpet. She glanced up at the digital clock on his desk. He had some fabulous things in this office—she’d take a tour of the house if she wasn’t so damned strapped for time.
Hah, strapped.
A dull buzzing started on the left side of her skull, annoying as a mosquito.
"Will you stop already with the fucking mind control? You’ve been trying it all night, and has it worked?" She lifted an eyebrow and projected her thoughts to him. Obviously not. You pissed off the Council and they’ve marked you for extinction. She bared her teeth. "Unfortunately for you, they gave you to me as a going away gift."
Tugging the bowie knife from her ankle strap, she slashed his throat with a flick of her wrist.
"That’s for taking up so much of my goddamn time."
She fished the disposable cell phone from the back pocket of her jeans and pulled off her black gloves with her teeth. Hitting the redial button, she straightened and stepped delicately over the body on her way to the door.
"It’s done."
Voltaire paused at the threshold and took one last look over her shoulder to admire her handiwork. Damn, sometimes she astonished even herself. The married father of four hadn’t batted an eye when she’d sent him a drink at the bar then offered herself to him for the night. She gave him bonus points for not taking her to his marital home. Apparently Mr Moneybags kept an apartment downtown for his nightly hook-ups.
Fucking men. Is nothing sacred anymore? Sure, she’d been paid a couple of mil to kill him, but still.

Get it @  Total E Bound

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Things I fear....

Sunlight- Umm duh right that one is obvious. If I didn't fear it I wouldn't have had Tarquin install all those handy things like shutters over the windows that let no light through.

Fire- Yeah this one has a potential of actually destroying me, though I could survive a pretty bad burn, it is still one of the few things that could take me down permanently.

Losing my head- Yet another one of those little things that would permanently rid the earth of my wonderful existence, not that anyone would want to do that.

Mean girls... Yeah I know this ones seems a bit odd, or at least unimportant compared to the others. Not so much deadly, but all the same, it makes me want to walk out into the sunlight so in a way just as deadly.

My wonderful daughter decided to take it upon herself to take over the care of two young were girls that were left without parents after one of the worst inter-species battles in centuries. So of course when she came to visit, she brought them with her. I swear they are nastier than anything I have ever seen. Tarquin invited a few young were girls from the pack over so they could have a sort of "play date" I guess. It quickly became an all out war right in my house. Not obvious, oh now and Tarquin claimed not to have any idea what I was talking about! I think he just didn't want to deal with the frankly scary little monsters in his home. It wasn't until the incident involving a chewed up leather skirt that resulted in an all out wrestling match between the girls that he finally agreed there was a problem here.

Thankfully Tarquin is a lie detector and as he made each girl tell the truth and run off crying, I felt relief settle over me until finally they were all gone, unfortunately Alexia went with, seeing as she was responsible for the care of the two orphaned ones. What is in her insane mind I will never know, love her though I do. I prefer a pack of weres who are out for my head to those sneaky mean girls.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blindfold Me Excerpt

Blindfold Me

To celebrate Blindfold Me being in Print at Secret Cravings, here's the blurb and an excerpt.

BLURB~ Thirteen years ago, Lyric Benson's boyfriend accused her of sleeping with his older brother then disappeared. She never stopped caring, never stopped hoping. Now, all these years later, Lyric is stunned to discover the new owner of her company is one Grayson St Clair, who never forgot or forgave her transgression.
Grayson wants nothing to do with someone he thinks hurt him so deeply. He can't let go of the past and he can't trust Lyric. It doesn't help matters that while on her watch, the Masonry company she oversaw was hacked into and the company's top secret client list accessed. Reluctantly, Lyric and Grayson team up to find the culprit, with Grayson denying their blossoming feelings at every turn. But when his brother appears, secrets in tow, Grayson will have to choose: live in the past or move on with Lyric.

EXCERPT~ In the elevator, he pressed the button for his floor by the time he heard her shout, "Hold the elevator!"
She ran up to him and their gazes locked. He allowed the doors to close in her face as payback burned in her glare.
Seconds after he walked into his office, Lyric burst in. "What the hell is your problem?"
He whipped around to face her. "You’re my problem!"
"What did I do?"
"Why didn’t you let me handle Antoni?"
"What are you talking about?" Confusion crossed her face. "I let you—"
"No, you didn’t. He deferred to you like you were the boss."
"So you’re not, I am." He poked a finger in his chest.
"Is that what this about? Recognition?"
"No, this is about you."
"What?" She crossed her arms.
"Zinno had his hands all over you and you allowed it." He sounded like a child, but she brought it out in him. Jealousy rolled around in his gut, still foreign after all this time.
"You have no say in what I do," she said.
"I do when it involves my business." Who am I trying to convince?
"You know what? I’m out of here." She turned toward the door.
"Is this what you do? Use your body to get your way, like you did with my brother?" As soon as the words left his mouth, he wanted to call them back.
"What did you say?" She whirled to face him, rage blazing out of control as she advanced on him.
"You heard me."
"You son of a bitch!"
He had the chance to move aside or block her, but he didn’t. A resounding smack echoed when her palm connected with his cheek.
Grayson licked his lips, tasted blood. She packed quite a wallop. His face throbbed as if hit by a two-by-four. He squinted at her and flexed his jaw. The anger in her eyes mixed with something else. Something a lot like the need pulsing through him. He stepped back, but she came forward.
"You’re bleeding," she whispered, her gaze centered on his mouth.
He cursed silently. Doesn’t she realize her effect on me? The rage and fury from moments ago melted away from her. He wanted them back. Those he knew how to deal with, not the need in her eyes. He wanted for things he had no business wanting.
Grayson backed away. She cupped his jaw the same time his thighs connected with his desk. Nowhere to go.
The heat in her touch singed him and he reached up to pull her hand away. At least he intended to, but her thumb stroked his bottom lip and he found himself holding her hand in place as he pressed his cheek to her palm.
Her eyes flew to his, searching for things he could ill afford to let her find. She opened her mouth, but before she spoke, his free hand clutched her nape and he hauled her into his arms. With a dip of his head, he took her mouth, because he had no choice.
He kissed her, tasted her sweetness. Lyric sobbed low in her throat. Her lips trembled and her hands slid around his neck. He reversed their positions, leaning her against his desk.

More info @ Secret Cravings

and my


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Newly transformed Vampires 101

Zoe_Lionheart_100 As promised last month, this time I give some advice on the Do’s and Don’ts for newly transformed Vampires. A few points you may have guessed, but perhaps I can surprise you here and there?

  1. Obey superior Vampires. Failing to observe this rule may have you killed quicker than a sunbath, and by "killed" I mean "permanently removed from your undead existence". Who’s superior? Initially, you’d better regard all other Vampires as superior. I give you a clue: You won’t have inferiors until you’ve transformed your first victim yourself.
  2. Stay out of the sunlight. That also applies to indirect sunlight redirected by mirrors. If you’ve read my previous blog entry "You’ve decided to become a Vampire – How To Do It?", your daytime hideout is prepared, otherwise you’re in trouble now. It hurts if you don’t watch out, but sunlight won’t kill you quickly. There’s a reason why exposing a Vampire to the sun is the penalty for the worst things a Vampire could do. Like annoying a Vampire aristocrat, and that leads to…
  3. Do not annoy Vampire aristocrats. They are used to have their way, and there’s a certain amount of relentlessness (or stubbornness) involved.
  4. Get used to drink blood. Regular consumption of blood will not only keep you alive, but will also allow you to retain your self-control – which you need to obey the rules. But drinking blood isn’t as easy as you might think.
    You can do what Vampires have done all the time: bite a victim and suck blood. That’s messy, and your victim won’t like it, unless you command the tricks that come with being a Vampire (see below). You might accidentally kill your victim, which will get you in trouble with the local authorities, which in turn will draw attention to your new way of unlife, which in turn will annoy superior Vampires. Or you don’t kill your victim, but leave it severely drained of blood and with two very telltale marks on their necks. Or you might accidentally start the transformation of your victim – but as you don’t know how it works, you might create a Beast. Never heard of that? Guess why.
    You can try to raid a human blood depot, which again will alert the local authorities. You can try to feast on animal blood. That will work, but it tastes awful, so I’ve been told. Perhaps it’s the best way for a newbie, though, and that’s what I mean: better get used to it.
  5. Avoid people with pointy wooden stakes. You may have heard that Vampires are faster and stronger, but that doesn’t apply to you yet, and you better assume those people knowing what they’re doing.
  6. Find out your vulnerabilities. Sunlight and wooden stakes are not the only threats to Vampires, but the only ones that are shared among all. There are other vulnerabilities, which apply to some Vampires and not to others. Like holy symbols, holy water or garlic. For example, Greek Vampires like garlic, and a cross doesn’t mean a thing to Chinese Vampires. Instead the latter are very vulnerable to Dragon fire and Dragon claws. And you? Who knows, for example you might find out that you can be hurt by root beer. You should better know before getting sprayed by an exploding can.
  7. Learn to command Vampire tricks. Start with the easy ones, like disappearing from mirrors*. Try to hypnotize other people, to make them stop or stand on one leg. Don’t try to bite them yet! Try to run faster, make sharp turns at full speed, come to a halt in an instant. Try to walk the ceiling, but start over a soft mattress. Practice extracting and retracting your fangs. Don’t try to transform into a bat yet, you wouldn’t like to get stuck halfway. Ask for advice on this one. Also ask for advice on how to make a victim forget being bitten and how to make the fang marks heal.
  8. Be considerate about the way you dress up. Check my May blog entry "What To Wear At A Vampire Ball", these rules may also help you in your everynight unlife.
  9. Don’t have sex during the first month. That rule may sound hard – especially as you’ll soon find out that your breasts feel firmer or your cock larger and you’re more easily aroused – but you don’t have the necessary self-control yet, and you don’t want to have an accident. Vampire sex usually comes with some biting. Oh, you didn’t notice while you were a mortal? See – you still need to learn a lot!
  10. Don’t frown upon stale smell – that’s an Old Vampire you don’t want to annoy.
  11. Stay with the Vampire who transformed you. He/she will guide you and teach you.
  12. Go to work regularly. Yes, of course the night shifts only. You need to pay your landlord yourself, don’t expect anyone else to do that for you. Vampires, even the lesser ones, are expected to be self-dependent.
  13. Learn the rules. This 101 will take you some way, but your Vampire community may have their own specific rules, and you’d better know them.
  14. If you’re female: Don’t worry about your monthlies. Never again.
  15. If you plan to become a Vampire aristocrat, and you don’t have a highborn sponsor, prepare yourself for the Examination. I’ll elaborate on that next month.
* I might have fooled you with this one: it comes automatically. But it may have given you a feeling of early success, didn’t it?

Coming Soon:

Lioness’' Dream


The discovery of a doomsday device in the heart of Denver has clearly told Zoe and April that they’re running out of time. They may have only days left to save mankind from annihilation, and they still have to locate their enemy. There’s no choice but to try something new,which may alienate Zoe from April’s side. Are the two women prepared to pay that price? And is mankind willing to let itself be saved? Or would that just be a pact with a different kind of evil?

Monday, October 3, 2011


I have a love hate relationship with this month. It is amusing at times to walk around and see the displays of what humans think we should be. Some super sexy, some disgustingly ugly. All so far off from the reality of us. No human could ever capture all that we vampires are. Our beauty, grace and deadliness is unmatched and un-imitateable. It gives me a laugh to see them try though, for a while. Of course by the end of October I am so sick of all the idiots around my fangs start to ache.

If I make it through the month without biting anyone, it will be a feat. Perhaps I need some motivation to not take out a few of the annoying imitators....if you can think of a reason I shouldn't, let me know.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Partying at Goddess Fish Today!

Today I'll be over at the Goddess Fish Party site, showcasing my upcoming release, Till Abandon. This is my first paranormal novella, so I'm anxious to see how it's received. I hope you can join me. A lucky winner will win their choice of my backlist.

And in other happy news, BLINDFOLD ME is officially in PRINT! I am totally stoked...