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Character Bites - Tarquin

We’ve got our Fangs in

Courtney Breazile's


brown eye Tell us about yourself:
I am Tarquin, mate of Zyra and leader of the Oregon pack. I am a Werewolf, Keeper as my human half is called. I, like all Were’s have brown eyes, they turn yellow when I am getting angry and close to merging and becoming a Werewolf. I have reddish brown hair, and my wolf’s hair is the same, as it always is for Werewolves. I am an integral part of the Immortal Council Series my wife and her human are cooking up. All that information can be found on her human toy’s website I try and stay out of it for the most part, she is a strong willed thing.

Okay, what makes you special?
I am a keeper my wolf is my counterpart, when we merge we are a Werewolf. Two separate beings most of the time. My wolf counterpart is a solid under moonlight only figure that is always nearby. I can hear its thoughts, and it mine, I can feel its senses to a point. When merged our thoughts are one, and linked with those of all other merged Werewolves in our pack.

Do you have special abilities?
I have a special ability unlike anything known in the Immortal world. I am a lie detector. I can smell when someone is lying, a very useful tool, and quite possibly the only thing that kept me from killing my sweet, sweet Zyra when we first met.

Share with us your most current adventure:
This would be an upcoming or new release. Feel free to share and excerpt, remember we are promoting as well as, having fun and include a release date if you have one.

I was ready to die when I met Zyra. I had lived so long without ever finding a mate, not that I wanted to find one, but it gave me so little to stay in control for. I was slowly slipping toward a dangerous point of no return where I would have been killed for the safety of the pack. In fact an assassin was trying to take me out when I came across Zyra, she saved me from myself and my old pack.

     “Tarquin entered a euphoric state as he flew through the woods, leaping over fallen trees and racing around obstacles. He felt free and so alive as his entire being was ruled by animal instincts. This was his favorite way to be, and probably one of the reasons he didn’t try to get in touch with his more tame side. In this form his senses were sharpened. He felt raw power coursing through his veins, pumping up his muscles with adrenaline. He loved the knowledge that nothing could stand against him.
     The woods may be full of deadly predators, but he was by far the deadliest.
     He caught the scent of a fox and veered away from the pack. Foxes were fun prey. Better than smaller animals like rabbits and grouse, which were abundant in these woods. It was only a moment before he had caught up to the animal. He slowed down to toy with it. Let it see him following. Let it know it was being stalked for the dinner of a larger carnivore.
     It darted left then right, going up and over and around every obstacle with the ease of practiced prey. Its evasive maneuvers had gotten it by in the past, with big animals that didn’t move nearly as fast or agilely as a Werewolf did. There was no hope for the little thing this time, not against him.
     Tarquin grew tired of the chase and decided to end the game. He quickened his pace, closed the distance in a flash and leaped into the air, claws extended and jaws wide, ready to snap the neck instantly. The fox wouldn’t suffer more than necessary. He wasn’t that kind of cruel. He could only hope for the same consideration when his own time came.
     He was inches from contact when a flash of black fur came out of nowhere and slammed into his side.
     The fox skittered away as Tarquin struggled to understand what just happened.
Terrance loomed over him, growling low and vicious. A promise of death gleamed in his eyes.”

If you could offer advice to your author, what would it be?
Do what my wife says, it is so much easier that way. I only argue if it really matters, as in her life is in danger, and even then I lose most of the time.

Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
My pack thinks me weak, I married a Vampire, but they have no choice but to follow me, I am their Alpha. I wish they were more accepting, could see how I love her and how she loves me. But they fear me, and so they follow, it is all I can hope for at this point.

What other characters have influenced you?
My wife, and of course Paxton. They are both molding and changing our world. I am interested to see where it goes.

Share a little bit of the ‘real’ you with our readers. Any Dark secrets?
I love her blood! Its more tantalizing than anything I have ever tasted *adjusts groin* Yeah, real good stuff, never would have expected that.

What motivates you to continue on these adventures?
I believe in the ideal that Paxton is creating, I am not sure how it will turn out, or if it will, but I think it is important that the Immortals of the world come to stand together.

What is your most favorite thing to do?
My Mate *grin*

Have you ever lost control?
I have lost control many times, going all instinct when merged with my wolf. It’s so easy to lose yourself as a Werewolf, its something that causes many to have to be killed every year.

What are your thoughts about Paxton?
Paxton has been a pain in my ass since the night he showed up in our hotel room, right in the middle of…well anyway he is a pain and I am having to deal with him way too much, but I promised Zyra I wouldn’t try and kill him as long as he doesn’t try and put his filthy Vampire hands anywhere near her again.

What are the pro’s and con’s to being a werewolf?
I love being a Werewolf. Silver only harms me when merged with my wolf counterpart, that can be a pain though. Other than that the only thing that is troublesome is that at night the moonlight shows my wolf, the fuller the moon the more solid it appears, a wolf walking around next to me tends to draw attention, unwanted human attention.

How does one become a werewolf?
You are born it, there is no other way.

Describe your best kill. Why was it the best?
I so enjoy the chase, the takedown and the knowledge that I am bigger stronger and faster than my prey. I don’t kill unnecessarily, but when I do, I always enjoy it.

What kind of abilities do you get when you become a werewolf?
When anger or full moon forces a merge with my wolf and I become a Werewolf I have incredible senses, smelling, hearing and sight are all multiplied. I am fast, the only thing faster is a Vampire that I know of and even then it’s a close damn race.

What makes being with a werewolf the best sexual experience?
Instincts, raw animal instincts, there is nothing better than that.

Does shifting hurt?
No a merge with your wolf is smooth, the human half is absorbed into the wolf, the wolf expanding and solidifying, it’s a wonderful thing, unless you fight it.

Have you ever had a flee bath?
Really? Who came up with this question, flea bath HAH!

Is silver dangerous for you or is that a myth?
It is only dangerous when I am merged, as a wolf or human, keeper is what the human half is called, there is no bother from silver.

Do you shed a lot?
Not hardly noticeable, most of the time that I am merged I am out of doors.

What do you think about the Quileute Pack?
Pups, I could take them all, all by myself.

Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself with us, Tarquin.

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