Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Resolutions for a Sexier 2010

My philosophy is that no matter how sexy life is, it can always be sexier! Therefore I’m resolving to have a sexier New Year in 2010 and inviting you to do the same. Here are a few resolutions to get us started:

Have more sex! Don’t just wait around to be inspired. Be strategic. Plan those rendezvous. Like everything else worthwhile, a great sexual relationship requires some attention, and just because you’re planning doesn’t lessen its spontaneity. My husband and I try to stay in a sexy frame of mind all the time. We’re always looking for opportunities to make the daily routine more rockin’! Our rule is that we never let more than two days go by without nookie if we can help it. We try never to miss a chance. We find that when we’re attuned to each other, we’re open to all sorts of possibilities – and those possibilities occur a lot more often! Start planning. See what happens.

Take the weight off. Who doesn’t want to feel great naked? When you look better, you feel better. And when your self-confidence is high, your sex life is happening! For me, the secret weapon is exercise. I’m a diehard aerobics girl and love the adrenaline rush. But what I love even more are the physical and mental benefits of a good workout. I feel better about myself and have more energy – energy to burn with my husband. So get moving, and while you’re at it, cut some calories. Send the cookies back with Santa and take nutritional steps to turn yourself into a lean, mean, sexy machine. I promise you’ll see a difference in your sex life.

Be more romantic. Pay more attention to your partner on a daily basis this year. Make a point of being more affectionate with each other. Do considerate little gestures for each other. Letting your partner know regularly that he/she is the one that turns you on strengthens your bond and brings you closer together, and isn’t being closer the whole point?

Change the scenery. The bed is great, but it can get boring. Take the action to another room, friends. Walk around your abode and think of the possibilities each room holds. I love the kitchen. After all, that’s where the heat is. Create more! Those kitchen counters are good for something, not to mention the table and chairs or counter stools. Do you see where I’m going? Head to the den where you can turn your standard furniture into playground equipment. Too dry for you? Nothing like some good clean fun in the shower or bath together. Nature lovers can take it outside. I’m thinking deck loungers, Jacuzzis or the lush lawn itself. Too close to home? Grab your car keys and rev up the engine – and more – with some parking or a nice long drive. It’s amazing what kind of fun can happen in a moving vehicle.

Learn a new trick. Yeah, yeah, we all like our comfort zone. But comfort can turn routine before you know it. Surprise your lover with some sexy new moves. You’re thinking, “Oh, he’ll/she’ll never be into that. I’d be too embarrassed.” The surprise might be on YOU when you suddenly reveal a new side to yourself. Why, your lover might wonder what’s taken you so long! If you’ve been thinking about a new position, move or trick, don’t hold back. It might inspire your special someone to break out some new tricks of his/her own.

Read for inspiration. Well, of course, I’m suggesting a hot read, preferably a selection from eXtasy Books. A tightly written, five-alarm sex scene has always worked for me. The eXtasy books Holiday Sale is still on this week through December 31st with all backlist titles at 30% off. What better way is there to start the New Year with a stack of sexy books to help you ring in 2010 in style? After a vist to , I know I’ll be burning my fingers turning those pages!

Have some ideas for a sexier New Year? Share them with us because we want 2010 to be the hottest year yet!


  1. "When you look better, you feel better" - yes, true, but the opposite works, too: When you feel better, you look better. A positive stance, a promising smile, and you've halfway won!
    Once you've attracted a lover and get him/her aroused, he/she won't have eyes for a little hip gold or cellulite. Just get going!
    Oh, and another one: make sure you smell good and have a good breath. Garlic is great - but not for love, and that's NOT related to vampires. Fish is a problem too, and for those guys who read this: the taste of your cum depends on your meal!

  2. Oh my head is spinning with posibilities! I will be taking my mate out to play in new territories very soon.

    Thanks for that inspiring post Delora!