Friday, April 29, 2011

Erotic Authors Conference?

Yup, that’s right! An Erotic Authors Conference! Who would have thought such a thing existed. I was so excited to hear the news that I had to spread the word and it’s no surprise to me that it’s being held in none other than Sin City!

From what I understand this is the first erotic authors conference and I hope its a huge success! I can’t imagine it failing, after all, erotica  is a multi billion dollar business.

I'm trying to work out the logistics of going…you never know, you just might find me and some other eXtasy authors there!

When: Sept. 9-10 2011, Flamingo Las Vegas

Panels & Events
The conference is beginning to take shape!  Below are the panels, classes and readings currently being scheduled.*

Publishers Panel
Editors Panel
Social Media and Promotion
Erotic Romance or Romantic Erotica
Paranormal Panel
Queer Writing Panel
Using Your Sex Life as Story Fodder: What About Your Partner?

Writing a Series: The Marketplace
Directed Erotic Visualization: Utilizing Audio and Hypnosis
But is it a Story?
Hands-on Kink Workshop
Erotic Memoir
The Art of the Blurb
Writing a Synopsis that Will Sell Your Book
Incorporating All Five Senses
Setting as Character

There will be a total of Seven Reading Sessions, each with approximately six readers.  Currently, the following publishers have blocked out sessions to showcase their authors:
Bold Strokes Books
Renaissance E Books
Ravenous Romance

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review - Delaney's Desert Sheikh, Brenda Jackson - By Amy Romine Delaney Westmoreland refused

Review - Delaney’s Desert Sheikh, Brenda Jackson - ScreenHunter_07 Apr. 10 15.35
By Amy Romine
Delaney Westmoreland refused to let a mix-up in her vacation plans postpone the R and R she craved. But when she reluctantly agreed to share a secluded cabin with an arrogant sheikh bent on seduction, she found herself enrolled in a crash course in human sexuality. Unfortunately, commitment and love were misplaced pages in her darkly handsome mentor’s manual.
Jamal Ari Yassir had intended to school Delaney in sensuality for his pleasure, but his plan backfired. Instead of loving and leaving her, he became engulfed by an irresistible passion for his sexy-as-sin cabin mate. Could his convenient summer lover be the woman he was destined to share his life with?

From the first sentence I knew the Desert Sheikh was going to be scorching!
This was the first time he had been between a pair of legs and not gotten what he wanted.”
And yeah, I was right. The foreplay began at the word One and didn’t let up until the final line. Yowza baby! I was digging it, very hot and surprisingly sweet at the same time.
I am unfortunately a bit more grounded in reality so the whole five days it took them to fall in love was a bit of a stretch. Not buying it, sorry. This is an erotic romance in the truest sense of the word. If you are looking for some compelling, deep, heart wrenching tale of a love that will never die you are probably going to be disappointed. However if you are looking for something that makes you shift a little closer to your significant other because thing are a rumbling…this is the book for you.
Story is solid, but not entrenched. The book is all about the foreplay, the tease, and then the holy mother look out below copulation.Post coital bliss is marked with life changing decisions and finally a sweet reunion. You know what is going to happen, it is cookie cutter and text book but that doesn’t mean you don’t get the warm fuzzies when you put it down.
HOT and Sweet, that is my take.Not on my must read list but not is the slush pile either.
Next Pick…
ScreenHunter_06 Apr. 10 15.35Silhouette, Darren G Burton - Private detective and bodyguard, Ashlar Roman, is commissioned to protect Miss Universe contestant, Silhouette Havana, after an attempt on her life is made. With egos clashing from the moment they meet, the pair are thrust into a deadly world of betrayal and survival, where they learn some people are willing to win at any cost.
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Review - Into the Fire, Anne Stuart

By Amy Romine
Jamie Kincaid knows that she can’t move on with her life until she has answers. And she’s walking straight into the fire to find them. 
A year ago Jamie learned that her beloved cousin, Nate, had been killed. Beaten to death in what police suspect was a drug deal gone wrong, he was found by his childhood friend Dillon Gaynor. Dillon had always been the baddest of the bad boys, leading Nate astray, about Nate’s death. He’s not about to volunteer any information, and Jaime’s only choice is to head to the Wisconsin town where he lives to find the answers for herself. 
Jamie shows up unannounced on Dillon’s doorstep, only to find that Dillon is as dangerous and seductive as she remembers. But despite his silky hostility, she discovers that she can’t leave. Things start disappearing, strange accidents begin to happen and Jamie doesn’t know whether Dillon is trying to seduce her or scare her away. And if she gives in to his predatory games, will she lose her soul? Or her life? 
But something else -- something evil and threatening -- is going on. And Dillon knows more that he’s saying. Is he the one behind the strange threats. . or is he Jamie’s only chance for survival?
My Review - I chose this as one of my erotic reading choices and as I was super busy this week it took me a little longer to read it than usual. I loved the male character, Dillon. He is the most explored character and fascinating character in the book. 
The heroine, Jamie left a lot to be desired. The character is twenty-eight and yet she seems to have the comprehension and thought processes of a twelve-year old. Granted she was stunted by an incident that occurred when she was sixteen, however while this does explain her sexual naiveté it does not explain the remaining immaturity of the character.
The story itself is interesting, but unfortunately, it never ventures beyond the surface of events. It literally never goes past the basic blurb of the novel. The erotic scenes are not what I would say hot, and are barely sensual. The sexual tension is forced, where it should have been natural. The entire eroticism of the plot, in my opinion, stalled the story and didn’t coherently fit. 
The characters, while being a theoretical match just didn’t work for me and they should have. 
The end of the book wrapped everything quickly and neatly into a boring little box. I walk away not feeling as satisfied as I want, although I will say the character of Dillon does remain a bright spot. If there was any success in this book at all it was the creation of this electric man that I will undoubtedly think on in the future. 
My next pick, if you would like to venture along is
Delaney’s Desert Sheik, Brenda Jackson.

Delaney Westmoreland refused to let a mix-up in her vacation plans postpone the R and R she craved. But when she reluctantly agreed to share a secluded cabin with an arrogant sheik bent on seduction, she found herself enrolled in a crash course in human sexuality. 

Unfortunately, commitment and love were misplaced pages in her darkly handsome mentor’s manual.
Jamal Ari Yassir had intended to school Delaney in sensuality for his pleasure, but his plan backfired. Instead of loving and leaving her, he became engulfed by an irresistible passion for his sexy-as-sin cabin mate. Could his convenient summer lover be the woman he was destined to share his life with?

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I had the most horrible feeling a while ago when I watched a movie and the h/h spoke lines to each other that my h/h did in one of my stories. The most horrible feeling. I felt like I did something wrong—which I didn’t. My book had already been published and everything before I saw that damned movie for the first time EVER.

Suddenly, what had been praised as unique and out the box was soiled. And by nobody’s doing really. I had no idea the movie existed till I stumbled upon it one lazy day. You can only imagine my horror. Not a nice feeling at all. I bitched about it to some of my author friends who managed to talk me off my ledge, and I pretty much ignored it.

Until a couple days ago.

The topic of plagiarism is front and center on the social networking sites as it appears an author purposely—allegedly—did this to another in our circle. In our community. Can this really be happening in this day and age where any and everything is computerized? Documented? It darkens our image a bit, I think, after all the climbing we’ve had to do to get even this far in this industry.

I can’t imagine it. The hurt the wronged author must be feeling. To work so hard at something, put your blood, sweat, and tears into it and then have someone rip it away. Treat it so callously. Unspeakably cruel. Incredibly heartbreaking.        

Friday, April 22, 2011

Boi Toi Treat

I just snuck onto Annie Alvarez’s computer and read Boi Toi. I know my author catered this short story for all the womyn who enjoy having their own boi-toi to play with. It was so good I had to share a bit of it with you.

Blurb: When Julia, a power-femme, betrays McKenna, Lexi, pulls out all the stops to help heal McKenna’s broken heart. A party, a strap-on, cock worship and orgasm control is only the beginning of McKenna’s evening. Can Lexi convince her to become her new boi toi?

Unfortunately, that’s all I can share right now, but this one is sizzling hot! Keep an out out for it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review : Captain’s Price by Lyla Sinclair

Captain’s Private Journal, May 30, 1790

My heart pounds hard in my chest as I think of her—the lass awaiting me, naked in my cabin as I commanded. She was discovered masquerading as one of my seamen, yet I am still appalled at myself for demanding such a lewd price for her passage. But when I looked into her eyes—wide, but somehow beckoning—I was filled with a need deeper than any I’d ever known.

For her. For Julianna.

Can I truly touch her and taste her and satisfy my lust on her without taking the maidenhead meant for another? I am a man of impeccable self-control—an asset that has redeemed my family and ensured I’ll not become my wayward father. Then what has taken hold of me? Each moment, the urge to go to her and steal away all that rightfully belongs to another man grows more irresistible. I must touch her. I must hold her. I must drive myself into her…

I must not.

My Review

This is the first erotic novel of my list and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The blurb alone told me that this was not going to be an innocent story. This was going to be hot, sexy and ravishing. Would it though have a solid enough story behind it that I can look at it as more than just a smut book?

Happily, in this case, I can say yes. While this book was definitely heated, there was a sweet love story carrying it along. The plot is brisk and with purpose with no unneeded characters or overblown dramatic prose. Almost erotic fairy tales, Ms. Sinclair did a wonderful job of making my toes curl, warming my heart, but not drown me in lurid mushiness that makes me nauseous. After this first taste of the truly erotic genre I have hope for my reading delights ahead. I would not hesitate in recommending Ms. Sinclair’s book’s to anyone whose reading pallet yearns for some heated whispers and angst filled hearts.

Very much enjoyed, not a must read, but if you are looking for something light and entertaining, don’t turn your nose, it is worth the read.

On to the next…

Perusing the erotic selections I am leaning toward something with a little more action. So my choice is,

Into the Fire, Anne Stuart - Jamie Kincaid knows that she can't move on with her life until she has answers. And she's walking straight into the fire to find them. 

A year ago Jamie learned that her beloved cousin, Nate, had been killed. Beaten to death in what police suspect was a drug deal gone wrong, he was found by his childhood friend Dillon Gaynor. Dillon had always been the baddest of the bad boys, leading Nate astray, about Nate's death. He's not about to volunteer any information, and Jaime's only choice is to head to the Wisconsin town where he lives to find the answers for herself. 

Jamie shows up unannounced on Dillon's doorstep, only to find that Dillon is as dangerous and seductive as she remembers. But despite his silky hostility, she discovers that she can't leave. Things start disappearing, strange accidents begin to happen and Jamie doesn't know whether Dillon is trying to seduce her or scare her away. And if she gives in to his predatory games, will she lose her soul? Or her life? 

But something else -- something evil and threatening -- is going on. And Dillon knows more that he's saying. Is he the one behind the strange threats. . . or is he Jamie's only chance for survival?

Buy It now!!  Ellora's Cave or Amazon

Monday, April 18, 2011

Some days...

Some days I want to take it upon myself to rid the world of hateful idiots. I just want to become the best super hero that could ever exist and go around dealing out death to all those who are too stupid to deserve the air they breathe.

Some days I want to wipe out most of the population. I just want to play god and take it down to the bare minimum, make them reinvent their society and hope they come up with a better plan this time. Something that works well for everyone and every living thing.

Some days I want to destroy all humans. I just want to be the world's worst villain ever imagined and take them all out, giving the earth over to the immortals. See how long we would all last without the humans in our way.

Some days I want to find a coffin to lay in and just wait for the world to destroy itself...

...Today I sit back and lick my fangs as I watch idiots doing hateful things without consequences. But tomorrow maybe I won't just sit back and watch.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Justice is Here!

My second novel was released on Friday, so I thought I'd introduce you all to Justice.

Ain't he just the purrtiest?? Find him at eXtasyBooks

And here's his story~

Justice Alexandre kills for a living. A lover of the shadows, he makes no excuses for what he does. Besides, people bore him. He has no use for them…until a hot summer night in a Toronto nightclub. A woman with misery in her eyes whispers three words in his ear, shattering his world like shards of crystal at his feet.
She wants to lose herself—or maybe find herself, Myka Prentiss can’t readily decide. What she does know is the dark stranger hugging the shadows at the back of the club calls to her in ways she can’t explain. Putting fear aside, accepting the heady pull, she makes her move and asks for one nameless night. Nothing between them but hot sweat and tangled sheets.
He accepts.
When they’re done, she walks away, wanting more. Back to an unfulfilled life, she’s comforted only by her memories…until her dark stranger shows up at her door with an announcement.
He’s been hired to kill her.

Delicious eXcerpt~Once outside, Myka stood against the exterior wall of the club and waited. The whisper of cool air on the nape of her neck felt like a lover’s caress. She crossed her arms over her chest, then changed her mind and let them hang loose at her sides.
He wasn’t coming.
What was she thinking? She shouldn’t have approached him, but she’d wanted to prove her life was still her own. Pretend what she’d overheard wasn’t true, and her father hadn’t sold her to the highest bidder for a senate seat. But he had and here she was, grasping at anything to dull the pain.
The doors opened and Mr. Dark stepped outside. Breath left her body, her spine tingled. His gaze clashed with hers as he approached like a lion stalking its prey. Dark clothes cloaked his bulky frame—leather jacket, shirt, jeans and boots. His features looked like they’d been chiseled from the finest, darkest chocolate. Sharp, dark and smooth. He had high cheekbones, slanted eyes, and just a hint of stubble on his square jaw, framing full lips made to kiss and taste. A voice in the back of her head yelled run, but she ignored it. She sensed he’d like the chase.
He stood in front of her, chest to chest, and placed a hand on the wall behind her. Then he leaned in, licked her earlobe and caught it between his teeth.
Her breath hitched, knees wobbled. A whimper left her throat as her pussy flooded.
“You beckoned?” A Caribbean accent gave his deep voice an exotic flavor.
Nipples hardening, Myka stayed with the bold approach. “I want you. Under me, on top of me, but definitely inside me.”

Friday, April 15, 2011

Character Bites with Valerie J. Long’s, April Winston

Beautiful woman soldier with a sniper rifle Hello, April – that’s okay for you? – would you please introduce yourself?
Sure, Tamara, let’s not bother with formalities, that’s not my style. Okay, I’m April Winston, Admiral of the Navy of the United States. Some people know me rather by my nickname, “Angry April”.
I’m formally retired, but I’m still busy, I tell you! I was born on July 23rd in California. I’m a true blonde, and even if I’m just one and a half meter short, that doesn’t mean I’m easy to overlook. If you had a chance to peek into my most recent book, “Lioness’ Bride”, you know what I mean. It’s only the first of three – you know, when I started telling my story, I wasn’t aware how long it would become.

So it will be a trilogy?
So to say, yes. At the same time it’s a part of the Zoe Lionheart series, the fifth to seventh sequel.

You didn’t get your own series then?
Oh, I’m not envious at all. It is Zoe’s story, and I’m proud to be an important part of it, perhaps the most important part of all. You can’t separate us anyway. We’re one head and one ass, if you excuse the wording.

What makes you special?
Except being Zoe’s best friend? Perhaps that I know how to make good use of my brains. Otherwise I don’t think I’m special.

You’re still quite young for a five-star Admiral. Don’t you think that’s special?
Yes, of course it is. But not because of me – the circumstances were special. Okay, I was member of a special unit, too, but I’d prefer to think that I’ve earned my credentials by my hard work and my dedication, not by any attributes of mine. And, in this case, by unique qualification.

So you have no special abilities?
Again, no. Unlike Zoe, I’m just an ordinary woman with a good education and some hard earned skills. Anyone could have come that far, given he or she had truly taken to the task.

Okay. Tell us about your most current adventure.
That would be Lioness’ Bride, released April 1st, 2011. It’s a funny thing that my first sequel hit the April slot, isn’t it? Well, it’s giving some background about me and how Zoe and I met before the story ventures to the events following after the end of Lioness’ Wings, as Zoe has told it. We really thought we were done then – but the bad guys hadn’t forgotten. They came after us. And I think, that part of the story really tells something about Zoe and me, how we can rely on each other, how we can trust each other.

They came from two sides—two columns of twenty heavily armed, professional mercenaries each, and they came to kill. We were prepared. Zoe took the northern column, left me the men from the south.

I waited at the northern edge of another clearing. My deliberately created tracks were hard to miss, he should find me here.

A few rays of sunlight penetrated the tight-grown crowns and made it to the forest floor. Strong trunks alternated with tall saplings, rose to the sky like phalluses. I called myself
to order, sex wasn’t on the agenda now.

The clearing floor was covered with leaves, a mouse or lizard made them rustle. Perhaps the next prey of one of the two timber rattlesnakes living in this area.

He surprised me by approaching from the north—he had circled around the clearing and suddenly appeared almost right next to me, the heatseeking visor before his eyes, the storm rifle leveled.

I let myself drop to the ground.

He turned around and grinned at me, aimed his rifle—slapped his cheek yelling “Ouch! Bloody critter!”

In disbelief he stared at the tiny blowtube arrow, pricking like the sting of a mosquito until his slapping hand had driven it deep into his cheek, then torn it out again. His glance became glassy, the rifle dropped from his feeble hands, then he slowly collapsed.

I rose very cautiously, left the clearing carefully checking each of my steps not to accidentally hit one of the tiny projectiles which had shot across the clearing shortly after my drop on the release switch. I really didn’t need a treat of my own recipe.

After that, things went worse. The Carpatian mission almost got me killed, and I still get the creeps when I think of it. I – no, I shouldn’t tell spoilers here.

If you could offer your author advice, what would it be?
Life is short and dangerous. Enjoy it while you can.

Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
Happy? No, not at all. They call me Angry April and they fear my wrath, rightly so, but while this kind of reputation may be helpful, the reason for it – to have executioned three men – is nothing to be happy about.

What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you?
Meeting Zoe. I wouldn’t be here telling my story if that hadn’t happened. It was most interesting to meet her initially, and it remained interesting thereafter. You’ve heard of that curse—said to be Chinese— “May you live in interesting times”? Well, I’d say “May you meet an interesting companion” is the next level.

Do you regret having met her?
Oh, no, never! While that might have saved me some painful experiences, it might as well have me killed in the course of events. No, living with Zoe is the greatest gift one can receive, I won’t change it for anything.

Share a little bit of the ‘real’ you with our readers. Any Dark secrets?
Um. Yes. Y’know, when I earned my nick “Angry”, I was acting cold-blooded. But there are times when the Dark side of the Force grows in me, when I’m really “Angry April”. I can hate my opponents, sure. If I think of Iraq—but no, that’s long gone.

What motivates you to continue on these adventures?
Well, I think I simply can’t let go. As long as there’s a challenge, I’ll tackle it. That’s how I tick, I’d say. And, of course, I have the most motivating partner in the Universe. You can’t stop Zoe, and you can’t stop me. Unless you kill us both, and that has proven extremely difficult. So we carry on.

What is your most favorite thing to do?
Mmm—having sex with Zoe, in private or publicly. Or having sex with a dozen hard cocks while she’s caressing my nipples. Or sucking a cock while she’s licking my clit—you get the picture.

Maybe it’s the thrill—if your prospect is you might be killed the other day, you try to get what you can while you can get it. There’s no holding back.

Even with different partners?
Yes, sure. The love we share is strong. You know, the good thing about love and passion is, the more you give, the more you have for yourself. You may exhaust your stamina, but not your love. We both know that, and we give freely. And while we love each other most—our own sex—there’s nothing bad to a firm erection pushing inside now and then.

How many sex partners have you had? How many at one time?
I haven’t counted, but never more than five at the same time—that is, if there were more than five, they had to take turns. I only have so many holes and hands.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years, I’m either dead or still fighting and fucking. But I guess you’ll read about me again. And, of course, there’s another little secret…

Oh, why don’t you give us some hint?
(Smiles) I don’t want to talk about unhatched chickens.

How does one become an Admiral?
I guess you don’t ask for the usual career path, do you? No, you don’t. There’s a—well, I wouldn’t call it short cut, although that would sound like me, wouldn’t it?—secret way for secret operations. It’s simple—if you have to outrank someone during a mission, you outrank them. You get the rank for it. And not just the rank, but the responsibility, too.

What are the pro’s and con’s to being an Admiral?
Do you want the long list or the short? Oh, don’t say it. We don’t have all night, I’ll stick with the short, that’s what I’m best at anyway. Hey, stop laughing (grins).
So, the pro’s first. You’re the one ordering the dress code, you always get the best seat and the most impressive uniform. No one can chase me around or call me to attention. That can make up for a lot. When other soldiers are looking down at me, they are in fact looking up. It makes me feel great.

The con is responsibility. You always have to be right. If you’re wrong, your people die.

Describe your best kill. Why was it the best?
I don’t think in such terms. I’m a soldier, and my job may include killing people. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it, or that I would rate any such action “best”.

What are your opinions on Dragons?
The most dangerous creatures on this planet – except me, of course – and never to be underestimated. Fierce in battle, intelligent, powerful. On the other hand, the most reliable partners you can imagine.

What makes being with a Dragon the best sexual experience?
Oh. Where should I start? They don’t have bad breath, they always smell good, don’t have problems with funnies during sex. Stamina could be a point – but the best thing about sex with a Dragon is ultimate dedication. There’s sex and only sex. Utmost concentration. If you have sex with a Dragon, you’re not just the center of attention – you’re everything. There’s nothing but passion. It’s unforgettable, every time, even if it’s a quickie. Oh yes, there’s nothing like a Dragon quickie!

What’s the oddest thing you’ve seen or done?
I’ve seen and done so many odd things, where should I start? Perhaps it strikes me most, that you can find humans willing to work toward annihilation of their own species. But it might as well be that I’ve missed the prompt where I should have laughed.

Should that sound sarcastic to me?
Oh. Maybe you have a different point of view. You don’t worry about skin cancer, you probably needn’t care about pollution because you don’t have to drink water, and you Vampires might even be able to survive after a nuclear holocaust—but what about your food sources? Think about it.

Okay, let me come back to your question. There was a situation once. We were on vacation, so to say, in a remote cabin in Canada, and I was just fetching some water from the lake. I hadn’t bothered to dress up—that is, neither my pants nor my guns—when a grizzly showed up. Can you imagine? Me, nude in the lake, with nothing but a tin bucket, facing a grizzly? That’s what I call odd.

What happened?
Why, the grizzly took me as a snack, of course. (Grins) No, of course not. Probably I wasn’t worth the trouble—and I had that bucket! Not even a grizzly wants to mess with Angry April and her Big Bucket.

If you could change one thing about you or someone you loved, what would it be?
If I could, I’d bear Zoe’s pain. She has suffered enough for more than one life.

How do you deal with stress?
I try hard to think up a solution to the cause, or at least a temporary relief. It’s worst if I can’t do anything. I can be quite annoying if I’m nervous, I’ll run around and pester my people with questions, double-check everything again and again, and so on. But if there’s any course of action I can take, stress will just fuel my determination.

Tell us about your first meeting with Zoe. Did you fall in love with her then?
No, not at all. We needed a hacker for our team, and she got the job. She also was the second woman on our team, and at first I wasn’t sure if I should be envious, but she turned out to be too kind for that—you couldn’t blame her for her looks, but otherwise she didn’t try to mess with the boys. She quickly found her place in our team and took to her task.

It didn’t take me long to see her as a good teammate, and perhaps as some kind of sister. Or should I say sister-in-mind? I must have felt attracted to her, but I wasn’t aware then. Well—she soon had the opportunity to save our asses, and I think that tightened the already growing bonds between us.

After that miserable trap in Florida—as she told in Lioness’ Blood—she needed help, and that’s where we got closer than friends usually do for the first time. This relationship later grew and became more intense, including but not limited to sex, but I didn’t realize I was in love. Maybe I was a bit thick regarding this topic, maybe I didn’t understand that a woman feeling entirely heterosexual could really feel for another woman—and still love cocks.

Is it true you’ve been researching poisonous snakes?
Yes. I’ve always been fascinated by small creatures who can kill much larger ones. Snakes, spiders, scorpions, jellyfish and so on. And when I had the opportunity to spend some more time on that subject, I talked to Zoe, she agreed, and that’s how I started.

But you keep a safe distance.
I do have respect, and if a snake appears nervous, I stay away. But if I find a Western Brown in my kitchen tent, I simply take her out with my bare hands. I expect them to respect me, too. It works.

It’s still a dangerous hobby.
It’s more than a hobby. I’ve earned my doctor’s degree in biology on that subject. I think I could always earn a living from that.

Is there a message you want to get across in this interview?
Buy my book, it’s really worth it. No, just kiddin’, but that’s the easiest one. Another would be “Don’t mess with me”. Or “Don’t mess with a Dragon”. Or “Don’t mess with our world”. Or better, “Size doesn’t matter”—just look at me.
I think the most important lesson I’ve learned, and that would be something you might have taken from my words, is that love can go a long way—can cross boundaries of gender, species, origin. Love is a universal force, and if you love someone, don’t let anyone or anything get in your way.

Is there a question you wish I had asked but didn’t?
“May I bite you?” Honestly, the way you’re looking at me, you’re about to either bite or seduce me, and although I’m not delicate, I’d like to be asked first. But perhaps we should continue our discussion in private?

Beautiful woman soldier with a sniper rifle Short and mean, that’s how April characterizes herself, and short certainly doesn’t apply to her meanness. She’s been in the covert operations business long before the twists of events changed Zoe’s ordinary life forever. Once they joined forces they were virtually unstoppable. Where does the short blonde woman at Zoe’s side come from, and how could she become the world’s most powerful soldier?

“Even a heroine has to pay for her errors—dearly”

A whistle interrupted us during dishwashing. We briefly looked at each other, I put the towel away and took off my shorts. As usual, Zoe didn’t wear anything anyway.

I watched the surveillance monitor coming to life while I dressed the gray-brown-olive speckled catsuit. Men with bulky objects in their hands, with armored, fire resistant camo suits, infrared visors on their clumsy helmets, fought their way far off the only narrow access road from south through the forest which surrounded our hunter cabin, deliberately ignoring the barb wire fences with their signs Access prohibited—intruders will be shot or worse.

With another whistle a second screen joined in. “North side,” I commented. “Two teams, twenty men each, elephant rifles, shock pistols, cast nets. Heatseekers, armor, fire protection. They didn’t come by accident,” I added unnecessarily.

“The more danger, the more honor,” Zoe commented in thoughts, while several centimeters long, golden claws seemed to grow from her fingertips. It was misleading—the claws were freshly built in a yet unknown way while she concentrated on it.

“Shouldn’t you have dressed the suit first?” I asked and pointed at the second camouflaged catsuit which had been lying ready next to mine. “Before you poke holes in it?”

“Don’t need it,” she answered, and fascinated I watched her skin briefly being covered by a golden shimmer, slowly assuming a brown-green-scaly color and texture. So many years, and still Zoe was coming up with new things.

Only her crooked face told that the accelerated process had to be unpleasant.

Surely our opponents were hoping to catch us by surprise. Several more or less well hidden surveillance installations hadn’t triggered, had probably been deactivated, only the best-disguised devices had warned us that it finally was time.

Enjoy what you’ve read? Click here to purchase the ebook.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Erotic Reading Challenge – The List

So based on last week challenge and subsequent list I have chosen my first set of erotic books. They are listed below in no particular order.

Into the Fire, Anne Stuart - Jamie Kincaid knows that she can't move on with her life until she has answers. And she's walking straight into the fire to find them.
A year ago Jamie learned that her beloved cousin, Nate, had been killed. Beaten to death in what police suspect was a drug deal gone wrong, he was found by his childhood friend Dillon Gaynor. Dillon had always been the baddest of the bad boys, leading Nate astray, about Nate's death. He's not about to volunteer any information, and Jaime's only choice is to head to the Wisconsin town where he lives to find the answers for herself.
Jamie shows up unannounced on Dillon's doorstep, only to find that Dillon is as dangerous and seductive as she remembers. But despite his silky hostility, she discovers that she can't leave. Things start disappearing, strange accidents begin to happen and Jamie doesn't know whether Dillon is trying to seduce her or scare her away. And if she gives in to his predatory games, will she lose her soul? Or her life?
But something else -- something evil and threatening -- is going on. And Dillon knows more that he's saying. Is he the one behind the strange threats. . . or is he Jamie's only chance for survival?

Captain’s Price, Lyla Sinclair - Julianna Burton never imagined she'd be tied naked to a ship captain's bed. She was simply trying to escape her father's terrible plans and find her love Jeffrey, who went to Portsmouth to seek his fortune so they could marry.
But now she must pay the price the captain requires for passage--her body as his entertainment. His only concession is that he will leave her maidenhead, the one thing she can save for Jeffrey. Yet as Drew shows her sinful pleasures she's never imagined, her temptation grows...
Captain Drew Price is a man who is always in control, never overcome by passion. But when he gazes into Julianna's wide, beckoning eyes, he finds himself making an unseemly bargain he immediately wants to break. For the first time in his life, he is losing control, desperate to take all that he needs from this wanton little virgin.
But will the ultimate price of their bargain be more than either of them can afford to lose?

Dream Machine, Jayne Rylon -The best dreams are made of naughty and spice.
Rebecca Williams is about to achieve her goal of graduating from a prestigious university and winning a coveted spot in her mentor's cutting-edge psychology practice. She just needs one more qualification: sexual experience. She never dreamed it would come at the hands of the man she's admired and wanted for six years. Dr. Kurt Foster.
Kurt, a brilliant psychologist in the field of sexual therapy, is a scientist to the core. Attraction and lust are nothing more than chemical reactions, in his clinical opinion. Love? It's just a figment of the imagination born of nature's directives. He's on the brink of proving it with a new machine that uncovers latent desires.
In short order, Becca's forbidden lust for her boss is exposed. As Kurt continues to enlighten her on the darker facets of her sexuality, the student unexpectedly becomes the teacher.
And suddenly Kurt is confronted with the irrefutable proof that love is so much more than a societal construction.
Warning: This book is only suitable for readers who are turned on by hot doctors engaging in sexual experiments, bondage, menage a trois, exhibitionism, suspension, anal sex and other deviant behavior using mechanical stimulation devices they've invented to make your wildest dreams come true.

Delaney's Desert Sheikh, Brenda Jackson - Delaney Westmoreland refused to let a mix-up in her vacation plans postpone the R and R she craved. But when she reluctantly agreed to share a secluded cabin with an arrogant sheikh bent on seduction, she found herself enrolled in a crash course in human sexuality. Unfortunately, commitment and love were misplaced pages in her darkly handsome mentor's manual.

Jamal Ari Yassir had intended to school Delaney in sensuality for his pleasure, but his plan backfired. Instead of loving and leaving her, he became engulfed by an irresistible passion for his sexy-as-sin cabin mate. Could his convenient summer lover be the woman he was destined to share his life with?

Silhouette, Darren G Burton - Private detective and bodyguard, Ashlar Roman, is commissioned to protect Miss Universe contestant, Silhouette Havana, after an attempt on her life is made. With egos clashing from the moment they meet, the pair are thrust into a deadly world of betrayal and survival, where they learn some people are willing to win at any cost.
Looking at the list I am going to start with Captain’s Price. Not sure why because it is so not my usual, but heck, why not???

Want to read it with me? Get them here.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Number 6?

My author called me the other day all giddy about the next story in my series. She hasn't started it yet, but number 6 will be written she says, and fairly soon. She interviewed Ever and her mate, of whom I am apparently not allowed to speak of yet. My author fears I will tell too much and ruin the surprise for all of you readers....she could be right I do have a big mouth sometimes....

I don't know all of Ever's story, but from what I have heard it is a good one, full of all the things you readers seem to enjoy. Sex, paranormal lives and adventure. This will be, of course, an FF story. If you don't know who Ever is you will definitely need to read Mating Call. That is Number 4 in the series and it is where she is introduced and where her story begins, very important stuff there you don't want to miss, so check it out HERE

Ever is a half witch half Animal Elf. If you have been keeping up with our series you know how different those species are and what an interesting upbringing Ever must have had. The poor thing, she has always had it rough.

I will hand out more details as I am allowed to...If I didn't love may author so much I would bite her, she is such a control freak! I am so not into being controlled or told what to do, as you all know, but with her...she just gets away with things I would never allow from anyone else. I suppose I always had a weakness for her, it is why I chose her to write these stories to begin with.

So next week I hope to bring you the news that she has started writing it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I’ve been wrestling with my muse lately. She’s been playing hard to get, teasing me, and leaving before I get the chance to really write anything of substance. I’ve never had what some call writers’ block, though there are times when the words flow faster than others.

This would be one of those times.

For the first time, I’m writing an MS with characters I can’t relate to. And another first, they’re being mighty tight-lipped. No loud yapping in my head, no dreams (yes, I tend to dream my stories), no 3-D images of people humping or engaging in otherwise enviable behavior. Nope. Silence.

Normally, at the few times when inspiration/words are falling short, I’d read. Listen to some bump and grind music. This works wonders for my creative juices, but not so much this go round. It’s like these people absolutely refuse to come out and play simply to spite me.

How could they?

Sure, I’ve been giving my attention to others lately, but it’s only been edits for my upcoming releases. Could they be jealous of all the attention I’ve been paying to the past characters who’ve dropped by for a visit? Surely not! Still to be on the safe side I’d better wait till all edits are done and sent in before I think about starting anything up again.         

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Amy takes the Erotica Challenge

Life has been busy as of late, I just finished the third book of my new series, and now I am mapping out my newest creation. With three kids I am never at a lack of things to do, but I am also working hard to expand myself as a writer and a reader. I recently made a confession on my home blog. As a writer I do not read enough, especially of my own genre, romantic suspense. I actually tend to not read my own genre is because I am afraid of tainting my own original prose. When I read, my muse seems to kick into high gear and I need to distinguish my ideas from the author I am reading. It is a slippery slope I must say.

So I have challenged myself to reading books from the top romantic suspense authors. As I was pondering my blogging for NLV I decided that while I have not been reading romantic suspense, I have also not read much erotica. As this is a genre I have stepped into I feel it is only fair that I brush up on the leaders of the genre.

So like in my other challenge I have done some research and this is what I have found, per the bestselling erotica authors on Amazon.

Heather Killough-Walden
Anne Stuart
Lyla Sinclair
Jayne Rylon
Brenda Jackson
Darren G. Burton
Susan Wiggs
Carl East
Anne O'Connell
Erin Nicholas

So now I will go through and peruse the titles, picking one each. I am not married to this list, it is just a start and I would love some suggestions. Please feel free to chime in with your nominations.  I will post an update every week on my progress as well as a review of the book upon completion. I am open to any sub genre and am looking forward to the journey!

I am looking forward to your suggestions. I want to read the best of the best, and who better to educate me than you! My only stipulation is that I would prefer to step away from authors who have published with my house, Extasy Books, as I think this is a conflict of interest. Otherwise bring it on!!

 Amy Romine
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Tempting you

With now five stories in my series I thought it would be a good time to tempt you once again with my story, the first in the series...if you haven't yet read it, I am about to tempt you.

Zyra is dating a Vampire who is completely obsessed with her, but now that the newness has worn off she realizes it’s nothing more than great sex. She wants more. She wants the true love she knows will last her throughout her immortal days and nights. Tarquin has been living on instinct for far too long, it is his time to die, and he knows it. Can the patience of his beautiful enemy give him the will to control himself, and can they find a way to pure ecstasy together in bed?

Zyra was so sick of her vampire life and her vampire boyfriend. She knew there was more out there, there just had to be. She was certain that Paxton wasn’t the one for her to spend her immortal life with. No matter how many times he swore his undying love.
It was this discontentment that fueled her now as she prowled the streets of Spokane Washington, looking for a human to feed from. But tonight it had to be a certain kind of human, not just any blood would do for what she had in mind.
Usually, she merely drank a human’s blood because it was a very effective birth control for a vampire. The only birth control aside from abstinence actually, something Zyra had never been very good at.
There was something about the intake of a single male’s sperm and blood that created the right recipe for babies. Taking blood from another source rendered this impossible. It was something
easy enough to do, unless your lover was the possessive sort who fancied himself your fated match.
Paxton was borderline obsessive about Zyra and his idea of their life together. He saw years upon years together just as they were now, and babies to strengthen their bond.
Zyra disagreed.
It wasn’t that Zyra didn’t love Paxton. She did in a way. It was just that she knew he wasn’t her fated match, her mate. Paxton was a very attractive vampire with silky jet-black hair that reached his chin and bright blue eyes. Of course it was the same look all vampires had. Pale skin and great bodies came with the DNA as well. It was something Zyra had gotten used to in her nearly three hundred years, and it just didn’t hold her attention anymore.
The sex was toe curling, and she was quite fond of the taste of his blood. He was a passionate vamp and so utterly devoted to pleasing her. How could she not enjoy herself? But like everything else, after a while it gets old. Great sex just doesn’t cut it when you are talking about the lifetime of an immortal.
Zyra hungered for more, and her tastes had always run to the exotic.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'se Back!

This week has been a mess. As a parent, the feeling of hopelessness as you watch your child go through something you can’t fix is overwhelming…to put that sucker mildly. We had two weeks of running to the emergency room with the kid. That’s a big deal because she doesn’t get sick. All the while the mister and I are trying not to let our worry show and we’re sick with the cold as well.

On top of all the ER stuff, I’ve got two releases coming this month, so edits have been a bitch. One of the MS I’m working on is the VERY first thing I ever wrote and the bastard is fraught with rookie mistakes. I’ve never worked so freaking hard on edits as I did with that one. I’d like to think my writing has improved since then else I’m in deep doodoo.

Along with my edits, I’ve begun work on The Wicked book 3, and I’m writing a serial free story that will be available from one of my publishers beginning this coming Thursday. It’s called Touch and I hope you stop by to get taste of my writing style. I’m a busy bee yes, but I still haven’t mentioned all the many WIPS in the works, many in different stages of completion. Top all that off with my review work—yes, I review for a few different popular sites, my promo site, and the many authors I host on my personal blog and you have one tired, hungry writer. Wait…have I already mentioned how busy I am? ‘Cause a reminder is always good. I’d better get back to the mountain of things to do. I’ll leave you with the cover and blurb for Touch. Remember the first installment goes up this Thursday. Enjoy!

Six months after a brutal attack, Dahlia Pierce still jumps at her own shadow, but the green-eyed stranger holding her at gun-point has her yearning to feel him. His touch, his kiss. He robs her bank and leaves, only to reappear in her bedroom later.
Cruz Doriaye has always been more interested in business than pleasure. The bank job should be no different, but the need radiating off Dahlia gets to him. Calls to his own hungers. He answers, but his line of work stands between them. As does her secrets. 


Friday, April 1, 2011

How To Have Safer Sex With A Vampire?

Zoe_Lionheart_100 How To Have Safer Sex With A Vampire
Safer Sex? No, this does not apply to sexual diseases.

Vampires won’t get HIV and neither get pregnant or make you pregnant, so you can easily enjoy the full Monty. What I’d like to refer to is having sex without getting bitten, cause that’s what you want to avoid as long as possible.

So why would you want to have sex with a Vampire anyway? Easy, there are many good reasons.

First, there’s no risk of accidental pregnancy nor of catching any sexual disease.

Second, there’s the thrill to have sex with a highly dangerous person.

Third, Vampires are very experienced lovers.

Fourth, they have an incredible endurance.

Fifth, they have good looks all over. Big cocks, firm boobs, tight pussies, juicy buttocks – all you can ask for. Hmm, well, you might miss the suntan.

Sixth, when they make love, they entirely commit themselves to it. No second thoughts on football or the classy new Jimmy Choo sandals out in shops next week.

Seventh, they never smell like garlic.

However, once the action starts, your lover’s lust may dim their self-control and make him/her susceptible to the accidental bite, even if he/she doesn’t really want to hurt you. The best thing you can do is to be aware of this fact – that’s why you read this blog after all, don’t you? – and take some precautions.

The most important one is to avoid SM practices. While their pain tolerance is incredibly high and they heal almost every wound, so that you wouldn’t have to hold back with your whips and needles, the same doesn’t apply to you. A very unbalanced game, but that wouldn’t be your first concern. No, the main problem is if you suffer an open wound. Once the smell of your blood is in the air, you’re in trouble, as this will tear his/her self-control to shreds.

Oh, and if you’re female, you obviously shouldn’t be a virgin. The blood again, you know? Understood. Fine. Now let’s have a look at the individual precautions, which very much depend on the kind of pairing we encounter. The basic trick is to keep him/her away from your neck.

1 – You’re male, the Vampire is female

No risk – do it doggy style. That way she won’t even look at you. If you’ve got a versatile tongue, a cunnilingus is a fine thing, too. While taking head she can’t reach your neck either.

Low risk – let her suck your cock. While your member is inside her mouth, you’re quite safe… unless she decides to bite it off, which is rather unlikely. Well, to be honest, no one ever told of such kind of accident.

Medium risk – she’s reclined on a table, you do it standing up. The good thing is, you see her boobs rock, the bad thing is, she can always get up and try to bite you. Watch for warning signs like her licking her teeth.

High risk – the missionary position, as you’re closer to her. Can it be worse? Yes.

Very high risk – let her ride you. Not only can she reach down to your neck any time, there’s no way to escape for you!

2 – You’re female, the Vampire is male

This is basically more risky, as there’s no way for you to have fun with him while he’s turning his back to you.

Low risk – suck his cock. If you’re good, he won’t want you to stop, so he can’t try to bite you, unless you do it sixty-nine. You know, the tender flesh on the inside of your thighs hides some veins, too, and looks so delicate anyway…

Medium risk – that’s why a cunnilingus is more risky to you.

High risk – There’s no entirely safe position for you while his cock is inside of you. Regardless if you do it doggy style, ride him or recline, he can always bend down to your neck, which is in clear, tempting sight for him all the time.

Very high risk – Missionary position, you can’t get away.

So if you compare, as a woman you have to bear a much higher risk. But then, you’re able to endure his strength much better, you can still have your, why, fifth orgasm or so, while the mortal male has long reached his limits. You think you can’t? With a Vampire you can, trust me!

3 – You’re both female

Okay, one thing up front: if a Vampire woman looks for another woman, she doesn’t look for a plastic cock substitute. Forget about dildos and strap-ons.

This does not mean that you’ll be having tea and a chat necessarily. Sometimes she’ll be in the mood for slow and tender stuff, with black candles and all. Sometimes she’ll be up to doing it really hard. Cut your finger nails short and train your tongue.

There’s no riskless lovemaking with a bisexual Vampire (note – there are almost no pure-lesbians. They’ll all look for a change once in a century or so).

Low risk – the best you can do is to be between her thighs and lick her. You might get addicted to the taste, I fail the words to describe it, try for yourself. If your tongue gets tired, rub with your hands, but stay out of reach. And just when she’s about to lean over to you, you can still stop her by pushing your fist in rather hard.

Medium to high risk – she’s doing the same to you. Again, keep your soft inner thighs as far away from her teeth as possible, that is, spread as much as you can.

4 – You’re both male

Sorry, I can only tell the little I’ve heard. If you’re gay, Vampire sex is highly desirable, as you can do it bareback. The Vampire can’t get hurt in the process – but you can, and that’s the problem, as any hint of blood while involved in rather violent banging will trigger his blood lust. You rarely hear of the victim again.

5 – Menage

No. Stop that. You don’t want to have sex with more than one Vampire at a time. You can’t control such a situation. They might start a fight over you, and the winner almost inevitably has to bite you to state his/her claim.

You’d bring a mortal friend instead? So you tell the Vampire you’ve given his/her secret away? Good luck then.

As you’re a mortal, while your beauty may mature over time, you also suffer the slow decay we all share. So, after a while, you might consider to change to the other side. Either consciously, by asking him/her to transform you, or subconsciously, by choosing one of the riskier methods mentioned above. In that case – Good Night to you!

Stay tuned.

(To purchase Lioness’ Bride click here)
Beautiful woman soldier with a sniper rifle “He took the bait,” I informed Matt by mobile phone, of course over an encrypted line, once I had searched my camper for bugs routinely but thoroughly. “The hook is in deeply and firmly.”
“Of course,” he commented briefly. “Cheb already made contact and is preparing the equipment. Rico and I start tomorrow. Watch yourself.”
Around noon Leo called. I was scouting the closer vicinity on my bike. This kind of movement allowed a much more detailed look around inconspicuously than rushing up the road in a car. When the phone rang, I stopped at the side of the road. “May I invite you tonight for a romantic candlelight dinner?” he asked.
Oh, how nice! “Sure you may. Dress code? I’m afraid I don’t own a little black dress.”
“Completely informal, come as you are. Close to nature. I’d strongly advise not to wear high heels, boat shoes would be better.”
“Do we have the same understanding of close to nature?”
“Me Tarzan, you Jane. No, wear something suitable for the beach. Sand- and seawater-proof. I’ll pick you up at five.”
He disconnected without waiting for my confirmation. So. This invitation was sufficiently unprecise to reduce any fashion-conscious woman to despair. Romantic candlelight, but no stiletto heels and no cocktail dress. Boat shoes! What men considered romantic, bah.
Well, it was easier for me. I had to stick to my role and my very limited choice of clothes, and according to the role there was no budget for shopping.
For city and clubbing I only had the yellow cotton pants, but for dinner nothing but the ultra-short white mini skirt seemed appropriate. I could only choose from the tops—shoulder-free or bare midriff? The latter worked better with the narrow, low-riding mini and turned the gaze away from my tits. No trainers, it had at least to be sandals, and after returning to my camper I had the rest of the afternoon left to repaint my toenails.
A few minutes to five I was ready. My camper didn’t provide a truly large mirror, but my outfit should do. Pink tube top, white mini, trekking sandals, my feet with painted toenails, quite nice, but to match my role sufficiently patched together for an ex-soldier and drop-out not versed in terms of fashion. No display model.

* * * *

Five o’clock on the dot, he knocked at my door. He wore a clean white shirt with short arms, white jeans and white canvas shoes, his hair was newly washed and done, his face shaven. He didn’t smell like marine diesel, but a bit like after shave. All nice, but truly unexpectedly he conjured up a bouquet of twenty long-stemmed white roses from behind his back.
“Oooh Leo, those are wonderful!” I asked him inside, gave him a long kiss and looked for something like a vase. The only available item was a sky blue five-liter bucket. Oh well.
“We have to go, the sun sets early,” he pressed.
It was only a five minute drive to his wharf. One of his mechanics held the boat ready with the engine running, so that we just had to change. The man couldn’t keep his gaze away when I stepped from the pier into the boat. No wonder, when I lifted my legs the skirt bared truly everything, and my panties—no G-string this time, it would have peeked out above—were rather skimpy. I didn’t care, he couldn’t take anything away from me.
With the boat it took about twenty minutes to reach a lonely spot on the western shore of one of the northerly located Keys. We had to wade through the shallow water for a short distance to reach the beach with its fine sand, so I left the sandals in the boat.
Leo struggled hard carrying a large ice chest and a voluminous picnic basket, which he dropped into the sand with a wink.
First he spread a large crimson blanket on the sand. On it he adjusted the top of a camping table horizontally with some rough wooden wedges. Then the ugly wedges disappeared under a fine white tablecloth. A bit hastily he arranged porcelain plates and silver cutlery for two, placed pre-folded cloth napkins on the plates and two silver candleholders with long crimson candles in glass tubes at two corners on the table.
“I’ve used glass-protected candles,” he explained when he lighted them. Then he added two champagne glasses from the picnic basket and produced a matching bottle from the ice chest.
After a first sip from the good Californian champagne he took a seat on the blanket next to me. The fiery sun had almost reached the horizon, and we enjoyed the natural spectacle in silence.
When only the play of colors in the evening sky was left, he continued to unpack. On silver plates he served a very delicate carpaccio of beef with Balsamico vinegar and freshly shaved Parmesan, followed by a cold gazpacho. For the main course he had brought different samples of cold sushi. Meanwhile we had changed from sparkling wine to a delicious dry Sauvignon Blanc, which accompanied us to the final chocolate cakes.
After the last chunk I reclined on the blanket and stretched, wiggled my naked toes. “Ooh was that good,” I praised honestly. “Why are you doing all of this?”
“You are the first woman worthy of it after many years,” he quietly explained. “Even if you’d be gone tomorrow, the memory of a wonderful night would remain.”
I heard Leo removing some leftovers from the table. It rustled on for a few minutes, then I felt a wet tongue at my left big toe. “Another dessert?” he asked, his lips already working their way up my instep to the ankles. I sprawled myself joyously like a kitten.
“Yeees,” I purred. “But it will take a long time before the dessert reaches my mouth.”
It took a very long time. On the way my clothes disappeared almost unnoticed. Finally he kissed my lips and asked, “Turn around.”
I followed his request, even if I accidentally touched his hard cock by turning, and rested on my belly. He sat down riding my legs—whereby I felt his stiff member lying on my butt crack—and began to massage my back with oiled hands, with the soothing sound of the ocean surf running up the beach.

* * * *

“You always get what you ask for, don’t you?” Leo asked much later. The candles had long burned out, and only the moon shed its light on us. His hand followed the curves of my buttocks in a circling motion while I lay in the warm sand on my belly. Of course he referred to the other ninety percent, which I had claimed perseveringly after his relaxing massage.
“Mostly,” I admitted. “I don’t ask for much.”
“I’ve never met a woman like you. So determined, so self-assured, so erotic, so playful, so energetic—”
“You’re not about to make a proposal?” I interrupted.
“—so sharp-tongued and so headstrong. No. You’re not the woman for me, sadly. I’m not sure if any man could bring you under control ever. Someone like you shouldn’t really be brought under control. Our world needs some wild dogs guarding all the sheep.”
Oh. Did he notice something? “You’re a wild dog yourself. Although dogs usually come in packs.”
He left my last statement uncommented and continued to pet my butt. After a few minutes he went on.
“I believe—be welcome to correct me—that you’ve fought all your life to be better than any man. You couldn’t easily take up a subordinate role in a relationship. A weaker or only equally dominant man couldn’t keep you though. This way or that—it wouldn’t work out.”
That analysis was as short as it was true. Even if my ever-changing job wouldn’t be in my way—the big true love couldn’t exist for me.
“You’re weeping?” Leo quietly asked and caught a tear with his fingertip.
His strong arms turned my body around and drew me closer, then he caressed my head, while I cried my eyes out at his shoulder and at the same time cursed myself because I couldn’t hide my weakness from him.

* * * *

It was long after midnight when Leo carefully steered his boss’ boat back to the pier. The treacherously shallow waters between the Keys hadn’t been easy to navigate in the dark, now the only task was not to bump into the pier too roughly.
I stood at the bow, one rope in my hand and ready to jump ashore. A movement close to a neighbored garage caught my attention. “Do you know those two guys next to the garage on the left?” I asked Leo in a low voice. He peeked into the indicated direction, but the two strangers were already running toward us.
“Oh shit,” my host uttered, “hold on tight!”
With a strong backward push of the racing engines the boat swung around and back into the inner harbor. I could barely catch a cleat before the move could throw me into the cold water. The boat already headed swiftly toward the exit to the ocean.
“So no friends of yours?” I concluded and climbed back into the cockpit.
“I have to get away,” he declared. “I only don’t know where yet.” A badly aimed bullet that pierced a scar into the hull supported his opinion.