Monday, December 21, 2009

My Christmas Gift To You: Go Green, Drink Red!

I had an epiphany last week. Our world is more precious than it is to the humans, so much more necessary than it is to them, and yet they are destroying it! How is it fair that a creature of such limited lifespan should have such a huge impact on a world that is rightfully ours? Some humans think they care, think of their children's children and wonder what kind of world they will be left with. Immortals think of their own lives, and what kind of world they will have to live in.

I think as immortals we should care more about this, of course most immortals are so involved with their own personal crap they don't recognize what is going on in their world. They see humans as short lifespanned bugs, dangerous bugs, but bugs all the same and so not important enough to worry about what they are doing. They can't believe that a bug could make any real impact on their lives, just there and then gone again.

So to celebrate the season of giving, this season of Christmas and red and green crap all over the place I am Going Green by Drinking Red! I am feeling free to gift the world this Christmas with a few less environment killers. I drink their red, everyone else gets to enjoy more green. Don't worry I am not becoming one of the death Vampires, its against our laws blah blah blah, but I will weaken those who don't deserve to live, then I will implant some more environmentally friendly ideas in their heads.

I am not positive this will work, I have never tried to do more than take my memory from a human. I have heard that human minds are quite susceptible to influence when under the spell of a Vampire's bite however and so I will test this theory and see if I can't do a favor for us all.

My Christmas gift to you all, a Greener earth by Drinking Red! Just call me Mrs. Claus this year.


  1. What a great picture and superb article. We should all try going green next year. Thanks for bringing that to our stupid human attention, we are so dense sometimes!