Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my wonderful author, Courtney Breazile! She is still young and beautiful and still in her twenties! I won't say where in her twenties, because if I did she would be biting MY neck....hmmm on second thought....She is 29 today! Oh yes let her come and get me!

And for her birthday I will give her this....

dark chocolate lust...

Red wine love...

Happy Birthday ;)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Cheers!

Happy Thanksgiving! I know, late much? Well, this is my time so I hope you guts had a fun, safe and enjoyable turkey day with your family and friends. I did. Spent the day with the SO and the kid, cooked and ate like the glutton I is, then made the trek over to Queens where I did the whole eating thing all over again.

Good times.

Show of hands, who went shopping on Black Friday? Crazy people is who. First, I don't shop. I hate it. Throw in a stampeding crowd salivating over deals and you bet your sweet ass I'm in my bed snoring to wake the dead.

I don't do all that madness. Thank you very much. Everything I need can be found online. No getting up and getting dressed, and all the other hassles that come with stepping outside my door. The entire family spent the day in bed until late evning then we went to the movies, where, you guessed it, we gorged on popcorn and the myriad different foods in there that cost a freaking mortgage.

As you see, there's a theme to my post. FOOD.

I didn't really cook, just did the chicken and stuffing. SO does the majority of the T-day cooking. As is his right LOL, nah I kid. It's written into our partnership agreement that he cooks and bakes. Genius, no?

Again, I hope you all had fun and ate until you couldn't walk. It is what the day is about, after all. That and family. 

Monday, November 21, 2011


Yeah...this was the wrong weekend to decide I needed a night out. I don't watch tv much, try not to pay attention to idiots spouting crap I don't care about...human idiots anyway. So somehow I missed that it was the weekend of that know which one....Ya so I went out and they were everywhere! Dressed up like they were something to be proud of and giving off attitude like everyone should be scared. Oh man it was difficult, my fangs were long and I was clenching my fists, wanting so badly to take a few of them into an alley and show them just exactly what a vampire would do with their stupid little necks.

I resisted, but it was difficult. It helped that I ran into a group of girls from Tarquin's pack, they were all hyped up and eager and of course I can't go blood crazy around them, they have some of the biggest a teenager on speed, every single one of them.

So I slunk home, unsatisfied....stupid movie ruined my weekend....

Sunday, November 20, 2011

More In Wicked Chains

Last week was the release of In Wicked Chains and I left you guys with the blurb so I figured this week I'd give you an excerpt. I'm generous like that. *please note, I highlited the excerpt because for some reason whenever I copy and paste from Word the text doesn't show up. UGH!**

“Why her?”

He stopped short at the soft question. Kingston spun around, wrinkling his brow in confusion. “What?”

Elina shifted. Tilting her chin upward, she met his gaze squarely. “The woman I saw you with. Why her? What’s so special about her?”

Of all the things he expected, that wasn’t it. He shook his head. “I don’t get it. What are you asking me, Elina?”

“Did I stutter?” Her voice rose sharply. “Why her and not me? Why?”

He burst out laughing. The surprises kept coming, didn’t they? Elina glowered at him before turning and stomping away.

Taking two strides after her, Kingston grabbed her by the shoulder and forced her to look at him. “What the hell are you asking me, Elina? Why I’m not fucking you?”

Color appeared in bright spots of red on her face and neck. She couldn’t possibly mean it like that. She couldn’t—

“Yes.” She shrugged away his touch. “I’ve been here, waiting for you to see me as someone other than your sister’s best friend.”

“No.” One word, but his voice still trembled. Kingston spun away before she saw the reaction her words had on him, on his body. “You’re not—I’m not the person for you.”

“You are, King. It’s always been you. You’re the one I want.”

Those fucking soft words. “Don’t say it. I won’t…it can’t happen.”

“Why not?”

He faced her again. “I choose those women because I can walk away after the fucking is over. No one’s looking for anything other than skin on skin contact and no one’s fazed when I move on to the next. You’re different.” So different.

“But I want it.”

She stepped closer, laying a gentle hand on his chest. Too close to his thumping heart for his liking, but Kingston couldn’t move away from her touch even if his life depended on it.

His deepest fantasies where coming true in front of his eyes, yet Kingston couldn’t allow it. He’d wanted her for so long. From the moment she fainted at his feet inside his club, he’d needed to touch her. And now that she offered herself, he had to say no.

“Not going to happen, Elina.” He removed her hand from where it lay on his chest. “Don’t bring this up again.” He shifted away, but her fingers dug into his upper arm.

“Test me. Test me and if I don’t pass, we can forget it.” Elina stepped back and clasped her hands in front of her. Voice strong, gaze steady on him, she said, “I was made for this. For you. Only you can make me feel like this. Whatever you require, I accept.”

Available @  eXtasy Books

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Honey - Part Two

Covering her fingers in the golden sugar, her thumb remained on Samantha’s clit, while two fingers began to circle inside before pushing into her creamy depths. Her stroking began slowly, watching closely for her toy’s reaction. Her chest heaved, her hips rolled it was an amazing sight, so fluid, and gloriously erotic. Miranda could feel her own pussy begin to ache, in desperate need of attention. She decided it could wait, she wanted to play some more with her lovely doll. Miranda retracted her hand, Samantha whimpered in need bringing a smile to Miranda’s face. She stood, quickly slipping out of her dress. 

Choosing the red dildo with a knobbed end, and the long feather, she moved between Samantha’s legs. Leaning over the woman’s body, Miranda used the feather to tease her way down Samantha’s body. Miranda could only imagine how torturous it would have been, her skin tingling with need, the feather pushing bursts of fire through her body. She pushed the feather across the tip of Samantha’s clit, receiving a gasp of want in return. 

Miranda looked down at her glistening pussy. Fully appreciating the part of her own anatomy she had never before explored this close. Her fingers slid over the lips, pulling then away, revealing a small hood and beneath the button of ecstasy, the clit. She kissed it gently, taking homage to the bundle of nerves that seemingly controlled the world. Samantha’s body quivered and Miranda filled with intoxicating control. She kissed the clit protruding nub again, this time using her tongue to tease the tip. The taste of honey tingled on her tongue, and a cry of bliss burst from Samantha’s chest ebbing her on. Miranda flattened her tongue, licking the luscious pussy from bottom to top. It was a long slow lick before she once again teased the woman’s clit. Her tongue moved at a maddening pace and Samantha’s hips lifted off the bed. “Oh you are…yes…there it feels so good, don’t stop!”

Miranda continued the steady torture, grabbing the dildo with her free hand. It was then she realized she forgot the lube, shit! She rose, grabbed it off the table and coated the red dildo in it. Her tongue went after Samantha’s clit once again, just before she pushed the dildo against her opening. “Yes, please fuck me, yes!”  Miranda inched the dildo in slowly, letting it fill Samantha with excruciating tension. She pulled it out just far enough to gain a reaction, and then pushed it in again. “Stop teasing and fuck me you bitch!” Miranda laughed.

“As you wish.” Miranda got off the bed, slipped out of her panties and placed Samantha’s legs on her hips before sinking down on the knob of the dildo. Fuck…yes… although she hadn’t been touched, Miranda felt like she could explode at any minute. The movement sent Samantha into quivers of bliss and Miranda positioned herself to please her toy. Using her hips she pushed the dildo into her pussy. The movement pushed the knob of the dildo against her g-spot. She couldn’t suppress the moan and delicate hands pinched her nipples. Miranda pulled out of Samantha and then pushed back in. It was beyond imagination, she was fucking a woman and the pleasure was unmatched. Her strokes started smooth and controlled, becoming hard and heavy. Samantha’s pelvis rocked with her and Miranda reached down, turning on the vibrator. Miranda cried out in bliss, hearing Samantha moan as well. The vibration repeatedly hit both of their clits with every stroke. 

Miranda felt the tide of ecstasy within reach, but she wanted to make Samantha climax as well. Pushing harder and faster, it was difficult to hold back, but Miranda slammed the dildo into Samantha, pressing the vibrator against her clit for an extended amount of time. Miranda watching the woman arched up and let go. She screamed and Miranda watched her wave begin to crest, as soon as it was on its way, Miranda returned to her stroking, extending the orgasm for Samantha and triggering her own climax. The waves of bliss washed through her, she thought it would never end. When Miranda returned to conscious thought, a mouth nibbled on her shoulder. She couldn’t help but place a passionate kiss on the sweet woman’s lips. 

Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Hmmm sometimes even a vampire wants a cuddle. But when you ask a werewolf to cuddle...especially a healthy one that calls you get more than just a cuddle. I asked Tarquin to sit on the couch with me and watch a movie, just hold me while the sun blazed outside and I was stuck in waiting for the pain of my existence to go away. He agreed, but his eyes started to turn yellow and his lips quirked up on one side. I know that look well, it means his wolf is close and ready to play.

I giggled, I couldn't help myself and my thoughts soon turned to something far different from cuddling. I love playing with his wolf, so I winked and ran, fast! He can't catch me at full speed, unfortunately in the house I can't get to full speed. So our game didn't last long, but it ended just the way I wanted...

We cuddled at the top of the stairs...after a good long exhausting fuck of course ;)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

In Wicked Chains~Blurb

Last week I learned In Wicked Chains, book #3 in my The Wicked series with eXtasy Books will be released November 15! Late notice but no worries, I'm psyched for you to read Kingston and Elina's story. I got the cover art a few days ago and I'm keeping it under wraps until I send out my monthly newsletter tomorrow. If you want to see it you can always sign up here. One lucky subscriber will win a pdf of In Wicked Chains along with books 1 and 2 in the series. Here's the log line and blurb for In Wicked Chains.

Two lovers will have to decide whether to break free from their pasts or remain forever bound In Wicked Chains.


Everyone has secrets. Some people simply bury theirs deeper. Kingston Hughes is one of those. Painful childhood memories plague him, sending him spinning out of control and running from any kind of commitment. He pretends not to feel the pain and loneliness while indulging in sexual encounters with nameless, faceless women.

With the twist of a doorknob, his carefully cultivated fa├žade is shaken by the woman he’d forbidden himself to need.

The daughter of a recently slain mobster, Elina Vicente has secrets, too. They weigh her down, stealing her strength and her dreams. She’s developed an unhealthy crush on Kingston though he’s never looked at her as anything but his sister’s quiet friend. When she walks in on him in a compromising embrace, Elina seizes the chance to move Kingston from her dreams and into her arms.

For only the second time in her life, Elina takes something just for her, but try as she and Kingston might, they can’t prevent their pasts from intruding. Shadows of pain and bitterness rise with a vengeance and the lovers will have to decide whether to break free or remain bound…In Wicked Chains.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Good evening my succulent cherried darling,
Our last encounter seemed a little one-sided and I apologize for my arrogance. In retribution I have purchased you a gift. Come to Westin Plaza at 8 pm this evening, room 3918. You will find your gift waiting for you.
Miranda read the note over again. The cab stopped, a moment later the door opened a hand assisting her out of the car. She nodded thanks, seeing Westin Plaza towering over her. A gift… It could be so many things. Could he be up there waiting for her, would she finally meet her mystery lover? Miranda Vela moved through the marbled lobby with ease and grace, refusing to show any sign of the nerves bundling in her stomach. It sounded ridiculous that she had never ‘met’ her lover. They had touched, kissed, spoken with words beyond thought and he had brought her to exquisite new heights of sexual ecstasy, but alas she could not pick him out in a crowd, or tell you the color of his eyes.

So why was she following his every command? What kind of pull did he have over her? She wasn’t sure but, every rabbit hole he’d taken her down thus far had been an experience she soon wouldn’t forget. Maybe that was the attraction, the excitement. She never knew what was going to happen and that was a thrill. She felt more alive now that she had in years, he’d awakened something insatiable in her and she loved it!

        The elevator door closed, she pressed the thirty-ninth floor and took a deep breath. What could be waiting for her, a group of men, a group of women, a horse? She giggled to herself and the elevator stopped on the thirtieth floor. The door opened and a distinguished man stepped onto the elevator with her. His eyes and hair were dark with streaks of silver. Rugged features and a strong lined chin made her knees weaken. This was who she pictured when she imagined her lover in the dark. Her breath caught in her throat. The elevator stopped at thirty-seven and he moved to exit. He stopped, giving her a small smile before the doors closed. She wanted to stop the elevator and find out if he was indeed the man of her dreams, literally but it was too late now. Damn it!

A ding announced her arrival. Miranda stepped of the elevator to a very plush hallway. She wasn’t sure, but it looked more posh that the rest of the building. She followed the hallway, taking note of the room numbers as she went. Reaching 3918, she hesitated and then pushing her fear away, she used the keycard attached to the note. The door unlocked and she stepped inside. 

The suite was one of the most beautiful places she had ever seen. A smile crept over her lips and she quickly explored what she assumed was the living area. The bedroom doors were closed. Miranda stood staring wondering yet again what was waiting for her. Damn him, he did this on purpose just to torment me!
Once again corralling her uncertainty, Miranda stepped to the doors and opened them. Her breath stopped and her pussy immediately wet. Laid out on the king sized, linen and down covered bed was a gorgeous woman. Her hands were bound horizontally across the bed. A blindfold lay across her eyes, and with the exception of a glittering belly chain, completely nude.
Next to the bed lay a table Miranda saw a feather, a bottle of astro-glide, several vibrators, a dildo, a bear of honey and a note.

This is Samantha.
She is ready, willing, and all yours for the evening.
Have fun!
Miranda’s mouth watered and she caught herself staring again at the luscious body laid out before her. The woman moaned, causing Miranda to jump in surprise. Up until that moment the entire picture seemed abstract. “I can smell your perfume, Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works, right?” Her voice was low and sultry. She moved her body on the bed like a cat stretching out in comfort. “My name is Sam, why don’t you make yourself comfortable?”

“I uh…are you—“

“Comfortable? Very.” Miranda could have sworn she hear the woman purr. Miranda dropped her purse and kicked off her shoes. “I want to play…do you?”


“I like to play, it is fun, I promise.” Miranda couldn’t move. “Let’s start with the feather.”

Something clicked in her head and she smiled. This had been her fantasy and he made it come true. A woman, all for her, no doubts just desire and wanting to be pleasured by her. Instead of taking the feather, Miranda grabbed the honey. Dripping some on her finger, she moved onto the bed. The woman lay waiting a smile edging her lips, her breathing deepening. She is getting aroused… Miranda swiped her honey coated fingertip over the woman’s bottom lip. Miranda followed the trail of honey with her tongue, swiping at the woman’s mouth. Her mouth opened, inviting her in and the woman began a deep, thrusting kiss. Miranda broke the kiss, pushing herself higher than the woman on the bed before she made kisses and nips down her neck. Settling into the curve of her body, Miranda covered another finger in honey. She used the finger to idly cover Samantha’s left breast swirling the honey around and over every inch of the areola and tip of the nipple. Samantha’s breathing quickened, Miranda drizzled honey over the right breast, using her finger to coat the areola and nipple. With a dripping mouth, Miranda pushed out her tongue taking a long lick of the left nipple. The flowery sweet honey coated her taste bud and she wanted more. Sucking the entire nipple into her mouth she sucked it against her tongue, laving the honey of the areola and nipple while still covering the right breast with teasing honey.  Miranda became so wrapped up in what she was doing that she didn’t notice the effect she was having on Samantha until her pelvis pushed up and off the bed. Her whimpers were delightful to behold and encouraged Miranda to keep going. 

Once the left nipple was sufficiently cleaned, Miranda moved to the right breast. Teasing the area around the nipple with the tip of her tongue, the play riled Samantha into whimpers and writhing. Miranda sucked the enflamed nipple between her lips, squeezing it before taking it into her mouth. Her left hand pinched, pulled and rolled the left breast, all the while cleaning the right breast of delicious honey. Miranda finally finished, and Samantha lay quivering, her mouth gaping for more. Miranda kissed her, sweetly before plunging her tongue into the woman’s mouth. Samantha’s hips lifted of the bed, desperate for attention. Miranda smiled, releasing the woman’s lips and grabbing the bottle of honey. Aiming the nozzle over Samantha’s shaven pussy, she squeezed, letting the cool gel slide down Samantha’s lips. She gasped, Miranda caught her lips in a dominate kiss while her hand spread the sweetened delight over and within Samantha’s nether lips. 

Working the honey into every crevice of the woman’s cunt, Miranda came across the button she’d been searching for. Miranda licked the honey off her fingertips before frigging Samantha’s clit. Her body shifted in delight, her hands clutching Miranda’s arms. “Yes, yes oh fuck, yes…fuck me baby!”

To be continued....

Monday, November 7, 2011


Its a damn good thing I am not a stress eater, otherwise I would have taken out half the population of Portland in the last few months. I am sure you have noticed my missing posts and my somewhat half hearted ones that have appeared. I just haven't been able to put myself all in here lately and I am sorry for that. I wouldn't want my neglect to result in all you fun humans forgetting about me. So I am here, just a little reminder....and I will hopefully be back to my normal deliciously malicious self very soon.

Here is a little bite from my book, Blood Visions to remind you who I am.

A couple blocks and a dark alley later, Zyra ran into her meal. A sickly man was crouching behind a dumpster, shooting some kind of liquid into his vein. The man was so involved in feeding his addiction that he didn’t even notice Zyra was there until her fangs were piercing his neck. He went limp immediately and she fed quickly, his blood was bitter, tainted by the drugs. She wished she could have had more time to find a more suitable donor with cleaner blood. The human drugs had no affect on her, but it made her meal less enjoyable. Not something she would usually stand for, but tonight she was in a hurry.
Soon, she reminded herself, soon she would be drawing blood from the vein of her mate. The sweet tangy magical blood of an immortal, drawn during the height of passion, her body heated at the thought.
Zyra emerged from the alley with her mind focused on one thing, her mate. All the preliminaries were taken care of and now was the time for them to meet. She closed her eyes and focused on the picture she had seen in her Blood Vision. She saw the meadow and the moonlight. She felt the breeze and the soft grass.
Her eyes flew open and she started walking in the direction her senses were pulling her. She would be in that meadow waiting when her mate showed up.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

How Sick Am I?

I'm battling  hell of a cold this week. Or is it the flu? Never can tell which is which. Either way, I'm O'Ding on hot tea, wrapped up in blankets and generally making the Mr's life a living hell.

I'm not a nice patient.

In between the sickness, I'm doing NaNo with Love The Sinner...AvrilA on there, let's buddy up. Plus I'm on my virtual book tour to promote Till Abandon. Sure, I can do these things while burrowed under blankets, but where's the fun?

I like fun.

My tour schedule is on my blog if you feel like tagging along...there's always a chance to win a pdf of Till Abandon. And check out this Weekend's Dirt Dozen. Speaking of which, I received my first review of TA from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews. Feel free to check that out, too.