Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ready, Willing and Waiting...

God definitely has a sense of humor, for the simple reason that Men hit their sexual peak at 19-25 and Women hit theirs 35-48. What is up with that? 
So now I am all fired up (something most men complain they cannot find)

I am a thirty-six year old healthy active woman.  I have always had a moderately active sex life but on my thirty-sixth birthday it all seemed to change. I went from--Sex is wonderful-- to FUCK ME, God I am so Horny!

This, mind you, is not an exaggeration. I have gone from being a sated woman with sex once a week to having to masturbate at least three times a day.  I am into porn, toys, erotic fiction, and not the warm and fuzzy romantic stuff anymore. I am turned on by the most random ass stuff that I would have never ever thought I would be in to.  

I want to experiment, I want to have multiple orgasms and fuck all night long. I want to watch other people fuck all night long. I want to eat out my lovers ass and make them scream for more.  I want to hold a hard cock in my hand and torture my lover into submission with it.  I want to give my lover such erotic fantasies that every time they see me they cannot keep their hands off me. 

Apparently this is a lot for a girl to ask. 

This has also spawned my creative juices in erotic writing. Living out my fantasies via my characters.  I had never been inspired to break out of my box of hetero sexual romance, but recently I have been reading Male on Male, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Three’s, Fours, Anonymous, Sci-Fi, Japanese, well you get the idea…
So, in the hope there are others like me I have decided to share my journey of lust, decadence, and the search for the fevered abyss.  Your comments, suggestions and letters are always welcome. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Contest Ending Soon!

First off I will apologize for being so absent lately. I have missed blogging, but I know you were in good hands with my wonderful author the last few weeks. Today, however, I am back! I am almost not in a bad mood....lets just say I have been dealing with a lot of pains in my vampire ass around here lately. Neighbors, daughters, werewolves....yeah I need a vacation!

Today I just want to give a quick hello and tell you to head to my author's website blog to enter her contest, which ends at the end of this month! It's a fun contest too, all about menages and what you prefer. Me, I have done both, but think I am with my author on this one, read the blog to find out what that is ;) and enter her contest, tell us what you like over there.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The 'Tough Chick' Dilemma

If you’ve read any of my books—and if not, why haven’t you?—then you know how I like my heroines. Vulgar. Naughty.

Hard. (attitude-wise :))

I can write those women with my eyes closed, hands tied behind my back. I know those women, they’re kin. The easiest character for me to get close to is a naughty woman. One who’s in control of all aspects of her life and does what she does with no excuses.

Who I can’t write is a soft woman.

I can’t relate to those women, don’t know anyone soft and feminine and delicate. In my latest completed MS, In Wicked Chains, my heroine is damaged, physically and mentally, and insecure in her attempts to get the man she wants. I had no idea how to relate to her. I’d never been in that position, didn’t know anyone who’d been in that situation. It took me several false starts to even get this story rolling and when it did, I was never confident in it.

Another first for me.    

I needed some serious hand holding during the entire writing process. My betas worked some crazy overtime with me.

I have nothing against the soft and feminine heroines, they just aren’t my kinda gals. I like ‘em dirty. I like them nasty. I like them naughty.

So you know I had to go back to that. I went all out with my heroine in my October 17 release, Till Abandon. Threw in some kinks, some paranormal and a wereshifter for good measure.

Just to show you I wasn’t playing around ;)

In Till Abandon, my heroine Voltaire is a dominant personality. Killer, really. She takes charge in all aspects of her life. When she does, she isn’t adverse to some equipment. She was so much fun to write, the most fun yet and I pushed myself beyond some of my boundaries; sex scene-wise.

Two different characters, personalities, and stories. These women couldn’t be further apart on the spectrum, but I still love them…albeit differently and I’m quite happy and satisfied with how they each turned out.

**One of my Publisher's, Evernight Publishing, is celebrating it's first birthday with an author hop and giveaway on Sept 25-Oct 2nd. Visit my blog for info on how you can win a copy of Make Me Sweat, plus a Kindle, $50.00 in cash, a $40.00 Everngiht GC and other author prizes. 

***Blindfold Me will be available in PRINT! in a few days***

Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Menage!

Zyra is a slacker, but this week that is okay because I am here to tell you about my latest release! Another menage story, the second one for this month...yummy....and my first release with Total-e-Bound publishing. Temporary Treats is an MMF menage in Total-e-Bound's Tempting Temps collection.

"This sweets shop has something to satisfy every desire..."
Check it out at

And there is a contest going on at my website blog! don't forget to enter!

"The temp agency sends Tawnie to a high end sweets shop. She doesn't expect to be tempted by so much more than just chocolates. Two men and a chocolate orgasm later, she may be ready to re-evaluate her idea of a satisfying relationship."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm Back and I Missed You!!

So yes I disappeared for a bit, and I apologize. The world does that sometimes you know?
I have been in the “depths of despair” as one of my favorite characters would say. It has been a rough time but I will survive. SO! I have a new book out, Ever the Same which is my first romantic paranormal thriller! I hope you decided to put it on your to-read list.
Here is a feisty excerpt from Ever the Same, book one of the Soul Mate Chronicles.

“Where are we,” Heather asked stepping around the brush, trying to keep up with Rachel’s stride.
“A farm about ten miles out of town,” Rachel opened the door to the darkened barn and stepped inside. The sun was setting and a shimmer of reflective sun bounced over the walls. She stopped, rubbing her hands together.  Heather watched intently and as Rachel separated her hands a small ball of brilliant light appeared. It floated just above them illuminating their immediate surroundings. Heather knew all of the agents. She saw them regularly and in a technical way she knew their abilities. Rarely was she able to see one of them working first hand.  She and Rachel had joined the team at the same time and she considered Rachel a friend. God knew with all of the danger, secrets and traveling it was hard to find anyone to trust. Usually Rachel was fairly level headed, knowing her own limits on a case, but lately she was taking things to extreme and that had Heather worried. Heather hoped that accompanying her on this investigation she would be able to understand what exactly was so different about this case.
“There.” Rachel said as she moved to her left.
Heather watched as Rachel knelt on the ground touching a small bloodstain reflectively and then stood taking two steps back.
“Stand right behind me.” Rachel said sternly waiting patiently for Heather to comply.  Heather took position behind her as Rachel raised her hands out to either side and closed her eyes.  The same small light fell in front of them. Flashing, it steadily grew becoming a huge luminescent stream of energy.
Rachel began to manipulate the energy and abruptly it flashed upward shining light on the surrounding area. Heather thought she saw something menacing in the area just in front of them and she instinctively jumped back. She tried to ignore it, blaming it on inexperience and paranoia but her curiosity got the better of her. Staring ahead wanting the energy to flash again, she hoped to quell her fears that there was something there. The energy flashed brightly again, and Heather did the only thing she could. Scream.

Rachel felt it as soon as she stepped out onto the Ecuadorian ground. Hoping that she would see it before Heather, unfortunately it was not the case. She heard the  scream erupt from behind her, and threw Heather to the ground. She spun and ducked, hearing a wave of flames overhead. Rachel rolled off Heather and onto her back before sending a psi burst into the darkness. An ear piercing monstrous wail erupted and she jumped to her feet.
She searching the area but saw nothing. Rachel straightened her back and closed her eyes trying a different approach. She felt a flash of energy tingle her spine and she spun pushing her energies toward it. A howling wail from the unseen entity confirmed a direct hit. Rachel did not drop her guard and abruptly felt heat on her back. Turning with a high kick, she connected with flesh in turn revealing its monstrous form. 
The entity was covered in what seemed to decomposing flesh and dripping with an orange like slime. Its huge body was topped with a head resembling that of a mutilated dragon, its mouth reaching around its face with dagger like teeth.
Rachel took a step back surveying its broad torso and long tentacle arms. Having seen enough Rachel blasted forward with a visible sphere of energy that burst on the torso of the beast making it wail yet again. Rachel moved to strike again but the entity vanished. Immediately her thoughts went to Heather, but she was too late.
She heard her friend’s screams and raced toward them. Within a few feet she watched in despair as her friend’s limp body rose off the ground bound by an invisible force. Frustrated and unable to attack Rachel watched powerless as Heathers body whipped in the air like a rag doll.
Rachel shot her hand above her head, a beam of light bursting into the night sky. The beast, realizing it was under attack instinctively dropped Heather, her limp body falling to the ground. “Rachel!”

Available at Amazon & Extasy Books!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good News...and Tears

I had the best news in my inbox the other night from one of my publishers. I got it while at work, on my phone that kept freezing and not showing me my messages. The email was in my inbox sometime after 7pm. I actually read it close to 9pm. For me, that’s an abnormality.

After crying, and calling the Mr—waking him from a deep sleep, I decided to write this post.

I remember the days before I began writing. Days when the need to tell the stories in my head was almost painful and stifling. I remember when I berated myself for even thought about writing. No one cares. What makes you think you can write? It looks easy enough, but really, you do it?

Those weren’t words from anybody else. Those were the things I said to myself. Writing romance. Sure people do it, but me?

Something comes over me at the thought of books and words and characters. My characters take over my soul. Steal my breath. They make my heart race.

The other night I was reminded of why.

The other night I was rewarded for that by becoming eligible for PAN membership in the RWA. Now, I don’t belong to the organization, but I still get the enormity of it. Make Me Sweat sold over 800 copies from June to September. Dude!

Not that I needed that to know. Just having my books liked by one person was enough. But I’ll take the good reviews and own the bad ones, I’ll take them all. The spotlights and interviews help. My peers shout-outs are awesome, but it’s all on me.

My winnings. My failings. My highs. And the lows. My words, my blood, my sweat, my tears. The happy ones. The sad ones. The painful ones too.

My escape has always been between the pages of a book. Do you know what it does to me that I can provide the same thing for another person? It’s huge.

My childhood wasn’t pretty, in fact it was fucked in a lot of ways. But yet in others, I had happiness and peace. I had a mother who loved books despite having dropped out of school at 15. She always had books around. Always. We read the same things, until she started hiding her explicit romances from me J

Best believe I found them.

Of all the kids my mother had, none are like me. They all could care less about a freaking book, but they don’t tease me too bad about my thing. I’ve always been that way, you see.

The Mr. hates the time I spend on the computer because it takes away from family time, from he time. He does his best to understand, to support, but I haven’t made it easy.
That call I made to him may have eased his misgivings a little…I’m just saying.

I have a love affair with the people in my head, they keep me sane while driving me crazy. It’s a beautiful thing so when you get the news like I got, there’s nothing to do but cry. There’s a crazy-ass smile on my face and I don’t think it’ll be going away for a while.

Readers, you are my peeps. I get you. I know you. I love you.

Writers, I feel y’all. The struggles, the doubts, the fears. They all melt away once we start tapping those keys, don’t they?

Monday, September 5, 2011

A very hot menage!

My wonderful author has just released a very hot FFM menage story. It brings together a tattoo lady from a circus, a smoking hot model and a sexy photographer. The Prop

This prop was made to be played with...

Kat has been The Tattoo Lady for five years and she has been propositioned for nearly everything by paying customers outside her cage. Devon’s proposition is something new, to be a prop in a photo shoot. She accepts and is delighted to find the model she will act as prop for is a beautiful woman. Tiffany is entranced by the exotically erotic woman and would do anything to run her fingers over those lines of ink.
Their photo shoot leads to drinking and a threesome that none of them can forget. Can Kat risk her place among the freaks of the circus for the chance of meeting them again? Is there any hope of another night in their arms?

Kat got into her zone and performed. She stretched and strutted and displayed herself in the background as Tiffany did the same near the bars. Devon took what seemed like a million pictures before making any comment at all.
“Kat, I need you to get closer to her, maybe like you’re sneaking up. Tiffany, I want you to look a little desperate, hold the bars tight like you really want out.”
He started snapping pictures again and Kat crouched, creeping forward then got to her hands and knees, crawling toward Tiffany. She was so close and her thoughts began to get wicked. She stuck out a tongue and dragged it up the side of Tiffany’s leg. Tiffany’s leg stiffened, but she didn’t give much more reaction than that and Devon kept taking pictures, so Kat didn’t stop until she reached Tiffany’s dress.
She turned to the camera then, one hand slipping up Tiffany’s leg and under her dress, she bared her fangs.
“Perfect,” Devon whispered as the camera flashed.
Kat stood then, towering over Tiffany she put her hands on the bars, mimicking Tiffany’s stance like a shadow. Then she bent her head and pressed her lips to Tiffany’s bare shoulder. She wasn’t positive, but she thought she heard a small moan from Tiffany. Kat stepped back as Tiffany slid to her knees and stuck one leg out between the bars.
Feeling more and more turned on, Kat stretched and posed close to Tiffany, touching her as much as she could without being obvious. Tiffany didn’t seem to mind, but Kat didn’t know if that was all a part of the modeling thing or not. She never reached out and touched Kat, never initiated but seemed very accepting.
Devon finally lowered the camera and they both stopped posing, walking up to the bars and waiting for instruction. “I think I want to do a few from the other side now.”
“Wow, that was fun,” Tiffany said with a bright smile. “Devon always has interesting concepts for photo shoots, but I think you might be my favorite.”
Kat’s heart started to beat faster and she felt heat flush her body, Tiffany did seem to like how Kat had been touching her. “It is quite fun,” Kat agreed, her voice a little husky. She had to bite her lip to keep from giggling after she spoke. She hoped Devon would hurry up, he was taking far too long and she wanted an excuse to touch Tiffany some more.
Devon walked in then. “I want to get some from behind, so do what you were doing before as if I was still on the other side.”
They posed like that for a while and Kat’s mind wouldn’t stay off of Tiffany’s curves. Without being able to see Devon taking pictures of them, she almost felt like they were alone. She had to stop herself a few times from reaching out and really grabbing her, turning her around and seeing if there was as much lust on Tiffany’s face as there was in Kat’s body.
Devon cleared his throat and both girls stilled. Kat had her body pressed against Tiffany’s back, their hands clasped together above their heads on the bars. “I think I got enough,” he said.
They separated slowly and stood. Kat felt a little awkward, so full of lust and desire for Tiffany who was probably only playing the part. Her gaze dropped, afraid to meet Devon’s. She was surprised to see a very noticeable bulge in his pants. Her gaze shot up and she saw a wicked smile on his face, his eyes were intense on her for a moment, then he looked at Tiffany.
“That was awesome, you two were perfect together. I do believe you surpassed prop though, Kat, and became another model for me. Not that I mind, it was spectacular I can’t wait to see the prints.”
“Yes, it felt good, so I’m sure they will be great as usual,” Tiffany said as she pulled on her coat.
Devon started packing away his camera and Kat felt panic well up inside her. She didn’t want this to end, not yet. “Would you two like to join me for a drink? My trailer isn’t much, but I always have plenty of wine to offer.”
“That sounds lovely,” Tiffany said quickly.
Kat smiled at her, then looked to Devon. He tossed her an envelope she assumed had her payment in it. “I’m up for whatever you girls want to do.”
That was an intense little statement and Kat felt a little thrill. “Well then follow me.”

Get it here:

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Everyone's A Critic

I’ve been doing the rounds trying to find myself a Critique Partner. I’ve had some amazing ones, but we’ve sort of drifted apart. I have a couple Beta Readers who I simply send my completed MS and they got to town, but I’d like to find that one person I can gel with, someone I can talk plot with, bounce new ideas off of, and generally create a great working partnership and friendship.

Is that not what you want in someone who’d be critiquing your babies? I’m very particular about these things, and maybe I have too-high standards, but I think my Critique Partner should be a friend. Someone I can trust to be honest, laugh and cry with me, and all the other emotions us crazy writer people go through.

I don’t plan to do any hand holding, or coaching some newbie on how to format their MS or what font to use. I can’t take beginners who think their work is golden and above reproach. My ideal CP would be seasoned in all things, including rejection and criticism. The finer points of grammar and punctuation should be known, right?

Ugh, you have no idea how many out there don’t have a grasp on where the quotation marks go.

In my need to find me somebody I can mesh with, I put my name on a list in one of my yahoo groups. Some people responded, but I’ve yet to get that feeling…you know, when you’ve found ‘THE ONE’.

Some people don’t need a cp. Some are okay with doing their thing and sending it right on to the pub/editor. Not me. I never feel comfortable doing that unless and until at least two different pairs of eyes have taken a closer look. My mistakes aren’t many, I write pretty clean, but I still make mistakes and I’d like to ease any unnecessary burden on my editors if I can by simply having another pair of eyes.

It never hurts.

I’m still looking for that special someone. That one CP waiting for me. I know they’re out there. I just have to keep searching. And hoping. I’ll never give up hope.

***Side note…sent off In Wicked Chains (The Wicked bk#3) to my editor today :)   

Friday, September 2, 2011

You’ve decided to become a Vampire – How To Do It?

Zoe_Lionheart_100 Well, after having spent a long time with your Vampire partner (long from your mortal point of view), you might consider making your relationship permanent. And you know what that means. But don’t be hasty. Check the three steps to the Dark side:

1. Why You Should Become A Vampire (two months ago)

2. Why You Shouldn’t Become A Vampire (last month)

3. You’ve decided to become a Vampire – How To Do It? (this month)

You’ve already checked the lists, now you want to know how. I’m about to get to that, but first, ask yourself three questions:

One – do you really, really, really want to sacrifice your immortal soul and become an immortal, but still perishable creature of the night?


Okay, read on.

Two – what kind of career are you striving for? Do you want to become a lesser Vampire? Or do you want to become a member of the Aristocracy of the Night?

Let’s start with the would-be easy part. To become a lesser Vampire, you have to be bitten three times. That’s it, you think? No. For one, you have to survive the first two bites without dying. That’s not entirely trivial, you know? Because you might find out it’s hard to survive without blood. For two, after the third bite you’ll have to survive the transformation. The process is not entirely pleasant in the first place, and if you’re accidentally exposed to sunlight during the change, you’ve fouled it all up.

Right after the change, you need to drink blood yourself. You have to find an innocent victim, bite it, and suck out its blood. That’s the easy part – you have to know that, if you are able to overcome your disgust and really start drinking this warm, pulsating, smelly liquid, you’ll find out you can’t stop easily. You’re starved, you’re not used to it, you don’t know about self-control. You will drink your victim dry (of course without transforming it) and thus kill it. This is a sacrifice you need to be prepared for.

As a lesser Vampire, you have to stay out of the sunlight and drink blood from time to time, which you probably have guessed already. But that’s just the very basics, I’ll go into more detail with my next article, “Newly transformed Vampires 101”. In exchange you usually get quick regeneration, enhanced senses and gradually more power.

To become a Vampire aristocrat, there are usually two options. One, you’re born noble, that is, your father was noble when he sired you and has been transformed later. Rather infeasible, ain’t it? Two, you’re adopted by a noble and the adoption is approved by (a) an assembly of Vampires or (b) a very high-ranking Vampire aristocrat. This will work best if your Vampire friend is that high-ranking aristocrat – again, very unlikely, you could tell from the smell – or is a noble and has the proper connections.

Still, the approval procedure will again be unpleasant, being bitten by your new fellow Vampires is the least trouble you’ll expect. Let’s just say it comes with a lot of pain and public disgrace, okay? Perhaps I’ll write about the Examination on another occasion.

You’re still willing to do it? Okay, last question.

Three – how much fun do you want to have?

You can let your Vampire friend do the entire process in a dark, little chamber. That’s an intimate way, and I can imagine it being nice. It may as well be that you’re left alone with your pain and your terror during the day – no fun.

Or you can go to a Vampire ball wearing a crimson scarf and apron. Read the related post if you don’t remember what it means. In this case you’ll not only have a lot of sex and bites, you’ll also make the assembly favor your adoption, as this shows you’ve already adopted the Vampire lifestyle.


Now that you know that you want to do it and how you want to do it, you’ll go ahead? No. There are two categories of preparations you’ll have to walk through.

One – close down your mortal life. Are there any things you can only do in daylight? Like calling a plumber?

Do you have to give away your pet? Most cats or dogs won’t tolerate Vampires. Snakes wouldn’t care, and guinea pigs, well, they don’t know better.

Think of cancelling your fitness studio membership. Install an answering machine for your phone. Call your friends – at least those who might call the police if you don’t show up for a week or two – and tell them you’re on a vacation.

What about your job? Vampire aristocrats don’t work, but as a lesser Vampire you might have to, in order to pay your landlord.

Find a safe place to stay during the day. Safe means, no one with a wooden stake and mischief on his/her mind will find it. The best place might be a parliament hall without windows.

Two – get ready for Day One. Read your Vampire 101. That is, wait at least until next month.

By the rules she’s established herself, Zoe appears guilty, and the death warrant has to be issued. She will never break her own rules, even if it means having to execute herself. Can April find a way to convince her soulmate otherwise?

(Click here to purchase this ebook)