Sunday, July 31, 2011

Is it Cold in here?

It's been brought to my attention recently, by the Mr no less, that I can be a bit...hard assed and cold. Bacially I'm a beyotch. I mean, really? It's been years and still he's all surprised at my attitude.

It started because I've been ignoring my friend, my very best friend, for like a year and a half. I grew disillusioned with the friendship and just began giving her the cold shoulder. Ignoring her attempts to make up on FB and the rest. Listen, I know exactly what I am, therefore I know my limits. She loved me once, she should know them too.

I have no time for fake ones, nor do I suffer fools. But, that's neither here nor there.

I should give her another chance, according to the Mr. I should make an effort since we've been soo close for soo long. Damn man with all his shoulds.

I promised him I'd think about it and I will.

In the meantime, I've signed myself up for a month-long writing challenge on Twitter, beginning August 1. That's my attempt to get the last Wicked book written. August 40k. I hope I achieve that goal, or at least make some real headway.

And now...drumroll, please... Six Sentence Sunday   

Friday, July 29, 2011

Why You Shouldn’t Become A Vampire

Zoe_Lionheart_100 Well, after having spent a long time with your Vampire partner (long from your mortal point of view), you might consider making your relationship permanent. And you know what that means. But don’t be hasty. Check the three steps to the Dark side:

1. Why You Should Become A Vampire (last month)

2. Why You Shouldn’t Become A Vampire (this month)

3. You’ve decided to become a Vampire – How To Do It? (next month)

There are a few reasons that might make you rethink your plans. Check carefully:

You like to play baseball or tennis or similar with your friends every other week.

You like your even suntan, you like nude beaches and the occasional daring appearance on the promenade.

You suffer from claustrophobia. Going to sleep in a coffin is a terrifying thought.

You are a free mind, you absolutely can’t stand being ordered around. In this case, wait for the “Newly transformed Vampires 101”, which I’ll post here the next-but-one month, and check for the hierarchy stuff.

You love garlic.

You plan to have children of your own, or you already have some.

You like sailing, surfing and yachting, and rather not all alone.

You like backcountry hiking and camping, or even sleeping under open sky.

You’re aware that you’d become the anathema of your religious beliefs.

If you’ve scored at least two, go back, and if the reason remains, drop your plans. You’re not prepared for the change yet, and you wouldn’t get along.

By the rules she’s established herself, Zoe appears guilty, and the death warrant has to be issued. She will never break her own rules, even if it means having to execute herself. Can April find a way to convince her soulmate otherwise?

(Click here to purchase this ebook)

Monday, July 25, 2011


I know the subject seems odd, for a vampire, but I am a total beach bum at times. It is at night that I go, but that is almost a better time anyway. No nasty humans around to take up space and annoy me. Not only that, but the water feels so good after a long hot day. Its refreshing, I love to dip in, skinny dip with Tarquin under the moon. We will even at times bring a blanket and lay it out on the sand, after swimming we lay there and make love on the beach....oh how I love summer.

As much as I look forward to shorter days and longer night of fall and winter, I just can't not be happy when laying on a deserted beach naked with Tarquin. Peaceful and relaxing, something I haven't gotten much of at home lately. Especially since my nosey neighbor has been returned....yeah I am trying very hard not to go over and rip out her throat....very hard. Getting away with Tarquin helps, if I don't see her, or her house or smell her stupid human blood, then I don't want to sink my fangs deep in her vein...almost...

Maybe I should just live here at the beach, I don't really need to return to Portland do I? If it wasn't for Tarquin's pain in the ass pack, I think I could. Unfortunately he can't live without them, and I can't live without him.

So the beach is a nice break...I will be enjoying it for a few more days.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

All is Right in my World!

As anticipated, I got my netbook back last Tuesday! All parts working, everything in order, and now all is as it should be in my writing world. Nothing against those who've taken the pen and paper route, but I've been there, done that, and never want to revisit.

Aside from doing my writing on the netbook, I read on it. My Kindle for desktop is on it, hate reading off the regular PC and I don't have an ereader. Plus my rather extensive collection of ebook pdfs are also on the netbook. With it out of commission, I'd been relegated to reading off my Android. Yeah, that did my unseeing eyes no favors.

I've taken poor little Nettie for granted, thinking she'd always be at my side, on my lap, but that's not necessarily the case and I have to have a back up in place should the problem ever arise where I'm without her again. Haven't come up with anything so far, but I will.

In the meantime, enjoy my Six Sentence Sunday contribution.    

Friday, July 22, 2011


The long awaited trading cards are finally in my hot little hands and they look wonderful! See for yourself.

Okay, for all you who collect them, the first 50 people to email my author at gets one of my trading cards for FREE! Make sure you put Trading Card in the subject and don’t forget to include you snail mail address.
Can you tell I’m excited?


More news, I, well…my author has a new banner and a new look. I personally like this look better, but tell me what you think.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scorching Erotic One Bit - Dragon Heart

May Contain Sexual Content, and blatant description of sexual activity,  please be advised.

Alayna's hands were freezing, the rest of her was fairly warm by the fire but not her hands. She rubbed them together moving closer to the fire. A crunch of footsteps got her attention and she watched him take a seat. “Cold?”

“Just my hands.” It was a beautiful night in the forest, quiet and a sky full of stars. The moon cast a bright soft glow over everything. Everything was beautiful

Garrett reached over pressing his hands around hers rubbing warmth into them. “The coffee should be ready.” He reached behind him and turned with two metal mugs. He lifted the coffee carafe off the fire and filled her mug. She wrapped her hands around it and he filled his own. He settled back taking a sip of the coffee. “Is it okay?”

“Yeah, it’s great…warm.”

He smiled and settled in behind her, his legs outlining hers and she leaned back into his chest. His arm naturally wrapped around her and his warmth encircled her. A tingle lined her spine and she loved how she felt in his arms. He shifted and she heard him put his coffee cup down. Both of his arms and wrapped around her before he began nuzzling her neck. The chills raking her back made her giggle, motivating him more. She laughed aloud turning to face him. She caught his eye and became mesmerized. His hand cupped her cheek drawing up into her hair, before he pulled her to him. His mouth met hers with a gentle touch. A sweet hesitation that she found irresistible. His lips met hers again this time with more demand and she kissed him back, her body igniting. She opened to him and he explored her mouth. She lashed at his tongue, the rising desire seeping through her pores.  She twisted her body straddling his lap. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she laced her fingers through his hair. His musky scent filled her with the warmth of home, she belong here, in his arms. His hands cupped her ass pressing her against his groin. “Oh baby…”

He growled, devouring her mouth. His hands moved to her waist, pushing beneath her sweater he unclasped her bra before cupping her breasts. His thumbs brushed over her nipples and then rolling them beneath the pads of his thumbs. She inwardly cursed him for knowing her so well. He knew her buttons, the ways to make her crazy with desire. Her nipples screamed in pleasure, shooting hunger through her body and making her pussy moist in desire.  His teeth raked at her neck and she reached down stroking his hardening cock through his jeans.
She wanted him now, she needed to feel his hardness fulfill her primal needs.

The cold disappeared, there was only the wanton heat of his body begging for release. His body tensed and he shifted, lifting her off the ground, her legs wrapped around his waist. He carried her to the layered blankets and pillows he had created for them to sleep on under the stars. Laying her onto the blankets beneath him. She ripped off her sweater, and he pulled off his, her hands went for his belt, button and zipper. Tonguing her nipples she strained to focus and finally gave up with a whimper. Once she had given up he began to suckle on her nipple while unbuttoning her jeans. Tugging them of her legs, he discarded her shoes and then the jeans. His mouth created a trail down her body, his hands still teasing and taunting her nipples. He reached his goal, leaving small kiss just above her clit he teased the inside of her thighs, hitting the spot that made her giggle. Driving her mad he circled, licked and nipped everywhere but where she wanted him. “Yes…please oh god…” he finally pulled her clit into his mouth. Her back arched pushing her pussy against his mouth. His tongue slipped into her opening, teasing her with the stimulation. A stiff digit slipped in past his tongue and pushed inward before curling. Gripping his hair, her body writhed in desire. She couldn’t get enough. His tongue once again on her clit,, her body shook uncontrolled, turned to liquid and crashed beneath his ministrations. She screamed, losing control and he pushed her further. Every nerve in her body continued exploding into fire. He lapped at her as she floated down, his kisses moved up her body and back to her nipples. She reignited, unable to believe the way he controlled her lust, but it was time and she hungered for his cock. She finished undoing his pants, her hands grapping him hard. He moved against her hand and she rolled him onto his back. Starting with his nipples she suckled and nipped each one, continuing to stroke his cock. His breathing became heavy and she moved down to her prize. He glistened with pre cum and she greedily sucked it into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around his head, she closed her lips around the ridge and sucked, wanting to literally suck the cum out of him. Her hand continued to stroke his steel cock. His hips moved with her hand. Swirling his head once more, she took him down her throat. Her hand played with his balls, while her tongue and throat massaged his head and shaft.

“Fuck…babe…you’re killing me.” His hands curled in her hair and she moved to his mouth. He ravaged her mouth, his hand clenching the back of her neck. He rolled her beneath him and shifted. His cock slid against her clit and she whimpered in desire, her nails digging into his shoulders.

“Garrett please, I need you inside me. Make love to me, I want to explode on your cock… please, baby…”He kissed her roughly before shifting his hips, he filled her with a strong thrust. Her body welcome him, humming with the wanted union. “Garrett, oh god you feel so good.”
His cock filled her again and again, each thrust pummeling her restraint. He slowed, hovering over her, kissing her sweetly. Their bodies entwined rocking in steady flow against each other.  The need for release steadily grew between them and his kisses became more urgent. His body thrusting harder, faster. Pushing upward he came into at an angle repeatedly hitting her just right. “Oh Garrett, yes…don’t stop…yes!”
He continued hard and fast, the last thrust hit her hard and she exploded, she felt his cock surge within her body and wanted to cry in bliss. Their bodies collapsed into each other. Alayna caught her breath and felt wetness on her cheeks. She felt him shift and opened her eyes. His golden eyes were staring down at her, his hand caressed her hair before kissing away her tears. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”

Monday, July 18, 2011

Who do I need to bite?

....To get some people to enter my author's contest! Its a sad sad turnout so far over on her Facebook Fanpage! This is to celebrate the newest release in my series, Green Embrace, and I expect to see a hell of a lot more love than this. Its easy all you have to do is go here: and write on the wall. Let her know which of her books you have loved or would love to read! Contest ends at the end of the month so hurry up its halfway over already!

Then again if no one does I will have an excuse to go on a bit of a biting spree...something I haven't doen in a very long time...of course that is because its "frowned upon" Yeah whatever! Stupidest rule I have ever had to conform to, though I am fairly certain that Paxton wouldn't kill me for it like he would have to any other immortal...I am not sure I want to test that. We don't have the same bond we used to and I know I should be happy about that. I have been trying for years to get him to move on, ever since I had my blood vision and knew I was going to belong to another. I must admit I always liked the way he watched after me, as if he hoped I would still change my mind and go back to him. I won't, I know that but still, who doesn't love a sexy vampire that is completely enamored with you? I have Tarquin though and he is more vicious than Paxton ever could have been, its a werewolf thing....

So unless you want to give me an excuse to go on a biting spree that may or may not anger Paxton into some kind of punishment for me, get your ass over to enter that contest!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Quick Wave...

...hello as I lift my head from under the stack of things to do. Got edits and revisions up the hooha and I'm still without Nettie, my trusty netbook. Hopefully she'll be back in operation this week, Tuesday at the latest.

I've had some good news: Make Me Sweat was an ARe Bestseller and highest rated there for a while. Made my freaking year. But it's not all rosy and I've been dealing. Now, it's Sunday and I've stepped back into Six Sentence Sunday. Feel free to catch my Six Here.


Friday, July 15, 2011

2 Great new excerpts!

 It’s nice to see everyone enjoying the newest adventure’s of the my series. New Beginning’s has had a wonderful following in the UK! You guys Rock! And for that I thank you from the bottom of my little vampire heart.
“It is much easier to live in the world of dreams, than to face the grim reality that my soul mate is a witch.” – Tamara Hightower


I knew why Kaley wanted me to stay put. The last time I felt like this, I went out and wrecked my bike. By the time I regained consciousness, the paramedics had already declared me dead at the scene and had transported me to the city morgue. I was locked inside one of their body lockers with no way out. Rachael heard about the accident on the evening news and called Kaley who in turn, snuck me out before the coroner had a chance to cut me open, and in the process, ruined my chances at a good time. I had already decided that when they opened the locker door, I would lay perfectly still, while they pulled the metal table out. At the right moment, I would open my eyes, making funny faces and scream, booga, booga booga! I would have to erase their memories, but it would have been fun. Yeah me, hungry, bored and pissed, not a good blend.

I looked at my keys.

“I swear I’ll let you rot in those cold lockers, next time.” She smiled. “Please.”

I tossed her my keys. “Fine, but heat up the damn bag, first. That shit’s nasty as it is and worse, cold.” I strolled to the couch, plopped down, stretched out and closed my eyes. It would take at least two minutes to warm up the bag and that was plenty of time to keep catch up on some needed sleep.

I announced my presence as I blended perfectly into the corner of the room silently watching her. “I have been thinking about you.”

“And?” Izzy replied as she sat on the throne armrest.

“I would like to try this again, if it’s all right with you.” I approached her holding one arm behind my back.

She crossed her arms and legs. “Well, what do you have in mind?”

I stopped a foot away. “My name is Tamara Hightower and I’m extremely pleased to meet you,” I said, handing her a fresh bouquet of a dozen red roses.

“I’m Izzy,” she said, holding the roses closer to her nose, “and I’m glad you came back.”

“You have touched me in a way only one other has. I would like to pursue this and see what happens next.” I caressed her bare arm and her energy soared through me, exciting me as if this had been the first time we had ever touched.

I leaned toward her, pressed my lips to hers as my tongue demanded entrance. Our kiss rekindled the insatiable sexual hunger we had for each other. I grabbed her ass, standing her up and pressed us closer together.

She pushed me back. “Wait a minute.” She reached into her beach bag and pulled out a leather harness giving me a sheepish smile. “I’d like to see what you can do with this.”

My eyes lit up. She met my smile with her own impish grin. I kissed her passionately as she unzipped and pulled my pants off. Her tongue tasting every inch of my hard muscular belly as she slipped the harness on me and snapped the buckles, situating it perfectly over my crotch.

She guided me to the throne and sat me down, strapping one of my hands to the throne armrest. She took my other hand and pulled it through the leather strap on the opposite armrest. Pulling the strap tight, she raised her head and ran her tongue up my belly to my neck.

The throne was wide enough that she knelt directly over me while she nibbled my soft skin. Her sundress draped across us. Then she moved her neck close to my mouth. A tease. She let my tongue touch her skin. More teasing.

Slowly, she moved her neck closer to my tongue. I could feel the hard, steady pulse of her artery beat. I opened my mouth and she pulled away, “Uh-uh. Not yet…first you fuck me, then you taste me.”

I raised my hips, pushing my stiff cock against her, but it slid past her cunt and stopped at her ass. She raised her hips. “That hole is for another day,” she cautioned as she stroked my eager cock back to her waiting cunt and it slid inside her.

She mounted me. Wiggling, she took every inch and with each of my upthrusts, she pushed down, driving the base harder against my swollen tip. My fingers dug into the armrest and she quickened her momentum, wiggling the base, heightening my sexual intensity. I arched my back. She stopped, sitting perfectly still on my lap.

I opened my mouth and she kissed my lips. “I am the keeper of your pleasure,” she said, squirming in my lap.

My eyes rolled back.

“Look at me,” she commanded.

I ignored her.

“Look. At. Me.”

I opened my eyes. “Bid me your blood,” I pleaded.

She smiled. “You have not earned it yet.” She kissed my neck and slowly moved her hips. My groin immediately obeyed her, thrusting up and into her.

“My naughty little vamp,” she whispered as she vigorously rode me, “I should make you wait.”

Izzy slid her hand under her dress and found the leather harness bound to me. She slipped her hand under it and felt my dampness. I pushed up and she moved with me. She slid her fingers down and caressed my asshole. I clenched my cheeks and bared my ass down into the throne cushions.

She forced the tip of her finger into my ass. “All. Of. You. Belongs. To. Me.” She wiggled her hips on the base of my cock. “All. Of. You.”

Something hit me. I snapped my eyes open. Kaley stood in front of me holding a glass and kicking my foot.

“Wakey, wakey, little sis, time to eat.” She smiled and held the glass toward me as I sat up.

“Suck a witch’s wart,” I cursed.

“What’s wrong?” Kaley sat next to me.

I threw my head back and downed the entire glass. “It’s her. It’s that witch.” I paused, placing the empty cup on the coffee table. “She’s my fucking soul mate.”


Here’s a another treat. It has nothing to do with vampires, but it’s a great story.

BoiToi500When Julia, a power-femme, betrays McKenna, Lexi, pulls out all  the stops to help heal McKenna’s broken heart. A party, a strap-on, cock worship and orgasm control is only the beginning of McKenna’s evening. Can Lexi convince her to become her new boi toi?


Lexi led me through the rooms on the main floor, explaining the significance of the furniture and the art, which was French contemporary, but bored me almost to tears. Luckily, I think she noticed my efforts in trying to look interested and upped the stakes. Each time we entered a room, occupied or not, she would grab my cock and rub it gently as she continued her history lesson. When we entered the unoccupied library, I grabbed her, bringing her close to me, but she took hold of my hands and stuck them in my pocket.

“No touching, yet,” she warned and continued to talk about some damn French artist and how famous he was.

“You’re driving me crazy,” I complained, leaving my hands where she put them.

“You’re not a patient person, are you?” She cocked her head and smiled, slowly licking her lips, leaving them wet and shiny.

“No—Yes,” I stammered and took a deep breath. “You’ve worked me up all night. I can’t stand it anymore. Show a girl some mercy.”

“Okay,” she eagerly responded gesturing at my clothes. “Take them off.”

“Here…now?” My voice cracked. I couldn’t believe what she suggested.

“Yes,” she reassured me. “Here and now.”

I peeked into the crowded hallway, noticing that any number of guests could easily walk in on us. “What if someone comes in?”

“So?” She raised her brow in a questioning way. “What if they do?” She approached me and started unbuttoning my slacks.

I pulled away. “No. I can’t do this,” I said securing the button in place.

“Well, then, you’ll have to be patient.” She leaned into me and pressed her lips to my neck, gently laying kisses on my sensitive skin. “It’s not as if, I didn’t offer.”

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Erotic Excerpt - You Never Could Be....

New on Kindle and Nook by Amy Romine.
A passion fueled encounter in the corridor of a hotel convention room reveals two anguished hearts struggling to reconnect despite life’s difficulties.
Will Carlisle, the eye candy of the office, was the every woman’s dream, tall, handsome, and dashingly charming. Sara Rozek never guessed he had secretly wanted her for months now. When a bad day falls upon them, and Will breaks the reins of his own restraint, she sees the burning passion in his eyes and there is no denying the mutual attraction. 
Will and Sara’s start quickly runs array and Sara becomes convinced that she was played for a fool. Will begs her to listen to him but she turns away in fear. Can Will mend her broken heart or will the passion they shared vanish forever? ~

The door opened easily as she continued to read the email, her blood boiling in frustration. An odd noise caught her attention. Her eyes slowly rose to the mouth of the room, mentally writing a response to the email in her head.
Her breath stopped in her chest and she instinctively stepped back into the shadow of the hall. For a moment she thought she was losing her mind but then she looked again.
What could only be described as a beautiful man was laid out on the front table of the room. His unbuttoned shirt revealed a muscular form, his thick arms resting along his hips. His eyes were closed, chest heaving, while his hands were clenched within the hair of a second man who sat at his waist. She could see his head moving back and forth. He would stop and then start again. A moan escaped from someone’s chest and Sara assumed it was from the writhing body on the table.
She reminded herself to breathe and oxygen slowly filled her lungs. The erotic moment lay out before her eyes continued. The man, whose face was hidden, rose to his feet. He was still fully dressed in a navy business suit. His pink lips shining with saliva, his eyes heavy with desire, he leaned forward. The man once lying sprawled on the table, lifted himself up and to his feet. His labored breath matching the desire of his companion, his large hand reached up wrapping around his lover’s neck pulling him into a heated kiss.
Sara remained frozen in the shadows, the passionate embrace igniting her own desires and a cold feeling of emptiness pooled in her chest. She didn’t have to think long to remember the last time that kind of passionate heat had swept through the core of her body.
The airport
She pushed the memory away, her disappointment stinging her pride. She glanced again at the lovers. They’d discarded any hesitation, their bodies swaying in desire. She filled her lungs and turned to exit the conference room. Her footsteps heavy and painful, she dealt with her own resurfacing disappointment.
A sliver of light split the hall and she stopped in her tracks. The breathing darkness held still and she waited for some hint of presence. His eyes appeared out of the darkness and her knees weakened. He saw her in the same instant and moved in the dark to where she stood.
She forgot to breathe and pressed her shoulder to the wall in support. It was then she remembered the passionate couple occupying the room with them. She quickly turned in warning, and found herself in his embrace. She squelched a gasp of surprise, her eyes focusing on the curve of his jaw. They lifted, meeting his intense gaze and his lips parted.
She quickly covered them with her hand and his eyes squinted down at her. She motioned to the conference room and his eyes followed her gaze. She watched his eyes focus and then widen before he looked back to her. She placed a finger over her own lips. Her heart pounded against her chest, his eyes boring into her and she turned out of his embrace. Her cheeks flushed, once again watching the intimate consummation of lovers.
The couple had switched positions the khaki open shirted stallion now had the crisp suited man pinned against the wall. His right hand was encased within the zipper of the man’s navy pants, while his left pushed off the man’s jacket and assisted his mouth in unbuttoning his shirt. The last button parted and his right hand reappeared, shifting the shirt away from the man’s chest before he pulled a nipple between his teeth. This incited a deep groan from the man’s chest.
Still very aware of his presence she did her best to not shift or look at him. She felt heat on her back. His soft hands pushed her hair off her neck making her stomach tighten. The wafting of soft leather filled her senses and her eyes closed. His lips touching her neck sent chills through her body. His strong arms wrapped around her waist, his heat encompassing her and she fought to remain in control. Soft tantalizing kisses led a path beneath her chin, her breathing deepened, a deep sigh curling in her throat. His gentle hand tilted her head allowing him access to her mouth. She began in hesitation his mouth coaxing the sparks of desire within her soul until she couldn’t fight anymore and her mouth opened inviting his tongues caresses.
Hands curled against her abdomen pulling her blouse free from her skirt. Nimble fingers dancing over her ribs, she teased his lips with the tip of her tongue. Her lace encased breasts were firmly cupped, the seams rubbing against her sensitive nipples. His thumbs looped beneath the wire, he lifted it away giving him full access to her aching nipples. He rolled them beneath the pads of his thumbs and she pulled his tongue in need.
She turned into his chest, her lips feasting on his mouth demanding his undivided attention. His hand wrapped in her hair, his arm at the small of her back pulling her closer.
This is killing me...I want him so much. I need him inside me…
He led her movement, pinching her nipples, his fingers sending waves of desire through her core. Her back hit the smooth wall and her arms pulled him closer.
A free hand moved down covering her ass, pushing her belly against his steel cock.  Heated breath terrorized her ear and she traced her nails from his broad shoulders to his abdomen. His mouth attached itself to her neck and she tugged the shirt from his pants, her hands exploring beneath the fabric. Her mouth followed the ripples of his body downward. Crouched in front of him, she quickly undid his belt, feeling him brush against her hand, his excitement evident.
His fingers in her hair, her hand wrapped around him releasing him from the binding of his pants. Her moist tongue traced a line from his base to the tip of his head. His breath turned heavy and her mouth encompassed his head.
She slid him down the back of her throat, completely swallowing his cock within her tight mouth. She held still for a moment, torturing him with the muscles of her throat. Stroking him with her tongue, her head moved back and forth. He swelled within her mouth just before he pulled her away but she possessively kept her hand around him.
Unbuttoning her shirt, he kissed her shoulder, his hands pushing beneath her bra palming her nipples. With a demanding passion, his hands pushed her skirt up her legs. It bunched at the waist exposing the small piece of fabric spanning her hips. He lifted her against the wall, with ease. She wrapped her legs around his waist the, feel of his hard cock pushing against her clit making her whimper. His mouth latched on to her left nipple. He suckled, and then repeatedly flicked his tongue over it. Oh God, don’t stop…please don’t stop…I am going to explode just from this…
Her breath escaped her, his mouth sending repeated bursts of lightning through her core. She arched her back in delight pushing the sensitive nub deeper into his mouth. He suckled harder, her hips grinding against his cock in animal need. He pulled and she felt him shift, her body still careening from the exquisite torture. Her senses began to return when he latched on to her right nipple. Her nails dug into his shoulders, unable to hold back the electric pulses igniting her body. His hips shifted and he filled her. She gasped, her body igniting. He was so hard, she could feel him throbbing before the first thrust.
Trembling, she moaned into his neck, nipping with her teeth. He released her nipple, hand thrust into her hair and he locked her eyes. His thrusts came harder and the raging wave curling within her began to rise.
Gasping for air, the feeling became overwhelming. Her nipple rolled against his thumb, he kissed her sweetly as her body rapidly filled. He kissed her again his eyes measuring her pleasure. He kissed her again and spoke softly into her mouth.
“Cum for me Sara…”
He held her eyes, her body rippled and shook. He pinched her nipples, and she lurched, every nerve in her body exploding in pleasure. He captured the scream of indefinable bliss that sung through her with a passionate kiss. His hands curled against the small of her back, his body stiffening before he thrust against her hard, his own climax rolling over his body. Her head fell back. His mouth suckled on the pulse of her neck, the waves continuing to drown her senses. She slowly came down from the high, her body weak and foreign. He gently put her back on her feet and she adjusted her skirt.
What the hell am I doing?
Still overly aware of the moaning from the next room, she redressed. Her cheeks burned in rage at her own weakness. He noticed and moved to make her face him. She refused and pushed him away. He moved to speak and she glared at him. He reached out to touch her and she slapped his hand away before she sprinted away from him. The heavy door opened with ease and she stepped into the crowded hotel hallway. She knew he would be behind her in a moment so she tossed herself into the crowd trying to disappear in the sea of suits.
A moment later she heard him call her name. She continued walking away in ignorance, fighting with her hearts pleads to turn around.
No...he lied to you have to keep going...

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Monday, July 11, 2011

A contest!

So my author is celebrating the newest release of my series, Green Embrace. So she is holding a little contest on her Facebook Fanpage If you go on there and write on her wall you will be entered in the contest. Let her know what you have read of hers and loved or what of hers you would love to read.

The contest will end August 1st and a winner will be picked to be the first to receive a Romance Trading Card of hers that features me!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My New Cover!

Wanted to share my new cover!

Gorgeous, isn't it? Till Abandon is my first foray into the Paranormal/Shifter realm and it releases October 17 from Total-e-Bound. Go here to read the blurb.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Working on another Carly Bright story

Yes, that’s right. I’m working on another sassy Carly Bright story…Shhhsh… Tamara would be pissed if she found out and there’s no telling what she might do. You know how temperamental vampire’s are. LOL

The next Hightower book, New Beginnings is now available at Amazon and other fine ebook retailers near you.

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Here’s an unedited scene to wet your appetite:

I can accept that the “Tom” nightmare didn’t happen, and that he wasn’t an Incubus trying to take over my mind with sex. Hell, I can even accept that Stony, Lysandra’s gargoyle statue isn’t a real gargoyle and never came to life, but there is no way I can accept that Ash and I didn’t have sex. I’m not talking about the traditional, physical sex. I know we couldn’t have done the deed while I was in a coma. At least, I hope we didn’t. I’m talking about sex in some kind of mental or magical hokey-pokey kind-of way. I come from a long line of witches, and Ash is a vampire. Magic is in my blood, so to speak. Anything is possible.
Fletcher’s desk was as tidy as ever. I think the woman has an OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder about clutter. Her neurotic organizational skills would drive me insane, but I wasn’t there to discuss her personal shortcomings. I had bigger and more important priorities. Nana and Ash were driving me nuts. I needed to get out of the house and out from under their watchful, prying eyes. If left up to them, I would become a Soap Opera Queen never having to leave the couch again. The three most popular shows, Not My Children, As the World Topples and Private Morgue consisted of the same basic storyline. Love, betrayal, sex and death, and in that predictable order. Can you say bo-ring?
I needed my own drama. I needed to feel the adrenaline rush of working on a case. Hell, I needed to live! Okay, maybe that last part was a little over the top.
“Get your feet off my desk, Bright.”
I jumped up out of the chair spilling coffee as I came to my feet. I never heard Fletcher come up behind me. Sometimes, that woman was too quiet for other people’s good.

“What do you want, now?” she asked as she placed her leather briefcase on the credenza and then sat in the big, cushy executive chair behind the desk, and started reading her perfectly stacked messages.
I lowered my head. “I need your help,” I said as I looked up at her, making sure that my head stayed lowered. Step one, look miserable, which wasn’t difficult to do.
She stopped thumbing through her stack and looked up at me. When our eyes met, I slowly batted my eyelashes. She smiled and leaned back in the recliner chair.
“Okay, you have my attention. Shoot,” she said, then grinned.
“I’m dying.” Step two. Break out the big guns - call upon on her pity.
She cocked a brow. “I see,” she replied as she shifted her weight and leaned a little further into the chair. I had the feeling my plan wasn’t working. Instead of acting or looking concerned, she appeared to be getting very comfortable. Time to heighten the stakes.
“I wanted to be honest with you. I didn’t think you should have to hear it from someone else, but at this rate, I won’t have long.” Step three is my infamous booboo face. I tucked my upper lip in while pushing my lower lip out, then slightly tilted my head to the side while still keeping eye contact.
“I’m sorry to hear that, Bright,” she sounded genuinely concerned. “The team sure is going to take this hard.”
I had to fight back a smug grin. I had her, now. I’d be back in the field in no time, flat. I didn’t say a word. I just shook my head in agreeance.
Fletcher leaned forward and picked up her phone. “Yes, Donna, please come in.” Donna was Fletcher’s secretary and personal assistant. Things were starting to happen, I felt confident.
Donna strolled through the door, and smiled at me. “Hi, Carly.”
I forced myself to maintain in character, I half smiled back.
“Get the academy on the line and," Fletcher ordered. "Schedule a shrink for next week. Bright is dying. I want to make sure that the team gets all the help they need when Bright’s replacement arrives.”
“Whoa!” I snapped as I stood. “You’re replacing me that easy?” I cried out flabbergasted. Oh hell, my plan went to shit in a hand basket. “Come on, Fletcher,” I said as I plopped back into the chair. “You know what I meant. I didn’t mean I was literally dying this moment.”

Copyright Annie Alvarez, 2011