Friday, February 26, 2010

JONATHAN SPEAKS!: Friggin' Sock Monkeys!!! don't know how much I fucking HATE HATE HATE sock monkeys! every time I see one I just wanna tear it to pieces. It's not my aversion to monkeys in general, it's just the representation of them. They're ugly. and stupid looking. and dumb. Who invented those damn things?!?! and why? Whoever made them should be thrown in a cage with REAL monkeys and see how they like being ripped to pieces or have poo thrown at them!!! I'd bet they'd change their minds then! Don't you think teddy bears are much better? but then again, bears aren't all that cute either, and they too, will tear you to smithereens! but teddy bears look way better than sock monkeys.
*SIGH* having gotten that little rant out of my system, I'm afraid I have to change my opinion of those damnblasted monkeys. Wanna find out why, plus know how my Valentine's date went at the same time? You can download all the details HERE....and whatever you do, Please don't laugh at me...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Characters to Fall In Love With

My dear friend Delora asked me to post this for her as her computer is doing so strange and naughty things.

A lot of people would never admit it, but more people have done it than you think: falling in love with a fictional character. I’m not talking about those crushes on actors that all of us have had at one time or another. I’m talking about falling in love with someone who exists only on the page, on screen or even in video games. Think it doesn’t happen? Think again. There is even a Facebook page dedicated to it.

Fictional characters, male and female, have long been the object of romantic fantasy: East of Eden’s Caleb Trask (or was it just James Dean?), Dana Scully from The X Files, Aragorn from Lord of the Rings, everyone’s favorite Tomb Raider Lara Croft, The Twilight Saga’s Bella and, of course, Edward, the fantasy-de-jour that simply refuses to die. (Please would someone just hurry and drive a stake through that fantasy? I’m so over him.) And there are tons more! It’s easy to love the attractive ones, with their exaggerated good looks and seductive behavior. Something about the mysterious, beautiful, filthy rich or reclusive characters really gets to me. I created a character so attractive to me that I hated to end the story, but fortunately I managed to say what I needed to say about him, which tucked him away so I didn’t obsess over him. I did miss him, though.

Not all of the characters we fall for ideal or perfect. Many have annoying or downright deplorable traits. I’m a sucker for a bad boy or bad girl. I’ve heard a couple of folks say they like the evil Irrylath from Meredith Ann Pierce’s The Darkangel. I still crush on Dracula a little bit. How many vampire crushes are out there? Too many to count. And thank goodness, because it keeps my NLV authors in business!

Some fixations are inexplicable. I knew of a woman who found Ashley Wilkes attractive and I always thought he was a pussy. One guy I know was in love with BigWig the rabbit in Watership Down. I know someone who fixated on the twisted Roger Chillingworth from The Scarlet Letter. Actress Yeardley Smith of The Simpsons reports having numerous people tell her that they fantasize about sleeping with Lisa Simpson. Oooooooooookaaaaaaayyyyy.

Remember, indulging in such fantasy is fun so long as you don’t become obsessed and or demand that your real life partner lives up to your fantasy-based expectations – an impossible task. It’s pure escapism, so just have a good time with it for what it’s worth.

Monday, February 22, 2010


I am ready for spring, I know I am a Vampire and I can't go out in the sun. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the warmer nights, and the flowers in the moonlight.
It is one of my secret hobbies, gardening. And there are plenty of things I can grow and appreciate in the night. One of my favorites is the Night Blooming Cereus, which is what I pictured here.
I am drawn to white, I suppose it is because it is so pure, so opposite of my life which has always been decorated in shades of red and black. Not that I would do it any different. I just suppose that is why I prefer white in things, such as my flowers.
So I want spring, and I know my lovely author does as well. She will, I hope, feel more inspired when the sun begins to shine. Although I do worry she will decide to run off to the beach and get nothing done at all. We shall see, and that is a risk I am willing to take.
Perhaps a trip south is in order for me and my mate. A little vacation from life here in the cool late winter. Head to the desert where night blooming cacti are abundant and beautiful. He can run around like the mad dog he is, and I can enjoy the lovely surroundings.
I actually like that idea quite a lot. I wonder if I can convince Tarquin to do it though, he is always so hard to tear away from his pack. Not that I blame him there though, his pack is nothing more than a bunch of beasts, without him around to reign them in who knows what would happen.
I really should get him to take on a protege of sorts, someone who would allow us to take time to ourselves, and know we will come back to a pack that is still in tact. I will think on this, and of course let you all know how that goes. If nothing else I do suppose we could call on our daughter and her mate to watch things for us, he is a dominating sort, and well respected by the pack, even though he mated with my dear Alexia.
I am certain you all know about my daughter, the one and only Werepire in existence. Poor dear, she has had some terrible troubles, which you will all get to read about in Keeping Blood when it comes out April 15th through Devine Destinies.
Well I will leave with thoughts running through my mind, a vacation is sure to be in my near future. I am a woman who gets what she wants *wicked grin* no matter what it takes to get it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Stubborn Humans

First and foremost, let me apologize for not posting earlier. I have been nursing my human author back to health from a severe case of the flu. I have been watching her take antibiotics, suck on cough drops and hack up nasty looking things all because she refuses to take a few drops of my blood to cure her ailment.

Stubborn Humans!
I am proud of her, inspite of her ailment, she has done right by me and Lustful Torment is scheduled for release on March 1, 2010. Yes, I finally get my chance to tell you how I see things as this story is from my point of view. Izzy takes a back seat on this one and I couldn't be happier. Honestly, would she had taken a lashing with silver tips for me? And yes, I have and will carry the scars to prove it.
My human author has also managed to write another story, no, not about my family or our bloodline, but about more humans. Although, I would typically regard this as another boring human story, I must say that she has outdone herself. Be on the look-out for Sessions in May.
If my human doesn't willingly take a drop or two of my blood, I may have to entrance her. The balled up  tissues littering her bedroom floor and strange throat noises she makes is driving me insane. I never knew those sounds could come from a human, I always thought it was from an injured animal.
I'll keep you posted on my humans progress and any other relevant news.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blog Bites – Valerie Long

We’ve got our Fangs in
Valerie Long’s

Valerie Long - Lilith
Hello Lilith. Would you introduce yourself?
Hello all! Wow–it’s so exciting, I’m interviewed! My name is Lilith. Well, nobody calls me that, they all just say “Lil”. I prefer “Lilly”, with a double “ell”. I am twenty-one and my hobbies are sports, anatomy, chemistry and music. Classical opera like Troubadour or gothic rock like Moonspell. I also like books. I’m in a book myself, you know? It just came out two days ago, February 15th, on eXtasybooks as one of the Fantasy Garden stories. Did I say that I like roses?

What makes you special?
Me? Special? Oh no, I’m not special, only that I have failed to keep my promise. Wait–let me think. Yes, there’s one thing. I’m absolutely committed to correct my failure.

Tell me about your most current adventure.
Adventure–well, yes, I think you can call it adventurous. But don’t you think I’d give away too much? No? Okay. You know, until I started my mission I had no idea… I was a virgin, y’know? Well, the first time–it hurt a bit, but I think that’s okay, it’s part of my–chastisement, I’d say. I pulled him in so quick that he didn’t have time to notice. And then, oh, it was such a great feeling! And that was just the beginning!

If you could offer your author advice, what would it be?
She shouldn’t be so sad. She knows I deserved what I got. It was my choice.

Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
Happy? You’re kidding. First they see a little girl. Then they see some new toy in me. When they finally recognize how wrong they’ve been, it’s too late. No, honestly, I don’t care anymore.

Is expressing love difficult for you? Why?
Well, yes, of course. But it’s a part of my role. I must appear authentic. They may never suspect it’s not the real thing. It’s difficult, because I only know it from books and internet video, and there’s such a lot of fake stuff. I really think there are only two or three tapes with moans that are used everywhere.

Is there a message you want to get across in this interview?
If you fail, you have to deal with the consequences. Ultimately.

If you could time travel, where would you go?
A few minutes before that ugly incident. I’d tell my sis not to go to town alone.

How many sex partners have you had? How many at one time?
Oh, I did them one by one. That was the only way to complete my mission. Each a different pace and a different method. I think it wouldn’t be fair not to dedicate yourself entirely to one man.

Is there a question you wish I had asked but didn’t?
Yes. You could have asked if it all had to happen this way. No. If my father had been a bit more understanding, if my sister had been a bit more careful, if I had been a bit more alert–but then I wouldn’t be here for interview, right?

What are your opinions on Eva, Adam’s second wife?
Eva who? Adam? Are you talking ’bout the Bible? I’m not very religious, you see. But if you ask, I think she shouldn’t have eaten that apple. There must have been zillions of other fruit around. Just stupid to pick the one she was told not to. Just stupid to listen to a snake.

What are the pro’s and con’s to being a deity?
Dunno – why do you ask me? Probably it’s nice that you never need care about your moon days, but it must be ultimately boring to sit on a cloud every other day.

How does one become a deity?
Look, I don’t know where this interview is heading to, but your questions are getting stranger and stranger. What do I know about becoming a deity?

Describe your best kill. Why was it the best?
Oops, what a question! But okay, it won’t matter anyway, it’s too late for the police. I think I can’t pick one. That would be like taking one aria and ignoring the opera. I think it’s the overall picture that counts.

Could you count on any special abilities?
Except being a pretty girl with a firm pair of boobies? No–Yes. Perhaps I’m a good actress. But otherwise I’m an ordinary girl, and I did my homework.

What’s the oddest thing you’ve seen?
Hmm–your pointy teeth and this interview? Nice lip-gloss, by the way.
Oh, sorry that's not lipsgloss, I just fed.

If you could change one thing about you or someone you loved, what would it be?
Oh my. Perhaps I’d change the way Pop saw my sis. She wasn’t a bad girl, and he was a good father. But they didn’t get along very well. Isn’t that so with all teenies?

What’s the one thing you wish you could change about yourself or someone you love?
Didn’t I answer that question right before?

How do you deal with stress?
I focus on my task. I just have to get it done.

Would you like to give any advice to our readers?
I don’t think I’m in a position to give advice. I’m not a good role model. I have failed. I could say “Don’t repeat my mistakes”, but I think every situation is individual, and so are my mistakes. Use your own good judgment, and use it better than I did.

Lilith, thank you for sharing your innermost thoughts with us.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Where do all the stories start? Usually with something inexplicable and often mundane, right? A person wakes up in the morning and they brew their favorite coffee and suddenly realize the backdoor’s open. Another person heads out to the car and finds that the window’s been smashed and a note is lying in the seat. These mysteries start books and movies—they don’t usually indicate the start of a normal person’s day.

And yet fiction wouldn’t be where it is today without people having bizarre moments leading them on a path of strangeness and oddity. Often times, the real life stories are far more improbable than fiction could ever be. When we hear about the trials of a POW or a refugee, our minds slot such tales in the outlandish zone. Even with proof, we have a hard time acknowledging the reality of that person’s situation.

I’ve had more than my fair share of mysterious wake up calls and I can honestly say that they’re never easy. The first few times, I thought of them as adventures—sort of like Bilbo being approached by Gandalf on a perfectly average day. These flights of fancy and exciting distractions tended to be the kind that would help me grow as a person (or vampire if you prefer). I’d come out a little wiser or sadder or whatever the case might be but I always tried to maintain an optimistic mindset.

Later, these became annoying. How many times can one person be bothered by the ‘powers that be’? Aren’t there any other people available for fate to call on and mess with? Life changing events for me have become like any other inconvenience from getting a parking ticket to leaving one’s coat at a restaurant to breaking a heel on a flight of stairs. Only in my world, the parking ticket would be written by a demon, the coat would be used by a necromancer to blackmail me and breaking the heel would mean a fall that should have killed a normal person. Try explaining that to the medics.

All of this probably means very little but it’s a good way to start the story of what’s happened to me most recently and where I’ve disappeared off to. I wish that it was simply an impromptu flight to Jamaica or a spontaneous road trip to destinations unknown but I wasn’t that lucky. No, these things rarely are that simple but even so, providing that they ask a question, they tend to be compelling.

So I’ll leave off with this introduction and offer more description soon. Safe to say that I’m back now, barring another unusual moment in the history of me. I’d love to have a little time at the home front for a while.

Fate? If you’re reading this, let your eyes wander over me for a little while. I’m tired of your nagging :P.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I didn't bite anyone...

Its true, I resisted biting any of the humans who swarmed the hotel on Friday night. I wanted to, at least a few of them who I felt were getting too close or looking to appreciatively at my author, I am very protective of her, she is still working for me after all. Aside from my self imposed role of bodyguard, I did not entirely disdain my time there, I found much of it quite enjoyable actually. Watching the interactions of humans is interesting, the preening and strutting they do for each other is ridiculous. It is impossible to understand how any of them manage to get together with each other. I don't pretend to understand what it is all about with them, but as I interact more with them, through my author, I am finding myself fascinated by their antics.

I suppose part of their problem is that they are not endowed with the natural instincts immortals are. They have no way of knowing that the person standing next to them is or is not the one who will make them happy for all time. That's not to say immortals don't screw around or screw up relationships, but we know going into the thing that it isn't going to be an all time thing, or that it is. And of course there is the fact that forever for an immortal means a whole hell of a lot more than it does for a human.

It was by far the most interesting thing about the convention, the humans interactions. I don't think I will soon be making friends with humans, but to observe and, yes I admit laugh, from a distance just might become a new favorite hobby of mine.
Perhaps, but perhaps not. There is so much stirring in the immortal world right now I fear I will soon be caught up in a whole lot. I know you will all hear about much of it, through the wonderful series as it comes. My daughter, Alexia, has a story coming in April, Keeping Blood. Now that is a story I will love for you all to read, so you will understand my hate for Lillian, the animal elf.
Until then make sure you are caught up with my story, it will help you understand a bit more about me. Blood Visions will throw you into our world, and delight you too I am certain...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Jonathan Speaks!--Stupid Friggin' Pink Hearts Day recant

Okay, guys, so it's like, 2 more days until I have to deal with this crap...Stupid Pink Hearts Day. Kill Cupid Day. Whatever us valentine's day haters like to call it. I've taken you guys advice on what to do too, so a big thanks to everyone who offered help! Yes, I've decided to take this girl out--Bethany--but with the help of my clan, of course!! Hell, there was NO WAY I'd do that by myself! You'll be able to catch everything that happened here with a link to the whole story that you'll be able to download for free, by Monday, the 15th! Isn't it nice to get a sneak peek into a day in the life of...? LOL.
No worries....just like Christmas, this too, shall pass!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hi everyone, I'm Carly Bright and I wanted to introduce myself. I took the liberty of posting an unedited excerpt about myself and my training in the hopes that I could encourage you to keep an eye out for me.


The ringing phone jarred me from a sound sleep. Sleep is something I haven’t had a lot of since I transferred to sunny Florida. I stumbled out of bed and found the fashionable torn pair of jeans, I had just climbed out of not five hours earlier. I decided on a clean white tee shirt. Even half asleep, I slipped my loaded 9mm Sig into the holster on my right hip with ease, stepped into my sneakers, and grabbed the black blazer that hung next to the door. My name is Bright. Carly Bright and I’m an FBI supernatural profiler. Don’t get excited, it’s a fancy name that allows my colleagues to harass me, that’s all.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Langley along with a handful of other “Supernatural” profilers. After my extensive training, I was assigned to investigate cold cases in cold ass Virginia. Not what I had trained for, but I wasn’t going to quit. I liked the perks of being an agent. For one, I’m the type of girl who gets warm, fuzzy feelings from the cold, hard, steel of my 9mm Sig pressed against my side. And second, I wasn’t going to waste my sometimes brutal, but extensive training just to walk away. Not now that I’d graduated.

The bureau started supernatural profiler classes while I was at the academy because that’s when vampires officially came out of the coffin. The position offered more pay, more vacation time and a hell of an insurance policy. While in training, we had the privilege of interviewing several vampires that willingly helped our cause, they taught us how to deal with thier kind for a healthy exchange of blood.

For real interrogations, we armed ourselves with crosses and squirt bottles filled with Holy Water and marched our asses into an interrogation room, only to find the said vampire laughing so hard, they would sometimes fall out of their chairs. It wasn’t until later when I met Tamara Hightower, who informed me that crosses and holy water were a myth. No wonder we became the laughing stock the vampire world. Shortly after that, the bureau put our division on the backburner. C’est la vie.

I wasn’t going to let the cold cases interfere with all the training I received and started building my own vampire dossier. It wasn’t easy believe me, no one wants to talk about their clans much less their Masters or Mistresses. Apparently, there’s some kind of mental connection between them that leaves the underling open to mental scans from their superiors and revealing pertinent information could result in the informant’s true death. I’ve questioned a lot of vamps and learned about most of the clans, but the Hightower name rattled my curiosity. As soon as the name passed my lips, everyone would clam up. Even other clan members seemed to suffer from an extreme case of tight lipness when it came to them. I guess it was supposed to drive me away, instead, it spiked my curiosity and I dug deeper.

I finally convinced a human donor, yeah as in a blood donor to trust me not to reveal her name, and she informed me of the current whereabouts of one of the actual Hightowers, not their underlings. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to study a member of their royal family. I mean that’s what I had been trained to do. I convinced my partner Calvin Anderson, to join me, and we headed north. New York. Where all the strange, mutated, human and supernatural converge.

I certainly hope that I spiked your curiosity and that once I'm established on the web, you'll come by and visit me. In the meantime, leave me a comment. I'd love to hear from you!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Me at a Con!

You got it right with the title, my author and I are heading to a convention this coming weekend. I may not be actively participating, as she will be, but I will be around spying on the humans who may or may not have heard of me and my story. I am interested to see how they will react to it, she is planning on reading a snippet of it, as well as a sneak peak of my daughter, Alexia's story.

I plan to hover, and make sure my author doesn't get into any trouble. I wouldn't allow any harm to befall her, after all, I need her to be around to write all the stories that are coming forward. I hope to see interest in our project from the humans who, most likely, will not know the stories are anything more than a work of fiction. Silly humans.

So yes, this weekend I will brave the human world and enter a crowded Con, RadCon, in Pasco Washington. I threatened Tarquin with bodily harm if he attempts to follow and "protect" me. It is far from necessary and indeed I imagine he would do more harm than good if he decided to play protector from the human population. I am far from helpless when compared to humans, unless they band together to kill the monster of course, that is always a very real danger for immortals.

I will, of course, let you all know how it turned out. Next week you will get the recap of our adventure and whether or not I plan to allow my author out in such a situation again. She wants to go to one in my old hometown of Spokane Washington at the end of July, but we will see about that. She is lucky I have allowed her to attend this one.

As I said earlier, she is very precious to me, if she is not around then I would have to trouble myself to find another author, not something I am fond of doing. Picking her was hard enough.

Well, if you are interested in knowing what this Con is all about their website is and of course my authors website is full of interesting information about me and my fellow immortals, well, the information I have allowed her to share.

So check back next week for how it all went, of course if it all goes terribly wrong you will no doubt hear about it on the national news.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Internet Pirates

I write to you today with sad news.

I wanted to write something meaningful. Something that would trigger a light bulb, as you humans are so fond of saying, to the reality of what’s happening right under your noses.

The truth is that a new wave of terrorists have emerged and I’m not talking about some half baked religious group that trains suicide bombers and hides in the mountains.

No, these terrorists are much more refined than that. They can live next door to you, share your work space with you and even be your closest friends and you’d never know it. Many of my human friends have been affected by this progression of moral deterioration. Ask Stephanie Meyer’s, who was recently a victim.

I’m referring to Internet Terrorists. Don’t poo-poo me off, yet. These terrorists are so good at what they do that the media, and even some of the largest corporations in the world, turn their backs in the belief that all is lost.

These so called terrorists are also known as pirates and they have infiltrated themselves into the most personal area of your lives, into your homes. Have no doubt, they are extremely good at what they do. They steal.

They care not whom they steal from, the rich, the poor, the young, or the old.  They care not about race, nationality, financial, political or religious status.

They are so good in fact, that they steal from under the very noses of the most influential companies of the world. Brothersoft, Xilisoft, Symantec Norton, Microsoft, and countless others.

And don’t think for one minute that it couldn’t happen to you. It’s not just the big companies they are targeting, it’s people like you, who work hard to make a living. Nora Roberts, Kim Harrison, Laurel K. Hamilton, Jocelyn Drake, AJ Llewellyn, Bonnie Rose Leigh, Stephanie Hecht and even the dead. Michael Jackson, may he rest in peace, is being robbed from the grave so don’t be surprised if you find your name on their list soon.

It is truly a sad day in history that Twitter, one of the internet companies you support now supports Astatalk, a known band of thieves and you have turned a blind eye.

As for me, I will continue to rule my clan with a tight fist, lest we end up as demoralized as the rest of the human population.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blog Bites – Belinda McBride’s Rico Montgomery

We got our FANGS in

Belinda McBride’s

Rico Montgomery

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Rico Montgomery. I’m a werewolf currently living with the Truckee Pack in the book Sex and Chocolate: Toxic.

Buy Link

This book is part of a multi-author series called Sex and Chocolate, but we’ve been so popular that my author is planning a series all about the Truckee Wolves.

What makes you special?
Special? Well, I don’t know about special, but I’m a little different than my pack-mates. I was orphaned young and raised with humans. I had to work hard to blend in with the human world, in a way, I act as a link between the Pack and the community. Unfortunately, I’m not always that comfortable with my Pack; that’s been a bit of a problem lately. Can’t help feeling like an outsider.

Tell me about your most current adventure.
Wow, let me tell you…wolves and chocolate do NOT mix! LOL! I gotta confess, I’ve kinda got a thing for Dr. Briony Theale, the local vet. Well, I was hanging around her clinic one night cause she was working late. I was in wolf form and caught this amazing smell. Turned out that she’d thrown her chocolate into a trash can. Of course I ate it! LOL! Can’t tell you how sick I got. Then things got worse when Briony found me outside puking up my guts. Not exactly a romantic beginning for us, was it?

Here’s a little excerpt; I like this cause it’s all about me!

“Dr. Briony, you have a call on line two.” Amy gave an impish smile. “It’s Ranger Rick from the Wildlife Rescue.” She waggled a pale blonde brow.

“It’s Rico, not Rick.”

“Well, he’s a ranger and looks just fine in that uniform.”

That he did. Briony’s belly tightened at the mention of his name. Butterflies danced alongside the slight chocolate euphoria she was experiencing. “I’ll take it in my office.”

“Sure you will. Are you guys having phone sex yet?”

God, why did she keep the girl around? It wasn’t bad enough that Amy was a smart-mouthed kid, but at the age of nineteen, she was the poster child for the perfect California beach blonde. She was tall and slender with blue eyes and golden hair.

Briony was brown. She didn’t even have the satisfaction of saying she was African American or Latino. She lived as a chocolate woman in a vanilla community. Sometimes Bree felt like the ultimate outsider, an eclectic mix of races that left her with brown skin, brown eyes, and even brown hair. She certainly didn’t have a bikini body, but she didn’t let that keep her away from the water. Part of the reason she’d moved to California ’s Gold Country was the abundant outdoor life.

In the summers she spent every spare moment at the crystalline lakes and rivers, kayaking and swimming. In the winters, she explored the back country on her cross country skis. She’d grown up without money and had still managed to graduate from UC Davis Veterinary School. When Briony decided she wanted something, she gathered up her courage and went after it.

Well, all except for the man waiting for her to answer his call. She’d never found the nerve to pursue him.

Rico Montgomery. The first time she’d seen him, she’d nearly had a spontaneous orgasm. Her body wanted to have his children. She’d contemplated tripping him and beating him to the floor.

He was six feet two inches of dark-haired, gray-eyed, chiseled beefcake, and this beefcake had brains. He wore his tan uniform shirt to perfection, and his Smokey the Bear hat threw her into the most delicious fantasies of her life. But face-to-face with the man, she was a wreck.

She stared down at the blinking light on the phone. “I am woman, hear me roar.” She took a deep breath. Her fingers trembled as she lifted the handset. “This is Dr. Theale.”

“Hi Dr. Briony, it’s Rico at Rescue.”

“Unhh… hello, Rico.” Oh, that was brilliant. Just brilliant. “What can I do for you today?” Maybe a full body massage? Or hell, let’s just go for broke… a blow job?

She shivered, imagining wrapping her mouth around his cock. Just for fun, she’d dribble chocolate sauce over it first. In fact, she’d like to cast that phallus of his in chocolate. That way, she could have the best of both worlds…

Briony’s head dropped to the desk, her face hot with embarrassment. This was how she acted around the man over the phone! The idea of seeing him in person just blew her dignity out the window.

“Well, I wanted to see if you could make a house call today. I’ve got an injured falcon that’s just come in.”

She could almost hear the smile in his voice. Rico Montgomery was a walking wet dream of a man. There was no doubt in her mind he knew exactly what she was thinking. He had to be accustomed to women losing their cool around him.

“Let me see, I’m short-handed today.” Briony booted up her scheduling calendar for the day. “I’m booked pretty solid for the next couple hours, but I can come out right after my last appointment… say 5:30?”

“That’d be awesome. And since it’s on your own time, dinner’s on me tonight.”

Dinner on Rico. She imagined licking gravy from his navel and stifled a giggle. “Oh, really… that’s okay…” Her chocolate-filled stomach lurched. Briony wasn’t sure if it was nausea, nerves or arousal.

“No problem, I’m on baby birds till later tonight. Gotta grab dinner sometime.”

Briony stood and paced a bit, dragging the phone cord across her cluttered desk. A pile of books crashed to the floor. “Damn! Uh… sorry, just dropped something.”

His laugh was as rich as melted chocolate in her ear. “Is pizza okay? I usually do an all meat combo. I’m a carnivore, you know.”

Damn, even pizza talk sounded sexy coming from Rico’s mouth. “Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll see you in a couple hours then.”

They made their goodbyes and Briony put the phone back into its base on her desk.

“Hot date with the ranger?” Amy was leaning against the doorjamb.

“No, an injured falcon. He’s working late too, so we’re just…”

“Having dinner together.”

“It’s not a date.”

If you could offer advice to your author, what would it be?
If I could give Belinda some advice, I’d tell her to get a few more dogs. She has six…all Siberian Huskies. I don’t think that’s really enough…what do you think? I think Belinda needs more dogs…lots more dogs!

Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
Wow, as far as humans go, they always seem to like me enough. The ladies think I’m good-looking, the men think I’m manly. But Briony…well, I just don’t know what it is with her. Sometimes I think she likes me, other times she just ignores me. But I guess that’s a woman for you, eh?

Now the Pack, I think our alpha Chase doesn’t like me so much. His lieutenant Sage definitely doesn’t like me. They aren’t too comfortable with me so close to humans and all. I’ve stayed away for awhile, I’m getting the feeling that the time is coming when I’ve got to choose between Bree and the Pack. But you know, how do you choose between the woman you love, and your family? Especially when you don’t know your family that well.

Does your author ever try to take over the story? And how do you deal with it?
Well yeah! All the time! How do you think I ended up crammed in a dog crate? It was her. Not Briony…Belinda. I heard her running around the house laughing in hysterics as she came up with ideas to humiliate me. Don’t know what her problem is. Anyhow, when she tries to take over, I just stop cooperating. Or I leave completely. That absolutely makes her insane!

Did you do anything special after your first adventure?
Yeah. I got married. LOL!

If you could time travel, where would you go?
If I could time travel, it wouldn’t be where, but when. You see, I was really little when my mother was killed. I’m told that we were out walking by the side of the road. She was hit by a car and they left us there. I don’t remember any of this, and while I wouldn’t want to witness her death, I’d really like to meet my mother, my father too. I have no idea who he was. That’s always bothered me a bit.

How many sex partners have you had? How many at one time?
Heh. Heheheh. You think I’m sharing that? OK, here’s the thing. Werewolves are sexual by nature. I’m not a monk, but I’m not Wilt Chamberlain either. Now I’m usually pretty straight. I’ve never been much into guys, but there was this time when I was living in Arcata…well, I don’t know if I should tell you. Bree might end up reading this and I don’t want her to get the wrong idea. But there were a few girls…a few guys…and beer…and a big ole campfire on the beach…What can I say? I was in college!

What was the best sexual experience you’ve had?
That first time with Briony. Hands down. Of course, she was sort of asleep. You see, she thought I was a dog, so when she woke up, she thought it was all a dream. I still haven’t fessed up cause I know damn well she’ll be pissed!

Do you think you are a superior being?
Oh no. Nature might have created us all different, but no one species is better than another. My job is tending animals, and I learn as much from a wounded falcon as I do from a professor. And face it, were animal like us are pretty high on the food chain. If we started thinking we were better than other creatures, we’d just be freakin’ dangerous. I haven’t run across any vamps in my life, but from what I hear, they tend to have a God complex. Personally, I think the reason they’re so rare is that they’re arrogant and get themselves killed. Well, that answer was very informative. Perhaps it’s best if we move on.

Okay, let’s get a little personal. What are your opinions on your alpha, Chase Montenegro?
Well, that guy’s a piece of work. Big, powerful as hell. I tell you, when he walks into a room, the air gets electric. But he was born and raised in a lab. Can you believe that? He’s got this posse of strong betas that live in the main house with him. I don’t like to gossip, but you know, I’ve got to wonder what’s up with those three. I know he’s got to keep Sage on a short lead, that guy’s certifiable. But Ethan and Kurt? Nice guys, but scary. Those two are a couple. They’re pretty happy together, till the girls start coming into heat…then it’s pretty hilarious!

Chase has a fetish for designer clothes. Probably cause he grew up with nothing. But he’s usually fair and reasonable. Of course, when he came into the region, he didn’t really give the locals any choice about joining up with the Pack. He’s a bit of a control freak, but what alpha isn’t? The other thing about him is that he keeps taking in the misfits…people the other packs won’t touch. We’ve got a couple females that refuse to shift to their human form. They were treated pretty badly, I guess, and don’t want anything to do with humans. Now Briony has a way with animals, and one of the ladies will shift for Briony. Kind of makes me want to cry when I see that.

What are the pro’s and con’s to being a Werewolf?
Obviously, we have to stay pretty low profile. Sometimes it takes a lot of control to keep the beast inside. The pro’s are many: enhanced senses and strength, a longer, healthier life than the average human. Crossing from world to world is always a problem, some of the others tend to slip up now and then…growling at a traffic cop isn’t a good thing.

How does one become a Werewolf?
Contrary to myth, we aren’t contagious. I was born Were. I know some like Chase and his men were manipulated before birth. We’re just another species that’s lived under your nose since the beginning of time.

Describe your best kill. Why was it the best?
Okay. Gotta fess up. I’ve never killed anyone. Seriously. What do you think I am? I do hunt sometimes, deer, rabbit and that sort of thing. I do remember the first deer I took down, that was quite an experience. Damn thing nearly brained me with its hooves!

What kind of abilities do you get when you become a Werewolf?
Like I mentioned, better sense of smell and night vision. I think I’m probably more in touch with nature than the average human. Sex…well, I guess we’re a bit more virile than humans…if you know what I mean…

What makes being with a Werewolf the best sexual experience?
Short recovery time. Our equipment ain’t bad either.

Does shifting hurt?
Nah, it’s a natural state for us. If we were crippled or disoriented by our shift, even for a second, that would be a liability in a fight. It’s a change on the molecular level, so you won’t be seeing any bones or clear gunk when it happens. Some people think it’s magic. If it was magic, I wouldn’t be buck-naked every time I shifted back!

Have you ever had a flee bath?
Remember that part of the interview when you asked about the author taking over the story? When she started down that road, I just got up and left.

Is silver dangerous for you or is that a myth?
That’s a myth. I believe it’s because the Celts believed that silver was a purifying metal. As we aren’t impure, it really doesn’t have an effect. Kinda like vampires and crosses.
If the vamp believes, then it’ll probably hurt.

Do you shed a lot?
No, because my entire body rejuvenates on a cellular level with every shift I’m always in prime condition. That might also explain our longevity and slow aging.

What do you think about the Quileute Pack?

Rico…well, what can I say? Your visit was quite informative, but perhaps it is best if you keep your opinions about vampires to yourself while you travel through my territories. You are welcomed to return and visit whenever you’d like.

Rico Montgomery is the hero in Belinda McBride’s new book Sex and Chocolate: Toxic. Rico is a werewolf who was orphaned at a young age. As a result, he grew up in the company of humans, and continues to feel most at ease with his adopted species. Rico is a highly educated wildlife specialist and works closely with Dr. Briony Theale who volunteers her services at the Wildlife Rescue Center that Rico manages.

Rico’s hobbies include hiking, skiing, running and spending weekends at the compound, helping renovate the old resort hotel that the Pack has purchased.

To find out about Rico’s nemesis and creator, visit

You can also read about his human’s upcoming projects by visiting her blog:

Monday, February 1, 2010

Full Moon Fiasco

Saturday night was a full moon and as usually my house was full of unwanted guests. There was an accident. I swear it wasn't on purpose, I would never intentionally harm any of Tarquin's pack, especially one so young. I will tell you my side of this story and you can decide what you think.

I had begun to notice the curious glances from this particular were a long time ago. He was young, no more than twenty, and he seemed to always be looking in my direction when he was about our home. I never mentioned this to Tarquin because he has such a jealous temper I didn't want the young boy to be gutted for no reason.

Well this night I guess he decided he was brave enough to approach me. I was alone in the kitchen when he entered through the open back door. I greeted him as I did all the weres, which is to say I completely ignored him unless absolutely necessary, this saved any of us from making polite and uncomfortable conversation.

He didn't move along though, he stood in the doorway staring at me with brown eyes rimmed in yellow and his golden wolf was perched beside him looking unimpressed. So I stopped what I was doing and asked what he needed. You. Was his reply! I was completely taken aback, what the hell was wrong with this were? He must have a death wish to approach any mated female, let alone the Alpha's mated female!

I politely told him to go back outside before Tarquin decides to put him out. I am not afraid of him, I have seen the way he listens to you, a mere female, a vampire female. He is weak, I will have you and he will be able to do nothing about it.

At this point I was nearly choking on laughter at his stupidity and becoming a bit angry at his he-man attitude. No doubt my eyes were brimmed in red as I contemplated cutting his hide up with the nearby knife. And then the idiot approached me, at this point I think I had every right to kill him, but that's just me.

He approached me and lifted a hand as if he was going to touch me. I don't like to be manhandled, unless I am attracted to the one doing the handling of course. So I gave him a warning shot. I punched out my hand, hitting him right in the throat. He went down with a wheeze and merged. Well now I was facing down an angry were, not a good thing for anyone.

The best option I saw was to hit him over the head, that way neither I, nor Tarquin, had to kill the dumbass. I hit him on the head with my elbow, which is very bruised now, and he went out. Of course our noises brought in a crowd there at the end and everyone saw me attack the were.

I was blamed for "tempting" the young one, or so his parents stated. They were asked to leave, find another pack along with their son, or give their son to Tarquin for execution. They opted to leave, but I am now being blamed by the other weres for this whole horrible affair.

Oh well, I can't help it if I am totally hot.