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Ten Unusual Ways To Kill A Vampire

Zoe_Lionheart_100Last time, we discussed how not to kill a Vampire. Now let’s check some methods that might work.

I’ll repeat the basics first.

Everyone knows, Vampires don’t like garlic, don’t like Christian symbols, don’t like wooden stakes, and can’t stand sunlight. Garlic is rather a nuisance. Vampires don’t like the smell — like many mortals — but they don’t like fish or cheese either. Have you ever encountered a Vampire with bad breath? Probably not, and that’s why.

Holy water mainly hurts, and although it hurts much, it won’t easily kill them. Wooden stakes won’t kill all kinds of Vampires, but a stab in the Vampire’s heart region will immobilize him safely, enabling the Vampire hunter to carry his prey to the light of day. And yes, sunlight will kill, will burn the undead body to ashes.

Conclusion: Vampire ash cannot be used for revival. That gives us a clue.

Here are ten unusual ways to kill a Vampire.

(Disclaimer: most of these methods have not been tested yet — use this guide at your own risk!)

1. Burn him to ashes
It works on Aliens, why shouldn’t a flamethrower work on Vampires, too? However, they can resist fire quite well, so you have to make it really hot. This in turn will be difficult to stand for you yourself, unless you are a dragon and can simply incinerate him with your own breath. Trust me: Vampire flesh will be turned to plasma like anything else by a flame of twelve hundred Kelvin.

2. Drown him in hot lava (or in a blast furnace)
It needn’t be the Mountain Of Fate in the land of Mordor, any hot volcano will do. Again, the fire resistance and healing abilities of any Vampire will be overstrained by the heat of molten stones.

3. Blow him up and scatter his body parts over a football field
The healing abilities of Vampires are legendary (as the Vampires themselves), but how can they regain their body if it’s blown into small pieces and scattered all over the place?
To be sure, do it in an open field, not underground. Maybe he can slowly recollect his body, but not before sunrise.

4. Decapitate him
In theory, it should be difficult to heal if your brain is separated from your hands, and Vampires do have a brain. So far, Hollywood failed to explain how important it is and if a Vampire can survive without it. Test with caution.

5. Grind his body
That’s the way Max and Moritz died. (Reference: Ground into coarse pieces and eventually been eaten by ducks the Vampire will not heal easily, if at all.

6. Dissolve his body in acid
Again, thoroughly destroying the physical body will render a Vampire helpless. But as poison won’t work, he may be acid-resistant, too, so you’d need a rather large amount of strong acid, preferably a swimming pool full of it. Not very feasible.

7. Eat him - Cooked or fried?
This is a special proposal. Note that a Vampire is not easy to digest, he may even cause you heartburn. There are no recipes either, you´re entirely on your own. Personally, I prefer him deep-fried, that is, soaked in grease and then grilled in open dragon fire. Tasty and with high nutritive value.

8. Run him over with a steamroller… several times
In the first place, your Vampire will be flat out — if you get him. A steamroller is slow, a Vampire is fast. But if you succeed, you’ll face no more resistance.

9. Enclose him in concrete
In fact this method doesn’t belong in this list, because it won’t easily kill him. But it will quite reliably remove him from your surroundings for a very, very long time. Until one day some stupid archeologist wants to know why his instruments show a cavity of lower density in the big concrete block. Imagine the fun he’ll have with a very, very angry Vampire! That will teach people that some things are better left buried.

10. Nuke him
In the center of a nuclear explosion there are some million degrees for some fractions of a second, turning the body into nuclear plasma, that is, cores without the electrons around. There’s not enough matter left to hold the spiritual existence of a Vampire. Very reliable — but keep a safe distance.

Okay, folks, so much for the technical part. Before you go ahead, make sure your victim is indeed a Vampire, you’ll have a hard time explaining yourself to the local police anyway. Moreover, you should consider hard if you want to alienate your entire Vampire community by testing any of these methods on the friendly Vampire neighbor next door. They might be displeased.

Maybe I’ll pick up this topic next time — ten ways annoyed Vampires show their displeasure.

Stay tuned.

Excerpt from Zoe Lionheart, Book 5, Lioness’ Skin

Purchase Link

The transfer in Livorno, in an old truck garage with disintegrating finery, partially broken windows and torn-out installations, iridescent oil pools and a ten-year-old calendar with a scantily clad girl on the wall between spare parts where they had met at dawn, had run smoothly and professionally. Jerome had been delighted by Zoe's special offer that she had presented in the end, especially when he had moved his Geiger meter across the empty payload bay and had heard the increasing humming--the fading remnants of a recently removed nuclear warhead. Then he had waved Zoe to the side of the garage to hand her the money suitcase, while his staff had begun to load their own truck.

She already knew how much money he had withdrawn and could estimate from the suitcase's weight that he brought about that amount. Nevertheless she had to play the game by the rules, so she opened the suitcase locks while she watched Jerome and his new bodyguard--a stringy, black-clad Asian with a poker face and a Japanese sword on his back, looking like a Ninja, in the heart of Italy, not exactly inconspicuous. Where had Jerome picked that one up?

Zoe didn't care, even if she wore no obvious weapons. In exchange for the slinky tank top today she wore a black body and a white blazer with her black jeans and trainers, and therefore she had left the crate-hauling completely to Jerome's team.

Something was wrong. Jerome appeared tense and insecure, impatient? He was sweating, Zoe smelled fear. His Ninja was energized all the time anyway. Then Jerome said straight to her face, "You are a stoolie!"

She threw a quick glance at the suitcase in her hand, and her features froze. It only contained newspaper.

* * * *

When her hidden cameras recorded the slender features of Zoe's present and transmitted them, April drew a hard breath. A cruise missile? How could have Zoe got her hands on that? April had known that Zoe had brought a surprise, but hadn't insisted on premature revelation. "Don't spoil the fun," Zoe had said. Oh yes. And we're carrying a nuclear weapon platform worth a half million dollars, black market price accordingly higher, around in the country of an ally to play cats and mice with a few terrorists.

The Geiger meter event only made things worse. April was just glad that the warhead wasn't included, but after all Zoe had promised by no means ever to deliver real nukes to their customers.

Hopefully the rest of their mission would run as well as their procurement in Genoa. That April took the back seat this time for one followed from their roles in Frankfurt, moreover they both agreed that Jerome was dangerous. "Like a hand grenade with a broken pin," Zoe had illustrated, "you don't know if and when it will go off." Unlike Don Pasquale, who lead a regional business, Jerome had no obligations to keep, could change his area of business any time. And he had no need to cater for traditional honor among thieves. His only reason not to cheat was the hope to continue business, eventually the missing information about Zoe's means would emerge. With a larger entourage they could have built a credible threat of force, but they both still hoped to foster uncertainty by the obvious lack of bodyguards bristling with arms.

April felt concerned by the Ninja's presence. What's this long knife here for?
Outside of Zoe's field of vision, shielded by the trucks, April detected a new pattern of movements. No more pushing crates, what was going on? She intensely studied her screen, enlarged the respective window.

Zoe had said that Jerome had no reason to try a trick before the main delivery, but of course that wasn't guaranteed.

Then her camera screens went dark.

* * * *

Zoe looked up shocked, her thoughts racing. Stoolie? How did he find out, did they make a mistake? Had their cover been blown, had someone recognized them? She had carefully scanned Jerome's data, he didn't have any information regarding Zoe or April, but perhaps one of his staff did? Beads of perspiration on his forehead, accelerated heartbeat, faster breath, narrowed pupils--he didn't appear entirely convinced himself. Could she turn the situation? They needed more from him, access to his masterminds, before all a hint what was really going on. Who would start a religious war and tear the world into a nuclear winter? Until now their mission had run silently, and it should stay that way. Her new boss wouldn't like it if they served him a clearly visible botch right away. Only, if Jerome asked for a fiasco, he'd get it. Would it have to happen?

His staff was still loading the truck? Yes, the sounds of heavy crates set down hadn't muted yet, only become less frequent? Hasty steps in the back, silent but not silent enough for Zoe, the rub of fabric on fabric, the clacking sound of safety switches, snapping of supposedly sneakily operated locks. That really didn't sound good!

Only Zoe's improved hearing could detect the hushed chafing of the clean Japanese sword in the stiff black sheath. As she was about to turn around to the Ninja guy who had almost noiselessly moved behind her back, the sharp edge of the Katana already approached her neck.

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Survival 101 - Psychotic Killer Stalking You

Some of you may be wondering, how do you keep from losing your mind when your entire life has been turned inside out and upside down? When everything once within the illusion of your control is now running amuck like a bull in a china shop. Well here are a few tips, from someone who knows.

If you think you are in control just let go of that right now. The more you try to control the situation the worse it is going to get! If you do find yourself the object of affection for some psycho lunatic, let’s be honest, there really isn’t shit you can do. You can however work with what you've got.

Tip # 1 - Buy a Laptop

First, if you don’t have a laptop consider investing in one. Most are fairly cheap and you will thank your credit card later. This wonderful device will soon become your only link to the outside world, via email, online content and the occasional Facebook posting (although I would limit your exposure). You will also hopefully be able to salvage the remains of your life. Continue to pay bills, work remotely, maybe even buy a new pair of shoes (although you will need to set up a separate destination for delivery as you won’t to give yourself away). Laptops are also portable and can pretty much handle anything you throw at them, and most are water proof for the occasional melt down.

Tip# 2 - Prepare for the Late Night / Early morning crawl.

Next I would suggest you get familiar with Late night TV. Now I am not talking 11 pm David Letterman or Jimmy Kimmel. I am talking 230 AM TCM Abbot and Costello or my personal favorite, Tom and Jerry on Cartoon Planet. Rule of thumb, there is ALWAYS a Law and Order on somewhere. Also, just because it is black and white doesn’t mean it sucks. Best channels for late night / early morning are going to be, TCM, TNT,USA , and Cartoon Planet (does anyone else see a pattern here?). If you go cable you are going to run into soft core and since you probably not getting any at the moment probably not the best idea.

A second option for your sleepless night dilemma’s is going to be your trusty DVR. I would suggest, if you can, recording your favorite daytime soap or talkshow that you haven’t been able to watch in years. That will kill at least an hour with commercials. Now you may be thinking that you shouldn’t be prepared for the occasion of insomnia. Trust Me it will happen and better to be prepared than get stuck watching infomercials.

*Note - Do not try and work at 3 AM! First off, people are going to think you have fallen off the deep end. Second, although your eyes are open and your mind is spinning, how coherent are you really? Do be stupid and try to ‘keep up’, you don’t need to be sending drunk emails to your boss. (They found that people who drive after being awake for 17 to 19 hours performed worse than those with a blood alcohol level of .05 percent.)

Tip# 3 - Keep the little constants in your life alive and kicking

Moving on, try and keep some fragment of your life stable. (Impossible, right?) They say that children need a schedule for a sense of reassurance. Believe it or not Adults do as well. So obviously if you go running every morning you are going to have to put it on hold for a while (yes I know it totally sucks!) but things, small things, like your favorite creamer in the fridge or keeping up with you favorite blogs online. Even something as small as having Taco’s on Wednesdays can make all the difference in your ability to cope with the upheaval.

Lastly, and most important, DO NOT GIVE UP, it will end eventually. As you are already realizing, your friends and family are going to be supportive and wonderful but the fact of the matter is, you are going through this, not them.

So, do not give up, give in or let go of anything you want, wish and hope for. Those are the things that will keep you going. Things are never completely hopeless. There is always a glimmer of hope smiling back at you when you look into his eyes…hold onto the warmth of the memory, the sliver of belief that if it is meant to be it will happen.

God please make it meant to be…

So here are your tips to survival. I could go on and on but these are the must have’s in my opinion everything else is negotiable.

Stick to your guns and as Scarlett said…tomorrow is another day!


*Author Amy Romine writing as Rebecca Gailen the Heroine of Trust Me Book 1 - Serenity Lost available at

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A Halloween Story

Since it is almost Halloween I thought I would share with you a great Halloween story with you all.... "To experience passion is to choose death..."

Amelia lives each day with the knowledge that she will be killed on October 31st, her twenty-second birthday, only to be reincarnated one hundred years later. While alive she is haunted by dreams of passion she is never able to experience and death she knows is waiting for her. A demon is coming to kill her, and fate decrees that she will choose death from him. What could possibly drive her to ask for her own death—only the promise of her every fantasy coming true before the death blow.

"At eleven I heard him, calling to me. He wanted me to return to my apartment, he waited there for me. My knees went weak with fear and excitement, I couldn’t control the compulsion to obey, I had to go to him. Without a single goodbye, I walked out, mind numb to anything other than the task at hand, getting to my demon.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I was doing something stupid, I shouldn’t make it this easy for him. If he wanted to kill me, then I should make him come to me, but those thoughts were fleeting and I could not make myself obey them.

Daray’s thoughts and desires filled my mind, and that is what my body obeyed, as if he were its true master. I was helpless to fight it, and I wasn’t afraid. His compelling me was not malicious. It was somehow comforting, as if a long awaited return. This is what I have lived the last twenty-two years waiting for.

When I stood outside my apartment door wondering how I got there, I almost faltered. I had a sudden moment of returned clarity, I wanted to fight, I wanted to live. I was not going down easy."

Get this book HERE:

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My take on Carly Bright

fbi1 copy
I stopped at my author’s house, to check in on her, as I typically do, and found her speaking with this agent, Carly Bright.

Normally, I wouldn’t care. I am flexible in such regards, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my business. But, for some odd reason, I decided to wait outside and listen for a while. My exceptional hearing allows me the luxury of eavesdropping from a remarkable distance.

I have no problem with my author telling Carly’s story, as a matter of fact, I encourage her to do so. Carly is quite attractive and it gives me the opportunity to get to know her better, if you know what I mean. And no, Izzy shall not find out about that from any of you mere humans. Understand?

Anyway, my point, and yes, I do have one, is that I immediately found two potential problems with this situation.

Problem # 1 - As with any good World Bureau Paranormal Activity Agent Carly has a partner, but not just any partner. She has a vampire for a partner! Which means, that I will have yet another vampire traipsing around my territory, but this one is licensed to kill. The WBPA is known for their overly assertive tactics. For the record, I and I alone should be the only to hold the authority to kill in my territory. I should not have to share that with some damn bureaucratic agency.

Problem # 2 – It seems that Carly Bright is bisexual. Again, I have no problem with that except that while she is in my territory, I will now have overly active testosterone agents running around trying to bed her. Oh come on! Have you not seen her picture? She’s gorgeous!

I believe the best thing to do is acquaint myself with this Carly and her vampire partner and see where it goes from there, after all, I did hear Carly confess that she had slept with Tom and Ash.

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LVDS Transcript : Rebecca Gailen Interview

Case file : 0l298776
Interview of Rebecca Gailen
Status Alleged Victim
Interviewer Detective Frank Lugow

11:23 AM 10.15.2010

Detective Lugow : Okay Rebecca, I know that it has been a long couple of days but can you tell me what happened last night?

Rebecca Gailen : I uh...yeah I think so.

DL : Why don't we start with why you decided to go to the house?

RG : We had driven Donna to the O.C. for a conference. Charlie wanted to stay the night because...he thought...

DL : What did he think?

RG : What we all thought. It had been two days...he was worried...

DL: Rebecca?

RG: I really wanted to just come home...

DL : Do you remember what time you got to the house?

RG : I uh...I think it was about seven-thirty?

DL : So you and Charlie arrived at the house at seven thirty. Did you notice anything odd before you went inside?

RG : No, the sun had gone down. It was dark, I...we couldn't really see anything.

DL: So you got to the door. Then what happened?

RG : Charlie insisted on going in first. I unlocked the door and followed him in.

DL : And you didn't notice anything odd when you walked in?

RG : No...uh...all of the lights were off. I couldn't see anything.

DL : Then what happened?

RG : I disarmed the alarm and flipped on the light.

DL : Do you remember what happened next?

RG : I...I'm not sure...

DL : I know it is difficult but I need you to try?

RG : I...uh...I was trying to remember where I left my laptop.

DL : Do you remember where Charlie was during that time?

RG : He was still walking through the house.

DL : What happened next?

RG : I...I remember there was a smell. It was metallic and I couldn't place what it was...I can't...

DL : Concentrate...try and think back to what happened next.

RG : I'm sorry...I don't...

DL : Take your time, Rebecca. There's no hurry.

RG : I...can...I can see my couch. It's couch is red...

DL : What else, what else do you see?

RG : I don't understand! I don't have a red couch? Is that right? Is what I said right?

DL : I can't answer that, Rebecca, I'm sorry.

RG : Lug, please...

DL : Listen to me. I know it is hard, but you need to remember what happened without my influence.

RG : I should be able to remember! Why can't I remember what happened?

DL : It's a traumatic event, it may take some time.

RG : I don't have time!

DL : Rebecca, you need to calm down.

RG : Don't tell me to calm down! He's destroying my life!

DL : Pause, Detective requests a break. Resuming interview with R Gailen postponed until further notice.

Approval Pending.

** Trust Me Book One - Serenity Lost by Amy Romine available at Extasy Books **

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Who is having the best sex?

Here are some steamy sex excerpts from all of the books in the Immortal Council Series. I would love to know what species you all think has the hottest sex...

Blood Visions

Her gaze locked onto it and he saw her hands clench in his wolf’s fur. The scent of her arousal hit him a second later and he let loose with a savage howl before he leaped at her.
He crushed his lips to hers, forcing them open and thrusting his tongue inside. His hands roamed her body roughly, pulling and tearing at her clothing. If he was going to have her, then he was going to have her his way. Rough and tough, not loving and mating. She wanted him and he wanted her. That is all it needed to be. Raw and instinctual, they were driven to satisfy themselves. No reason to fight it. Ones basest instincts always seemed to win out anyway. And his said take, take what he could without giving anything back.
She moaned against his mouth and her body rubbed against his unabashedly. He tore his mouth away and latched onto one of her perfect pink nipples. She cried out and dug her hands in his hair, holding him close, begging for more.
The sound of her accepting pleasure fueled him. He ran a hand up her thigh, forcing her legs apart. When he thrust a finger into her wetness, she screamed out in ecstasy. She was more than ready for him he realized with an all-consuming pride. He shifted his body and removed his hand, quickly replacing it with his aching cock.
Zyra grasped his head and he could hear her grind her teeth as if she were fighting the impulse to bite him, take his blood. He wondered briefly what that would be like, would it increase the pleasure for one or both of them?
Tarquin couldn’t understand the pleasure he got from her. The undeniable rightness of being inside her. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. Each stroke shot lightning through his body, every whimper of pleasure from her lips ripped an answering one from his. Her hands running over his chest and back as he thrust over her was like gasoline to his roaring fire of desire.
His original intent had been to gain his own pleasure, not caring for hers, but that had all changed once he was inside. He needed her orgasm more than he needed his own. Never before had he cared about the pleasure of his lovers. Not this much. They had all cum, sure, but if they hadn’t, he wasn’t sure if he would have cared.
Not with Zyra, she had to cum or he didn’t think he would be able to.
Tarquin rolled to his back, bringing her to the top. She rocked against him and he dug his heels into the ground to steady himself, to hold back. He moved one hand between them and stroked her clit to pleasure her faster. She hissed, then increased the tempo, slamming herself against him with more power than her small frame looked capable of.
Zyra screamed out his name and raked her nails down his chest in her release. He let go, taking his own release inside of her clenching body. He howled his ultimate pleasure up at the moon.

Keeping Blood
He used his magic to strip them both instantly. She reached out to run her hands over his beautiful body, but he stopped her. He turned her around and brought her back up against his chest, snuggly fitting their bodies together. He bent his head and bit playfully at her neck until she was panting and grinding against him. He was snug against her and as she rubbed against him, her body thrummed with intense pleasure.
Her hands grasped desperately at his head and neck as he continued on to tease her ear. Her fangs were long and aching to drive into his flesh.
Ian’s hands roamed across the front of her body, plucking and rubbing her breasts and nipples, then moving blessedly lower to delve into the core of her heat. His amazing fingers danced across her most sensitive areas, making her cry out with nearly instant release.
Alexia’s hands joined his. Guiding him to the places she most needed his touch. She rocked and pulled until he was thrusting against her back with almost lost control. Their linked fingers slid deeply within her and Ian bit down on her exposed shoulder. As her blood touched his tongue, he stilled and pulled back.
“Oh God, Ian. Yes!” she cried out and pulled his head back to her shoulder.
He hesitated at first, then licked experimentally. After a moment, he began to suck and groan, obviously enjoying it. She shuddered around his thrusting fingers, at the edge of release. He removed his fingers and broke the seal of his mouth on her neck.
Both losses left her feeling desperate and cheated, she had been so close.
He pushed her down until she was leaning over her bed, hands braced. His hands trailed slowly from her neck to her tight butt, which he gave an appreciative slap. He nudged her legs apart. He was hesitating too long.
Alexia threw her head back and hissed over her shoulder. “Now, Ian, I need you now.” He smiled at her and slid slow and deep into her tight body. He grasped her hips and gave her what she wanted, hard quick strokes to send her over the edge she was so close to.
It didn’t take long, she felt the swirling heat take over her body and then the shattering pleasure of release as her body clenched and shuddered around him. As she cried out his name, he bent over her and held her shuddering body tightly to his, still stroking in and out of her, to draw her pleasure out that much longer.
Once she was settled, he flipped her onto her back and took her mouth in a passionate kiss. He stoked her fire of desire back up as his still hard member began a slow rhythm within her body.
She moaned against his mouth. His tongue slipped in and slid dangerously against her aching fangs.
Alexia grabbed his head, pulling it away and positioning his neck for her assault. As her fangs slid into his neck, they both trembled with a new onslaught of pleasure. Hot, sweet and earthy, his blood rushed into her mouth. Each gulp was a spray of fuel to her burning desire. Each pull was a stroke to his pulsing need.
Ian’s hands found and caressed her breasts, teasing and plucking at her nipples while she shuddered under him, her hips thrusting up to meet him. His hands slid down her belly to touch her. His expert touch rocked her body. She broke from his neck to scream her release. Ian closed his mouth over hers to muffle the sounds of her pleasure as he joined her in exquisite release.

Wet Glamour

Rina opened herself to him, allowing his sweet tongue to glide past her lips and dance with hers. She moved her hands over his hard body, pushing on his clothing with impatience. He matched her with swift rips and tears at her clothing until they both stood naked. Lucas pushed her to arm’s length and his gaze swept over her body.
“You are so beautiful. I don’t deserve you for my mate.” His gaze locked onto hers. “But I will never let you go again, not even if you ask me to.”
“You better not,” Rina said saucily and wiggled her hips closer to his aroused body, delighted.
Lucas groaned and crushed her to him.
Rina giggled when she found herself lying on his bed beneath his warm hard body. “Gotta love that flashing ability, wonderfully useful for impatient lovers,” she teased as she nipped at his lips. The feel of him against her was incredible, his warm smooth skin, his long thick cock. She moved a hand down to embrace it, squeezing it until he groaned.
“I have been patient for way too long. Now that I have you here, I will not wait a moment longer to have you. The last time was so cold, so empty. I should have known you weren’t really there, but I was too eager to care in the moment.” He slid into her already wet body and she cried out with delight at the sensation.
She held her mate deep within her body. There was no better feeling. Her cunt clenched around him, trying to suck him deeper. This was what she needed, what could not be lived without.
His hair fell around them in a shield of white. It tickled where it touched her bare skin and the memory of all the other times they had been in this position made her shudder with anticipation. She knew what magnificent pleasure was waiting for her in his arms.
“Oh, Rina, you have no idea how I have wanted you,” Lucas whispered at her ear as his body began to move, his cock sliding in a slow rhythm, stroking her in just the right spot.
“Lucas, I have missed you so much,” she admitted with a cry of pleasure as his finger found her clit, sliding over it. His other hand cupped and kneaded her breast, plucking at her nipple while his mouth ravaged her neck. She turned her head and found one of her favorite spots on his beautiful body—the delicate and delicious point of his sensitive ear. She licked and nipped at it until he gave a guttural moan.
He rolled, pulling her on top of him and grasping her hips. Rina loved this position, loved the control and the easy access it gave him to her clit. As Rina started to move her body in quick hard strokes, his fingers played over her clit. Pleasure spiraled through her, each movement of his finger and cock creating a shockwave that traveled her entire body. Soon she was panting, her body moving all too quickly toward orgasm. It had been too long—she couldn’t hold back, the feelings so incredible, so real this time.
Rina clutched at his shoulders as heat and desire spiraled through her body, increasing with each stroke and thrust of his cock. She met his gaze, his swirling brown eyes so alive with passion and love. Fire exploded in Rina’s body and her cry of release was matched by Lucas’s.

Mating Call

Lillian scrambled out of the remains of her gown and waited for him there, splayed on the floor like an offering. He was the God of her pleasure right now and she was offering herself to him. He knelt before her, his gaze running up and down the length of her body. She wondered what he thought of her pale luminescent skin and thin hairless body. As he scrutinized her, she became quite self-conscious, her hands itching to cover herself from him.
“Perfect,” he whispered before dropping down on top of her and capturing her mouth in a long kiss that quickly returned her body to the state of readiness it had been in moments before. His knee crept between her legs, pushing them apart and his hand delved between her thighs. She melted around his fingers and his chest rumbled with approval. His thumb found her clit, circling it. She held onto his shoulders as he touched her, torturing her with pleasure. She spread her trembling thighs wider and moaned.
He kissed her, his tongue invading her mouth, hot and sweet, his earthy taste and smell filling her sense and driving her crazy with desire. This is what her mate smelt like when he was about to take her, this is what he tasted like as he touched her. Never in her life had she been so turned on, so ready to be fucked.
Lillian slid her tongue across his and felt his chest vibrate with a groan. He shifted between her thighs, breaking their kiss as his cock replaced his fingers and he was suddenly there, inside of her, filling and completing her. His cock pumped in and out of her and she closed her eyes, concentrating on the feel of their bodies joined. Her back arched, pushing up to meet him, to pull his cock deeper. She wanted to feel every inch of him. The pleasure he was giving her was a gift she would never be able to repay, her body forever indebted to his for this one perfect moment.
“Look at me,” he commanded softly.
She opened her eyes. Her gaze locked with his intense yellow eyes. She felt that stare down into her soul, a place where she would never be able to forget him, never be able to get him out. Her soul was claiming him as mate, whether her mind agreed or not. That made two out of three because her body had accepted him from the moment he spoke. Her mind was a force though, and no matter how else he got into her, she knew he wasn’t right, could never be right for her.
“Stop thinking, Lillian, just feel, just see,” he prompted.
As she let her mind take a backseat to everything else, her body thrummed with pleasure. She ran her hands down his back, cupping his ass and digging in her nails as he increased the rhythm, thrusting harder now, his cock hitting the spot that made her pant.
“Oh fuck, Henry…” she moaned as she felt the pressure building, knowing she was on the edge of an exquisite orgasm.
Henry bent his head and pressed his mouth to her neck, his teeth grazing her skin in a sharp bite, not breaking the skin but she was sure to have a small mark. His tongue slid out and ran up to her ear. Taking the lobe between his teeth, she shivered.
“Oh God, Lilly, you’re so wet, so perfect. I want to feel you come, want to hear you scream as you come around my cock.”
Henry’s words made Lillian’s cunt clench and she gasped as she started to come. She opened her mouth and let the moans of pleasure free as Henry threw his head back and howled. He pumped into her furiously then stilled and roared as he came, hot and deep inside of her. which do you think is the best sex?

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Meet and Greet with Annie Alvarez

Tamara: Today, I get the pleasure of introducing you to my author, Annie Alvarez. It’s see if I can get some juicy info from her. Please, tell our readers a little bit about you.
Well, as you all know, I am the creator of Sessions and the Hightower Series-

Tamara: *clears throat* Excuse me, but aren’t you writing my stories for me? *Grins* As a manner of speaking, yes. I guess you could say that.

Tamara: Okay, let’s move on to something more entertaining *shifts in chair* What gave you the idea to seek me out? If I remember correctly, you were the one who infiltrated my dreams with your story. I couldn’t get a decent nights sleep because of you. Every time I closed my eyes, you were there putting more ideas into my head.

Tamara: Perhaps it would be better if I let you take over from here…
That is an excellent idea! Let’s start at the beginning shall we? I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. That's right, the Big Easy or the bathtub, whichever you prefer. Anyways, when I was born, Mercy Hospital was still called Mercy, so I've got a few years under my belt. At the age of 5, my family moved to sunny South Florida where I spent the next 27 years baking in the sun and enjoying the constant, predictable weather.

Tamara: *grins disappointingly* Lovely…Can we get on with it?
As a teenager, I caused my share of trouble, which I will not go into here. Needless to say, when I turned 18, I came out to my friends and family. I'll never forget that day, either. My picture was plastered on the front page of the Miami Herald's Sunday edition. For those of you who don't know what the Miami Herald is, it's only the largest newspaper in South Florida and my picture took up half the front page. Woohoo! My first fifteen minutes of fame.

I've had my share of relationships, some were good and some were downright wrong. Tamara: Oh, juicy…give us specifics…Well, you can say that I learned something different from each partner I had.
Tamara: That’s it? That’s all you’re going to give us? LAME!

Can I continue, please? At the age of 32, a mutual friend introduced me to my current partner, who lived in Texas. We seemed to hit it off, even though she spoke with a funny accent. She returned to Texas and I followed her. We've been together almost 14 years now and I wouldn't trade a single day of it. We don't have kids even though we both want them. What we do have is 3 cats who are highly opinionated, and 2 huge, loveable dogs.

Tamara: Wow! The excitement is killing me. I can hardly contain myself.
I never said, oh geez, when I grow up, I want to be a writer. No, that didn't happen to me. What did happen was that Tamara and Izzy side-swiped me one night and an erotic story complete with characters, consumed every bit of my waking moments.

Tamara: That's what I’m talking about. Let’s hear about the sex, shall we?
Okay, let’s. To get it out of my head, I put it on paper and yes. I even wrote down the explicit sex scenes. In, For The Love Of Blood, I introduced the infamous pearl scene. I still get a lot of inquiries about that one *giggles* Sessions has a ton of bondage and sex toys, not to mention a very deceiving love seat. Cheating Death has raw unconstrained passion and Gaia’s Lust, has hard candies. That one was fun to write.
I'm currently working on telling Carly Bright’s story. Carly is an FBI agent partnered up with a vampire. Carly’s wacky mom, Nana, adds a new twist to the story when she introduces a Grand Wizard intent on controlling Carly with Sexual magic. Sorry, but I can’t tell you anymore. If I did, I’d have to kill you. LOL I’ve always wanted to say that.

Tamara: Do you write from experience?
Yes, and no. Yes, because I write lesbian erotica and I'm a lesbian, duh. No, because I'm not a vampire although some days, I wish I were.

Tamara: Well, there you have it, Annie’s life in a nutshell. Did you leave anything out?
Of course, I left stuff out...I already share my dirty mind with you; I can't very well go sharing my dirty laundry, too!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Waves in the Ceiling

I am so tired. I close my eyes and beg for the calming of my mind and the call of slumber. I creep down the path of gray warmth. Red suddenly blurs the gray. My body tenses. I can't breathe, I can't move. My eyes shoot open and I am once again staring at the ceiling.

Ceilings are remarkably interesting if you take the time to look at them. Especially in the dark of night, when the moon's glow curls into every dimple and peak. As the night moves on the shadows and the shapes change wrapping through the mind.

As I stare at the ceiling, desperate to ignore the calling of fear, I try not to hear the repeated screams in my head. Or see the blood and rats spilling forth. She found it ironic that even awake she was still experiencing the nightmare. Would it ever end?

In the dark, as my muddled frantic thoughts start to once again get the better of me I will allow myself to slip back. I fall into the place where I felt safe and warm. His was a lovers embrace from the moment he touched me. My body was defenseless against the intense flames that engulfed and caressed me. He had worshiped me like no other and my chest tightens again as my heart screams for him. I can feel a a shell slowly enveloping my heart as it bellows in a writhing agony at being abandoned by fate.

He was cruel for having been so gentle, so wonderful, so perfect. How was she supposed to survive without him? Did she even want to? I am contemplating my next breath as my eyes lift. The sun is cresting just below the window now, creating waves of beautiful light that hover just beneath the darkness.

The ceiling hardens above it, shying away, struggling to remain in the soft solace of night. I am waiting for the waves to come crashing as they always do. Waves of guilt, fear and exhaustion. Waves that washed over me with continuing pressure. A crushing force that deadened everything so I can rise once again from the suffocation of sheets and face the nightmare.

Would it ever stop?


I have, for the past three weeks been writing as Rebecca Gailen, the heroine of my new romantic thriller Serenity Lost, being released this Friday, October 15th! Below is an excerpt from the book as a thank you for all of your support.

Eric walked into the office forty-five minutes later and found Lugow talking with several security guards and a frustrated suited man. He scanned the room for Rebecca. Instead, he saw Donna talking to someone in one of the offices. He approached, still not sure what he was doing there.

“Beccs, you need to stop. This was not your fault!”

“The box was meant for me and she opened it! How can it not be my fault, Don?” Rebecca replied in anger.

He watched her push her hand through her hair in frustration.

“Detective Stiles, thank God. Can you please help me talk some reason into her? She is insisting that all of this is her fault,” Donna said as he looked at Rebecca.

She turned to face him, held his gaze for a moment and then looked away. He tried to think of something to say, but he had nothing. Saved by the bell, so to speak, Donna’s phone rang and she excused herself from the room.

Eric watched Donna go and realized this was the first time he’d been alone with her since…

“You don’t need to be here,” Rebecca said in a low tone as she walked to what he assumed was her desk. “I appreciate the gesture but I’m…”

She was about a foot away.

His gaze followed her as she tried to act busy. He moved toward her and when she turned again she was inches from him. His body hummed with her proximity as the sweet scent of peaches seeped into his pores. He locked her wide eyes, almost forcing her to look at him. “Rebecca, it’s not your fault.” Her eyes seemed to soften as he said it, and he watched her take a broken breath of air.

“We are all done here, Rebecca,” Lugow said, his voice breaking into the office.

Eric saw her jump in fear.

“I am going to have a squad car follow you home.”

“I got it Lug,” Eric said and she turned away from him again.

“Did I hear that we’re done?” Donna asked as she joined the group.

“Yeah,” Lug answered. “You are going to your place?”


“I need to talk to Jim before I go, if you’ll excuse me,” Rebecca said as she exited the room.

Eric watched as she walked across the office and stopped to talk to the suited man.

“Detectives,” he heard Donna say and both men turned their attention to her. “Thank you for everything you are doing but how do we make this stop? Beccs is very good at putting up a brave front. I don’t know how much more of this she can take.”

“We are doing everything we can to find the man or person who is doing this.”

“I know you are. My gut is just telling me that there’s more going on here than we know. I also have a hunch that you’re thinking along the same lines.”

“We are looking into all of the possibilities,” Lug answered in a very even diplomatic tone.

“Look, Beccs takes care of herself and everyone else. She’s not used to anyone taking care of her, nor does she really allow it. She thinks it makes her weak,” Donna explained as Eric glanced at Rebecca still talking to the suited man. “She won’t play the victim even when she should. So, this needs to end sooner rather than later. Especially now that it has affected someone other than her.”

“Why do you say that?” Eric asked.

“Now that this freak is threatening someone other than her, she’ll put herself in the line of fire to catch him,” Donna explained as both men looked at her in alarm. “I’m going to do my best to keep her under wraps but the sooner this ends the better.”

“We couldn’t agree more.”

“Good. That being said, I’m going to take her home and put her to bed before she falls over. Detective Stiles, you will be escorting us home?”

“Indeed,” Eric replied, impressed with the woman’s tenacity.

“Terrific, let’s go.”


Amy Romine is a wife, mother of three, full time sales analyst, romance author and eBook author advocate. Amy's premiere novel, Serenity Lost, is being release October 15th 2010 by For more information please go to or send an email to

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Feedback please…

I would LOVE to get everyone’s opinion on this. I attended the Fort Worth Gay Pride picnic on Sunday and found yet another symbol that our community has created specifically for girls on girls.

It’s not that I don’t like it…I actually do.
I think it’s snazzy and well designed. I’m just not sure how well the new symbol will be accepted.

What do you think? Compared to the other's, will the new symbol catch on?

   The universal Pride Flag

Monday, October 11, 2010

Settle An Argument...

So Alexia and I were out the other night and passed by a store selling Halloween costumes. There were all manner of "spooky" things hung in the window and costumes galore inside. Vampires, werewolves, bumble bees and clowns, they ranged from sexy to funny to gory and realistic.

Alexia and I got into a little discussion about the costumes and what kind humans tended toward more often.

I argued that humans are sluts and would tend to go for sexy costumes more. Alexia thinks humans are demented and go more for gory and scary costumes.

So you humans settle this argument for us, what kind of costume do you tend to wear? Sexy or Scary? The picture is our author's Halloween costume, definitely tending toward the sexy, as i would expect....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

How Much Sex is Too Much?

LaunchVBTgraphic Thank you so much for having me on your Naughty Little Vamp blog during my Cherish the Romance Virtual Book Tour. I'm so glad to be here, especially because today I won't be talking about vampires, but I will be talking about―wait for it―SEX. Oh my! For writers who write romance there is one burning question that often haunts them, makes them cringe or stumble, or leads to complete paranoia: How much sex is too much?

I hear this from writers who aren't even writing romance but want to include a sexual relationship in their novels, yet my advice remains the same, no matter who I'm talking to. People want sex. Readers want sex. But not all of them all of the time.

As a writer, you must do some ball gazing. Okay, get your mind out of the gutter. By ball gazing I mean crystal ball gazing. It's your job to do some predicting. But not all of it is guess work. First, you need to understand the difference between adult (16+) romance and erotica.

Writers should determine their audience first. If you're writing teen romance for the new Harlequin Teen imprint, then detailed sex or erotica is not what you're after. These readers want sweet romance, the first kiss and first touch kind of romance. If the characters go beyond this, it should be lightly insinuated rather than described in great detail.

If you're writing for adults, then the sub-genre or imprint often determines the heat level. Publishers often have guidelines you can follow and many will even tell you how many sex (and foreplay) scenes to include. Most romance publishers have varying degrees of explicitness in the sexual scenes, and they're each suited to a particular sub-genre and therefore a particular audience. When in doubt, ask another romance author.

Just as when you were on your first date, know how far to go and when to stop. But don't get overly paranoid. If you freeze your characters at the point where they're just removing their clothes just because you're afraid what your mother or daughter or grandmother or best friend's dog's chew toy might think, then you aren't listening to your characters or your audience. Maybe your mom will be like mine and will just skip over the two pages of sex.

There should be balance in great sex. I'm not talking about a high wire act over a canopy bed. I'm talking about balancing the description of the sexual or sensual act with the emotions of the characters. When I read a romance, I want to be emotionally satisfied. I want the "ahhh..." moment, the one where the hero finally kisses the heroine. Or touches her for the first time. Or makes love to her when the chase is over.

Some people may read a romance novel and feel there's too much sex. Some may feel there's not enough. A writer can never appeal to everyone all the time. Be true to the romance. You owe this to your story and to your characters. After all, you don't want them physically exhausted by the end of chapter three, do you?

lancelotslady2010FINALMED In Lancelot's Lady, you'll find more sensuality than explicitness. Yes, there is some sex, or as Rhianna and Jonathan prefer to say "lovemaking". But there is poignant sweetness too. They have to deal with a lot of personal demons before they can finally give in to their desire for one another.

I would recommend Lancelot's Lady to anyone over 16. I hope you'll find at the end of this story that there is just the perfect amount of sexuality. I hope that when you read Lancelot's Lady, you'll be swept away by their sensual scenes, set adrift on their emotions, feel that thrill of escapism and fantasy, and cherish the romance.

Lancelot's Lady ~ A Bahamas holiday from dying billionaire JT Lance, a man with a dark secret, leads palliative nurse Rhianna McLeod to Jonathan, a man with his own troubled past, and Rhianna finds herself drawn to the handsome recluse, while unbeknownst to her, someone with a horrific plan is hunting her down.

Lancelot's Lady is available in ebook edition at KoboBooks, Amazon's Kindle Store, Smashwords and other ebook retailers. Help me celebrate by picking up a copy today and "Cherish the romance..."

Cheryl 2007 best medium You can learn more about Lancelot's Lady and Cherish D'Angelo (aka Cheryl Kaye Tardif) at and Follow Cherish from September 27 to October 10 on her Cherish the Romance Virtual Book Tour and win prizes.

What type of sensuality do you prefer in a romance novel: mildly sweet, sensuously warm, hot and steamy or sizzling jalapeno?

Leave a comment here, with email address, to be entered into the prize draws. You're guaranteed to receive at least 1 free ebook just for doing so. Plus you'll be entered to win a Kobo ereader. Winners will be announced after October 10th.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Izzy interviews Lillian!

I am Lillian, and I am sure you have heard plenty about me. Mostly negative from Zyra and Alexia…they are kind of big on grudges.

Hi Lillian, I'm Izzy. Tamara couldn't make the interview...she' up at the moment. You know how vampires can get, a little territorial about thier friends so, I thought I'd interview you today. So, tell me about yourself.
I’m part of The Immortal Council series by Courtney Breazile. My story is told in Mating Call the fourth in the series. Available now at I am an Animal Elf and recently discovered that I am destined to be a holder, taking on my army’s emotions during battle. Not really looking forward to that.

Wow! An animal elf. That sounds exciting. What kind of abilities you do have?
I am much different than other Animal Elves. I can’t control my emotions like they can, never have been able to. It is because I’m the destined holder, however. I just wish I had known it all along. I can communicate with animals and flash myself from place to place, except when my emotions are too high and uncontrolled.

Tell me what you've been doing lately.
In Mating Call I save a werewolf, who decides he is my mate, and discover I have a daughter I never knew about. I find out there is a bitch in my colony trying to kill me and her father is after my daughter for some kind of insane plan to take over all of immortal kind. No wonder my emotions have been wild lately. It sounds pretty serious.

So, who's your author, I mean who's writing your story. They must be pretty neat.
My author’s website is and she spends a lot of time tweeting at She has many great works at both Extasy Books and Devine Destinies.

Hey, I know of her. I hear Tamara and Zyra constantly giving her advice. As an animal elf, what advice would you offer her?
If I could offer her some advice it would be: Never doubt that you deserve what you most desire.

So, are you happy with the way certain people perceive you?
I was, more than I am now. I was happy when they all thought I was a calm and in control elf. Now they see that I’m not.

Girl, I'm so sorry to hear that. I know people talked about me, too. I can only imagine what they've said about you.
They know I am different, I’m mated to a fucking werewolf! I am quickly showing all around me that I am still an elf not to be messed with, however. I have not gone soft, if nothing else I have gotten tougher through my experiences.

No. No, you haven't gone soft, trust me. So, are you a part of a clan or something?
I run an Animal Elf colony in Oregon with my brother, Lucas. Striving to keep balance in everything and peace with nature.

It was difficult expressing my feelings for Tamara, do you have the same problem?
Yes. Elves do not openly discuss such things…emotions like that are dangerous, leave you weak and open for so much danger and hurt…

Do you ever ask your significant other for advice?
I would be lost without Henry. He is bound to me in so many ways and I am to him. He would lock me away and keep me safe if he could, I won’t let him and luckily he knows it would kill me. We have reached a truce of sorts in regards to this…we will see how long it lasts.

I love making Tamara realize that I control her pleasures. What is your most favorite thing to do?
Other than have sex with my mate….Snuggle with his wolf.

There was this one time, that...oh, wait. This is your interview. Tell me the best sexual experience you’ve had.
When Henry was claiming me as mate, marking me with his scent. Mmmm….makes me hot just thinking about it, must go find him after I finish this interview.

You know I've got to ask. Have you ever lost control?
Only in private. An elf doesn’t lose control, ever!

Do you think you are a superior being?
Superior to who? Yes. Animal Elves are far superior, our control over emotion makes us that way. I am learning to accept that the others are not as far below as I once thought, but I still don’t think they have reached our level of balance yet, likely never will.

Okey doeky, than. Is there a message you want to get across in this interview?
I’m really not the bitch that Zyra thinks I am…at least I am trying not to be that bitch anymore.

*Jumps out of chair and hugs Lillian* Oh, I'm so glad we had the chance to talk.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Apprehension of Cookies

Have you ever tried to explain the unexplainable?
Express an event that you have to experience to understand?
He looks at me like I am crazy for having doubts. That I am over-reacting.
He wasn’t there. He didn’t see the way she was. No one really did except me and because of that, yes I have my doubts. I have concerns about someone saying that they can help her live a normal life.
How can you live a normal life when you don’t know what that means?
My life was what they would call normal for a little while. A sliver of time where we felt like a family.
A new doctor had my mother as a special case. He diagnosed her, and put her on an experimental drug to help balance the chemical deficiency. For two months, life became what most people would call normal. There was school, homework, dinner at the table together, game night, movies and popcorn on the couch. Then my mother decided she was cured, and stopped taking her pills.
I remember that day as if it was yesterday. I was sixteen and had just gotten my drivers license. I walked in the door from school and heard the smoke alarm going off. I ran into the hall between the kitchen and the living room and knocked it off the ceiling with my purse. I dropped my purse and backpack to the ground, as I followed the trail of smoke into the kitchen. It poured out of the oven. I turned it off, opened the door, and grabbed some pot holders pulling whatever was burning from the oven. It was hot and I burned my hands despite the pot holders. I threw it on top of the stove before kicking the oven closed with my knee. I ran my hands beneath cool water of the faucet. That was when I saw the bags of cookies. Dozens of bags just on the counter surrounded me I turned, saw them on the table and, on the hutch in the corner of the kitchen.
"Mom, you'll never believe…" Lucy yelled as she bursted in the front door running through to the kitchen. ”Whoa!"
"Hey punk, what won't Mom believe?"
"I got an A on my history report."
"That's awesome! Want a cookie?"
"Okay, what are they all for?"
"Bake sale, football team needs new helmets or something," I offered as a cover. "I was the one stupid enough to tell everyone that they could drop everything off here. Now I just need to get them to school in the morning."
"You're an idiot," Lucy said as she shook her head. "Mom is going to kill you."
"Yeah well not if I can get them into the car before she notices?" I said hoping Lucy would offer to help.
"Good luck with that," she replied instead before she turned and headed off to her bedroom.
I watched her go and then crept to the hallway. I slowly opened the door to our mother's room. She was in the bed sleeping, and I quietly closed the door in mild relief.
I found as many boxes as I could, filled them with the bags and hauled all the cookies out to the car. I took them to the local homeless shelter. Unfortunately, I proceeded to get lost on the way home. I walked in the door a few hours later, and I could hear my mother banging in the kitchen. I remember a cold lump of dread drop into my stomach as I took a deep breath and prepared to incur my mother's wrath.
"Hi honey where have you been?"
"I had an errand to run, and I got lost on the way home. Where's Lucy?"
"In bed,” she said back to me as she tipped her cigarette in the sink. My mother had her share of faults, but she was nothing if not beautiful. Her long auburn hair was just below her shoulders. She had the deepest green eyes and doll like porcelain skin. She was curved but thin, the perfect mixture of maternal rounding and youthful vibrancy. I always wished to have my mothers shape when I grew into a woman. “Where you should be, young lady."
"Yeah I'm kind of tired."
"Where are the cookies, Becca?"
"What cookies?" I replied. Then there was the sting of my mother's hand across my cheek.
The next memory I have is of waking up in the hospital. My mother was hysterically yelling and Lucy was crying as she held my hand.
As a child it was difficult not to blame myself for my mothers illness. I didn’t fully understand the mechanics of it. I was too young. All I knew was that when I did something she got mad. So I tried not to do anything. I just existed for the sake of breathing and nothing more.
Lucy overdosed last night. I went to see her and he followed me. I told him to leave but he insisted on staying. I let him. I’m not sure why.
I told him the truth about Seattle and Lucy. He didn’t say much, he just listened and said we would discuss it later. There was a moment. A single tiny moment when I found myself in his arms again. It took everything in me to not hide within his embrace and cling to him forever.
But I can’t, no matter how much I want to.

* Author Amy Romine writing as Rebecca Gailen from Serenity Lost,, Oct 2010