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In the mood...

I am in the mood for some angry here is a great scene from Blood Visions:

Her gaze locked onto it and he saw her hands clench in his wolf’s fur. The scent of her arousal hit him a second later and he let loose with a savage howl before he leaped at her.
He crushed his lips to hers, forcing them open and thrusting his tongue inside. His hands roamed her body roughly, pulling and tearing at her clothing. If he was going to have her, then he was going to have her his way. Rough and tough, not loving and mating. She wanted him and he wanted her. That is all it needed to be. Raw and instinctual, they were driven to satisfy themselves. No reason to fight it. Ones basest instincts always seemed to win out anyway. And his said take, take what he could without giving anything back.
She moaned against his mouth and her body rubbed against his unabashedly. He tore his mouth away and latched onto one of her perfect pink nipples. She cried out and dug her hands in his hair, holding him close, begging for more.
The sound of her accepting pleasure fueled him. He ran a hand up her thigh, forcing her legs apart. When he thrust a finger into her wetness, she screamed out in ecstasy. She was more than ready for him he realized with an all-consuming pride. He shifted his body and removed his hand, quickly replacing it with his aching cock.
Zyra grasped his head and he could hear her grind her teeth as if she were fighting the impulse to bite him, take his blood. He wondered briefly what that would be like, would it increase the pleasure for one or both of them?
Tarquin couldn’t understand the pleasure he got from her. The undeniable rightness of being inside her. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. Each stroke shot lightning through his body, every whimper of pleasure from her lips ripped an answering one from his. Her hands running over his chest and back as he thrust over her was like gasoline to his roaring fire of desire.
His original intent had been to gain his own pleasure, not caring for hers, but that had all changed once he was inside. He needed her orgasm more than he needed his own. Never before had he cared about the pleasure of his lovers. Not this much. They had all cum, sure, but if they hadn’t, he wasn’t sure if he would have cared.
Not with Zyra, she had to cum or he didn’t think he would be able to.
Tarquin rolled to his back, bringing her to the top. She rocked against him and he dug his heels into the ground to steady himself, to hold back. He moved one hand between them and stroked her clit to pleasure her faster. She hissed, then increased the tempo, slamming herself against
him with more power than her small frame looked capable of.
Zyra screamed out his name and raked her nails down his chest in her release. He let go, taking his own release inside of her clenching body. He howled his ultimate pleasure up at the moon.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blindfold Me excerpt

It's storming here in NYC..Irene and all, so I'll just leave you guys with an excerpt from Blindfold Me.

 “Uh, Mr. St.Clair? We have a situation.”
    He turned around. “What is it, Ms. Benson?”
    She glanced at the floor then squared her shoulders and stared him in the eye. “Our client list has been compromised.”
    Silence filled the room.
    “I’m sorry, repeat that?”
    “Our system was hacked a few weeks ago. Someone has been soliciting our clients, trying to get them to switch suppliers.”
    “How long ago did you say this happened?” he asked.
    “About two weeks ago. Why?”
    Grayson took a deep breath and prayed for patience. “Why wasn’t I informed the minute this happened?”
    “In case you forgot, we learned your identity like a minute ago.” She folded her arms across her chest and narrowed her eyes.
    “Yes, but I seem to recall you being in contact with Richard this whole time. Why didn’t you tell him?” he demanded.
    “I wanted to make sure there was something to tell,” she said. “We knew we were hacked, but we had no idea why, or what the damage was, until three customers contacted us.”
    “That’s unacceptable. It was your job to make sure the company ran smoothly during the transition.”
    “I know that, but I had no control over the situation.”
    “Not good enough!”
    Hayden laid a hand on his shoulder. “Gray, come on. Take it easy. Let her explain.”
    “Explain? Explain what? That I’m now the proud owner of a company whose clients could jump ship at any time?” Grayson shrugged his hand away.
    “Our clients wouldn’t do that. They’re loyal to us,” Lyric said softly.
    Grayson swung around to face her. “And what the hell would you know about loyalty, huh? The minute they’re quoted a cheaper price, they’ll be gone!”
    She bit her bottom lip, but kept silent.
    Everyone in the room stared at them. Grayson turned to Evelyn. The secretary watched him with her mouth open.
    “Get them out of here.” He gestured to the workers at the table. “Lyric stays.”
    Hayden and Richard sent him questioning frowns, but didn’t say a word as they followed everyone else out the door.
    Evelyn stopped at the door. “Will you be okay?” she asked Lyric.
    “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Lyric smiled.
    At that, Evelyn slipped out the door and closed it behind her.
    They faced each other as if on a battlefield, even though they weren’t more than a couple feet apart.
    “Explain yourself.” Grayson raked his gaze over her.
    “I already have.” She scowled.
    “No, you haven’t. You haven’t explained why you allowed me to walk into this situation completely blindfolded.”
    “Aren’t you being a bit overdramatic?” she asked.
     Is she for real? He stared at her. “Someone hacked the company’s system, accessed our exclusive client list, and is using said list to seduce our clients over to their side.” He breathed. “And the person who should’ve been protecting my company thinks I’m being overdramatic. Am I right?”
    “Look, Gray, I’m really sorry.” She touched his arm. Grayson flinched away and she dropped her hand. “I’m sorry, but we can fix it.”
    He brushed a hand over his face and paced. “Yeah? How do you propose we do this?”
    She took a seat on the conference table and tucked a strand of hair behind her right ear. A move so familiar, memories threatened to overwhelm him. Another time, another place. He shook his head in an attempt to clear it and focused on what she had to say.
    “The culprit has to be one of Ilsha’s competitors. There are only three in the New York area who specialize in the same type of products we do. I say we investigate to see which one is the guilty party.”
    He stared at her, at the familiar curve of her neck and inviting glow of her skin.
    “Did you hear what I said?” she asked.
    He blinked. “Yeah, something about looking at the competitors.”
    She nodded.
    “All right, I’ll have Richard look into it.”
    “Why him?” She wrinkled her brow. “I was hoping we could do it.”
    “We who?”
    “Me and you–us,” she said. “I’m the manager and this happened on my watch.”
    “You’re right, of course.” He shifted to the front of her, a move calculated to force her to look up at him. “I can’t fire you because of the sales agreement, so you’ll have to fix this mess,” he said coolly.
    “What?” Surprise pitched her voice higher. “What does the sales agreement say?”
    “Do you want to leave? Because you can, nothing’s stopping you.” He granted her a mocking smile.
    “Like I’d give you the satisfaction. I’m staying put, so answer the question. What did you mean?”
    Grayson sighed. “There’s a clause in the sales agreement by the previous owner. He wants me to keep on the current staff for at least six months. Anyone can leave if they want, but I can’t fire anybody.”
    Lyric pursed her lips. “If you had your way, I’d be long gone. Wouldn’t I?” She spoke the words quietly, head tilted to look up at him.
    “Well, yes. Especially since you practically gave our clients away.”
    “Bastard,” she spat. “This has nothing to do with Ilsha.” Her fists clenched in her lap.
    Grayson kept his face blank and met her gaze head-on.
    “You still hate me.” Her chest heaved. “You still hate me after all these years.”
    “What do you expect, Lyric?” Thirteen years of pain and anguish clung to every word he spoke. “You slept with my brother!”

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I was absent last week, I owe you all an apology....of course I won't give you one. I deserve a week off! Especially after the hell my author puts me through. I need shall we say and happy, so I do thing sometimes to assure this is the case. Like when she decides to traipse around in corsets and mini skirts at conventions! Yeah I saw that, I was there watching from the shadows. It was a nice break from some of the drama around here lately...ugh selkies being an insane pain and my neighbor...I want to rip out her throat! But I won't...I promised Paxton I wouldn't.

So last week I decided I needed a break...I know you all missed me terribly. Oh yes and I come bearing good news. There is progress on Immortal Council Series #7

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New website...and other stuff

I got myself a spanking new website. Made it over, it’s looking all spiffy and isht LOL I like it, but your opinion matters too. Check it out and tell me your thoughts.

Also, my books are now available to be autographed on Kinglegraph. If you want mine or any other author’s, hit up the site. The direct link to request my SIG is

Request away!  

Lately I’ve been struggling with the idea of nixing my blog. Deleting the damn thing. It requires time I don’t have anymore, and I really don’t like the thing sitting there, taking up space. Know what I mean?

If the madness overtakes me, I may get rid of it and call it a day. Too many irons in the fire, not nearly enough time to deal with them all. Something’s gotta give and since my blog’s already being treated as the red-headed step-child, I may have to pull the plug.

We’ll see.

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On a roll!

Since my human quit smoking analog cigarettes, it’s been almost impossible to get her to start writing again, but I’m happy to announce that she has bounced back from her perceived depression and is now back in full swing. Of course, unbeknownst to her, I had to do a little mind manipulation. LOL

So, keep your eyes out for an all new Carly Bright and soon after that, we will reveal another Hightower book.

In the meantime, I have some left over book marks and trading cards if anyone would like one, send me an email with your snail mail addy and I’ll get it out to you pronto. 

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A Taste of One Wicked Night

I found out this week that One Wicked Night is an ARe bestseller! To top it off, I received 4.5 star rating from JBPReviews last night. Awesome stuff all around. Thought I'd tease you with an excerpt if you haven't read it yet. See what the fuss is all about, eh?

Their tongues slid over each other, their moans echoing. His hard arms brought her flush against his chest as he deepened the kiss. Between their bodies, his cock grew thicker, harder. Her lashes fluttered closed on a sigh as her damp pussy purred its approval. One taste and she was hooked.
Myka wrapped her arms around his neck, then drew back and flicked her tongue over the seam of his mouth. He shrugged out of his jacket and t-shirt while she unbuckled his belt and undid his jeans. With his chest and torso exposed, she bent and flicked her tongue over his left nipple.
His breath hitched and his body drew taut as his blunt fingers dug into her scalp.
Feathering kisses over his chest, she ran her hands across the wide expanse of smooth, delicious flesh. His heart beat furiously under her palm and she smiled at the way he reacted to her touch.
She moved to drop to her knees, so she could get up-close and personal with his cock, but he caught her arm. Eyebrow raised, she looked up at him.
Sharp lines stood out on his angular face. ―My turn.‖ His voice sounded deeper, his accent more pronounced.
Myka straightened
"Turnabout is fair play," he growled.
Her eyes flew open. He suckled her nipple through the material of her top. Heat speared her pulsing core, then spiraled through her body.
"Ah, God." She reached up, untied her halter, then pulled out the pins holding her heavy hair in place.
Mr. Dark dropped to his knees. Her breath stuttered, the "Slippery when wet," he read the words out loud, then looked up at her. "Let‘s test that theory." His finger made its way between her legs.
hairpins fell unheeded to the floor as he went to work on unfastening her jeans.
His tongue slid into her navel and flicked over the diamond hidden there. Her stomach muscles contracted and her wet core pulsed. He pushed the jeans and underwear off her hips and down her legs. Licking his lips, he leaned in, peering at the tattoo above her pubic area—her twenty-fifth birthday present to herself.

She tensed, then widened her stance. The hand on her waist tightened as his lips and teeth nipped at the soft skin of her belly. A thick finger slid into her. She gasped, inner muscles tightening around him.
"Fuck!" he hissed, the fingers at her hips digging into her flesh.
She rolled her hips, letting her head fall back. Her hands clutched his head as a wave of fire washed over her. He withdrew his finger and they locked eyes. He licked his finger clean, groaning at the taste.
Pulling away, he lifted her off her feet and walked a couple steps to tumble her onto the bed. He pounced before she stopped bouncing on the mattress, his mouth closing over a nipple, a finger plunging into her aching pussy.
Strangled sounds came from her throat, but she was deaf to them. She bucked and writhed. Blood pounded in her ears. This stranger made her feel things she‘d never felt. Took her places she‘d never been.
He added two fingers down below while his tongue glided over her nipple. Wet, erotic noises blended with her groans as he sucked. He bit down on her as his fingers scraped her walls, beckoning her to come.
The orgasm started at her toes, curled them and raced
upward, bowing her body under the force. Stiff fingers gripped the sheets as she arched off the bed. Her cries echoed through the room.
She fell back onto the bed, breath ragged, chest heaving, and sweat dripping down her face. He kissed her eyes, her lips.
"Condoms?" she asked.
Nodding, he got up to retrieve them, tugging off his jeans as he went. Lines in a foreign language were tattooed on his right shoulder. She watched him put the rubber on and swallowed. Her throat felt raw, overused. He crawled back up her body, his fingers once again dipping between her legs. She spread them wide, a fresh rush of heat pouring from her.
He positioned himself between her thighs and she reached between them to glide a finger down his length. He stiffened and groaned, then thrust himself into her palm. She caressed him through the condom, savoring his heat and hardness. One last squeeze, then she laid back and guided him to her entrance.
In a sharp thrust, he buried himself to the hilt. She cried out even as her legs rose to wrap around his waist and pull him closer. Lowering himself on his elbows, his hungry mouth found hers. Joined, they began to move. She swallowed his groans as he pounded into her, filled her.
Myka broke the kiss and panted. "God, yes…fuck me!" She dragged her nails down his back.
He froze and lifted his head to stare at her.
She sank her teeth into her lower lip and met his eyes. "Whats wrong?"
His nostrils flared. "Do that again." The three snarled words made her body clench.
"Do-do what?"
"Your nails on my back. Again."

Monday, August 8, 2011

Brand New Excerpt!

This weekend my author will be making an appearance at the local Sci/fi convention SpoCon. A fun and exciting thing, she will be reading something kind of spicy from my series. A couple pieces from Skin and Moon. I thought you all might like the chance to read it, since I know you won't all be able to make it to the author reading.... so here is part of what she will read.

Terrance tracked Emmalia from Walker Weston’s dungeon prison. He followed her faint scent. She must be using magic to hide from me. It wouldn’t work. Terrance merged with his black wolf and her scent intensified. As a werewolf, his senses were heightened and he could smell everything in the air, especially her. His wolf had declared her mate and she would not escape him. Her scent called to him, a mouthwatering mix of spicy witch and mate.

She was the reason Terrance had stayed in that prison as long as he had. He could have walked through the wall to freedom at any time, but he couldn’t have left her there to possibly suffer. She was his mate and leaving without her went against every instinct he had, and of course his wolf refused to even consider such an idea. It would have been nice if she hadn’t been so damn disagreeable though.

She had often told him how she wanted nothing to do with him or his wolf and how she would run from him as soon as she had the chance. She had done just that as soon as the barriers holding back her abilities were destroyed. It had stunned him how quickly she’d been gone. It had triggered his every tracking and claiming instinct.

Terrance hadn’t even waited around to talk with Paxton and the other council members. Nothing mattered more than the tiny vixen making her way at an impossibly fast pace south. She wasn’t as fast as him and if it wasn’t for him having to stop every so often to concentrate and find her scent again, he would have surely overtaken her by now.

The chase she was giving him was thrilling, his blood pumped hot through his veins. He could feel all his mating instincts boiling up, ready to explode on her as soon as he got the chance. She would be claimed in no time. He growled, thinking about how this chase would end, with her under him over and over again. There was no other option, she was his mate.

Terrance pushed away the remembered words of hatred she’d spat at him when he’d informed her of the wonderful news of their mating. Witches and werewolves were not on the friendliest of terms. In the past, weres had been known to hunt witches. Since they were the hardest species to track by scent, it was the biggest challenge for a were. Of course that had been a very long time ago. Terrance doubted most living weres and witches had even been alive at the time, or at least they were no more than children. It had sparked quite the war within the immortal world and a sort of peace had resulted. Each species going their separate ways, but apparently not forgetting.

Werewolves didn’t think much of witches either. Commonly referred to as crazy bitches by most immortal species, witches were avoided. They tended to overreact and lash out, not the type of being you wanted to cross. Some were extremely powerful and could kill you almost instantly, but you would never know just to look at one. They dressed like gothic sluts most of the time and acted like it, too.

Terrance paused, testing the air. They were close to some human town now and there were so many scents filling the air. He wouldn’t give up though, no matter how long it might take to find her. She was his and that was all that mattered.

* * * *

Emmalia was proud of herself. She had outsmarted the stupid were two weeks ago when they’d finally escaped that terrible dungeon and he still hadn’t caught up to her. Was he still looking? She hoped he wasn’t, she reminded herself for like the thousandth time. She hoped he had given up his insane belief that they were mates.

She shivered, remembering how it felt the one time he had slipped through the wall separating their cells and taken her into his arms. She had been too shocked to push him away. Her body had reacted almost instantly, her skin on fire where he touched her. As he whispered promises in her ear, she only half-heard, her lower body pressed forward of its own accord, seeking him out. She had felt his hard cock, could still close her eyes and feel it pressed intimately against her, wanting her. Her body had reacted with wanting and needing, her cunt dripping.

Thankfully footsteps had come quickly down the hall and forced him to retreat to his cell. When her head cleared, she’d forbidden him to ever enter her cell again. He’d obeyed, declaring himself her mate and wanting nothing more than to protect her and make her happy. They had spent four days in there together and the entire time, he tried to convince her they would be together eventually. She had denied every one of his insane claims.

I will hunt you down. A were’s mate cannot hide, he’d claimed and she’d believed at least part of that, believed he would try and find her, but she knew she could hide. There wasn’t a witch alive who didn’t know how to hide from a were. Being hunted was something a species didn’t really get over or forget.

By the time she had zigzagged her way back to her coven, she’d been glowing bright green from all the spells she’d cast. It’d been a week before they had all worn off and she’d been back to her usual perfectly peach self.

Inside, she wasn’t so easily righted. In her dreams, she saw his wolf, its glowing yellow eyes staring at her through the darkness. They were terrifying eyes, but she was drawn to them. Then she would see him, his intense brown eyes focused on her, his tempting mouth half-smiling. Growls would erupt from both him and his beast and her body would react. Not the way it was supposed to, however, not with fear, but with lust. Lust more intense than she had ever felt in her long life.

She wanted him and hated herself for it. It was a betrayal of her coven to want to mate with that species. Almost any other would be acceptable. Witches weren’t purists. They often went outside their species for sexual play. They didn’t mate in the traditional sense like other species did anyway. When a witch wanted a child, she sought out a warlock, they would stay together as long as it took to conceive and birth. If the child was female, it would return with the witch, if it was male, the warlock would take it. The parents never stayed together longer than necessary. It would never work, both species being so volatile, and the bond between a witch and her coven was her lifeline. She couldn’t live without that. Her magic would wither and she would die without it.

Emmalia knew werewolves were much different. They mated for life and they lived with their mate forever. She shuddered at the thought. Witches needed the energy of each other. It was part of what made them so strong.

“Emmalia, are you ready yet? We’re going to miss the boat!” Selene, one of her coven sisters and her best friend, called up the stairs.

“I’m ready,” she called back as she closed up her suitcase. The coven was taking a vacation, a Mexican cruise. Leticia, their coven leader, had surprised them with it last week, saying they all were in need of a getaway.

Emmalia was thankful for the distraction. Hopefully by the end of the cruise she would have that damn werewolf out of her mind. She was horny as hell and planned to find a human or two to sate herself with while they were on the boat. Witches were very sexual beings by nature, their bodies extremely sensitive to touch because their power flowed so close to the surface. It made for great sex and no witch abstained from the pleasure for long.

“Are you okay?”

Emmalia jumped at the sound of Selene’s voice close behind her. “Yeah…I’m great, excited about the trip.”

“Liar,” Selene spat at her with a knowing grin. “You are wound so tight I think just the thought of sex could bring you to orgasm.”

Emmalia’s mouth gaped. She wasn’t surprised by Selene’s words, outspokenness was an inherent trait in the witches and sex was as ordinary as dessert as far as conversation went. It was more alarming that Selene had detected what Emmalia thought she was stealthily hiding. Does everyone see how desperate I am for the touch of a werewolf?

Emmalia couldn’t deny Selene’s words so she fell back onto her bed and closed her eyes tight. “I don’t want to talk about it,” she grumbled up at her friend. “I just want to go on this vacation and forget about it.”

“You mean fuck this guy out of your head?”

Emmalia moved fast, grabbed a pillow and flung it at Selene with a playful giggle.

“I’m so not bunking with you. You have only dirty things on your mind and I won’t manage to relax at all on this vacation,” Selene teased.

Check out Skin and Moon, Immortal Councils Series #5 at

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A bit of Pimping...

It's been a while since I've pimped out my books, so I figured I'd share an excerpt from Make Me Sweat. This interracial novella pubbed with Evernight Publishing is my best and fastest selling work to date. It's sitting pretty at 13,380 in the Amazon Bestseller ranks which is goood stuff. At one point it'd dipped to 8,150, so I'm stoked. Reviews have been awesome as well.

Eough with my bragging, here's an excerpt:

Ever Marcille blinked up at the last man she should be swapping bodily fluids with. Did Ian Dakota just ask her to spend the night with him? And was she seriously contemplating it?

The job she came here to do was done. She’d planted the tiny listening device on the underside of his huge oak desk—the one he’d fucked her on—so it was back to Wes. There was no space on her calendar for a second round of bump and grind with the club owner known for his many varied criminal activities.

Never mind she was a criminal, too.


Damn it, she blinked again. Ever parted her lips to tell him no, but he kissed her. Fucking man and his kisses. He tasted of her pussy and whiskey. A heady mixture she could get drunk on. She opened wider under his insistent probe and got swept away by that damn tongue of his. Still lodged deep inside her, his cock twitched and she tightened around him.

He bucked, her hips swiveled, and someone knocked on the door. Ever cursed and rejoiced quietly. Saved from compounding her mistake, now to make a quick exit.

Dak flipped his heavy dark hair over his shoulder and yelled. “What?”

The voice of the security guard who’d escorted Ever upstairs came through the door. “That call you’ve been expecting? On line two.”

Dak signed. “Thanks, Jayce.” Regret shadowed his eyes as he held Ever’s gaze. “I’m sorry, I’ve got to take this.”

She shrugged. “Do your thing.” With infinite slowness, hoping to prolong the feeling, she eased off his cock, lifting up until they were separated. Fucking torture that. His rough fingers fluttered on her hip as she slid down his body and stood on wobbly feet.

Blowing her sweaty bangs out of her eyes, Ever offered him a smile. “Point me in the direction of your bathroom and I’m good.”

Dak jerked his chin, indicating a closed door to her left. She pivoted and he grabbed her arm. “You didn’t answer me earlier.”

Ever met his eyes over her shoulder. Dark and brooding, they mesmerized her.

“Spend the night with me.”

To keep from shouting yes to the rooftops and having Wes declare her more crazy than normal, Ever pursed her lips. “Where do you live?” It wasn’t that she didn’t know where Ian Dakota lived. She and Wes made it a point to know everything about the people they did business with, but some time needed to be bought.                 

He named a very affluent neighborhood, and she nodded, shrugging off his hand. “Take your call, I’ll think about it.” She snatched her dress from the floor and hurried to the bathroom.

Inside the huge, luxurious bathroom, she bolted the door and sagged against it. Stupid. A very stupid move bumping uglies with a potential client. Her sole mission had been to get the bug planted. That way if he needed anything to use against Mr. Dakota, they’d have it at the ready. He didn’t get to be a profitable weapons broker without issuing a few threats and blackmailing a couple people. In fact, she knew first hand how much worse things could get.

Ian Dakota wanted weapons, and he’d contacted Ever for them, only he didn’t know who she was. He didn’t know the woman he’d fucked was the only person standing between him and the mysterious arms dealer named Ghost.

Splashing water on her face, Ever fixed her hair back into its original upsweep and stepped into her dress. One last, deep breath then she opened the door and stepped outside. The dimly lit office was quiet, with Dak nowhere in sight, but the gorgeous security guy from earlier stood by the windows.

“He wants you to wait for him.” He didn’t look in her direction.

Ever smiled and eyed the well-muscled man in a black t-shirt and faded jeans. He had one of the best asses she’d seen on anyone, not that she’d tell him that. “Jayce, right?”

Jayce nodded and turned to her, dark glasses covering his eyes. The sharp crew cut gave him a severe appearance, one she suspected he cultivated.
“Jayce, it’s been a pleasure.” She pulled open the door leading outside and glanced at him over her shoulder. “Kindly tell your boss I wait for no one.”

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Signed E-Books!

Hey its Courtney Breazile here today, I am taking over the blog for a day. It wasn't really all that hard, Zyra likes me. I wanted to tell all of you about the awesome new feature for kindle books, e-signatures! Want a signed copy of your favorite e-book? Check out and see if your favorite author has set up an account.

My account is here: If you have one of my ebooks on your kindle I would love to sign it for you :)