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Blog Bites – Stephanie Hecht

We’ve got our Fangs in

Stephanie Hecht's


Tell us about yourself.
Hey, my name is Rat and before you ask, no that doesn’t mean I shift into a fucking Mickey Mouse with an attitude. I’m a cheetah. The reason for the nickname is my business and not up for discussion. You first get to meet me in, Primal Passions, the first book in The Lost Shifter Series and I’m also in, A Feral Christmas. (both books are available at

Alrighty Rat, What differentiates you from your kind? Do you have special abilities you can share with us?
While I’m not allowed to go operations for reasons we are NOT going to go into, I am the best in my coalition at computers and communications. While I may drive our leader, Mitchell, crazy at times with my mouth and attitude, we both know the feline shifters would be lost without me. As for other special abilities, *gives a sly laugh* all you have to do is ask around and you’ll find some very satisfied guys who will be more than happy to fill you in on that.

Tell me about your most current adventure.
I’m finally getting my chance to have all the spotlight when my book, Savage Awakenings, comes out February 15th. I kind of get into a little bit of trouble when I disobey orders and go after one of the lost shifters on my own. To say it gets Mitchell’s panties is a wad is an understatement. Especially, since said lost shifter is one of his missing brothers. What can I say? I have a thing for Jaguars and when Keegan calls headquarters, begging for help, I was just couldn’t resist.

If you could offer advice to your author, what would it be?
Write more Rat scenes. So far I’ve not been in the books nearly enough.

Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
*low growl* I thought I said we weren’t going to get that deep. Despite what some shifters think, I could give two fucks what they say about me. I didn’t care when my father disowned or when my brothers told me to leave the family home and I sure as hell don’t care now.

Okay. Don’t get in a wad. Tell us, What other characters have influenced you?
Jacyn was the first ones not to judge me for my..disorder and he’s one of the best friends I’ve ever had. Do I wish there could have been more between us? Sure, but it wasn’t in the cards. To say I fell hard for Jacyn would be an understatement, but I realize he’s happy with Logan and I can live with that. But know this, if anyone were to ever harm Jacyn in any way, they’d be signing their own death warrant. I’d take them out and have no regrets afterword.

Share a little bit of the ‘real’ you with our readers. Any Dark secrets?
You just keep going back to this, don’t you? Fine, they call me Rat because I can’t hold my shift when I turn into a cheetah. In the shifter world, to call someone Rat, is the lowest of blows and considered a great insult. My father, AKA the bastard who I hope never to see again, was the first one to smack that nickname on me. Now you see why I never buy him a Father’s Day Card. I don’t think even Hallmark makes one that could fit our situation and I don’t care enough to send the best.

What motivates you to continue on these adventures?
I stay with my coalition because they need me and my skills. While I can’t do dick in the way of battle tactics, I help the whole operation run smoothly. Sure there have been times where I’ve been tempted to live the solitary life of a rogue feline. Then I think about all Mitchell and his family have done for me and I know I have to stay and help with the fight. There aren’t that many feline shifters left and if we all don’t work together we’ll never be able to rebuild our society.

What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done? Stupidest? Craziest?
Kinky, there isn’t enough time for me to go into all the details. Now stupid and crazy I can answer. You’ll have to read my book to get all the details, but let’s just say it may not have been the smartest thing to go running off to rescue Keegan without waiting around for backup. I couldn’t help myself though, as soon as I heard his voice on the phone and realized the danger he was in, I knew I had to go rescue him.

What was the best sexual experience you’ve had?
Again, you’ll have to read my book to find out. Let’s just say Keegan is full of lots of surprises, all of them very wicked. He’s even managed to shock me a time or two and that’s not easy to do.

How does one become a shifter?
Shifters are born, not made. Despite what the movies say, I could nibble on you all day long and you still wouldn’t become one of us.

What makes being with a shifter the best sexual experience?
Unlike humans, shifters have great stamina and a low recovery time. So we can go all night and still be asking for more.

Does shifting hurt?
We don’t shift for the first time until we’re in our early twenties. When we get close to that time, an older shifter takes the newbie under his wing and starts to educate him on what to do and not do when that time comes. If done right it doesn’t hurt, but if you don’t know what to do or fight it, shifting hurts like a son of a bitch.

Have you ever had a flee bath?
No, but I had a bubble bath with a very adventurous puma shifter once. Does that count?

Is silver dangerous for you or is that a myth?
That’s all a bunch a bull. I have multiple piercings and I silver is my favorite kind of jewelry. If you want I would be more than happy to show you just where all those piercing are too. * wicked grin *

Well Rat, this went smoother than I thought it would. *grin* Thanks for being here and know that while you’re in our territories, you have safe passage.

Matriarch Tamara Hightower

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