Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cyber Solace

* Author Amy Romine writing as Rebecca Gailen from Serenity Lost,, Oct 2010
So I am needing an outlet, and you are it oh vast cyberspace. Why, do I need such an outlet? Well let's just say I find myself in a hell of a mess and those people I usually talk to. I can't. I have a secret. Something only one other person knows, and that is because he was there.

I would assume you are now shaking your head wondering "what the hell am I reading?" Well I can tell you if you have come to witness a horror story in the making you have come to the right place!
Am I being overly dramatic? Definitely!
Do I care? Not really. Well, yes and no.

The truth is...I have silently begged the heavens to grant me this one little wish. I just wanted to see him again. I wanted to know for sure that it wasn't a beautiful dream. That his eyes are a deep blue and his embrace is warm and encompassing. Then...there he was.
I couldn't believe it and it couldn't have been more awful. I was exhausted and reeling from a horrid day filled with decomposing teddy bears and drowned rats (don't ask).
Okay fine, if you MUST know, someone has taken an interest in me. Don't panic! I have spoken to the police and they, specifically Detective Lugow (if you saw him, you would know his name describes his looks perfectly!)stated he is all over it. I didn't want to go see him at all but Charlie insisted, and I did promise him I would talk to the police if things got 'weird'. I will admit we have reached that point.
I finished with Detective Lugow, and I just wanted to go home and sleep. I had to review and sign my statement. Once that was done, I grabbed my jacket and headed out to the waiting area. I took a few steps, and saw him. He looked as shocked as I felt, and I wanted to crumble. It took everything in me to not just completely let go...

I think my brain froze. I could not move from the place I had stopped. My feet were glued to the floor. Just as I am about to lose it, Charlie walks up beside me and says...this is my brother, Eric.

His brother, Eric.

Charlie's brother.


I still can't say it aloud, it is too much to comprehend. How could this have happened? Oh my God this man...the image that has gotten me through the past few awful weeks... he is Charlie's brother...and I don't know what to do!

Neither of us has spoken a word of it to anyone. I am trying to forget. To push it out of my mind. It was one night. It shouldn't mean anything. The problem is, it does, and I don't know how to undo that...

So Mr. or Mrs. Cyberspace, which ever you are, you are my new best friend. As long and this secret remains a secret, you are the only one I can talk to. If you have any pull with the powers that be, tell them to cut me a break, okay? A girl can only take so much.

Until next time,


Monday, September 27, 2010

Updates and Sex Interrupted

First of all, my parents....They have decided to move on. It was far too much for them to handle, being at Paxton's with the in and out of all those other species. At least they were polite about their desire to get the hell away from them as soon as possible. They did promise to visit again soon, which means I might see them in ten years or so...maybe.

As for the unwelcome return visitors...I disposed of them. I had heard Tarquin saying that he was going to discuss them with the Council of Immortals. I couldn't feel good about that. So I took matters into my own hands and damn I relished every second of it. It had been far too long since I have had the opportunity to unleash my fury and power on a lesser being in need of killing. And afterward...oh the sex! I didn't give Tarquin the chance to be upset with me for killing them. He is still strolling around like he's something special, men are such simple creatures.

There is one bit of bad news to this update nosey neighbor has once again popped up to stick her nose in our business. Apparently I was less than quiet when I killed the traitors. And like an idiot human...she came over to investigate rather than just call the police like she usually does. What she witnessed was more intense than me killing the traitors however...she saw Tarquin and I mating intensely... There was blood, and moans and yeah...she was freaked out. Thought I was killing him, and his wolf wanted to attack her for interrupting and threatening to expose us. I had no choice but to capture the stupid human and hand her over to the council. I don't know what Paxton will do with her...

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Look

nlveyes copy As you have probably noticed, NLV has a new look. I thought it was time for a change and I hope you like it. If not, comment on the changes you don’t like and I’ll see if we can’t change it back.

I am sad to say that our dear friend Delora Daye will no longer be posting with us. She might however, pop in for a guest blog every now and then.

Amy Romine will take Delora’s place on Wednesdays. Hopefully, she will be able start next week. I’m really excited to see what she can bring to our little “family.” Please help make her feel welcomed.

Here are a few note worthy announcements.

eXtasy Books is now open for submissions as well as Devine Destinies.



Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our deepest sympathies

It is with great sorrow that we extend our condolences to Jennifer Rardin's family and friends.

Many of you know her by her most popular Jaz Park series, an urban fantasy collection of Sci-fy novels that included: Once Bitten, Twice Shy, Another One Bites The Dust, Biting The Bullet, Bitten To Death, One More Bite, Bite Marks,
and Bitten In Two (which is scheduled for release in November 2010.)

Please, join us as we say farewell to a great talent - you will be missed.


Monday, September 20, 2010


How long do you hold a grudge? Is there a limit to the length of time to ignore someone who almost ruined your life?

I am undecided on this issue and need your input.

Five years ago Tarquin and I were very close with this werewolf couple. They weren't part of our pack, but wandered through and ended up staying for a couple years, a part of our family really. They accepted me so well, I encouraged the relationship and ignored anything odd that went on around them. When they began to act secretive I laughed it off as my imagination and Tarquin's being paranoid.

It wasn't until I came across them and a few of our most standoffish weres. They didn't like me, hated vamps and were fairly open about this to the pack. They often made me feel as if they were out to get me, I wondered if they would one day turn on Tarquin too. Which is why it was doubly disturbing when I heard what was being said between them and the couple I thought were our friends. The couple was trying to convince them to overthrow us! It was insane! I, of course, killed them....I mean really you don't expect I would have let them get away with such betrayal? The others, the ones from our pack who were listening, I didn't kill, but I did warn them to leave and never come back.

They stayed gone for five years...and showed up last night asking to be accepted back into our pack. I locked them in the basement while Tarquin and I discuss what we should do.

So what do you think? Forgive, kill, turn loose again?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Gaia’s Lust, Book 5 of Hightower Series is out!


Purchase at:


   Unruly magic. A pregnancy that only the Gods can create. A surprise visit from a long lost relative. Claiming collars, Royal Mages and a new and totally different world. So many things have happened in a mere 72-hour period.

   It is no wonder that I must question my actions before I help Izzy escape from a world that has perfected enslaving our kind—vampires. May the Gods stake me now, for I will destroy the many to save the one.


   Her suggestion burned inside me, claiming my will. She had become proficient using her voice, and now used it on me to gain the upper hand. Desire forced me to relax, allowing her complete access to my mind and body.
   She parted my lips, and pressing her mouth around me, she enveloped my bundle in the same warmth as my opening. She settled there for several seconds, breathing her hot breath against me. Then her tongue followed the natural groove that led to my opening. As she licked the edges, allowing her tongue to slip inside me while she lapped my juices, she caressed my chest. Her hands ran along my sides, her soft touch exciting me even more. Then without notice, she dug her nails in, slowly scratching her way down and over my stomach. The abrupt pain flared my passion to life, threatening to consume every morsel of self-control I had left. I grabbed the sheets, pulling on them as my back arched higher. Lust pulsed through me, demanding release. I teetered on the brink of submission.
   No! Not yet. Her order ricocheted through me as she pulled away and slowly crept her way up my body, leaving behind wet, sticky kisses.
   “What’s wrong?” I tensed, startled that her magic started to take over. I raised my head looking around the quiet room and saw nothing out of place. No new relatives to contend with, no fairies and better yet, I felt no new appendages.
   Her lips barely touched mine as she spoke. “Now, you have something to focus on while I pack.”
   She grinned and kissed me. Her tongue explored my mouth and then pulled back. Mine followed. Feeling the tip of her moist tongue riveted me and I forced my tongue past her teeth. Our tongues played cat and mouse for a moment. Mine advanced and hers pulled back, before I realized the hard candy was absent. She wouldn’t have, would she? I broke from our kiss.
   “You did not.”
   She smiled and nodded. “I did.” She opened her mouth wide for inspection. “Lie there and let it melt. When I’m done packing, I’ll work at getting it out.”
   “I was so close to coming.” I wiggled underneath her. “Why would you do that?”
   “Because, I love watching you squirm.” She stood, then pointed at me. “Stay,” she commanded. “Let it melt.”
   I closed my eyes and laid there in wait. Vampires have patience, but mine had run out weeks ago when Izzy pretended she was pregnant and her faulty magic started disrupting our sex life.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We got our Fangs in Nick Howard’s, Daniel Roberts

I’m Daniel Roberts, you can find me in Buy Me and The Doorway. The Doorway is the sequel to Buy Me and I’m the main character. My stories are available at eXtasy Books or from any of these links.

                       The Doorway link

What makes you special?
I am, to repeat a common line, tall, dark and handsome. I have money and lots of it. I have been accused of being arrogant, but I believe that is mistaken from my reserved nature. I don’t do much talking myself but rather like to listen and observe. My one attribute that sets me apart from a lot of other people is that I’m extremely goal orientated. I always get what I want.

Tell us about your most current adventure.
In “Buy Me” I organized a special annual charity auction. I convince a number of women, all wealthy, to auction themselves off as slaves for a weekend. There were strict guidelines involved to protect the women and I take precautions to make sure they are comfortable. All the same you may find it is surprising how many women agree to being auctioned off.

In “The Doorway” I meet a beautiful woman called Catherine. She comes across as unemotional and superior, but I detect a fire underneath her skin that even she isn’t aware of. I decide to seduce and control her. The thing is she seems to understand what I’m after but doesn’t know how to fight back. She has never had to deal with a man like myself before.

From The Doorway:

She put on her underwear slowly, annoyed at herself for having trouble deciding what dress to wear. She took a blue dress out of her closet and held it front of her as she stood in front of the full-length mirror. She grimaced at her reflection and turned to toss the dress angrily on her bed.

“What the hell is the matter with me? It’s just a dinner date. Just pick a damn dress to wear. It’s his problem if he doesn’t like what I wear, not mine.”

The last sentence sounded hollow to her and she went to the kitchen to pour herself a glass from a half-full bottle of red wine. She leaned against the kitchen counter as she drank, trying to rationalize why he had her so upset. She was used to having her way with men, used to making them second-guess what she wanted. Suddenly, that control had vanished. He had led the conversation and made her guess what he was going to do.

Okay so he’s been able to take control so far. But he won’t intimidate me.

After she finished her wine, she went back to her bedroom, took a deep breath and grabbed a black dress with a simple neckline and a small slit to just above the knee. As she put on a pearl necklace, she wondered why she was dressing rather conservatively.

Usually, she would wear something that would have her date stumbling over himself. That wouldn’t work on Daniel, she decided. Besides, he already knew too much about her. The dress would keep some of her physical attributes hidden for a while.

He arrived in a well-tailored black suit, looking larger than she remembered when she opened the door. When he complimented her on her dress, she felt her cheeks flush and quickly looked away from him. He led the way, escorting her down to the lobby where a taxi waited for them. The cab ride took them to one of the better restaurants.

He chose a red wine for the meal, which reminded her that he was still ahead of her in the game she imagined they were playing.

“Why did you ask me to have dinner tonight and not the weekend?”

“I have to fly out to Bermuda tomorrow.”


He laughed. “When I go to Bermuda, it’s never really work. Have you ever been there?”


“You must go there sometime. Where do you like to holiday at?”

So it goes, she thought.

He continued to weave around her questions while learning more about her. She still didn’t know why he was going to Bermuda, but he now knew she preferred going to Europe for vacations. She became more intrigued about him, deciding that if open questions didn’t work, perhaps bold, more direct questions would give her better footing.

“So do you believe relationships should be equal?” She didn’t herself and until now, considered herself the one in control of a relationship. She wondered how he saw himself and if he considered her his equal.

“Equal? I don’t think that term applies to relationships. Relationships are balanced. Each gives and takes something to maintain the balance. If one partner is unsatisfied with the way it is balanced, then it falls apart.”

She almost squeezed her hands into fists in exasperation that he danced around her question and then immediately calmed herself. He still hadn’t answered her question about whether he thought she was his equal. She tried again.

“What about us? What do you see as our balanced relationship?”

He swirled the wine in his glass and took a drink.

“Are you wanting to know what my intentions are with you?”

“Yes.” She was taken back by his use of the word “intentions,” almost as if it was sinister. That, she reflected, made him even more interesting.

He laughed a deep chuckle.

“Perhaps all I want to do is to seduce you.”

“Seduce me to what end? To bed me and then just walk away? I hope you’re not serious about that.” She gave a smile that flashed her teeth to show he didn’t intimidate her.

“Oh, no. The seduction I’m thinking of goes far beyond physical gratification.” He returned her smile. “You’re not upset with me for wanting to claim you, are you?”
“No, it’s what you men do, isn’t it? I suppose you can try, but I’m not easily—”


“Dominated? Never.” She felt his eyes peer into her own, searching for more. She blinked, feeling as if he had just glimpsed a deeper truth in her soul that she didn’t even know about herself. Now, she felt uncomfortable, uncertain. There was a lie in the word “never.” She knew it now, but the when or how stayed hidden.

“Perhaps I could be allowed to try.”

“I suppose you can, but you’ll be in for a disappointment. Why waste your time?”

“Because the reward will be so great for both of us.”

That was just a clever line she thought at first, but when her gaze met his again, she saw he was sincere. It scared her enough that she quickly reached for her wine glass, hoping he didn’t see her uncertainty.

She was too astonished to speak for a moment and when she did make a retort, she felt disappointed in her own reply. To her it sounded less like the “go to hell” response she wanted and more like a question to a sales pitch. “And what possible benefits would there be to me being dominated by you?” She crossed her arms and leaned back into her chair. She hoped her body language would convey what her words didn’t.

“You get to give up this control you wave about like a flag. You’ll be happier and truly feel like you’re alive.”

Catherine was taken aback as she considered the thought of her being under his control. And what did he mean by me waving my control like a flag? “I don’t think so.” Her voice found its mark—strong clear and direct. “You see—” Now she was getting ready to put him in his place and set him straight on whom he was dealing with.

He held up his hand. “You asked me what I wanted so don’t get upset at the truth. I merely ask you just to consider the possibility.”

Now she felt flustered again and took another drink of wine, now not sure how to respond. “It won’t work.” She wished she said it more defiantly, surprised how quiet her voice was.

This would be an upcoming or new release. Feel free to share and excerpt, remember we are promoting as well as, having fun and include a release date if you have one.

Tell us a little bit about your author. Where can we find more of their works? And If you could offer your author advice, what would it be?
Nick Howard has a website, and has his works displayed there. He also has several free stories available on the site, including writings by other authors. I have some advice for him. He is currently working on a science fiction series called Praxton and I think he should develop more from that universe. It is a world I would be very happy in live on.

Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
I do believe I am not well understood. I plan and think before I act or speak, taking into account of a lot of factors. I rarely show much emotion. My work is a negotiator and showing emotions is bad for getting business done. So when someone disagrees with me I usually have considered that objection already. However that gives that impression I ignore advice and am just stubborn. It’s not true; I’m simply one step ahead of them. The other misconception is that I’m a bit sadistic. This is not true. I only use discipline to ensure my complete control and not because I enjoy inflicting pain on others. As Catherine found out when she first refused my control there are consequences.

What kind of music do you listen to?
Opera, classical, jazz.

Is expressing love difficult for you? Why?
Love is an emotional state that can lead to making errors. I have seen many of my acquaintances marry when in love and fall out of love a few months later with disastrous financial consequences. That is not to say I cannot care for someone. I have had many lovers in the past and remained on good terms with them after breaking up with them. One reason is that I do not use the word love without completely meaning it. I have never used that word to a woman to convey my feelings to her. Someday that may happen but I understand exactly what it will mean to her.

Is there a message you want to get across in this interview?
Just a bit of my personal observation of the world. Catherine asked me if I thought we were equal in our relationship. I knew what she was asking- did I believe I her superior. I told her it didn’t apply- it simply doesn’t. All men and women should have the same rights and there is that equality. But in a relationship? Hardly. What we have is a balance. We each give something of ourselves to the other. If one feels they are giving too much. Then the balance is broken and the relationship falls apart.

Share a little bit of the ‘real’ you with our readers. Any Dark secrets?
LOL. A dark secret? Well my discipline room is not well lit! Almost everyone who meets me sees a well polished gentleman. Only a few of my closer friends know that I demand my lady to be submissive to me and that I make them wear a collar and cuffs. Not every minute of the day and I recognize such attire would cause problems at work and some social engagements. However I believe the physical presence of a collar on a woman’s neck reminds her who I am.

Do you ever ask your significant other for advice?
I do not have a significant other yet. However I do hide the fact I do not believe in a monogamous for myself when dating a woman. I know some readers will be upset to think here he is putting a collar on a woman that virtually assures she will be his alone yet he feels free to continue to visit his old girlfriends. Sorry, this is who I am.

What is your most favorite thing to do?
I feel a great rush of satisfaction when I close a major deal for a corporation. Sometimes we are talking about a billion dollar acquisition and when such a business contract is successfully concluded it gives me enormous satisfaction.

Do you sing in the shower?
No, the person sharing the shower with me may not like my singing.

Have you ever lost control? And what was the outcome?
No, I don’t lose control. Period.

How many sex partners have you had? How many at one time?
I have had over a hundred women in my time, so far. Several times I have had three-some and twice with three women.

What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done? Stupidest? Craziest?
I’m not sure what is the kinkiest thing is I’ve done, but maybe organizing the charity auction in Buy Me qualifies. Semi-dressed and naked women being auctioned off does sound a bit kinky already, but there is more to that at the event. I convinced other women to be on display, some tied up, before the auction to help improve the bids and generate anticipation. You’ll have to check that out!

What was the best sexual experience you’ve had?
My latest with Catherine. There is something special about making love to a woman who is tied up and also desperately wants you. You have complete control over her and will decide how long and when she shall climax.

Tell us what it’s like to spend a day with you.
Most days are quiet, relaxing. I have the comforts of being rich and take advantage of them. My office is where I do most of my work, but I only work when I feel like it. Sorry, I know what you’re thinking. A little boring, but this is my world of business. Now if you are a female, you will soon discover I do take control quickly. I lead. I choose where we go. I may even order for you if we go to a restaurant. I will get you talk about yourself and reveal little about myself. By the end of the evening I will know you. If I like you I will begin the seduction.

How do you deal with stress?
I meditate and listen to music. I have a cottage that I can go to relax and be alone.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The season approaches...

It is fall, the air is so crisp at night, the colors are turning to golds and wonderful reds. I love this time of the year, love how the days shorten and my time to play gets longer.

One thing I don't like about this time of year is the approach of Halloween and how humans play about as if they are monsters, really disgusting and offensive the way they interpret us. My fangs ache every time I see some idiot with plastic fangs and a cape hopping around on the street. I have started to see a few already, even though it seems like a ways away, I suppose it really isn't.

So I must send out this little warning to humans...if you play at being a monster, don't be surprised to find a real one at your neck, showing you what's real...

Friday, September 10, 2010

As promised…

 Here is the reminder of the wonderful sale going on at All Romance. Yes, it starts today.


Personally, I find it fitting that it coincides with my human authors birthday, which is also today. Perhaps, I should buy her a plethora of books to read. No…that would busy her time with something other than writing my stories. Forget I mentioned it and don’t tell her. I like to keep her close at hand. You know how we, vampires, are. We are very territorial.

I am also aware of what Saturday is. I can only hope that it has not slipped through anyone’s memories. Since, I won’t be posting again until next week, I will post this now.

May we NEVER forget!
untitled copy

Monday, September 6, 2010

A little peace....

I figured out a way to live with a little peace around here, even with my parents refusing to leave. I sent them to live at Paxton's house! Oh yes and I have an evil grin upon my face as I sit and write this with pleasure. Paxton is out of town dealing with many things for The Council and so his house sits empty.

It was the perfect solution...

The fact that my parents love Paxton and think he was the prefect mate for me helps, and Paxton's still strong desire to make me happy sealed the deal. He wouldn't deny me the peace and they wouldn't resist the chance to be not so close with the weres.

Of course I do think they will find the other species who happen through Paxton's house to be just as disturbing, not that I care....I have peace in my home once again!

Of course that will only last so long....the full moon is always near it seems and then I have to deal with Lillian being here, that bitch. I don't care what her story says, I still don't like her she tried to have me killed! But I won't do anything about it, unless I get the fair chance, since Tarquin forbids me from killing anyone that is part of his pack and she is now technically as much a part of it as I am blah blah blah! He tends to be a little more forgiving than me...

I don't know am I wrong? If you have read through the latest in my series you know what I am talking about. Does she deserve my forgiveness and trust? I do feel a bit sorry for her, seeing as she is dealing with the disappearance of her daughter....I can't imagine what I would do If Alexia was kidnapped, probably go on a killing rampage.

Friday, September 3, 2010

5 Years later…

Contrary to popular opinion, I was not dealing with Izzy last Friday. I actually flew into New Orleans to see for myself the progress that has been made 5 years after Katrina hit.

I, personally, find it repulsive that certain areas are still devastated or abandoned. Yes, New Orleans is doing better, but there are still thousands of homeless, unemployed people who are struggling to get theirs lives back.

The spirit that thrives in New Orleans is alive. Here is a city that suffered the unimaginable and they continue to strive forward, welcoming obstacles with renewed determination.

Not many people or places have earned my respect, until now.

While the American government continues to funnel millions, if not billions of money to overseas third world countries, (you know the ones) to improve their quality of living, by building homes and schools, providing electricity and clean drinking water, individual Americans have banded together to do what the government has not...take care of their own.

And that deserves our respect and support…

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We got our fangs in E.M. Muller’s Gargoyle

ConfessionsOfLiberalLover-200by300I’m a gargoyle. In case you’re not familiar with gargoyles, we’re magical creatures who ward off demons, witches and the like. I’ve never been in a book before, but when my friend Maud asked if it was okay to write her memoirs and talk about me, I said it would be okay. The name of the book is Confessions of a Liberal Lover. It’s a comedy (Maud has a great sense of humor) and it’s available as an e-book at Red Rose Publishing Red Rose Publishing with a Kindle version at Amazon. Amazon Kindle

I don’t think we’ve ever had a gargoyle here before, tell us what makes you special? What differentiates you from your kind? Do you have special abilities?
When Maud won me at a church fair when she was only six, she didn’t even know what a gargoyle was. She thought I was just a plastic statue and even though gargoyles aren’t the most handsome of creatures, she was willing to take me home. She didn’t know I had special powers. She just put me on her dresser and would talk to me for hours. I knew she didn’t have many friends and it meant a lot to her that I was there to listen. I didn’t reveal that I had the power to speak until she was a teenager and started getting involved with boys. That’s when I knew she needed my help.

Tell us about your most current adventure.
Don’t have any definite plans for the future. Maud’s doesn’t really need me anymore since she has Charlie so I’m looking for a home. If anyone knows of someone who is lonely and could use a friend like me to help her think things through, they can get a message to me at

Tell us a little bit about your author. Where can we find more of their works? And If you could offer your author advice, what would it be?
E.M. Muller is a strange bird. She didn’t start writing until she was an old broad because she was too busy working and supporting her kids. After she retired, she got mad about the way things were going in this country and wrote a scary political thriller called The Founding Five. If anyone likes those kinds of books you can find it on - The Founding Five

Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
The way people perceive me is not with their eyes, but with their hearts. If a person has a good heart, like Maud, they will probably like me a lot and want me for a friend. If they have a very small heart, all they will see when they look at me is a little plastic statue.

Tell us a little bit about your world.
My first recollections of this world are of sitting on a shelf behind the Lucky Wheel at the church fair where Maud won me by betting that the wheel would stop on the number 25. Actually, I liked Maud as soon as I saw her and used my powers to make the wheel stop on 25. After she took me home with her, my world became her dresser, a Nine West Shoe in the closet, and stuffed into a slipper sock in the back of her underwear drawer. Now I’m just waiting to see where I will end up next.

What kind of music do you listen to?
I have a passion for love songs. My all time favorite is Fly Me to the Moon.

Is there a message you want to get across in this interview?
A woman should never be afraid to reveal to a man who she really is or try to transform herself into whatever it is she thinks a lover wants her to be.

Did you really do “it”?
Do what?
It.. Oh, never mind.

What other characters have influenced you?
The Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz, all fairy godmothers, Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio, Kermit the Frog, and George Carlin. I realize George was a real person, but he certainly was a unique character, wasn’t he?

Share a little bit of the ‘real’ you with our readers. Any Dark secrets?
I love to snack on demons.

Do you ever ask your significant other for advice?
I’ve never really had an opportunity to focus on my own personal life.

Have you ever lost control? And what was the outcome?
When you have magical powers like I do, you have to learn to control yourself or you could do an awful lot of harm.

Do you think you are a superior being?
I don’t think of myself as superior to humans, but in all honesty, I am wiser and see things far more clearly than they do. That’s why I tried so hard to help Maud.

What are your opinions on fallen angels?
I have a lot of sympathy for fallen angels who are trying to redeem themselves. I also have a fondness for genies and have known quite a few.

What are the pro’s and con’s to being a gargoyle?
Gargoyles have a lot of power, but when you spend your time trying to help one human, it can get very lonely. It’s also hard to say goodbye when that human doesn’t need you anymore.

How does one become a gargoyle?
One doesn’t become a gargoyle; you have to be created as one. Shape shifters can make themselves look like one, but they will never have the magical powers of a gargoyle.

Describe your best kill. Why was it the best?
Although some gargoyles are into killing, I abhor violence. I even gave up slaying demons and became a vegan. I only wish they would start making gummy demons for me to snack on.

What makes being with a gargoyle the best sexual experience?
Gargoyles are asexual. We don’t have sex—although we fantasize about it a lot.

How old are you?
My spirit has been around for centuries but the form I take changes a bit. When I was with Maud, I was made out of plastic, which is very popular in the U.S., but in the past I’ve been made out of limestone, marble and once in ancient Egypt, I was made completely out of gold.

What’s the oddest thing you’ve seen or done?
The oddest thing I’ve ever seen is Maud’s wedding to Mark Matthews.

Tell us what it’s like to spend a day with you.
No can do. I’m a one woman gargoyle when I’m on duty.

Finally, is there something you wished we had asked, but didn’t?
No, you’ve been very thorough. It’s been a pleasure responding to your questions. Just drop EM a note if you need anything else.