Friday, October 5, 2012

Why Dragons don’t like Vampires

Zoe_Lionheart_100 As promised last month, I’ll also give you some insight on the Dragons’ point of view regarding Vampires. You may already have some clue from my last post, so I’ll start with the obvious:
  1. The rotten stink of a Vampire can truly spoil a Dragon’s night. Humans may not notice that smell, but a Dragon’s senses are too fine to be deceived.
  2. Dragons don’t like to be bitten and relieved of their blood. Of course, it’s impossible for a Vampire to penetrate a Dragon’s scales, but those futile attempts are still annoying.
  3. Likewise annoying are attempts to hypnotize a Dragon or distract him with a human virgin. Worse, the insinuation alone that a Dragon might be interested to abuse or devour a human girl is abhorrent!
  4. Dragons don’t like it when “their” humans are bitten and turned into even more stinking Vampires.
  5. There’s one thing that may drive a Dragon mad – this ultimately stupid Vampire attitude of being superior to all other creatures because of their almost-immortality and their superhuman powers. First, Dragons are at least as long-lived as Vampires, second, they’re at least as fast and strong as Vampires, third, they can walk under the sun, so who’s the superior being? However, Dragons don’t try to bully other races and certainly don’t like to be bullied. Elder Vampires simply smell worse.
No, there are no further points. Dragons don’t need a multitude of reasons to dislike Vampires, those five mentioned above do.