Friday, January 29, 2010

JONATHAN SPEAKS: The onslaught of "Kill Cupid Day"

Okay, so I've finally decided to come out of hiding, only to realize I'll probably have to go into hiding AGAIN. That dreaded month is fast approaching, and that same dreaded month involves stupid pink hearts, frilly things, flowers, candy, and all that goo-goo giggling and sappy love stories girls gush over. SOME GIVE ME A BARF BAG, PLEASE!!!!!! I feel my Cheetos, pizza, mashed potatoes and pickles coming up, and quick.

Is it me, or is that holiday-I-refuse-to-mention (Hey, almost as bad as "he-who-must-not-be-named" for harry potter fans...) just as terrifying as any other commercialized holiday, invented to drive guys insane with worry about what to get their significant others? I can't go anywhere now without being smacked in the head with pink, red and white crap! Chocolate roses be damned! No, I take that back--chocolate is NOT something to be damned, no matter what shape it comes in.

As I'm surrounded by lovely ladies that sway towards the female persuasion instead, can you give a gothy kid who's still a bit agoraphobic some advice on how to approach a girl, or what girls REALLY like? Does anyone take that dreaded holiday serious at all? What makes matters worse for me, is I've talked to a girl onlie for months, and she's thinking about wanting to meet me IN PERSON!!!!!! GAAAAAHHHHHH!

The-holiday-I-refuse-to-mention be damned!

Well, now that I got that out of my system, I'll be back next time to give you folks the details of said event...if they don't go TOO horribly....

Advice, anyone???? waaaahhhh!!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meet Carly Bright

I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce Carly. Carly Bright. I met Carly during my last adventure, which will soon be available through eXtasy Books.

Carly is a young, very attractive human FBI agent that had the gall to stand up to me. And in my opinion, that won her some brownie points. Well, as you’ll soon find out for yourselves, I owe her- big.

She is interested in learning more about our lifestyle and as she put it, our kind. I’ve already spoken to the “proper authorities” and she’ll be assigned to the Florida’s FBI District where she can easily communicate with me.

No. I have no intentions on working with the human, division of law enforcement and our visits will be limited to a as-needed-basis only. In the meantime, she is free to find her own troubles. Last I heard she was rummaging around asking about some unsolved murders that had been buried under a ton of paper work. Good for her.

Where Carly Bright is concerned, I have now fulfilled my duties. Now, I must make good on my word to Erika, for without her I never would have found Izzy.

To all who have been asking, yes, my wounds are healing nicely, thank you. Silver is a bitch to heal.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tarquin Speaks out about Blood Visions

So what, you might wonder, do I think of my mates venture into the written human word, and of course her idea of how our story unfolded?
I had a chance to peruse the story before it was released last week and I was impressed with parts, annoyed by parts, and surprised by none of it. It is, I assure you, a very true interpretation of how we came together. I would not dare to say my beautiful mate was less than right about any of it. I know better than to question her.
I was impressed with how well she got me, how easily she was able to portray what I, a werewolf, was going through that night we met. My pain and my despair, such a personal thing I am not impressed with having others know about, was indeed how it was put in the story. As I read I relived it and am once again grateful beyond measure that I found her, the only immortal on earth who could have saved me.
I think perhaps comment on the ending are unnecessary, I would have told her to leave that part out but she conveniently didn't tell me she was putting it in. When I read it I am sure you can imagine my deep annoyance. Since then I have had the pleasure of forbidding that other from entering or nearing my home, I am not sure how long it will last but for now I do believe if I never see his smug face again I will be all too happy.
So my wife is happy, smug in her accomplishment, very well I like to see her happy and of course, that translates to a happy me in the bedroom. However a very large issue is coming about, an issue I would like, as Alpha around here, to put my foot down about. My daughter now wants her story told! I can't believe this insanity, my wife's idea is infecting others now and since apparently no one listens to me, my sweet Alexia is even now working with that same human author to get her and Ian's story told, Keeping Blood she intends to call it. A nice tribute to her unique status as a keeper and a blood drinker.
I tried talking them out of it, even advised Ian to not allow such a thing from her, but he is as helpless as I when it comes to his mate. They are two strong females, and we bow down to them without hesitation. Damn it all...
Well here it is, my and my mates story:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Selene rated #1 Sexiest Vampire

It's official! Kate Beckensale, also known as Selene, Uderworld's tight leather wearing do-gooder vampire made the #1 spot as sexiest vampire according to And who could blame them for thier decision?

I, for one, would love to cross paths with her one day in a nice, dark, clean bedroom. Yeah, my kind of fighting is known as foreplay. She could suck my neck not to mention other areas, as long as she wants.

So, today I want to talk about vampire's and upcoming events.
As much as we all love Selene and her ass-kicking self, the truth is that we aren't likely to get her into our bedroom any time soon. Even I, Matrairch of the Hightowers, have had little time to rendezvous with her. Our schedules never seem to coincide, that and truth be told, we run in a different circle of friends.

However, that being said, I want to mention that for as hot as she is, and she is hot, believe me! I have found not only similar sexy vampires, but humans and other creatures, emerging lately. Some have taken to the written form to get themselves known. Yeah, yeah, I know this vampire site is written for and about other worldly creatures, well, some of them include humans, so let me introduce you to the lot:

Courtney Breazile's, Zyra of Blood Visions. Sexy, hot and totally comfortable with herself. Who doesn't like a vamp with self confidence, attitude and a love for pleasure? Head to head, I'd put my money on Zyra sticking around longer than Selene.
Talk about hot! Bet you Selene would never do what Zyra did in that hotel room...I'm just saying.

Annie Alvarez's, the Hightower Series. Yes, that's right, Izzy's story. You all know Izzy, she's my loveable trouble maker and no, I wouldn't have it any other way. Well, Annie is working on book 4, LUSTFUL TORMENT, and this book is from my point of view. You can still catch up with the story with Dying to Live, because we've got a few surprises for you in this next book.

Hot and sexy, who would ask for anything more?

Keep and eye out for these. I heard they are making an appearence soon!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blog Bites with Pat Brown

We got our FANGS in

Pat Brown’s

David Eric Laine

Hi David. Tell us a little about yourself.
David Eric Laine. You can find me in L.A. Boneyard, the third in my L.A. series. You can find various buy links for my books at:

Pat Brown

What makes you special?
I'm an LAPD homicide detective who works out of the Northeast Division with my partner Martinez Diego. We've been partners for seven years. The thing that distinguishes me is the fact that I'm gay. For years I kept it secret, I didn't want anybody I worked with to know that. It wasn't always easy, I hated all the lying, but it was safer than having them know. But when I met Chris I couldn't stay in the closet anymore, not if I wanted him in my life. And I did.

Tell me about your most current adventure.
L.A. Boneyard was released in November last year. A 911 call reports a body in Griffith Park. I was up, so our supervisor called me in. Martinez was on loan to 77th, so I had a new partner, Jairo Hernandez. I knew he was trouble the minute I laid eyes on him. But I'm professional so I introduced myself and we went to work. We processed the scene and he was sharp enough, but he has an attitude that grates on me.

If you could offer your author advice, what would it be?
Show some of my lighter side. I'm not always so dour for Pete's sake. Chris and I know how to laugh, we go to dinners with friends and we talk about more than my job.

Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
I'd be a lot happier if they'd stop seeing me as the gay cop. I'd rather be a cop first, a gay man second. I don't know what it is about some people, but when they find out you're gay all they seem to be able to do is look at you and imagine you in a bathroom someplace, having sex with strangers, or worse, with kids. I'm an LAPD homicide detective. I'm a good one too. I think I'm a good person and that's got nothing to do with gay or straight.

Tell us a little bit about your world.
I live with one foot in light and one in darkness. Chris keeps me in the light just by being himself. I know it sounds ridiculous but he really is a breath of spring air. The darkness I live in so often can wear a person's soul down. Every day some new horror – even after all these years I can still be amazed at what people can do to each other. What happened to those women in L.A. Boneyard are only three of hundreds. I don't know where I'd be without Chris to bring me back to the light.

Is humor important? Why or why not?
Without humor you have no soul. How else do you stay sane? Sometimes the humor can be black and maybe a lot of outsiders wouldn't understand it, but it's a defense mechanism that's necessary. It beats drinking or whoring around to find release. Safer too.

Is expressing love difficult for you? Why?
Yes and that's always been a bone of contention with Chris. He has no problems showing his love, no matter where we are. I can't be so open, though I try. Thankfully he knows I love him no matter whether I show it in public or not.

What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you?
Finding out my real father was still alive, but that's a future story and one I'm not ready to talk about.

Did you do anything special after your first adventure?
No, I've always been a reticent person. I'm more comfortable with my old lounger, a bottle of Bud and a baseball game on TV than celebrating. Chris changed that a bit, he draws me out and I socialize more these days, but it's still hard at times.

Is there a message you want to get across in this interview?
That I might be a cop and I might be gay, but I'm just a man like any other man. I like to respect the rights of other people to be the way they are, all I ask in return is to be respected for who I am.

What was the least interesting thing that has ever happened to you?
That's a hard one. If it was really uninteresting, I probably slept through it, or it never registered. Maybe the time I retiled the kitchen floor? Not much more boring than renovating.

If you could pull your author into your world, what do you think would happen to them?
I'm not sure she'd be as tough as she thinks she is. But then again, maybe she'd surprise me. She's had her own rough patches and survived when others might not have, so who knows.

If you could time travel, where would you go?
Back to the 50s. They knew how to make cars back then. What I wouldn't give to drive a mint Chevy or Cadillac.

What other characters have influenced you?
Harry Bosch, Michael Connelly's detective. That guy knows how to get things done.

Share a little bit of the ‘real’ you with our readers. Any Dark secrets?
I smoked marijuana a few times in college. The first time I had sex with a man – with anyone was after a party when I ended up back in the dorm with Eddie Black. We never talked to each other again after that. I have no idea what happened to him.

What has been your all time favorite question from another character?
Why did I choose to be a gay cop. I tell them I didn't, it's just what I am, and what I've always been. I'm not ashamed of who I am.

What motivates you to continue on these adventures?
I still think I can make a difference in the world. Being a cop is the best thing in the world. I wouldn't have half the fun doing anything else.

What does your significant other think about your adventures? And how do they deal with it?
He's always afraid for me. I tell him being a homicide detective is no where near as dangerous as TV shows make it out to be. The cops that face danger on a daily basis are the patrol cops. They're out there every day and from one call to the next they don't know when something bad is going down. By the time I arrive on the scene the violence is over. I'm just cleaning up the mess someone else left.

If you were brought into this world, what would be your first order of business?
Pretty much what I do now.

If you had the chance to meet another character, who would it be and why?
The character Mike Kirby that John Wayne played in the Green Berets. I'm a huge fan of John Wayne. What can I say, I'm old school.

What is your most favorite thing to do?
Watch a good Angels game or the Lakers.

Have you ever lost control?
I pride myself on keeping control. But I think I came closest when Chris was being threatened by the Carpet Killer in L.A. Heat. I never wanted to kill a man as much as I wanted him dead.

How many sex partners have you had? How many at one time?
I'm ashamed to say I've had several. Back before I came out, I'd slip down to Palm Springs for a weekend and find someone to spend the night with. And once, while Chris and I were separated I did have a threesome. I don't like thinking of those days.

What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done? Stupidest? Craziest?
One Halloween I borrowed a night in a bondage room from a fellow cop and Chris and I spent the night trying all kinds of things I had never imagined myself doing. Only Chris could bring that kind of thing out in me.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Still being a cop. I'd like to see myself moving to Homicide Special. I think I've earned it, but I don't know if the LAPD is ready for a gay cop in that elite group.

What was the best sexual experience you’ve had?
The first time Chris and I made love. I never knew sex could be so spectacular.

Do you think you are a superior being?

What’s the oddest thing you’ve seen or done?
My first West Hollywood Halloween parade where Chris made me dress in a costume after I swore up and down I wouldn't do it. I told you he brings things out in me that I would never do on my own.

If you could change one thing about you or someone you loved, what would it be?
I would like Chris to be less fearful of my job. I'm always careful and I want him to stop fretting over me when I'm on a job.

What’s the one thing you wish you could change about yourself or someone you love?
I wish I could be more demonstrative in my love for Chris. I wish I had the words to tell him how much I love him.

How do you deal with stress?
Go for a run with the dog – we go down by the reservoir and run around it until both of us are exhausted. Then come home and have a couple of beers and couch potato with Chris and the animals.

Tell us about your first day as a patrol officer.
My TO – training officer, was Sergeant Roger Standish. He was an old timer, on his last year on the job. A cynic, and very much stuck in his ways. He was a hard ass, but after my probation with him I knew I was going to be a good cop. Our first day he told me two things: always know where I was, and never lose track of where your partner is. He told me you do either of those things and my family would be invited to a twenty-one gun salute with my name on it. I never forgot that.

David, it’s been very interesting having you with us. I’ve never spoken to a member of law enforcement without having to erase their memories. I hope we can do this again, soon.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Early Release!

Blood Visions has been released to you early! It is available right now at I hope you all find my story as exciting as I did as I lived it. I am going to share with you the trailer for the book today, enjoy.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Black Magic Sanction

For those you who who love Kim Harrsion, here's a special treat. Here are the first few pages of her new book, Black Magic Sanction, due out on Feb 23.


Kim Harrison's Sneak Peek at Black Magic Sanction

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One Night Stands? Not All Bad.

February 1st will mark my first eXtasy Books release: a Fantasy Garden short story about a one night stand that has a satisfying outcome! As the teaser says, “Heat of Winter” is what occurs when a beautiful but lonely waitress shares a fast attraction with a sexy and equally single new customer at freewheeling Greenwich Village restaurant on a snowy February night. The pair keep each other cozy, carefree and coming in what promises to be more than just a one night stand in a snowstorm.

One night stands are always a gamble, and most turn out to be the last time you see the person. Hence, the name. But not all have to be unsuccessful or just another bad memory. Consider these tips if you find yourself in the situation:

Lay off your coworkers. I mean, the last thing you need is to sleep with a co-worker, hate it, and have to work with them the next day. This goes for anyone you’re likely to run into on a regular basis.

Make sure you both know why you’re there. It’s an immediate attraction sexual encounter and not a relationship. If you wake up tomorrow and still want to see each other, then roll with it. But don’t get your hopes up if you both aren't on the same page.

Be experimental if you want. This person doesn’t know you, so you can be a little less inhibited.

Use protection! And discuss your sexual history before the clothes coming flying off. Just because you’re strangers doesn’t mean you can’t be concerned for each other’s – and your own – safety.

Like the characters in my Fantasy Garden story, have you ever turned a snowstorm tryst into a flaming meltdown? Had any one-night stands in odd places? I invite you to share your one night stand adventures with us. It may give us something to write about!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A sneak peak

As a special treat for you all this Monday I am giving you a sneak peak at my story. Yes it is nearly ready to be released, February 1st you will find it at
Here is the wonderful cover, Tarquin and I, and his wolf. I am very happy with the way it all turned out. I will share an excerpt that I particularly like, my human did very well, so well that I do believe I will have her write more of our immortal's stories.

"She rolled off him and put the torn remnants of her dress back on. The underwear she lifted looked hopeless.
"Come to my hotel with me, I must get there before dawn. Stay the day with me."
She faced him with a confidant set to her face and he wondered if she would take his rejection with as much ease as she seemed to be taking everything else. He looked from her to his wolf who was seated peacefully by her side. "Okay, but that doesn't mean I agree you are my mate."
She smiled at him and his heart swelled with a desire to see that smile forever. He shook his head angrily, not understanding what was wrong with him. What was making him react so unlike himself.
They ran, faster than a human could see, back to her hotel.
Before she could even lock the door, he was pressing her to the wall, claiming her mouth in a hot kiss. His tongue stroked hers until her fangs extended and got in the way. He pulled back, fearful and intrigued. He saw that her eyes were burning bright red, a sure sign of blood hunger, and wondered if he had missed that before. He pressed hot open-mouth kisses to her neck and each breast, licking and nipping at each puckered nipple."
Ok I will stop there, I am getting way to hot remembering that wonderful time when we were just starting to discover each other's bodies, mmmm...the passion has not faded.
I think I will go find my dearest mate, and maybe I will delight you all with another sneak peak next Monday, until then check out my human's site for more

Friday, January 8, 2010

I love you, but…

I have read Izzy’s post and honestly, I am concerned that her humanness continues to strengthen as time passes.

Izzy’s heart continue to rule her actions and thus, she continues on a downward spiral hell of emotions that she tortures herself with.

I have long studied your human race and it amazes me that humans are shocked when the outcome of a problem doesn’t change.

Take for example, how some of your governed officials deal with terrorist. Kill us, bomb us and we’ll retaliate by taking you into custody. Oh, believe me they’re scared now, that’s why the terrorist attempts have stopped, right? Ha! I have never heard such idiocy in all my life.

In our world, crime is nothing more than a occasional nuisance and terrorism doesn’t exist. Why? Because we live by different standards. In our world to break our laws is a death sentence. Period.

I have found that most of the human race tends to work themselves into, what I consider, emotional sabotage and it doesn’t benefit them, at all. Humans tend not to be happy unless they have some kind of major conflict they must struggle with.

I love you, but…
I want you, but…

I have added to Izzy’s conflict by giving her an ultimatum and hopefully, she will incorporate more of her vampire side into her life and leave the weakened human state behind. We shall see.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I fear I’ve made a mistake

Today, you find me in a somber mood. I know that’s not my usual, but I fear that I have caused irreparable damage to what was left of my relationship with Tamara.

I sought her out today, and with good reason I may add, but things did not work out well when we were finally alone.

It seems that lately, I have an uncanny way of saying all the wrong things, at the wrong time and today was no exception. I wanted to see for myself that Tamara was alright. It’s hard to explain, but I just knew something terrible had happened to her. So, I lied to Abby and went in search of Tamara.

I found the safe house, well, the Station House is what the Hightower's call it and I went in looking for answers. Why don’t people understand that I just needed reassurance that she was alright. In the end, I did see Tamara, but I managed to kick some of her fledglings asses and I accidentally staked one of them in the gut, with a chair leg. I know it sounds funny and you know, even Tamara laughed when she saw it. She called Vanessa a dumb ass for allowing herself to get staked with a chair leg. Vanessa will be okay, I didn’t cause any major damage for which, I’m grateful not to give Tamara another reason to hate me.

I tried to remind her of the love we once shared and she just had to ask about Abby. Why can’t she just accept things the way they are right now? Nothing ever stays the same, and with enough time, I’m sure we would have ended up back together again. Now, I’m not so sure.

I wish I could go into more detail. You’ll have to trust me when I say that I love Tamara deeply and today was not the outcome I was looking for. She gave me an ultimatum, and I quote, “Next time, you show up at one of my houses, you had better be prepared to stay or break the bond between us. My patience grows thin.”

I guess, I should be grateful that she didn’t kill Abby today, but thinking that I’ve ruined the possibility of us ever getting back together, I’m not finding comfort in her sparing Abby’s life.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blog Bites with Laura Tolomei’s, Martin Shaw

We got our Fangs in
Laura Tolomei’s
Martin Shaw

Tell us about yourself:
Hi there. I’m Martin Shaw, the seducer of To Seduce A Soulmate, a new book by Laura Tolomei, just released in December, available at eXtasy Books—Buy Link

All right, where to start? Well, I’m a regular 33 years old fellow who works as Production Manager with an uprising TV channel in Atlanta, GA. True, I’m not American, rather a cross between English and Irish, but I consider myself 100% Irish. What else can I say? Oh, yeah, without false modesty, I can say I’m quite good looking—on the fair side with blond hair and green eyes—at least enough to attract both men and women, in bed and out LOL.

Tell us, what makes you special? What I mean is, what differentiates you from your kind and do you have special abilities?
I’m great in bed, which as far as humans go, makes me very special. <g> Mostly, I’m unique because I like both men and women in my bed, even if I may prefer the former to the latter.

But if I had to give a serious answer, I’d say my difference lies in the fact I believe in destiny and ever since I was young, I knew I had my very own soul mate just waiting for me somewhere in the world. Of course, the way life goes, it’s enough to make a Saint lose hope so I did kind of…lose my way at times and made some terrible mistakes, but after I met Pirate Drake, I knew I’d been right all along.

Share with us about your most current adventure.
My real adventure, and challenge, was to convince Pirate Drake I was his soul mate. Strange, don’t you think? I mean, he saw it from the start I wasn’t just a casual acquaintance. I know he felt the heartthrob, the crunching stomach, the electrical current coursing through him the moment our eyes met, and yet he denied it because of a gender issue. Yeah, you read right. For him, I wasn’t the right sex. He expected a woman to be his soul mate, but life can be pretty surprising. To me, it didn’t make much of a difference, especially after I saw him in the Seymour’s den, his black beautiful eyes flashing in amazement, confusion and barely suppressed excitement, long black hair streaming down his shoulders—boy, how I wanted to run my hand through it—which gives him that pirate look. Without a doubt, I knew he was mine. The problem, of course, was to get the message across to him and I must admit I didn’t get off to a smooth start, but hell, how could I know he’d be scared stiff of what destiny had provided him? After I understood this, I changed my plans and went on a slow seductive journey whose sole purpose was to make him change his mind. Did I succeed? Just read to Seduce A Soulmate and you’ll immediately find out.

If you could offer advice to your author, what would it be?
To have let me have Drake sooner, rather than go around in circles, torturing the both of us with repressed desire and craving until it had become unbearable. Next time, make it faster LOL.

Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
Not really. My author portrayed me as a hard man at first, unscrupulous almost, who cheats on his wife, even when she’s staying under the same roof. But I never believed in fidelity nor promised it to anyone in my life. Even if I had a rather rough, messed up lire, I’ve always played straight with people, telling them from the start who I am and what to expect from me. Maybe my author should have made it clearer from the start, rather than describe me in her devious way, revealing only pieces at a time. For this reason, readers may not feel drawn towards me, but I can assure them, I’m a very likeable fellow.

Is expressing love difficult for you? Why?
It was until I met Pirate Drake, Not that I call it love, yet. It’s too soon for that. Relationships, just like people, need time to grow so I can’t say right now what I feel for Pirate Drake. But until I met him, no one ever gave me that tingling sensation, the nerve wrecking anticipation, the craving to be with a person no matter what, days and nights. And to my surprise, it wasn’t just a matter of sex. Of that, I’ve had more than my fill in all my years of hopping from one bed to another. No, this was different and I loved simply to talk to him, go out to watch a basketball game or to dinner.

Did you do anything special after your first adventure?
Of course, I…actually, we did. With Drake, I went to Ireland to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s. Then we returned to the US, ready to try our relationship on a day-to-day basis…but all that will be in my next release in December 2010.

Is there a message you want to get across in this interview?
Yes, Tamara, there is and it’s a very simply one. Never allow gender or labels limit your freedom of choice. My darling Drake was about to throw away the most incredible love affair not because he didn’t like me or anything, only because I didn’t fit society’s soul mate standards. Can you believe it? Thank God, a friend of his set him straight and after hearing of Plato’s theories, my pirate realized it all depends on what society you’re looking at. I mean, I may not fit today’s society’s conventions, but I was perfect for Greek standards! The problem was all in the gender. He expected a woman, not a man, to be his soul mate. That’s why he gave me such a hard time. Had he considered the person, rather than his sex, it would’ve been so much easier for both of us. So to everyone out there, my advice is never to let gender limit your choices, especially the sexual ones because like’s just too short to play silly games with our few chances at happiness.

If you could pull your author into your world, what do you think would happen to them?
They’d have a whole lot of sex so maybe they’ll learn how to write about it LOL

What other characters have influenced you?
Oh, one above all comes to mind, Andrea the assistant professor of Spying the Alcove. We’re both Europeans, he’s Italian while I’m Irish, and we both love men, their powerful bodies and tantalizing shapes, especially the ones lower than their bellies. But where we’re really alike is in our mentality. We both believe gender should never limit a person’s sexual choices and he says this incredible thing, which describes me to a tee, “Sex is meant to be shared. It’s too precious to lock in a drawer, throwing away the key, or save for an exclusive use alone. It’s free and has no limitations except our own. And gender should never be an acceptable limit.” Well, it that isn’t me, I don’t know what is! I just wish the pirate had read Spying the Alcove so he’d have saved me a whole lot of trouble.

What does your significant other think about your adventures? And how do they deal with it? Do you ever ask your significant other for advice?
My significant other is my adventure and if at first he wasn’t too happy about it, now…well. Who reads the book will discover how he feels about it right now.

What is your most favorite thing to do?
Have sex.

Have you ever lost control?
I did in Drake’s parents home on Lake Lanier. I should’ve controlled my craving better, but he was so beautiful and seemed so willing to let me have my way, I got carried away. And that was just at the beginning of the story.

How many sex partners have you had? How many at one time?
Too many to count, Tamara, and most of them overlap one another. Never a stickler for fidelity, I love to share sex with whatever comes my way. Like I said, I’m gender-blind when it comes to sex, as long as it has a nice tight ass and a capable mouth.

What was the best sexual experience you’ve had?
Getting banged by my pirate in his office.

What are your opinions on humans?
They’re all a bunch of sorry asses…well, maybe not all, but most.

What are the pro’s and con’s to being a human?
No special powers, no shapeshifting, no blood drinking, no magic, but schools, jobs, traffic, pollution, routine, health problems, family, friends, settled lives. You choose what’s a pro and what’s a con.

How does one become a human?
Usually by being born on planet Earth from a couple of different genders humans, but same human species like a man and a woman. Recently, science has found other ways, but I’d say this covers 95% of production quotas.

Describe your best kill. Why was it the best?
Pirate Drake because it was the hardest, most fulfilling, most seductive, most challenging.

What makes being with a human the best sexual experience?
Hey, baby, no one does it better than we do! There are no vampires, no shape shifters, no werewolves, no nothing that can even remotely compare, especially since they’re imaginary while we’re real!

Well, Martin, I’m certainly glad you shared a few tidbits about yourself. It’s always exciting to have a human around. * retracting fangs* I’ll extend the same courtesy to you as I do to all my guests. You will find safety in my territories.

Tamara Hightower

Monday, January 4, 2010

My heart weeps

Death has sought out my mate's pack and claimed one of his own. The joy of the new year and the blue moon were hideously soiled by the intrusion of violence. How and why are questions that will, I hope, be answered soon. Until then my heart weeps for the hurt inside of my mate. I cared not for the Were that died, he was no more or less to me than any of them are. But as Alpha of the Oregon pack my mate is deeply mourning his loss, as are all of the Weres. As Alpha of the pack Tarquin will mourn the deepest, then he will lead the others out in hunt of the one who did this to them.
There is no doubt that the perpetrator was an immortal. There is no other reason that a silver bullet would be flying through the woods on a full moon. A regular bullet happens every now and again, a human hunter out too late sees something large and intimidating in the woods and shoots. It is nothing more than a minor bother to the Were, but a silver bullet kills, it is quick poison to even the strongest Were.
It is not easy to kill any kind of immortal, but it is possible, for all species. A Werewolf can be taken from this earth through an injury that is serious enough, or when an age is reached from which a Were's strength is stolen and his weakness grows until he fades away. It is rare for a Were to reach such an age, and what age it is exactly is unknown, or at least un-agreed upon in the Were community.
A grievous enough wound to kill is usually attained by another Were. Through a power struggle fight, or the merciful killing of a Were whose mind has left and as a result the safety of the pack is in question. It is difficult but not rare, for such a grievous wound to be attained. The most efficient way is through silver, an element that a Were is sensitive to only when merged to Werewolf form.
Silver, like sunlight to a Vampire, kills quick and efficiently. It is a tool used by their enemies to bring them down without a fight. It is a cowards way. Tarquin and his pack will find the one responsible and bring him to quick efficient justice, death for death, one thing the Weres and Elves agree upon.
And if the killer escapes the pack, they will have one angry Vampire after them, because there is no way I am going to let a slight against my husband go unpunished. And an attack on an Alpha's pack, is an attack on the Alpha.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Double Standards in America

Having lived hundreds of years and seen the changes that have inevitably changed the world, I will give you my two cents worth of knowledge.

As a vampire, I do not celebrate menial accomplishments, why? Because it is like celebrating receiving a crumb when you’ve been denied the loaf. To see that most people have lowered their standards and settled for such insignificant victories infuriates me.

I was appalled to hear that New Hampshire celebrated a Gay Marriage Law!

Let me explain.

I believe in equal rights, period. So to think that Gays and Lesbians have to celebrate the passing of a law which allows them to marry, is beyond me. Tell me if this makes sense…

They work hard, pay their taxes, serve in the military, teach children (Teachers), enforce laws (Police Officers), deliver packages (Postal Workers), play football (Athletes), save lives (Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters, Paramedics, etc…), pass laws (Lawyers, Politicians), build homes (Architects, Engineers, Trade Workers, of which, I’m sure that they’ve even helped build some of your churches), entertain you (Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Comedians), invent new technology (Inventors), invest your money (Financial Advisors, Bankers), but they can’t get legally married.

Instead, they can however, deal with being treated as second class citizens, and deal with the door to door bible thumping, evangelical preaching, harassment that has become commonplace in America.

I, for one, know that the argument for gay marriage is that they will corrupt “the Institution of Marriage.” I have news for you. Most gay couples have been together longer than most straight couples. Corrupt? I think not. Perhaps, it is fear that they will set a better example.

Another argument is that they want "special" rights. That does not make sense. How is being treated equally constitute as special? Unless, the heterosexual community thinks of themselves as special and believe me, my fangs go into them just as easily as the next person. Special? Ha!

Another argument is the religious argument. And please remember that this is  my opinion only. God is the almighty judge. He is the end all and be all, of all things. The bible teaches to love thy neighbor, and to let God be the almighty judge. If you ask most religious people, does God hate Satan (providing you believe Satan exists), the most common reply is, no, God teaches not to hate. Huh? I’m confused.

Over the centuries, I’ve learned that most religious people use God as an excuse to fuel their own bigotry and hatred while discriminating, and denying not just gays, but anyone and anything they don’t like, equal rights. It stands to reason that if God punishes the wicked, will he not also punish them?

You live in a country where, in the very near future, the American people will be penalized, taxed, for not having health insurance, yet, the illegal immigrants who flood the lands will receive free healthcare. Does that make sense?

I am grateful that I am vampire. Our laws do not allow this type of discrimination or bigotry and I for one, will not celebrate a crumb when the loaf is available.

I will help celebrate when the American people and it’s government have lived up to the potential to live by the people and for the people. All the people.

Tamara Hightower

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Free ebook!

Great picture! Do I have your attention now? I want to discuss a couple of things as this New Year begins.

First off, this past month, we’ve all seen the “great holiday spirit” infect most of the population. The problem is that unfortunately, it won’t last and most people will just go back to being the bitches and/or assholes they were. Don’t look at me that way- you know I’m right.

It seems humans only become caring, compassionate people when society requires them to be by means of a major holiday and I say, that’s bullshit! Why does anyone need a reason to be a decent human being? yeah, I know, I really can’t talk much on the subject of being human anymore, but. Need I continue?

Oh, and let’s talk about consequences – on New Years Eve, some assholes who will remain nameless, decided that at the stroke of midnight, shooting their guns into the air was a peachy idea. Really? *shaking head* Where were you morons hatched? Better yet, where do you morons live? I’m sure some of us would love to get our fangs into you permanently. No wonder people say the human race is doomed!

I could go on and on about how humans are turning into the most selfish, irresponsible and stupid race around, instead, I, Izzy Hightower, newly turned vamp, am going to show you how to start this new year off right.

I’m going to keep the “spirit” going by giving away a copy of the first ebook that my human wrote for me. That’s right, I’m giving it away. Free, gratis, no charge, no strings. All you have to do, is leave a comment with your email address, no- I’m not psychic and I’ll pick one lucky person to send it to.

I’m done with the ranting for now, I have a few non-human things to take care of, just remember I’ll be watching you.