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Werewolves – Is it Really a Contest?

The Twilight series has definitely caused a stir in the paranormal fantasy world with the dueling of Vampire versus Werewolf (ie. Edward vs. Jacob). Personally I am thinking it is a bit unfair considering you are choosing characters not species. I personally prefer Edward, but that is because of his character. If you were to say ask me, about two characters from True Blood, Bill vs. Alcide, I am going to have to choose werewolf. However again,this is based on the characters not the species. 

Werewolves tend to get a bad rap if you think about it. Vampires are all angst ridden and hauntingly beautiful while werewolves are…well wolves. So I am going to stand up for the werewolf and say I choose you Pikachu! (whoops children distracting me). 

According to Myths and Truths, during Middle Ages, especially from 15th to 17th century, Europe was under the dark shadow of ignorance and superstitions. Towns were underdeveloped and people lived near woods. The fear of wolves was like a nightmare. Their attacks were so frequent and atrocious in nature that people even feared to travel from one place to another. Every morning, countryside people would find half-eaten human limbs scattered on their fields.

The first recorded Werewolf sighting took place around the countryside of German town Colongne and Bedburg in 1591. An age-old pamphlet describes those shivering moments vividly. Few people cornered a large wolf and set their dogs upon it. They started to pierce it with sharp sticks and spears. Surprisingly the ferocious wolf did not run away or tried to protect itself, rather it stood up and turned out to be a middle-aged man he was Peter Stubbe from the same village.

Stubbe was put on a torture wheel where he confessed sixteen murders including two pregnant women and thirteen children. The history behind his downfall was rather bizarre. He had started to practice sorcery when he was only 12 and was so obsessed with it that even tried to make a pact with the Devil. Wearing a magic girdle he started to attack his enemies, real or imaginary. After several months, he would take the guise of a wolf and continued with his evil acts with more brutality. In the wolf form he used to tear up victims’ throats and suck warm blood from veins. Gradually his thirst for blood grew and he roamed around fields in search of prey.

The savagery of his crimes was beyond imagination. The trial record motioned few of them. Once two men and a woman were walking along a road that went through the forest Stubbe used to hide in. He called one of them into the forest. When the man did not return for a long time the second one followed his trail and also disappeared into the forest. When both the man didn't return for a long time the woman ran for her life. Later, two mangled male corpses were recovered from the forest, but the woman’s body never reappeared. It was believed that Stubbe had devoured it all. Young girls playing together or milking the cows in the fields were his frequent victims. He used to chase them like a hound, catch the slowest one, rape and kill her. Then he would drink hot blood and eat tender flesh from her body. However; the most gruesome sin he committed was upon his own son. He took him to a nearby forest, cracked the poor child’s skull open and ate brain from it.

No punishment could match the magnitude of Stubbe’s crime. His flesh was pulled off with red-hot pincer, his arms and legs were broken and he was finally decapitated. His carcass was burned to ashes.

The Magistrate of Bedburg built a grim monument remembering the ghastly incident. Workmen put the torture wheel atop a tall pole with Stubbe’s head above it structured with the likeliness of a wolf. Sixteen pieces of yard long wood cuts were hung from the rim of the wheel commemorating poor souls of the victims. The words of Stubbe’s trial and execution spread across the lands in no time. His brutality, atrocity and savagery were beyond human comprehension and was readily related with the behavior of a wolf. People started to believe that such individuals with the shadow of wolves were living among them. They named them Werewolves.

The first werewolf movie ever made was not in fact “Werewolf of London” as most presume. “The Werewolf”, was an 18 minute short released in 1913. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in a fire in 1924, and any copies are also presumed lost. So that makes Werewolf in London the first Werewolf film. Werewolf of London was based on a story idea by associate producer Robert Harris and adapted for the movie by screenwriter John Colton. The movie has been twice novelized, once as a 1977 paperback novel by Carl Dreadstone and again in 1985 as part of Crestwood House's Movie Monsters series by Carl Green.

Since then the werewolf has rarely been the main character of any movie or series, he always seems to take a back seat to the Vampire. We had a few films in the 80’s and 90’s, The Howling Series as well as Teen Wolf, which is now being brought back to life by, surprisingly, MTV of all people. This is another carrier car on the train of paranormal teen angst television. 

As I said the werewolf always seems to take a back seat but hell, I am all for the back seat there is much more room to spread out. Let's list a few notable back-seat fillers that I wouldn't mind cuddling up to, first you have Alcide the oh so yummy recent edition to True Blood. This actor…ahem…werewolf is just *sigh…well how can you look at him and not sigh in dreamy delight? There is nothing more manly than this werewolf anywhere. 

Another werewolf that has caught our attention is Tyler on Vampire Dairies, as well as his oh so sexy uncle. Again, it is hard to turn away from such a carved sight. Last but certainly not least is the werewolf from the Underworld movies Michael Corvin. Not as hunky, I will admit, but those eyes could mesmerize Hillary Clinton with ease. 

So now that you have been reminded that Vamps are not the end all be all, remember to cheer on you favorite werewolf. Who knows maybe he will get the spotlight? Until then he will be waiting in the shadows and ready to strike.  Bring it on Wolfie, we are waiting!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Coming this Friday!

Green Embrace will be released this Friday July 1st at

"You obsess me I want you to possess me..."

Selene couldn’t look at Ever as memories of why she had been searching for her in the first place, invaded her mind. Those nighttime visits, those erotic astral projections that had obsessed her, still obsessed her. “I wouldn’t allow a sister witch to be held captive, that would have been unacceptable,” Selene said, her voice gone a bit husky.

“Yes, you were doing your duty…I see, well thank you,” Ever said sharply.

Selene shot her gaze back to Ever and narrowed her eyes. Ever was glaring back, her mismatched eyes flashing angrily. “Do you have a problem, Ever?” Selene demanded and stood, ready to storm away and not look back.

Ever stood, too, and they were now only a breath apart. “Yeah, I do.” Ever grabbed Selene by the back of her hair and pulled her forward in a crushing kiss.

Selene was so surprised at first she couldn’t react. Ever’s warm lips pressed firmly to hers until she was forced to part them and then Ever’s tongue invaded. Hot and sweet, Ever tasted of strong magic and a wildness that had to come from her Animal Elf half.

Selene recovered from her shock and gripped Ever’s short hair as she swirled her tongue around Ever’s. She sucked on Ever’s tongue until it retreated, then nipped at her lips, pulling her supple lower lip into her mouth until Ever moaned and pressed her lower body against Selene’s. Ever’s grip in Selene’s hair loosened and Selene pulled back to look into Ever’s eyes.

“Don’t be a bitch, Ever. I want you and if you don’t fucking want me, too, then back off, but don’t play games.”

“Fuck you, Selene I have done nothing but want you. Your soul was like a goddamn siren calling me when I was searching for help and I have been sucked in ever since.”

“You invaded my mind with your clit-teasing visits, obsessing me until I couldn’t even close my eyes without imagining what I wanted to do to you.”

“Then fucking show me,” Ever demanded, grabbing Selene’s crotch roughly and making her groan.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Phew...Glad that's over!

It’s celebration time for me. After much hassle and major sessions of push and pull between myself and the main characters from In Wicked Chains—The Wicked bk#3—the first draft is finally in the bag. I have to admit this is the first time I had so much problems with a cast of characters. Everyone had secrets, but no one wanted to be the first to speak, open up, or share.

Damn thing was like pulling teeth. No freaking fun at all. Now that it’s finished, I can breathe and focus on all the fixes I need to make. Thank God it’s not much, though the beginning is a bit iffy. The MS should be in my editor’s hands by the second week in July. If that long.  

On another note, my first M/M shifter short has found a home with Evernight and will be pubbed in a Halloween ManLove Antho in October. Good stuff.

The recent historic law passed by my State is also another cause for celebration—not that I need an excuse to knock back a few.

Bottoms up!

Friday, June 24, 2011

A promising season?

The countdown fast approaches for the new True Blood season and I for one, am excited to see what new and outrageous story lines the writers have come up with.

I found this sneak peek and thought I’d share it with you. It contains the first 8 minutes of the new series. You're welcome :0)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dying of Thirst - True Blood Season Four

True Blood is based on the novel series, “The Southern Vampire Mysteries” by Charlaine Harris, and tells the story of co-existence of vampires and humans in Bon Temps, Louisiana. The series centers on Sookie Stackhouse, portrayed by Anna Paquin. Sookie is a sassy, independent, telepathic waitress, who falls in love with vampire Bill Compton played by real-life husband Stephen Moyer. The series has critics like me raving, and is addictive from the moment it begins every June.

So we started with Vampires, Shape-shifters, Werewolves, and voodoo, and now we have a fairy, a witch, more Shape-shifters, and lord knows what else.
The ending of season three was quite a shocker, and I loved every minute of it! True Blood is one of those shows where I curse aloud at the end of the season because I will have to wait and ENTIRE year to see more.

I watched the catch up half an hour on HBO and so much happened that I had forgotten! Including how extremely hot Eric is…Yowza! Ahem, back to the show. I love almost all of the characters. Tara gets on my nerves at times, but I think that is just because she has seriously lost her backbone. Lafayette is my husband’s favorite. I am steadily falling for Eric. Bill and Sookie are cute, and I love that they are married in real life. Jessica is amusing, Jason is just hilarious, and Sam, while he used to be a favorite is as well, has again become a little whiny and annoying.

I really liked the werewolf last year. He was a cool character, and not at all hard on the eyes. And holy angst filled drama wolf-man with a broken heart Batman!

So people, specifically my sister, have asked, “What is with all of the Vampire stuff…jeeze…overload already.” Vampires are the hot ticket, not only due to the Twilight phenomenon, but because it is a doorway into other things, like werewolves and witches.  There are several flavors of this phenomenon from the vanilla, ie Twilight, to the double-dutch chocolate fudge ripple, ie True Blood, and everything in-between, which are the Buffy’s, Angel’s, and Vampire Diaries of the underworld.

While True Blood is fairly graphic, it is not graphic without good reason. The
writing is adult, in your face, and frighteningly sublime. The world they have created is flawless and believable, from the frailty and flaws of its characters, all the way down to the True Blood substitution drink for the everyday Vampire. It comes in all of your favorite flavors like O Positive and B Negative, pick some up today!

The enjoyment of the series is a brilliant marketing strategy. I am a firm believer that if True blood were on all the time it would have been cancelled two seasons ago. However, HBO and its astounding marketing geniuses make us wait a whole year, just when we are about to die of thirst and then release the new season!

Even if you are just tuning in, definitely give it a look. It is a dark creative mix of drama, surreal comedy, and just steamy filled adult fun! Be advised, this show is not for the faint-hearted or children under the age of 18. I am not kidding about that. My hubby and I are pretty lax when it comes to the kid’s television pallets but True Blood is not for minors.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Werewolf's Father's Day

Tarquin loves father's day, always spends it running through the woods like a wild animal....okay yeah well he is so that fits. Alexia always joins him and they do some kind of weird father daughter run and hunt, I don't know I don't really get it.

So I am home alone, with nothing better than write my blog for you all. Well and prepare for later, I will give Tarquin something special for Father's Day when he gets back. I have been abstaining from drinking blood for a few days so I will be desperate for his thick delicious earthy blood...OMG I am starving!

So yeah, hopefully they don't return too late. When they do I will jump on him and drag him upstairs, then we will play like he is my master and I am his slave. I have the cutest purple collar I will wear and a black leather corset and thong. He loves when we play that way. It is difficult for me sometimes, I am definitely not one to give power or control over to anyone. My gift to him, is to give him complete control over me for the night.

Luckily it all ends well, no matter what game we play in the bedroom, always ends with my fangs in him, his cock in me and both of us screaming and writhing with pleasure...

Damn he better hurry or I am going to explode....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

It’s Father’s Day! A Happy one to all the fathers out there, and to the women who assume both roles as Mother and Father.

I had one such mother. Even as my father was around, living and breathing, my mother counted as both parents. Today I honor her.

I’ve been blessed in finding a life partner who excels at the father thing. One who’s there, in talk and deed. I’m amazed when I watch him with our kids. They’re lucky. I’m lucky. Today I honor him.

Honor those you hold dear…

And again

…Happy Father’s Day!! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

TC or Bust!

My author surprised me this week with the creation of Trading Cards to give away at the Erotic Author’s Convention in Las Vegas this September. I’ve posted a couple to give you an idea of what the cards will look like.

Hopefully, we will have the entire Hightower Series cards available by then.



More Good News!

New Beginnings, book 6 of the Hightower Series is now available at eXtasy Books. Here’s a preview of what you can expect:

“It is much easier to live in the world of dreams, than to face the grim reality that my soul mate is a witch.” – Tamara Hightower


I knew why Kaley wanted me to stay put. The last time I felt like this, I went out and wrecked my bike. By the time I regained consciousness, the paramedics had already declared me dead at the scene and had transported me to the city morgue. I was locked inside one of their body lockers with no way out. Rachael heard about the accident on the evening news and called Kaley who in turn, snuck me out before the coroner had a chance to cut me open, and in the process, ruined my chances at a good time. I had already decided that when they opened the locker door, I would lay perfectly still, while they pulled the metal table out. At the right moment, I would open my eyes, making funny faces and scream, booga, booga booga! I would have to erase their memories, but it would have been fun. Yeah me, hungry, bored and pissed, not a good blend.

I looked at my keys.

“I swear I’ll let you rot in those cold lockers, next time.” She smiled. “Please.”

I tossed her my keys. “Fine, but heat up the damn bag, first. That shit’s nasty as it is and worse, cold.” I strolled to the couch, plopped down, stretched out and closed my eyes. It would take at least two minutes to warm up the bag and that was plenty of time to keep catch up on some needed sleep.

I announced my presence as I blended perfectly into the corner of the room silently watching her. “I have been thinking about you.”

“And?” Izzy replied as she sat on the throne armrest.

“I would like to try this again, if it’s all right with you.” I approached her holding one arm behind my back.

She crossed her arms and legs. “Well, what do you have in mind?”

I stopped a foot away. “My name is Tamara Hightower and I’m extremely pleased to meet you,” I said, handing her a fresh bouquet of a dozen red roses.

“I’m Izzy,” she said, holding the roses closer to her nose, “and I’m glad you came back.”

“You have touched me in a way only one other has. I would like to pursue this and see what happens next.” I caressed her bare arm and her energy soared through me, exciting me as if this had been the first time we had ever touched.

I leaned toward her, pressed my lips to hers as my tongue demanded entrance. Our kiss rekindled the insatiable sexual hunger we had for each other. I grabbed her ass, standing her up and pressed us closer together.

She pushed me back. “Wait a minute.” She reached into her beach bag and pulled out a leather harness giving me a sheepish smile. “I’d like to see what you can do with this.”

My eyes lit up. She met my smile with her own impish grin. I kissed her passionately as she unzipped and pulled my pants off. Her tongue tasting every inch of my hard muscular belly as she slipped the harness on me and snapped the buckles, situating it perfectly over my crotch.

She guided me to the throne and sat me down, strapping one of my hands to the throne armrest. She took my other hand and pulled it through the leather strap on the opposite armrest. Pulling the strap tight, she raised her head and ran her tongue up my belly to my neck.

The throne was wide enough that she knelt directly over me while she nibbled my soft skin. Her sundress draped across us. Then she moved her neck close to my mouth. A tease. She let my tongue touch her skin. More teasing.

Slowly, she moved her neck closer to my tongue. I could feel the hard, steady pulse of her artery beat. I opened my mouth and she pulled away, “Uh-uh. Not yet…first you fuck me, then you taste me.”

I raised my hips, pushing my stiff cock against her, but it slid past her cunt and stopped at her ass. She raised her hips. “That hole is for another day,” she cautioned as she stroked my eager cock back to her waiting cunt and it slid inside her.

She mounted me. Wiggling, she took every inch and with each of my upthrusts, she pushed down, driving the base harder against my swollen tip. My fingers dug into the armrest and she quickened her momentum, wiggling the base, heightening my sexual intensity. I arched my back. She stopped, sitting perfectly still on my lap.

I opened my mouth and she kissed my lips. “I am the keeper of your pleasure,” she said, squirming in my lap.

My eyes rolled back.

“Look at me,” she commanded.

I ignored her.

“Look. At. Me.”

I opened my eyes. “Bid me your blood,” I pleaded.

She smiled. “You have not earned it yet.” She kissed my neck and slowly moved her hips. My groin immediately obeyed her, thrusting up and into her.

“My naughty little vamp,” she whispered as she vigorously rode me, “I should make you wait.”

Izzy slid her hand under her dress and found the leather harness bound to me. She slipped her hand under it and felt my dampness. I pushed up and she moved with me.

She slid her fingers down and caressed my asshole. I clenched my cheeks and bared my ass down into the throne cushions.

She forced the tip of her finger into my ass. “All. Of. You. Belongs. To. Me.” She wiggled her hips on the base of my cock. “All. Of. You.”

Something hit me. I snapped my eyes open. Kaley stood in front of me holding a glass and kicking my foot.

“Wakey, wakey, little sis, time to eat.” She smiled and held the glass toward me as I sat up.

“Suck a witch’s wart,” I cursed.

“What’s wrong?” Kaley sat next to me.

I threw my head back and downed the entire glass. “It’s her. It’s that witch.” I paused, placing the empty cup on the coffee table. “She’s my fucking soul mate.”

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Black Velvet

Do you remember that song? Talk about heated lyrics. An ode to the King of Rock ‘n Roll, it exuded sex and need with every husky note. It is one of my favorite songs. Besides the fact that I kick ass in singing it on ‘We Sing’, (I also kill Sister Christian), but I am getting off track.  Music is a powerful medium. It has been around probably longer than the written word and has the ability to communicate emotion just as well if not better at times.
So it stands to reason that the two would be easily paired, like light and sound, thunder and lightning, music and lyrics. This medium is, as I so readily forget the single most powerful muse in my writing. There is something about music that stimulates the creative past of my soul. It is more than images, or storytelling. It is emotion, feeling captured by my heart and then turned into the building blocks of my story.
When I first started writing, I would lay in bed with my headphones on, my walkman playing and my eyes closed. I would have a pad of paper and pen ready to write down whatever came to mind. Usually it was a conversation, a single line or the image of something dramatic.
Here is a scene I remember writing in bed, I wrote this single scene and the rest of the tale grew from there.
It is a fan favorite and here is the scene, enjoy!

"How was your noon with Donald?" Donna asked finally breaking the silence.
"You don't want to know."
"Yes I do or I wouldn't have asked," Donna replied quietly as Josh turned to her in surprise.
"It was…well it was bad."
"They eluded to the fact that they were in support of an opposing democratic ticket."
"Yeah…how did you know that?"
"I don't know, just logical I guess."
"Yeah well it is logically stupid."
"So you don't agree with Hoynes wanting to run?"
"No, of course I don't." Josh replied in confusion. "Why would you think…"
"I was just curious. Did anything else interesting happen today?"
"Not really, just the same old stuff."
"Oh," Donna replied in disappointment, this was going to be harder than she thought. But then again how could have she expected anything different. He had avoided her for weeks now, why did she think that it would suddenly change. "Is the speech all ready for Saturday?"
"Yeah," Josh replied as they pulled onto her street. Just as he began to park the car there was a fierce beating on the roof of the car, and Josh groaned in frustration.
"What's wrong?"
"It's raining."
"So…it's raining."
"It's rain Josh, not acid."
"Yeah well acid or not I am going try and get a spot closer to…"
"Don't worry about it, just park here."
"Donna, I…"
"Just park Josh," Donna replied.
He parked and turned to give her his coat.
“Here…we can make a run for it…” he started when she suddenly got out of the car.
He watched her in confusion before got out also. He found her in the street with her face pointed up as the rain beat down wildly.
"What the hell are you doing?"
"Enjoying the rain."
"Are you crazy!" Josh exclaimed as he pulled his coat up over his head and ran around the car taking her hand. "Donna this is no time to…"
"Why not?" Donna asked him as the rain continued to pour down on them.
"What do you mean why not?"
"It's just rain!"
"Donna I…"
"Josh stop!"
"What…" Josh replied as he struggled to stay dry within his coat. It wasn't working. Donna just stood there staring at him. Her eyes were glowing against the darkened sky. He was confused, he was panicked, what was she doing? She walked to him and pulled the coat down off his head.
"You are so busy trying not to get wet you aren't…"
"Of course I’m trying not to get wet! You are making me stand in the goddamn rain!"
"No I'm not."
"You got out of the car Josh. You can go inside, you can leave."
"No I can't."
"Why not?"
"I'm not going to abandon you here on the side of the street in the middle of the rain!"
"You wouldn't?"
"No of course not."
"Then why are you abandoning him?" Donna asked him. Josh stared at her a moment and then he realized what was happening.
"I'm not."
"Toby came to see me today."
"What about?"
"He told me about your meeting with Leo."
"Damn it!" Josh screamed in frustration suddenly forgetting about the rain.
"Josh he was just…"
"I know what he was doing! Toby needs to stop finding it necessary to pull you into…"
"At least he trusts me!"
"I was going to tell you…I just…"
"No you weren't! You're so busy trying to decided how to avoid this and predict what is going to happen that you’ve forgotten about everything else!"
"That's what we’re…"
"No it's not! "
"You don't…"
"Josh do you believe that the President can do his job?"
"I'm not doing…"
"Answer the question!"
"It's not that simple!"
"Yes it is! If you believe in him than they'll believe in you!"
"You don't…"
"Yes I do!” she replied calmly staring at him. “Up until now you stood beside him as he gave every person in this country including you, the will to survive, the ability to think outside the box, to break the rules, and to fight for what we all hold dear. Damn what the republicans say! Damn what the lawyers say!"
"It's changed."
"No it hasn't you have."
"That's ridiculous I…"
"Yes you have. You’ve turned into a true fair weather friend," Donna snapped as the rain continued to pour down on them. "You doubt him, and in that you doubt yourself."
"That's not..."
"He said come with me, we can do it together. He made you see that you could make a difference, that you can fight the good fight and win. But now because of this you’ve lost that trust. You don't know if you can do this anymore. You don't know if you were ever doing it at all. Not only have you abandoned him, you’ve abandoned yourself!"
"He lied!"
"He's a man."
"No, he's the President!"
"That's right, and you once believed that he was the real thing."
"He's not."
"Yes, Josh, he is."
"Why? Because he got some bills passed and stuck his neck out few times when he knew all along it was going to fall apart anyway?"
"If he is that man he would have told us in the beginning! He would’ve had enough faith in us to let us make the right choice. "
"You are looking at him as a fallen leader, but what you don't see that it was never him that made the difference. It was you, all of you! That's what makes him the real thing, because he knew to trust you," Donna said forcing him to listen to her as she locked his eyes within hers.
"You have no idea what you’re talking about!"
"Maybe, I don't but I see what is happening and if you don't do something soon we are going to lose everything!"
"What do you want me to do? There's nothing I can do!"
"You can make them believe again. You can show them that there is a great man still here walking with us."
"I don't know Josh, how do you get a bill passed? How do you convince appropriations to give up millions of dollars that they have no willingness to spend?"
"This is completely different."
"No it's not. It's just changing their point of view, their opinion. All they see is the MS, because they don't know him. Hell, I don't know him, but I know that he was there for you when you need him."
"I didn't..."
"Neither did he, he is a victim just like you! The only reason that everyone is focusing on it is because that is all anyone has given them to see! You have to make them see past that. You have to see past that, just like he did."
"It's not the same--"
"Yes it is! After Roselyn he sent you out on Gun control, he put you at the head of Hate Crimes. He could have held you back but he didn't because he believes in you, now you have to believe in him."
“Donna I...I don't know if I can," Josh replied as he lowered his head. They were both thoroughly soaked but neither of them seemed to mind anymore. The rain felt good, it was constant and steady on his shoulders, pushing away the fear and the doubt.
"Josh look at me," Donna said as she touched his cheek. "I know that he hurt you but he needs you now. We need you now to lead us out of this storm. You are the only one who can do it."
Josh got lost in her eyes, he felt warm within her embrace against the cold rain, but then his mind screamed in anger. He held it back pulling her close to him. He held her there and just let the rain fall on them not caring anymore about what it meant or how it looked.
He just needed to hold her now. He needed to feel her against him. He knew himself here. His thoughts were calm and focused knowing the difference between right and wrong, standing here he was pulled out of the gray.
"It's raining."
"I know."
* * * *

Review - Triage by Cherie de Sues

Blurb From Goodreads - Romantic Suspense

FIVE STARS! ***** 

Colonel Jake McCrea's mission is to get Dr. Jessie Stevens and her bioterrorism team in the air. The clock is ticking down to a thermal meltdown at the DEEP lab in Mexico. A terrorist group has attacked the facility and only Jessie knows the combination to the GP2 virus and vaccine.

Jessie wanted the deadly level four virus to burn in the lab until she learns that GP2 may have been secretly cultivated in Florida. As tension flares into attraction with Jake, Jessie won't fall for another man in uniform, even if Jake is the bravest man she's ever met. Still, she's having a tough time concentrating on a killer virus, instead of Jake's killer smile.

Jake doesn't want to take Jessie into a firefight, but she's the only survivor of the DEEP lab scientists with an immunity to GP2. He knows Jessie is stubborn and tough as nails, but can she pull the pin on a thermal device to destroy the virus? With his feelings getting in the way of his mission, could he allow Jessie to put her life in danger?

My Review

Found Triage and it called to me as a book I would like. Started reading and couldn't stop. It is just my kind of book. Cherie does a fabulous job of keeping an even balance of suspense & romance. She doesn't venture too far off the path of one or the other. Quick read , first because of its length and second because of it's pacing. It starts fast and never really stops. Jessie and Jake are electric from their very first meeting. You know these are a hot pair of bodies. The love scene is tasteful and yet highly erotic. I absolutely loved it. I have had a hard time as of late finding treasures like this, but this is a definite recommendation for the reader who wants to spend an afternoon lost in a good book. I walked away with a complete story, the warm fuzzy's and a sudden desire for chili. Awesome job Cherie. Keep up the great work!!

Want it, Buy it Now!
Noble Romance

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Cover News!

Green Embrace has a cover and it is HOT! I am so excited to share it with you all and I must say...this just might be my favorite cover of all. No release date yet, though I am certain it won't be long before this is available at Extasy Books. If you need to catch up, this is the 6th in the series, check them all out, starting with my story, Blood Visions, at

If you don't already know, this is the FF story of Ever and Selene, one witch and one half witch half Animal Elf. Both totally hot and....yeah I read some of it, lucky me for being the authors favorite ;) They are a couple I think everyone will enjoy reading about, even if Selene is responsible for the mess living next door to me once again...there is something very off about that human, of course being locked up in a vampire's basement has to mess with such a delicate brain as a human has.

More news to come here and my author's website as well

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Make Me Sweat!

My Interracial, erotic novella, Make Me Sweat, was released on Friday from Evernight Publishing. I spent the entire day pimping it out. The original release date was slated for July, but because the edits were practically non-existent, I had them done within a day and so the publisher pushed up the release. I was given only about two days notice about the new release date and that left me scrambling since I hadn't finalized promo ops yet. Thought I still had time.

Oh well. I've already gotten a five star rating from a reader on Amazon. You'll have to judge what the hype is about when you grab yourself a copy.

Charged with planting a listening device in the office of a dangerous nightclub owner, Ever Marcille accepts an invite from her target to indulge in some naughty play. She didn’t count on their mutual, insatiable need, or the many ways his closely guarded secrets are intertwined with hers.

Undercover federal agent Simon Dakin has one thing on his mind, catching the arms dealer known as Ghost. That’s until he spies the mysterious woman at his bar. Time after time she comes in, teasing his senses. Starring in his fantasies. He promises himself one night with her in his arms, but a single taste isn’t possible. He’s hooked.

Even as their secrets intrude, Dak and Ever succumb to their desires. But time is running out. Secrets past and present must be revealed. Can their new-found feelings survive the many blows, or is this over before it even begins?

As of now, Make Me Sweat is available at

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Beginnings

I am proud to announce that my latest adventure will soon be available through eXtasy Books.

After all the adventures I have shared with you, this one is the ground breaking story of how everything came to be. If you thought you knew it all, think again.

See for yourself how I feel about this…


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Erotic eBook Release - You Never Could Be...

A passion fueled encounter in the corridor of a hotel convention room reveals two anguished hearts struggling to reconnect despite life’s difficulties.
Will Carlisle, the eye candy of the office, was every woman’s dream, tall, handsome, and dashingly charming. Sara Rozek never guessed he had secretly wanted her for months now. When a bad day falls upon them, and Will breaks the reins of his own restraint, she sees the burning passion in his eyes and there is no denying the mutual attraction. 
Will and Sara’s start quickly runs array and Sara becomes convinced that she was played for a fool. Will begs her to listen to him but she turns away in fear. Can Will mend her broken heart or will the passion they shared vanish forever?

Erotic Excerpt

Still very aware of his presence she did her best to not shift or look at him. She felt heat on her back. His soft hands pushed her hair off her neck. The wafting of soft leather filled her senses and her eyes closed. His lips touching her neck sent chills through her body. His strong arms wrapped around her waist she fought to remain in control. Soft tantalizing kisses led a path beneath her chin until his gentle hand tilted her head allowing him access to her mouth. She began in hesitation his mouth coaxing the sparks of desire within her soul.
His hands curled against her abdomen pulling her blouse free from her skirt. His fingers dancing over her ribs, her mouth opened to him, teasing him with her tongue. His hands gently cupped her lace encased breasts. Her breath stuttered in her chest when his thumbs looped beneath the wire. He lifted it away giving him full access to her sensitive nipples. He rolled them beneath the pads of his thumbs and she pulled his tongue in need.
She turned into his chest, her lips feasting on his mouth demanding his undivided attention. His hand wrapped in her hair, his arm at the small of her back pulling her closer.
This is killing me...
He led her movement as his thumb caressed the line of her jaw, his mouth continuing to caress her lips. Her back hit the smooth wall and her arms pulled him closer.
His hands moved down covering her ass, and she could feel his rising erection against her belly. His heated breath moved to terrorize her ear and she traced her nails from his broad shoulders to his abdomen. His mouth attached itself to her neck and she tugged the shirt from his pants, her hands exploring beneath the fabric. Her mouth followed the ripples of his body downward. Crouched in front of him, she quickly undid his belt, feeling him brush against her hand, his excitement evident.
She tugged at his zipper and felt his fingers in her hair. Her hand wrapped around him releasing him from the binding of his pants. She trailed her moist tongue from his base to the tip. His breath turned heavy as her mouth encompassed his head.
She slid her mouth down him as her tongue teased. Opening the back of her throat she took him in, completely swallowing him within her tight mouth. She held still for a moment and then began stroking him with her tongue as her head moved back and forth. He swelled within her mouth just before he pulled her away but she possessively kept her hand around him.
He unbuttoned her shirt, kissing her shoulder, his hands pushing beneath her bra palming her nipples. His mouth was on her with demanding passion. His hands pushed her skirt up her legs. It bunched at the waist exposing the small piece of fabric spanning her hips. He easily lifted her against the wall, her legs wrapping around his waist. His mouth latched on to her left nipple. He suckled, and then repeatedly flicked his tongue over it.
Her breath escaped her, his mouth sending repeated bursts of lightning through her core. She arched her back in delight pushing the sensitive nub deeper into his mouth. He suckled again and she moaned. He pulled back a moment, and she felt him shift, her body still careening from the exquisite torture. Her senses began to return when he latched on to her right nipple. She whimpered and writhed against him unable to hold back the electric pulses igniting her body. She felt his hips shift and he filled her. She gasped in pleasure, her nails digging into his shoulders as he began to move within her. He was so hard, she could feel him throbbing within her and she began to tremble.
He must have felt it because he released her nipple, his hand thrusting into her hair as he locked her eyes. His thrusts came harder and the rolling wave curling within her began to rise.
She panted for air, the feeling became overwhelming. She felt her nipple rolling against his thumb and her body screamed in pleasure. He kissed her sweetly as her body rapidly filled. He kissed her again his eyes measuring her pleasure. He kissed her again and spoke softly into her mouth.
“Cum for me Sara…”
He held her eyes, pinched her nipples, and she lurched, every nerve in her body exploding in pleasure. He captured the scream of indefinable bliss that sung through her with a passionate kiss. His hands curled against the small of her back, his body stiffening before he thrust against her hard, his own climax rolling over his body. Her head fell back. His mouth suckled on the pulse of her neck as the waves continued to drown her senses. She slowly came down from the high, her body weak and foreign. He gently put her back on her feet and she adjusted her skirt.
What the hell am I doing?
Still overly aware of the moaning from the next room, she redressed. Her cheeks burned in rage at her own weakness. He noticed and moved to make her face him. She refused and pushed him away. He moved to speak and she glared at him. He reached out to touch her and she slapped his hand away before she sprinted away from him. The heavy door opened with ease and she stepped into the crowded hotel hallway. She knew he would be behind her in a moment so she tossed herself into the crowd trying to disappear in the sea of suits.
A moment later she heard him call her name. She continued walking away in ignorance, fighting with her hearts pleads to turn around.
No...he lied to you have to keep going...

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Green Embrace!

Green Embrace: Immortal Council series #6 is the story of Selene, a witch and Ever, a half witch half Animal Elf. It has been finished, polished and sent in to my author's wonderful editor.

It will be released soon I hope but if you haven't already, catch up on the stories at and find out more about them on my author's website

So now I get to share the blurb!

Ever is a half witch, half Animal Elf who was raised in the human world. As if that didn’t give her enough issues she is part of a prophecy that has everyone after her and her convinced she is destined to be a weapon for the wrong side.

Selene is a witch who never wanted to be leader of a coven but after being thrown into the position she is looking for a way to escape. When Ever contacts Selene through astral projection and asks for her help in escaping Vincent, Selene jumps on the chance. She becomes obsessed with the beautiful woman who appears to her and would do anything to have her.

Saving her from Vincent is only the beginning. Neither willing to give control of any kind to the other they clash at every turn and their exploding passion isn’t enough to keep them together.

Is their obsession enough to bring them together before Vincent takes back what he claims is his?