Monday, April 11, 2011

Number 6?

My author called me the other day all giddy about the next story in my series. She hasn't started it yet, but number 6 will be written she says, and fairly soon. She interviewed Ever and her mate, of whom I am apparently not allowed to speak of yet. My author fears I will tell too much and ruin the surprise for all of you readers....she could be right I do have a big mouth sometimes....

I don't know all of Ever's story, but from what I have heard it is a good one, full of all the things you readers seem to enjoy. Sex, paranormal lives and adventure. This will be, of course, an FF story. If you don't know who Ever is you will definitely need to read Mating Call. That is Number 4 in the series and it is where she is introduced and where her story begins, very important stuff there you don't want to miss, so check it out HERE

Ever is a half witch half Animal Elf. If you have been keeping up with our series you know how different those species are and what an interesting upbringing Ever must have had. The poor thing, she has always had it rough.

I will hand out more details as I am allowed to...If I didn't love may author so much I would bite her, she is such a control freak! I am so not into being controlled or told what to do, as you all know, but with her...she just gets away with things I would never allow from anyone else. I suppose I always had a weakness for her, it is why I chose her to write these stories to begin with.

So next week I hope to bring you the news that she has started writing it.

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  1. Oh Zyra! You do have a weakness for her, don't you? I can't wait to read Ever's story. :0)