Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Amy takes the Erotica Challenge

Life has been busy as of late, I just finished the third book of my new series, and now I am mapping out my newest creation. With three kids I am never at a lack of things to do, but I am also working hard to expand myself as a writer and a reader. I recently made a confession on my home blog. As a writer I do not read enough, especially of my own genre, romantic suspense. I actually tend to not read my own genre is because I am afraid of tainting my own original prose. When I read, my muse seems to kick into high gear and I need to distinguish my ideas from the author I am reading. It is a slippery slope I must say.

So I have challenged myself to reading books from the top romantic suspense authors. As I was pondering my blogging for NLV I decided that while I have not been reading romantic suspense, I have also not read much erotica. As this is a genre I have stepped into I feel it is only fair that I brush up on the leaders of the genre.

So like in my other challenge I have done some research and this is what I have found, per the bestselling erotica authors on Amazon.

Heather Killough-Walden
Anne Stuart
Lyla Sinclair
Jayne Rylon
Brenda Jackson
Darren G. Burton
Susan Wiggs
Carl East
Anne O'Connell
Erin Nicholas

So now I will go through and peruse the titles, picking one each. I am not married to this list, it is just a start and I would love some suggestions. Please feel free to chime in with your nominations.  I will post an update every week on my progress as well as a review of the book upon completion. I am open to any sub genre and am looking forward to the journey!

I am looking forward to your suggestions. I want to read the best of the best, and who better to educate me than you! My only stipulation is that I would prefer to step away from authors who have published with my house, Extasy Books, as I think this is a conflict of interest. Otherwise bring it on!!

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