Sunday, April 10, 2011


I’ve been wrestling with my muse lately. She’s been playing hard to get, teasing me, and leaving before I get the chance to really write anything of substance. I’ve never had what some call writers’ block, though there are times when the words flow faster than others.

This would be one of those times.

For the first time, I’m writing an MS with characters I can’t relate to. And another first, they’re being mighty tight-lipped. No loud yapping in my head, no dreams (yes, I tend to dream my stories), no 3-D images of people humping or engaging in otherwise enviable behavior. Nope. Silence.

Normally, at the few times when inspiration/words are falling short, I’d read. Listen to some bump and grind music. This works wonders for my creative juices, but not so much this go round. It’s like these people absolutely refuse to come out and play simply to spite me.

How could they?

Sure, I’ve been giving my attention to others lately, but it’s only been edits for my upcoming releases. Could they be jealous of all the attention I’ve been paying to the past characters who’ve dropped by for a visit? Surely not! Still to be on the safe side I’d better wait till all edits are done and sent in before I think about starting anything up again.         

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