Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'se Back!

This week has been a mess. As a parent, the feeling of hopelessness as you watch your child go through something you can’t fix is overwhelming…to put that sucker mildly. We had two weeks of running to the emergency room with the kid. That’s a big deal because she doesn’t get sick. All the while the mister and I are trying not to let our worry show and we’re sick with the cold as well.

On top of all the ER stuff, I’ve got two releases coming this month, so edits have been a bitch. One of the MS I’m working on is the VERY first thing I ever wrote and the bastard is fraught with rookie mistakes. I’ve never worked so freaking hard on edits as I did with that one. I’d like to think my writing has improved since then else I’m in deep doodoo.

Along with my edits, I’ve begun work on The Wicked book 3, and I’m writing a serial free story that will be available from one of my publishers beginning this coming Thursday. It’s called Touch and I hope you stop by to get taste of my writing style. I’m a busy bee yes, but I still haven’t mentioned all the many WIPS in the works, many in different stages of completion. Top all that off with my review work—yes, I review for a few different popular sites, my promo site, and the many authors I host on my personal blog and you have one tired, hungry writer. Wait…have I already mentioned how busy I am? ‘Cause a reminder is always good. I’d better get back to the mountain of things to do. I’ll leave you with the cover and blurb for Touch. Remember the first installment goes up this Thursday. Enjoy!

Six months after a brutal attack, Dahlia Pierce still jumps at her own shadow, but the green-eyed stranger holding her at gun-point has her yearning to feel him. His touch, his kiss. He robs her bank and leaves, only to reappear in her bedroom later.
Cruz Doriaye has always been more interested in business than pleasure. The bank job should be no different, but the need radiating off Dahlia gets to him. Calls to his own hungers. He answers, but his line of work stands between them. As does her secrets. 


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