Sunday, April 24, 2011


I had the most horrible feeling a while ago when I watched a movie and the h/h spoke lines to each other that my h/h did in one of my stories. The most horrible feeling. I felt like I did something wrong—which I didn’t. My book had already been published and everything before I saw that damned movie for the first time EVER.

Suddenly, what had been praised as unique and out the box was soiled. And by nobody’s doing really. I had no idea the movie existed till I stumbled upon it one lazy day. You can only imagine my horror. Not a nice feeling at all. I bitched about it to some of my author friends who managed to talk me off my ledge, and I pretty much ignored it.

Until a couple days ago.

The topic of plagiarism is front and center on the social networking sites as it appears an author purposely—allegedly—did this to another in our circle. In our community. Can this really be happening in this day and age where any and everything is computerized? Documented? It darkens our image a bit, I think, after all the climbing we’ve had to do to get even this far in this industry.

I can’t imagine it. The hurt the wronged author must be feeling. To work so hard at something, put your blood, sweat, and tears into it and then have someone rip it away. Treat it so callously. Unspeakably cruel. Incredibly heartbreaking.        

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