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Review - Delaney's Desert Sheikh, Brenda Jackson - By Amy Romine Delaney Westmoreland refused

Review - Delaney’s Desert Sheikh, Brenda Jackson - ScreenHunter_07 Apr. 10 15.35
By Amy Romine
Delaney Westmoreland refused to let a mix-up in her vacation plans postpone the R and R she craved. But when she reluctantly agreed to share a secluded cabin with an arrogant sheikh bent on seduction, she found herself enrolled in a crash course in human sexuality. Unfortunately, commitment and love were misplaced pages in her darkly handsome mentor’s manual.
Jamal Ari Yassir had intended to school Delaney in sensuality for his pleasure, but his plan backfired. Instead of loving and leaving her, he became engulfed by an irresistible passion for his sexy-as-sin cabin mate. Could his convenient summer lover be the woman he was destined to share his life with?

From the first sentence I knew the Desert Sheikh was going to be scorching!
This was the first time he had been between a pair of legs and not gotten what he wanted.”
And yeah, I was right. The foreplay began at the word One and didn’t let up until the final line. Yowza baby! I was digging it, very hot and surprisingly sweet at the same time.
I am unfortunately a bit more grounded in reality so the whole five days it took them to fall in love was a bit of a stretch. Not buying it, sorry. This is an erotic romance in the truest sense of the word. If you are looking for some compelling, deep, heart wrenching tale of a love that will never die you are probably going to be disappointed. However if you are looking for something that makes you shift a little closer to your significant other because thing are a rumbling…this is the book for you.
Story is solid, but not entrenched. The book is all about the foreplay, the tease, and then the holy mother look out below copulation.Post coital bliss is marked with life changing decisions and finally a sweet reunion. You know what is going to happen, it is cookie cutter and text book but that doesn’t mean you don’t get the warm fuzzies when you put it down.
HOT and Sweet, that is my take.Not on my must read list but not is the slush pile either.
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