Monday, April 4, 2011

Tempting you

With now five stories in my series I thought it would be a good time to tempt you once again with my story, the first in the series...if you haven't yet read it, I am about to tempt you.

Zyra is dating a Vampire who is completely obsessed with her, but now that the newness has worn off she realizes it’s nothing more than great sex. She wants more. She wants the true love she knows will last her throughout her immortal days and nights. Tarquin has been living on instinct for far too long, it is his time to die, and he knows it. Can the patience of his beautiful enemy give him the will to control himself, and can they find a way to pure ecstasy together in bed?

Zyra was so sick of her vampire life and her vampire boyfriend. She knew there was more out there, there just had to be. She was certain that Paxton wasn’t the one for her to spend her immortal life with. No matter how many times he swore his undying love.
It was this discontentment that fueled her now as she prowled the streets of Spokane Washington, looking for a human to feed from. But tonight it had to be a certain kind of human, not just any blood would do for what she had in mind.
Usually, she merely drank a human’s blood because it was a very effective birth control for a vampire. The only birth control aside from abstinence actually, something Zyra had never been very good at.
There was something about the intake of a single male’s sperm and blood that created the right recipe for babies. Taking blood from another source rendered this impossible. It was something
easy enough to do, unless your lover was the possessive sort who fancied himself your fated match.
Paxton was borderline obsessive about Zyra and his idea of their life together. He saw years upon years together just as they were now, and babies to strengthen their bond.
Zyra disagreed.
It wasn’t that Zyra didn’t love Paxton. She did in a way. It was just that she knew he wasn’t her fated match, her mate. Paxton was a very attractive vampire with silky jet-black hair that reached his chin and bright blue eyes. Of course it was the same look all vampires had. Pale skin and great bodies came with the DNA as well. It was something Zyra had gotten used to in her nearly three hundred years, and it just didn’t hold her attention anymore.
The sex was toe curling, and she was quite fond of the taste of his blood. He was a passionate vamp and so utterly devoted to pleasing her. How could she not enjoy herself? But like everything else, after a while it gets old. Great sex just doesn’t cut it when you are talking about the lifetime of an immortal.
Zyra hungered for more, and her tastes had always run to the exotic.

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