Monday, April 18, 2011

Some days...

Some days I want to take it upon myself to rid the world of hateful idiots. I just want to become the best super hero that could ever exist and go around dealing out death to all those who are too stupid to deserve the air they breathe.

Some days I want to wipe out most of the population. I just want to play god and take it down to the bare minimum, make them reinvent their society and hope they come up with a better plan this time. Something that works well for everyone and every living thing.

Some days I want to destroy all humans. I just want to be the world's worst villain ever imagined and take them all out, giving the earth over to the immortals. See how long we would all last without the humans in our way.

Some days I want to find a coffin to lay in and just wait for the world to destroy itself...

...Today I sit back and lick my fangs as I watch idiots doing hateful things without consequences. But tomorrow maybe I won't just sit back and watch.


  1. If your some day ever comes, let me know. I know of one particular idiot you can start with :0)

  2. Tamara: I know some more idiots to continue with. Give me a call.

    Zyra: "See how long we would all last without the humans in our way."
    Probably not as long as you'd imagine, if you destroy your food source.
    But if you'd do some micro-invasive surgery, the majority of mortals might be grateful.

    In any case, tell me if you'd prefer your prey roasted. I'd be glad to help.