Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review : Captain’s Price by Lyla Sinclair

Captain’s Private Journal, May 30, 1790

My heart pounds hard in my chest as I think of her—the lass awaiting me, naked in my cabin as I commanded. She was discovered masquerading as one of my seamen, yet I am still appalled at myself for demanding such a lewd price for her passage. But when I looked into her eyes—wide, but somehow beckoning—I was filled with a need deeper than any I’d ever known.

For her. For Julianna.

Can I truly touch her and taste her and satisfy my lust on her without taking the maidenhead meant for another? I am a man of impeccable self-control—an asset that has redeemed my family and ensured I’ll not become my wayward father. Then what has taken hold of me? Each moment, the urge to go to her and steal away all that rightfully belongs to another man grows more irresistible. I must touch her. I must hold her. I must drive myself into her…

I must not.

My Review

This is the first erotic novel of my list and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The blurb alone told me that this was not going to be an innocent story. This was going to be hot, sexy and ravishing. Would it though have a solid enough story behind it that I can look at it as more than just a smut book?

Happily, in this case, I can say yes. While this book was definitely heated, there was a sweet love story carrying it along. The plot is brisk and with purpose with no unneeded characters or overblown dramatic prose. Almost erotic fairy tales, Ms. Sinclair did a wonderful job of making my toes curl, warming my heart, but not drown me in lurid mushiness that makes me nauseous. After this first taste of the truly erotic genre I have hope for my reading delights ahead. I would not hesitate in recommending Ms. Sinclair’s book’s to anyone whose reading pallet yearns for some heated whispers and angst filled hearts.

Very much enjoyed, not a must read, but if you are looking for something light and entertaining, don’t turn your nose, it is worth the read.

On to the next…

Perusing the erotic selections I am leaning toward something with a little more action. So my choice is,

Into the Fire, Anne Stuart - Jamie Kincaid knows that she can't move on with her life until she has answers. And she's walking straight into the fire to find them. 

A year ago Jamie learned that her beloved cousin, Nate, had been killed. Beaten to death in what police suspect was a drug deal gone wrong, he was found by his childhood friend Dillon Gaynor. Dillon had always been the baddest of the bad boys, leading Nate astray, about Nate's death. He's not about to volunteer any information, and Jaime's only choice is to head to the Wisconsin town where he lives to find the answers for herself. 

Jamie shows up unannounced on Dillon's doorstep, only to find that Dillon is as dangerous and seductive as she remembers. But despite his silky hostility, she discovers that she can't leave. Things start disappearing, strange accidents begin to happen and Jamie doesn't know whether Dillon is trying to seduce her or scare her away. And if she gives in to his predatory games, will she lose her soul? Or her life? 

But something else -- something evil and threatening -- is going on. And Dillon knows more that he's saying. Is he the one behind the strange threats. . . or is he Jamie's only chance for survival?

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