Monday, February 22, 2010


I am ready for spring, I know I am a Vampire and I can't go out in the sun. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the warmer nights, and the flowers in the moonlight.
It is one of my secret hobbies, gardening. And there are plenty of things I can grow and appreciate in the night. One of my favorites is the Night Blooming Cereus, which is what I pictured here.
I am drawn to white, I suppose it is because it is so pure, so opposite of my life which has always been decorated in shades of red and black. Not that I would do it any different. I just suppose that is why I prefer white in things, such as my flowers.
So I want spring, and I know my lovely author does as well. She will, I hope, feel more inspired when the sun begins to shine. Although I do worry she will decide to run off to the beach and get nothing done at all. We shall see, and that is a risk I am willing to take.
Perhaps a trip south is in order for me and my mate. A little vacation from life here in the cool late winter. Head to the desert where night blooming cacti are abundant and beautiful. He can run around like the mad dog he is, and I can enjoy the lovely surroundings.
I actually like that idea quite a lot. I wonder if I can convince Tarquin to do it though, he is always so hard to tear away from his pack. Not that I blame him there though, his pack is nothing more than a bunch of beasts, without him around to reign them in who knows what would happen.
I really should get him to take on a protege of sorts, someone who would allow us to take time to ourselves, and know we will come back to a pack that is still in tact. I will think on this, and of course let you all know how that goes. If nothing else I do suppose we could call on our daughter and her mate to watch things for us, he is a dominating sort, and well respected by the pack, even though he mated with my dear Alexia.
I am certain you all know about my daughter, the one and only Werepire in existence. Poor dear, she has had some terrible troubles, which you will all get to read about in Keeping Blood when it comes out April 15th through Devine Destinies.
Well I will leave with thoughts running through my mind, a vacation is sure to be in my near future. I am a woman who gets what she wants *wicked grin* no matter what it takes to get it.


  1. Zyra, I too love the spring! It is refreshing to have nature come to life. I dare say that it even changes the stagnant energy left behind by harshness of winter.

    I know that you always get what you want so I say enjoy your vacation. I know Tarquin will enjoy it once you get him there. *smile*

  2. I wonder if Vampires have spring feelings, too?
    Zyra, get your author a sand- and seaspray-proof toughbook and see what happens. A sunny day at the beach is so inspiring and I always miss that $%&@-notebook!

  3. Hey, that night blooming thingie looks like some kind of tentacled beastie--a bit of creepiness mixed with beauty...kinda. *grin*
    A WEREPIRE?! Woah, talk about a mixed breed, who'd have thunkit. She'd make a cool friend! :)