Monday, February 15, 2010

I didn't bite anyone...

Its true, I resisted biting any of the humans who swarmed the hotel on Friday night. I wanted to, at least a few of them who I felt were getting too close or looking to appreciatively at my author, I am very protective of her, she is still working for me after all. Aside from my self imposed role of bodyguard, I did not entirely disdain my time there, I found much of it quite enjoyable actually. Watching the interactions of humans is interesting, the preening and strutting they do for each other is ridiculous. It is impossible to understand how any of them manage to get together with each other. I don't pretend to understand what it is all about with them, but as I interact more with them, through my author, I am finding myself fascinated by their antics.

I suppose part of their problem is that they are not endowed with the natural instincts immortals are. They have no way of knowing that the person standing next to them is or is not the one who will make them happy for all time. That's not to say immortals don't screw around or screw up relationships, but we know going into the thing that it isn't going to be an all time thing, or that it is. And of course there is the fact that forever for an immortal means a whole hell of a lot more than it does for a human.

It was by far the most interesting thing about the convention, the humans interactions. I don't think I will soon be making friends with humans, but to observe and, yes I admit laugh, from a distance just might become a new favorite hobby of mine.
Perhaps, but perhaps not. There is so much stirring in the immortal world right now I fear I will soon be caught up in a whole lot. I know you will all hear about much of it, through the wonderful series as it comes. My daughter, Alexia, has a story coming in April, Keeping Blood. Now that is a story I will love for you all to read, so you will understand my hate for Lillian, the animal elf.
Until then make sure you are caught up with my story, it will help you understand a bit more about me. Blood Visions will throw you into our world, and delight you too I am certain...

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  1. Zyra, I completely understand what you're saying and I for one, am surprised that you didn't at least taste one or two humans. Remember that we have the power to erase certain memories.

    As you know, I do keep up with your family life and can't wait to read about Alexia's story.

    Humans are fascinating to watch, aren't they? It has been a great pastime of mine to visit populated areas with the sole purpose of people watching. They are so entertaining. ☺