Friday, February 26, 2010

JONATHAN SPEAKS!: Friggin' Sock Monkeys!!! don't know how much I fucking HATE HATE HATE sock monkeys! every time I see one I just wanna tear it to pieces. It's not my aversion to monkeys in general, it's just the representation of them. They're ugly. and stupid looking. and dumb. Who invented those damn things?!?! and why? Whoever made them should be thrown in a cage with REAL monkeys and see how they like being ripped to pieces or have poo thrown at them!!! I'd bet they'd change their minds then! Don't you think teddy bears are much better? but then again, bears aren't all that cute either, and they too, will tear you to smithereens! but teddy bears look way better than sock monkeys.
*SIGH* having gotten that little rant out of my system, I'm afraid I have to change my opinion of those damnblasted monkeys. Wanna find out why, plus know how my Valentine's date went at the same time? You can download all the details HERE....and whatever you do, Please don't laugh at me...


  1. I'm not fond of sock monkeys either, but damn, Jonathan, lol! I'm so gonna check out what happened with your date right now!

  2. EWWW SICKO! I have officially lost my taste for fettuccini now. That story was HILARIOUS!!!!!
    Dude...packing peanuts?!?! WTF?!?! LOL!

  3. I LOVED this short story! OMG, and I'm agreeing with Dominic about the fettucini...yuck! The packing peanuts thing was pretty funny! ew, lol!