Monday, February 8, 2010

Me at a Con!

You got it right with the title, my author and I are heading to a convention this coming weekend. I may not be actively participating, as she will be, but I will be around spying on the humans who may or may not have heard of me and my story. I am interested to see how they will react to it, she is planning on reading a snippet of it, as well as a sneak peak of my daughter, Alexia's story.

I plan to hover, and make sure my author doesn't get into any trouble. I wouldn't allow any harm to befall her, after all, I need her to be around to write all the stories that are coming forward. I hope to see interest in our project from the humans who, most likely, will not know the stories are anything more than a work of fiction. Silly humans.

So yes, this weekend I will brave the human world and enter a crowded Con, RadCon, in Pasco Washington. I threatened Tarquin with bodily harm if he attempts to follow and "protect" me. It is far from necessary and indeed I imagine he would do more harm than good if he decided to play protector from the human population. I am far from helpless when compared to humans, unless they band together to kill the monster of course, that is always a very real danger for immortals.

I will, of course, let you all know how it turned out. Next week you will get the recap of our adventure and whether or not I plan to allow my author out in such a situation again. She wants to go to one in my old hometown of Spokane Washington at the end of July, but we will see about that. She is lucky I have allowed her to attend this one.

As I said earlier, she is very precious to me, if she is not around then I would have to trouble myself to find another author, not something I am fond of doing. Picking her was hard enough.

Well, if you are interested in knowing what this Con is all about their website is and of course my authors website is full of interesting information about me and my fellow immortals, well, the information I have allowed her to share.

So check back next week for how it all went, of course if it all goes terribly wrong you will no doubt hear about it on the national news.

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