Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Where do all the stories start? Usually with something inexplicable and often mundane, right? A person wakes up in the morning and they brew their favorite coffee and suddenly realize the backdoor’s open. Another person heads out to the car and finds that the window’s been smashed and a note is lying in the seat. These mysteries start books and movies—they don’t usually indicate the start of a normal person’s day.

And yet fiction wouldn’t be where it is today without people having bizarre moments leading them on a path of strangeness and oddity. Often times, the real life stories are far more improbable than fiction could ever be. When we hear about the trials of a POW or a refugee, our minds slot such tales in the outlandish zone. Even with proof, we have a hard time acknowledging the reality of that person’s situation.

I’ve had more than my fair share of mysterious wake up calls and I can honestly say that they’re never easy. The first few times, I thought of them as adventures—sort of like Bilbo being approached by Gandalf on a perfectly average day. These flights of fancy and exciting distractions tended to be the kind that would help me grow as a person (or vampire if you prefer). I’d come out a little wiser or sadder or whatever the case might be but I always tried to maintain an optimistic mindset.

Later, these became annoying. How many times can one person be bothered by the ‘powers that be’? Aren’t there any other people available for fate to call on and mess with? Life changing events for me have become like any other inconvenience from getting a parking ticket to leaving one’s coat at a restaurant to breaking a heel on a flight of stairs. Only in my world, the parking ticket would be written by a demon, the coat would be used by a necromancer to blackmail me and breaking the heel would mean a fall that should have killed a normal person. Try explaining that to the medics.

All of this probably means very little but it’s a good way to start the story of what’s happened to me most recently and where I’ve disappeared off to. I wish that it was simply an impromptu flight to Jamaica or a spontaneous road trip to destinations unknown but I wasn’t that lucky. No, these things rarely are that simple but even so, providing that they ask a question, they tend to be compelling.

So I’ll leave off with this introduction and offer more description soon. Safe to say that I’m back now, barring another unusual moment in the history of me. I’d love to have a little time at the home front for a while.

Fate? If you’re reading this, let your eyes wander over me for a little while. I’m tired of your nagging :P.


  1. Its good to have you back, I hope you get a break from fate for a while, as long as life doesn't get too boring for you I suppose.

  2. Ohay, wow, I know EXACTLY how you feel! It's pretty much what Christine constantly calls " Murphy keeping his boot up our Clan's asses" all the time. ANd yeah, it's definitely not cool. When we have 'normal' downtime, it's pretty rare!

  3. Just wait for what I wrote tomorrow.