Monday, January 25, 2010

Tarquin Speaks out about Blood Visions

So what, you might wonder, do I think of my mates venture into the written human word, and of course her idea of how our story unfolded?
I had a chance to peruse the story before it was released last week and I was impressed with parts, annoyed by parts, and surprised by none of it. It is, I assure you, a very true interpretation of how we came together. I would not dare to say my beautiful mate was less than right about any of it. I know better than to question her.
I was impressed with how well she got me, how easily she was able to portray what I, a werewolf, was going through that night we met. My pain and my despair, such a personal thing I am not impressed with having others know about, was indeed how it was put in the story. As I read I relived it and am once again grateful beyond measure that I found her, the only immortal on earth who could have saved me.
I think perhaps comment on the ending are unnecessary, I would have told her to leave that part out but she conveniently didn't tell me she was putting it in. When I read it I am sure you can imagine my deep annoyance. Since then I have had the pleasure of forbidding that other from entering or nearing my home, I am not sure how long it will last but for now I do believe if I never see his smug face again I will be all too happy.
So my wife is happy, smug in her accomplishment, very well I like to see her happy and of course, that translates to a happy me in the bedroom. However a very large issue is coming about, an issue I would like, as Alpha around here, to put my foot down about. My daughter now wants her story told! I can't believe this insanity, my wife's idea is infecting others now and since apparently no one listens to me, my sweet Alexia is even now working with that same human author to get her and Ian's story told, Keeping Blood she intends to call it. A nice tribute to her unique status as a keeper and a blood drinker.
I tried talking them out of it, even advised Ian to not allow such a thing from her, but he is as helpless as I when it comes to his mate. They are two strong females, and we bow down to them without hesitation. Damn it all...
Well here it is, my and my mates story:


  1. Tarquin, if I may offer a word of advice. Throghtout history strong woman have played a major role in the dvelopment of momentus occassions, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Onassis, Susan B. Anthony, Jane Godall and I could go on, but my point is that rarely do people notice when they have an extraordinary woman in their midst. You, however, know how special the women in your life are. Support their accomplishments with a smile, even if it is to your disliking. You never know what they may accomplish.

    Thread carefully on this issue, my friend. I have known of were's who were skinned by distraught wifes. LOL :)

  2. He is a strong male, but when it comes to me and his precious daughter he is like a puppy ;)