Monday, January 11, 2010

A sneak peak

As a special treat for you all this Monday I am giving you a sneak peak at my story. Yes it is nearly ready to be released, February 1st you will find it at
Here is the wonderful cover, Tarquin and I, and his wolf. I am very happy with the way it all turned out. I will share an excerpt that I particularly like, my human did very well, so well that I do believe I will have her write more of our immortal's stories.

"She rolled off him and put the torn remnants of her dress back on. The underwear she lifted looked hopeless.
"Come to my hotel with me, I must get there before dawn. Stay the day with me."
She faced him with a confidant set to her face and he wondered if she would take his rejection with as much ease as she seemed to be taking everything else. He looked from her to his wolf who was seated peacefully by her side. "Okay, but that doesn't mean I agree you are my mate."
She smiled at him and his heart swelled with a desire to see that smile forever. He shook his head angrily, not understanding what was wrong with him. What was making him react so unlike himself.
They ran, faster than a human could see, back to her hotel.
Before she could even lock the door, he was pressing her to the wall, claiming her mouth in a hot kiss. His tongue stroked hers until her fangs extended and got in the way. He pulled back, fearful and intrigued. He saw that her eyes were burning bright red, a sure sign of blood hunger, and wondered if he had missed that before. He pressed hot open-mouth kisses to her neck and each breast, licking and nipping at each puckered nipple."
Ok I will stop there, I am getting way to hot remembering that wonderful time when we were just starting to discover each other's bodies, mmmm...the passion has not faded.
I think I will go find my dearest mate, and maybe I will delight you all with another sneak peak next Monday, until then check out my human's site for more


  1. Hi Zyra and Courtney. I lub werewolves and this is going to rock! Yep that's an awesome cover! I shall be watching for this one! Thanks for the peek, I wanted more!

  2. Oh yes, lots more to come...