Monday, January 4, 2010

My heart weeps

Death has sought out my mate's pack and claimed one of his own. The joy of the new year and the blue moon were hideously soiled by the intrusion of violence. How and why are questions that will, I hope, be answered soon. Until then my heart weeps for the hurt inside of my mate. I cared not for the Were that died, he was no more or less to me than any of them are. But as Alpha of the Oregon pack my mate is deeply mourning his loss, as are all of the Weres. As Alpha of the pack Tarquin will mourn the deepest, then he will lead the others out in hunt of the one who did this to them.
There is no doubt that the perpetrator was an immortal. There is no other reason that a silver bullet would be flying through the woods on a full moon. A regular bullet happens every now and again, a human hunter out too late sees something large and intimidating in the woods and shoots. It is nothing more than a minor bother to the Were, but a silver bullet kills, it is quick poison to even the strongest Were.
It is not easy to kill any kind of immortal, but it is possible, for all species. A Werewolf can be taken from this earth through an injury that is serious enough, or when an age is reached from which a Were's strength is stolen and his weakness grows until he fades away. It is rare for a Were to reach such an age, and what age it is exactly is unknown, or at least un-agreed upon in the Were community.
A grievous enough wound to kill is usually attained by another Were. Through a power struggle fight, or the merciful killing of a Were whose mind has left and as a result the safety of the pack is in question. It is difficult but not rare, for such a grievous wound to be attained. The most efficient way is through silver, an element that a Were is sensitive to only when merged to Werewolf form.
Silver, like sunlight to a Vampire, kills quick and efficiently. It is a tool used by their enemies to bring them down without a fight. It is a cowards way. Tarquin and his pack will find the one responsible and bring him to quick efficient justice, death for death, one thing the Weres and Elves agree upon.
And if the killer escapes the pack, they will have one angry Vampire after them, because there is no way I am going to let a slight against my husband go unpunished. And an attack on an Alpha's pack, is an attack on the Alpha.


  1. Zyra, I feel your sorrow. It is a travesty when someone is taken prematurely. If you wish to take this matter into your own hands, I will assist you in whatever way I can. Just say the word.

  2. I hurt for your loss and such a sad way to begin a new year. susan L.

  3. Thank you both, this wrong will not go unavenged