Friday, January 8, 2010

I love you, but…

I have read Izzy’s post and honestly, I am concerned that her humanness continues to strengthen as time passes.

Izzy’s heart continue to rule her actions and thus, she continues on a downward spiral hell of emotions that she tortures herself with.

I have long studied your human race and it amazes me that humans are shocked when the outcome of a problem doesn’t change.

Take for example, how some of your governed officials deal with terrorist. Kill us, bomb us and we’ll retaliate by taking you into custody. Oh, believe me they’re scared now, that’s why the terrorist attempts have stopped, right? Ha! I have never heard such idiocy in all my life.

In our world, crime is nothing more than a occasional nuisance and terrorism doesn’t exist. Why? Because we live by different standards. In our world to break our laws is a death sentence. Period.

I have found that most of the human race tends to work themselves into, what I consider, emotional sabotage and it doesn’t benefit them, at all. Humans tend not to be happy unless they have some kind of major conflict they must struggle with.

I love you, but…
I want you, but…

I have added to Izzy’s conflict by giving her an ultimatum and hopefully, she will incorporate more of her vampire side into her life and leave the weakened human state behind. We shall see.

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