Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meet Carly Bright

I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce Carly. Carly Bright. I met Carly during my last adventure, which will soon be available through eXtasy Books.

Carly is a young, very attractive human FBI agent that had the gall to stand up to me. And in my opinion, that won her some brownie points. Well, as you’ll soon find out for yourselves, I owe her- big.

She is interested in learning more about our lifestyle and as she put it, our kind. I’ve already spoken to the “proper authorities” and she’ll be assigned to the Florida’s FBI District where she can easily communicate with me.

No. I have no intentions on working with the human, division of law enforcement and our visits will be limited to a as-needed-basis only. In the meantime, she is free to find her own troubles. Last I heard she was rummaging around asking about some unsolved murders that had been buried under a ton of paper work. Good for her.

Where Carly Bright is concerned, I have now fulfilled my duties. Now, I must make good on my word to Erika, for without her I never would have found Izzy.

To all who have been asking, yes, my wounds are healing nicely, thank you. Silver is a bitch to heal.

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