Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Double Standards in America

Having lived hundreds of years and seen the changes that have inevitably changed the world, I will give you my two cents worth of knowledge.

As a vampire, I do not celebrate menial accomplishments, why? Because it is like celebrating receiving a crumb when you’ve been denied the loaf. To see that most people have lowered their standards and settled for such insignificant victories infuriates me.

I was appalled to hear that New Hampshire celebrated a Gay Marriage Law!

Let me explain.

I believe in equal rights, period. So to think that Gays and Lesbians have to celebrate the passing of a law which allows them to marry, is beyond me. Tell me if this makes sense…

They work hard, pay their taxes, serve in the military, teach children (Teachers), enforce laws (Police Officers), deliver packages (Postal Workers), play football (Athletes), save lives (Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters, Paramedics, etc…), pass laws (Lawyers, Politicians), build homes (Architects, Engineers, Trade Workers, of which, I’m sure that they’ve even helped build some of your churches), entertain you (Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Comedians), invent new technology (Inventors), invest your money (Financial Advisors, Bankers), but they can’t get legally married.

Instead, they can however, deal with being treated as second class citizens, and deal with the door to door bible thumping, evangelical preaching, harassment that has become commonplace in America.

I, for one, know that the argument for gay marriage is that they will corrupt “the Institution of Marriage.” I have news for you. Most gay couples have been together longer than most straight couples. Corrupt? I think not. Perhaps, it is fear that they will set a better example.

Another argument is that they want "special" rights. That does not make sense. How is being treated equally constitute as special? Unless, the heterosexual community thinks of themselves as special and believe me, my fangs go into them just as easily as the next person. Special? Ha!

Another argument is the religious argument. And please remember that this is  my opinion only. God is the almighty judge. He is the end all and be all, of all things. The bible teaches to love thy neighbor, and to let God be the almighty judge. If you ask most religious people, does God hate Satan (providing you believe Satan exists), the most common reply is, no, God teaches not to hate. Huh? I’m confused.

Over the centuries, I’ve learned that most religious people use God as an excuse to fuel their own bigotry and hatred while discriminating, and denying not just gays, but anyone and anything they don’t like, equal rights. It stands to reason that if God punishes the wicked, will he not also punish them?

You live in a country where, in the very near future, the American people will be penalized, taxed, for not having health insurance, yet, the illegal immigrants who flood the lands will receive free healthcare. Does that make sense?

I am grateful that I am vampire. Our laws do not allow this type of discrimination or bigotry and I for one, will not celebrate a crumb when the loaf is available.

I will help celebrate when the American people and it’s government have lived up to the potential to live by the people and for the people. All the people.

Tamara Hightower


  1. It kind of makes you want to go on a biting rampage doesn't it, rid the world of idiots and biggots. Just let me know my dear, we can go together ;)

  2. Thank you for the tempting offer. Perhaps it is something we should seriously consider...

  3. Bah! We all know humans are ridiculous and insane. No wonder I don't like people much. We live in such a backwards-ass society and have such a twisted gov it makes me sick. Uggh--people and their nonsense make my head hurt!