Friday, September 3, 2010

5 Years later…

Contrary to popular opinion, I was not dealing with Izzy last Friday. I actually flew into New Orleans to see for myself the progress that has been made 5 years after Katrina hit.

I, personally, find it repulsive that certain areas are still devastated or abandoned. Yes, New Orleans is doing better, but there are still thousands of homeless, unemployed people who are struggling to get theirs lives back.

The spirit that thrives in New Orleans is alive. Here is a city that suffered the unimaginable and they continue to strive forward, welcoming obstacles with renewed determination.

Not many people or places have earned my respect, until now.

While the American government continues to funnel millions, if not billions of money to overseas third world countries, (you know the ones) to improve their quality of living, by building homes and schools, providing electricity and clean drinking water, individual Americans have banded together to do what the government has not...take care of their own.

And that deserves our respect and support…

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