Monday, September 6, 2010

A little peace....

I figured out a way to live with a little peace around here, even with my parents refusing to leave. I sent them to live at Paxton's house! Oh yes and I have an evil grin upon my face as I sit and write this with pleasure. Paxton is out of town dealing with many things for The Council and so his house sits empty.

It was the perfect solution...

The fact that my parents love Paxton and think he was the prefect mate for me helps, and Paxton's still strong desire to make me happy sealed the deal. He wouldn't deny me the peace and they wouldn't resist the chance to be not so close with the weres.

Of course I do think they will find the other species who happen through Paxton's house to be just as disturbing, not that I care....I have peace in my home once again!

Of course that will only last so long....the full moon is always near it seems and then I have to deal with Lillian being here, that bitch. I don't care what her story says, I still don't like her she tried to have me killed! But I won't do anything about it, unless I get the fair chance, since Tarquin forbids me from killing anyone that is part of his pack and she is now technically as much a part of it as I am blah blah blah! He tends to be a little more forgiving than me...

I don't know am I wrong? If you have read through the latest in my series you know what I am talking about. Does she deserve my forgiveness and trust? I do feel a bit sorry for her, seeing as she is dealing with the disappearance of her daughter....I can't imagine what I would do If Alexia was kidnapped, probably go on a killing rampage.

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  1. Hmmm, I shall have to read to know if she does. The bleeding heart in me says yes. ;-)