Monday, September 20, 2010


How long do you hold a grudge? Is there a limit to the length of time to ignore someone who almost ruined your life?

I am undecided on this issue and need your input.

Five years ago Tarquin and I were very close with this werewolf couple. They weren't part of our pack, but wandered through and ended up staying for a couple years, a part of our family really. They accepted me so well, I encouraged the relationship and ignored anything odd that went on around them. When they began to act secretive I laughed it off as my imagination and Tarquin's being paranoid.

It wasn't until I came across them and a few of our most standoffish weres. They didn't like me, hated vamps and were fairly open about this to the pack. They often made me feel as if they were out to get me, I wondered if they would one day turn on Tarquin too. Which is why it was doubly disturbing when I heard what was being said between them and the couple I thought were our friends. The couple was trying to convince them to overthrow us! It was insane! I, of course, killed them....I mean really you don't expect I would have let them get away with such betrayal? The others, the ones from our pack who were listening, I didn't kill, but I did warn them to leave and never come back.

They stayed gone for five years...and showed up last night asking to be accepted back into our pack. I locked them in the basement while Tarquin and I discuss what we should do.

So what do you think? Forgive, kill, turn loose again?


  1. Zyra, my friend. As Izzy has turned me soft. I see the same happening to you with Tarquin. In our hearts we know that once the bond of loyalty has been betrayed, there should be no mercy. If someone can stab you in the back, they will certainly try again. And let's hope it is not with a wooden stake! They were told not to return and yet, here they are. Be done with this situation and put closure to this mess.

  2. Um...hello! You can't just kill them. They are not animals. Well, okay maybe they are but that's my point. You don't kill an animal for misbehaving. You just need to train them! Really? I thought you and Tamara were better than that! Zyra go with Tarquin. Tamara just wait until you get home!

  3. Thanks for the advice ladies...I will have to think about which of you to agree with. Valid points in both makes it so much harder. Tamara, you should really try and keep Izzy in agreement with you in all things, would make it so much easier on me if you both said the same thing ;)