Monday, November 21, 2011


Yeah...this was the wrong weekend to decide I needed a night out. I don't watch tv much, try not to pay attention to idiots spouting crap I don't care about...human idiots anyway. So somehow I missed that it was the weekend of that know which one....Ya so I went out and they were everywhere! Dressed up like they were something to be proud of and giving off attitude like everyone should be scared. Oh man it was difficult, my fangs were long and I was clenching my fists, wanting so badly to take a few of them into an alley and show them just exactly what a vampire would do with their stupid little necks.

I resisted, but it was difficult. It helped that I ran into a group of girls from Tarquin's pack, they were all hyped up and eager and of course I can't go blood crazy around them, they have some of the biggest a teenager on speed, every single one of them.

So I slunk home, unsatisfied....stupid movie ruined my weekend....

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