Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Cheers!

Happy Thanksgiving! I know, late much? Well, this is my time so I hope you guts had a fun, safe and enjoyable turkey day with your family and friends. I did. Spent the day with the SO and the kid, cooked and ate like the glutton I is, then made the trek over to Queens where I did the whole eating thing all over again.

Good times.

Show of hands, who went shopping on Black Friday? Crazy people is who. First, I don't shop. I hate it. Throw in a stampeding crowd salivating over deals and you bet your sweet ass I'm in my bed snoring to wake the dead.

I don't do all that madness. Thank you very much. Everything I need can be found online. No getting up and getting dressed, and all the other hassles that come with stepping outside my door. The entire family spent the day in bed until late evning then we went to the movies, where, you guessed it, we gorged on popcorn and the myriad different foods in there that cost a freaking mortgage.

As you see, there's a theme to my post. FOOD.

I didn't really cook, just did the chicken and stuffing. SO does the majority of the T-day cooking. As is his right LOL, nah I kid. It's written into our partnership agreement that he cooks and bakes. Genius, no?

Again, I hope you all had fun and ate until you couldn't walk. It is what the day is about, after all. That and family. 

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