Sunday, November 6, 2011

How Sick Am I?

I'm battling  hell of a cold this week. Or is it the flu? Never can tell which is which. Either way, I'm O'Ding on hot tea, wrapped up in blankets and generally making the Mr's life a living hell.

I'm not a nice patient.

In between the sickness, I'm doing NaNo with Love The Sinner...AvrilA on there, let's buddy up. Plus I'm on my virtual book tour to promote Till Abandon. Sure, I can do these things while burrowed under blankets, but where's the fun?

I like fun.

My tour schedule is on my blog if you feel like tagging along...there's always a chance to win a pdf of Till Abandon. And check out this Weekend's Dirt Dozen. Speaking of which, I received my first review of TA from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews. Feel free to check that out, too.  

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