Monday, November 7, 2011


Its a damn good thing I am not a stress eater, otherwise I would have taken out half the population of Portland in the last few months. I am sure you have noticed my missing posts and my somewhat half hearted ones that have appeared. I just haven't been able to put myself all in here lately and I am sorry for that. I wouldn't want my neglect to result in all you fun humans forgetting about me. So I am here, just a little reminder....and I will hopefully be back to my normal deliciously malicious self very soon.

Here is a little bite from my book, Blood Visions to remind you who I am.

A couple blocks and a dark alley later, Zyra ran into her meal. A sickly man was crouching behind a dumpster, shooting some kind of liquid into his vein. The man was so involved in feeding his addiction that he didn’t even notice Zyra was there until her fangs were piercing his neck. He went limp immediately and she fed quickly, his blood was bitter, tainted by the drugs. She wished she could have had more time to find a more suitable donor with cleaner blood. The human drugs had no affect on her, but it made her meal less enjoyable. Not something she would usually stand for, but tonight she was in a hurry.
Soon, she reminded herself, soon she would be drawing blood from the vein of her mate. The sweet tangy magical blood of an immortal, drawn during the height of passion, her body heated at the thought.
Zyra emerged from the alley with her mind focused on one thing, her mate. All the preliminaries were taken care of and now was the time for them to meet. She closed her eyes and focused on the picture she had seen in her Blood Vision. She saw the meadow and the moonlight. She felt the breeze and the soft grass.
Her eyes flew open and she started walking in the direction her senses were pulling her. She would be in that meadow waiting when her mate showed up.


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  2. Of course you wouldn't, Tamara, which is why I love you ;)