Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Honey - Part Two

Covering her fingers in the golden sugar, her thumb remained on Samantha’s clit, while two fingers began to circle inside before pushing into her creamy depths. Her stroking began slowly, watching closely for her toy’s reaction. Her chest heaved, her hips rolled it was an amazing sight, so fluid, and gloriously erotic. Miranda could feel her own pussy begin to ache, in desperate need of attention. She decided it could wait, she wanted to play some more with her lovely doll. Miranda retracted her hand, Samantha whimpered in need bringing a smile to Miranda’s face. She stood, quickly slipping out of her dress. 

Choosing the red dildo with a knobbed end, and the long feather, she moved between Samantha’s legs. Leaning over the woman’s body, Miranda used the feather to tease her way down Samantha’s body. Miranda could only imagine how torturous it would have been, her skin tingling with need, the feather pushing bursts of fire through her body. She pushed the feather across the tip of Samantha’s clit, receiving a gasp of want in return. 

Miranda looked down at her glistening pussy. Fully appreciating the part of her own anatomy she had never before explored this close. Her fingers slid over the lips, pulling then away, revealing a small hood and beneath the button of ecstasy, the clit. She kissed it gently, taking homage to the bundle of nerves that seemingly controlled the world. Samantha’s body quivered and Miranda filled with intoxicating control. She kissed the clit protruding nub again, this time using her tongue to tease the tip. The taste of honey tingled on her tongue, and a cry of bliss burst from Samantha’s chest ebbing her on. Miranda flattened her tongue, licking the luscious pussy from bottom to top. It was a long slow lick before she once again teased the woman’s clit. Her tongue moved at a maddening pace and Samantha’s hips lifted off the bed. “Oh you are…yes…there it feels so good, don’t stop!”

Miranda continued the steady torture, grabbing the dildo with her free hand. It was then she realized she forgot the lube, shit! She rose, grabbed it off the table and coated the red dildo in it. Her tongue went after Samantha’s clit once again, just before she pushed the dildo against her opening. “Yes, please fuck me, yes!”  Miranda inched the dildo in slowly, letting it fill Samantha with excruciating tension. She pulled it out just far enough to gain a reaction, and then pushed it in again. “Stop teasing and fuck me you bitch!” Miranda laughed.

“As you wish.” Miranda got off the bed, slipped out of her panties and placed Samantha’s legs on her hips before sinking down on the knob of the dildo. Fuck…yes… although she hadn’t been touched, Miranda felt like she could explode at any minute. The movement sent Samantha into quivers of bliss and Miranda positioned herself to please her toy. Using her hips she pushed the dildo into her pussy. The movement pushed the knob of the dildo against her g-spot. She couldn’t suppress the moan and delicate hands pinched her nipples. Miranda pulled out of Samantha and then pushed back in. It was beyond imagination, she was fucking a woman and the pleasure was unmatched. Her strokes started smooth and controlled, becoming hard and heavy. Samantha’s pelvis rocked with her and Miranda reached down, turning on the vibrator. Miranda cried out in bliss, hearing Samantha moan as well. The vibration repeatedly hit both of their clits with every stroke. 

Miranda felt the tide of ecstasy within reach, but she wanted to make Samantha climax as well. Pushing harder and faster, it was difficult to hold back, but Miranda slammed the dildo into Samantha, pressing the vibrator against her clit for an extended amount of time. Miranda watching the woman arched up and let go. She screamed and Miranda watched her wave begin to crest, as soon as it was on its way, Miranda returned to her stroking, extending the orgasm for Samantha and triggering her own climax. The waves of bliss washed through her, she thought it would never end. When Miranda returned to conscious thought, a mouth nibbled on her shoulder. She couldn’t help but place a passionate kiss on the sweet woman’s lips. 

Hope you enjoyed!

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