Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm Back and I Missed You!!

So yes I disappeared for a bit, and I apologize. The world does that sometimes you know?
I have been in the “depths of despair” as one of my favorite characters would say. It has been a rough time but I will survive. SO! I have a new book out, Ever the Same which is my first romantic paranormal thriller! I hope you decided to put it on your to-read list.
Here is a feisty excerpt from Ever the Same, book one of the Soul Mate Chronicles.

“Where are we,” Heather asked stepping around the brush, trying to keep up with Rachel’s stride.
“A farm about ten miles out of town,” Rachel opened the door to the darkened barn and stepped inside. The sun was setting and a shimmer of reflective sun bounced over the walls. She stopped, rubbing her hands together.  Heather watched intently and as Rachel separated her hands a small ball of brilliant light appeared. It floated just above them illuminating their immediate surroundings. Heather knew all of the agents. She saw them regularly and in a technical way she knew their abilities. Rarely was she able to see one of them working first hand.  She and Rachel had joined the team at the same time and she considered Rachel a friend. God knew with all of the danger, secrets and traveling it was hard to find anyone to trust. Usually Rachel was fairly level headed, knowing her own limits on a case, but lately she was taking things to extreme and that had Heather worried. Heather hoped that accompanying her on this investigation she would be able to understand what exactly was so different about this case.
“There.” Rachel said as she moved to her left.
Heather watched as Rachel knelt on the ground touching a small bloodstain reflectively and then stood taking two steps back.
“Stand right behind me.” Rachel said sternly waiting patiently for Heather to comply.  Heather took position behind her as Rachel raised her hands out to either side and closed her eyes.  The same small light fell in front of them. Flashing, it steadily grew becoming a huge luminescent stream of energy.
Rachel began to manipulate the energy and abruptly it flashed upward shining light on the surrounding area. Heather thought she saw something menacing in the area just in front of them and she instinctively jumped back. She tried to ignore it, blaming it on inexperience and paranoia but her curiosity got the better of her. Staring ahead wanting the energy to flash again, she hoped to quell her fears that there was something there. The energy flashed brightly again, and Heather did the only thing she could. Scream.

Rachel felt it as soon as she stepped out onto the Ecuadorian ground. Hoping that she would see it before Heather, unfortunately it was not the case. She heard the  scream erupt from behind her, and threw Heather to the ground. She spun and ducked, hearing a wave of flames overhead. Rachel rolled off Heather and onto her back before sending a psi burst into the darkness. An ear piercing monstrous wail erupted and she jumped to her feet.
She searching the area but saw nothing. Rachel straightened her back and closed her eyes trying a different approach. She felt a flash of energy tingle her spine and she spun pushing her energies toward it. A howling wail from the unseen entity confirmed a direct hit. Rachel did not drop her guard and abruptly felt heat on her back. Turning with a high kick, she connected with flesh in turn revealing its monstrous form. 
The entity was covered in what seemed to decomposing flesh and dripping with an orange like slime. Its huge body was topped with a head resembling that of a mutilated dragon, its mouth reaching around its face with dagger like teeth.
Rachel took a step back surveying its broad torso and long tentacle arms. Having seen enough Rachel blasted forward with a visible sphere of energy that burst on the torso of the beast making it wail yet again. Rachel moved to strike again but the entity vanished. Immediately her thoughts went to Heather, but she was too late.
She heard her friend’s screams and raced toward them. Within a few feet she watched in despair as her friend’s limp body rose off the ground bound by an invisible force. Frustrated and unable to attack Rachel watched powerless as Heathers body whipped in the air like a rag doll.
Rachel shot her hand above her head, a beam of light bursting into the night sky. The beast, realizing it was under attack instinctively dropped Heather, her limp body falling to the ground. “Rachel!”

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  1. This is on my list to read !! ASAP once Im done with the last book tour Im on this baby !!!

    kat !! love the sound of this one !

  2. Thanks, Luv can't wait for you to read it!