Sunday, September 25, 2011

The 'Tough Chick' Dilemma

If you’ve read any of my books—and if not, why haven’t you?—then you know how I like my heroines. Vulgar. Naughty.

Hard. (attitude-wise :))

I can write those women with my eyes closed, hands tied behind my back. I know those women, they’re kin. The easiest character for me to get close to is a naughty woman. One who’s in control of all aspects of her life and does what she does with no excuses.

Who I can’t write is a soft woman.

I can’t relate to those women, don’t know anyone soft and feminine and delicate. In my latest completed MS, In Wicked Chains, my heroine is damaged, physically and mentally, and insecure in her attempts to get the man she wants. I had no idea how to relate to her. I’d never been in that position, didn’t know anyone who’d been in that situation. It took me several false starts to even get this story rolling and when it did, I was never confident in it.

Another first for me.    

I needed some serious hand holding during the entire writing process. My betas worked some crazy overtime with me.

I have nothing against the soft and feminine heroines, they just aren’t my kinda gals. I like ‘em dirty. I like them nasty. I like them naughty.

So you know I had to go back to that. I went all out with my heroine in my October 17 release, Till Abandon. Threw in some kinks, some paranormal and a wereshifter for good measure.

Just to show you I wasn’t playing around ;)

In Till Abandon, my heroine Voltaire is a dominant personality. Killer, really. She takes charge in all aspects of her life. When she does, she isn’t adverse to some equipment. She was so much fun to write, the most fun yet and I pushed myself beyond some of my boundaries; sex scene-wise.

Two different characters, personalities, and stories. These women couldn’t be further apart on the spectrum, but I still love them…albeit differently and I’m quite happy and satisfied with how they each turned out.

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