Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ready, Willing and Waiting...

God definitely has a sense of humor, for the simple reason that Men hit their sexual peak at 19-25 and Women hit theirs 35-48. What is up with that? 
So now I am all fired up (something most men complain they cannot find)

I am a thirty-six year old healthy active woman.  I have always had a moderately active sex life but on my thirty-sixth birthday it all seemed to change. I went from--Sex is wonderful-- to FUCK ME, God I am so Horny!

This, mind you, is not an exaggeration. I have gone from being a sated woman with sex once a week to having to masturbate at least three times a day.  I am into porn, toys, erotic fiction, and not the warm and fuzzy romantic stuff anymore. I am turned on by the most random ass stuff that I would have never ever thought I would be in to.  

I want to experiment, I want to have multiple orgasms and fuck all night long. I want to watch other people fuck all night long. I want to eat out my lovers ass and make them scream for more.  I want to hold a hard cock in my hand and torture my lover into submission with it.  I want to give my lover such erotic fantasies that every time they see me they cannot keep their hands off me. 

Apparently this is a lot for a girl to ask. 

This has also spawned my creative juices in erotic writing. Living out my fantasies via my characters.  I had never been inspired to break out of my box of hetero sexual romance, but recently I have been reading Male on Male, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Three’s, Fours, Anonymous, Sci-Fi, Japanese, well you get the idea…
So, in the hope there are others like me I have decided to share my journey of lust, decadence, and the search for the fevered abyss.  Your comments, suggestions and letters are always welcome. 

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